Distr.  : US - Darla
Style   : electronics / IDM / techno / disco punk / electro /dancefloor /
          up temo funk / soul / disco /

ERO     511 1   BLAMSTRAIN              FOR ALL THE DREAMERS IN         LP      03.2015
                (Note :  , 300 copies on green vinyl)
ERO     511 2   BLAMSTRAIN              FOR ALL THE DREAMERS IN         CD      03.2015
                (Note : CD , 500 copies)
ERO     511 3   BLAMSTRAIN              FOR ALL THE DREAMERS IN         DL      03.2015
EROV    1       BLAMSTRAIN              SUNDAY DUB                      12"     03.2015
EROV    1 3     BLAMSTRAIN              SUNDAY DUB                      DL      03.2015

EROV    3       TWERK                   OTTER EP                        12"     03.2015
EROV    3 3     TWERK                   OTTER EP                        DL      03.2015
EROMT   1       NICKY FINGERS           A ROUND OF COLLECTIOBS VOL.1    CS      03.2015

        A1      Scanner : Night Tide (Flaneur Electronique Mix)
        A2      Suns Of Arqa & Muslimgauze : Where's The Missing Chord?
        A3      Suns Of Arqa & Muslimgauze : Waz Whirling
        A4      Suns Of Arqa & Muslimgauze : Acid Bends
        A5      Hieroglyphic Being      Imaginary Soundscapes 1
        A6      Wolfgang Voigt          Rosenkranz
        A7      Manuel Göttsching       Quasarsphere
        B1      Manuel Göttsching       Quasarsphere
        B2      Hieroglyphic Being      Imaginary Soundscapes 2
        B3      Manuel Göttsching       Ruhige Nervosität
        B4      Blacknecks              00001 A2
        B5      Boner M                 KopKopKop
        B6      J Tijn                  Jack 2
        B7      Marcel Dettmann         Tattered
        B8      Kyle Hall               Finna Pop
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
EROMT   2       REGE SATANAS : AT THE MOVIES/IN THE STUDIOS             CS      03.2015

        A1      Sun City Girls          The Harley Of Horror
        A2      Goblin                  Connexion
        A3      Fred Myrow              Main Title
        A4      Fabio Frizzi            Sequence 5
        A5      Lubo¹ Fi¹er             The Contract The Wedding
        A6      Broadcast               A Breeze Through The Burford Spur
        A7      Les Baxter              Black Mass
        A8      Christopher Komeda      Dream
        A9      Andrzej Korzyñski       The Night The Screaming Stops
        A10     Giuliano Sorgini        John Dalton Street
        B1      Igor Wakhévitch : Hymne A Sathanaël (Aimantation Des Forces)
        B2      Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino : Electro Sounds No. 8
        B3      Der Blutharsch          Untitled
        B4      Vatican Shadow          Gunmen With Silencer
        B5      Lucifer                 Voices Of The Dead (The Medium)
        B6      Umberto                 Confrontation
        B7      Anima Morte             A Decay Of Mind And Flesh
        B8      Jacula                  Ritus
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
EROMT   3       H.E.GRACE               LIGHT                           CS      03.2015

        A3      Robin Artus             Dawn Light
        A4      The Presets             Promises (Nils Frahm Version)
        A5      Tiago Benzinho          Black Angels in Exarchia
        A6      Sk’p                    Comment es-tu arrivé sur notre île !
        A7      Olan Mill               Selva (Rurre)
        A8      Celest                  Tung
        A9      Ben Bix                 Beginning And Ending The Same
        B1      Eigenheimer             Igen (With Weeroke)
        B2      Cayos & Takeshi Muto    High Altitude Low Opening
        B3      Russ Walker             Solar Energy
        B4      Tiago Benzinho          Heaven
        B5      Algo                    Hidenzite
        B6      Nicklas Barker          Grand Finale
        B7      The Village Orchestra   Sunken
        B8      Carl Finlow             Machine Bias
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

        A1      The Champ's Boys Orchestra : Tubular Bells
        A2      Yared Orchestra         Watch Out For The System
        A3      Adriano Celentano       Mondo In Mi 7
        A4      Manu Dibango            Super Kumba
        A5      The Joubert Singers : Stand On The World (Patchworks Remix)
        A6      Rhythm Heritage         Theme from “Lipstick”
        A7      Le Club                 Un Fait Divers Et Rien De Plus
        A8      Rick James              Glow
        A9      The Time                Jerk Out
        A10     Spank Rock              Sweet Talk (Xxxchange Re-edit)
        B1      Lescop                  La Foret
        B2      Giorgio Moroder         The Chase
        B3      Captain Comatose        100$ (Version Francaise Ft So)
        B4      Spektrum                Kinda New
        B5      !!! : Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)
        B6      LCD Soundsystem         Us Vs Them (London Session)
        B7      Xiu Xiu                 Hi
        B8      The Whip                Trash
        B9      Whitey                  A Walk In The Dark
        B10     T. Raumschmiere : Sick like Me (Motor Remix - Tokyo)