VIRGIN Records label

Adress.............4 Rutland Avenue
                   Liverpool L17  2AF
Telephone..........733 5854
Directors..........Pete Fulwell , Roger Eagle
Subsidiary label...Inevitable Records
Distributor........Rough Trade

ERICS 001  BIG IN JAPAN : Big In Japan                       7" SP   11.1977
           CHUDDY NUDDIES : Do The Chud

Note : Holly Johnson  was a member of Big In Japan  between autumn 1977 and
summer 1978 ,  when he left to go  solo. The single (which was  the first on
the label , an  offshoot of the legendary Liverpool club of  the same name )
was released in november  1977 , about a month after johnson  joined , so he
may or may not  be on it . Big In Japan were  a breeding ground for talent ,
even  though they  meant little   outside the  Liverpool fraternity  . Other
members included : Bill Drummond (ZOO  Rec. , Teardrop Explodes management ,
                                  the JAMS , KLF , ...)
                   Kevin Ward    (bass gt.,)
                   Phil Alled    (drums)
                   Ian Broudie   (gt., Original Mirrors , Lightning Seeds)
                   Jayne Casey   (vo.,)
                   Clive Langer  (gt., now producer)
                   Budgie        (drums,)
                   David  Balfe  (keyb.,  who   moved  on  to  The  Teardrop
CHUDDY NUDDIES was  fellow Liverpool band The Yachts  , a quartet comprising
Henry  Priestman (later  of It's  Immaterial and  The Christians  ) , Martin
Dempsey , Martin Watson and Bob Bellis . They went incognito because , after
supporting Elvis Costello in Liverpool ,  they'd been offered a one-off deal
with Stiff , and their single "Suffice To Say" had just been released (this,
in turn, led to a contract with , and an album on , Radar Rec. in 1979)
ERICS 002  PINK MILITARY        Spellbound / Blood And       7" EP   09.1979
           Lipstics // Clowntown / I Cry
ERICS 003  HOLLY (JOHNSON)      Yankee Rose/Treasure Island  7" SP   12.1979
           / Desperate Dan
           Degenerated Man / I Cry / Did You See Her ? /
           Wild West / Back On The London Stage / After
           Hiroshima / War Games / Living In A Jungle /
           Dreamtime / Heaven=Hell / Do Animals Believe In
           God ?
ERICS 005  PINK MILITARY        Did You See Her / Everyday   7" SP   06.1980
ERICS 006  FRANTIC ELEVATORS    You Know What You Told Me /  7" SP   10.1980
           Production Prevention
ERICS 007  HOLLY (JOHNSON)      Hobo Joe/Stars Of The Bars   7" SP   11.1980
           (In 3-sided wraparound picture sleeve)
ERICS 008  various artist       JUKEBOX AT ERICS             LP        .1981
PINK MILITARY (ERICS) line up : Jayne Casey        (vo)
                                Nicky              (keyb.)
                                Martin             (bass)
                                Charlie            (synth.)
                                Chris Joyce        (drums)