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ELITE   011 LP  BLAZE FOLEY             SITTIN' BY THE ROAD             LP      09.2018
ELITE   011 CD  BLAZE FOLEY             SITTIN' BY THE ROAD             CD      09.2018

LP      180g gold coloured vinyl LP on Elite Records. Includes detailed liner notes
        by film maker Kevin Triplett.

Blaze Foley was an Arkansas folksman who was shot to death in suspicious circumstances
in 1989. Despite relatively little success in his lifetime, Foley is admired by the
likes of Willie Nelson and Caleb Followill. Sittin’ By The Road collects a dozen of
his earliest known recordings.
ELITE   018 LP  JOEL JEROME             COSMIC BEAR JAMBOREE            LP+DLc  08.2017
ELITE   018 CD  JOEL JEROME             COSMIC BEAR JAMBOREE            CD      08.2017

        1       Cosmic Dancer
        2       You Are So Bad
        3       Complicated Man
        4       I Don't Wanna Die
        5       Tell Me Things
        6       Errbody Wants Somebody
        7       Yr Love Is Weird
        8       Don't You Ever Think I Cry
        9       Alcohol
        10      I Was On Acid