EDITION TELEMARK                        GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          UK - Volcanic Tongue/Infinite Limits
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : avantgarde /

314     01      HANS ESSEL              SAITENSACK                      LP      12.2013

(Note : edition of 500 with printed inner sleeve featuring a Saitensack discussion
314     02      WOLF VOSTELL : CONCERT FLUXUS "SARA-JEVO"               LP        .2014

(Note : edition of 450 copies, in full-color gatefold sleeve plus printed inner sleeve
        featuring photos of the concert)
314     03      PAUL PANHUYSEN          PENDULUM CHANGE RINGING         LP      10.2014

(Note : edition of 300 copies. Full-color sleeve with photos of the installation and
        liner notes by René van Peer. Black poly-lined inner sleeve)
314     04      HANS RUDOLF ZELLER      HANS RUDOLF ZELLER              LP        .2015
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
314     05      HANS ESSEL              ZEITFALTEN                      2LP       .2015

(Note : two picture disc LPs containing images of the reels used. Gatefold PVC sleeve.
        The inside contains two large stickers with liner notes)
314     06
314     07      MACIUNAS ENSEMBLE       1976                            LP        .2015
314     08
314     09      RAINER RIEHN            CHANTS DE MALDOROR              2LP     09.2016
628     01      PETRA DUBACH & MARIO VAN HORRIK : WAVES                 2x12"   09.2016
628     02      AMELIA CUNI & WERNER RURAND : DIASPORAGAS               LP      09.2016
628     03      ARGO                    FLUCHTIGE MUSIK                 2LP     12.2016

(Note : 2LP in gatefold sleeve with black poly-lined inner sleeves; Edition of 300)
628     04      JOE JONES               A GARDEN PARTY                  LP+bk   12.2016
                (Note : LP + book , 200 copies , gatefold PVC sleeve)
628     05      PETER BEHRENDSEN : NACHTFLUG/ATEM DES WINDES            LP      04.2017

Peter Behrendsen (b. 1943) is a Cologne-based radio producer, performer, and composer
of experimental music. He started concerning himself with electro-acoustic music in
1972. He was a member of Josef Anton Riedl's ensemble and an assistant to Klaus
Schöning at the WDR radio play studio (Studio for Acoustic Art). In Cologne, he
organized numerous concerts and festivals for experimental music, most notably
BrückenMusik, a series of concerts in the box girder of the Deutz bridge. He regards
John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Jackson Mac Low, and David Tudor as his most important
teachers, with whom he also collaborated, and has performed his own live-electronic
and text-sound compositions throughout Europe. This LP pairs a live-electronic and
a text-sound piece: "Nachtflug" ("Night Flight", 1999) is based on electronic
treatment of the sounds of bats made audible, and is performed by Hans W. Koch and
Behrendsen. "Atem des Windes" ("Breath of Wind", 1999-2005) is a text-sound
composition on the subject of the wind, inspired by a Taoist text by the Chinese
philosopher Zhuangzi, and features the voices of Bettina Wenzel and Behrendsen.
Full-color sleeve and inner sleeve; Edition of 300.
628     06      ERNSTALBRECHT STIEBLER : KANON/TORSI                    LP      04.2017

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (b. 1934) is a German composer of minimalist and reductionist
contemporary music. His name is still most closely associated with his long-time
position as radio editor and producer for New Music at the Hessian Broadcasting
Corporation (Hessischer Rundfunk), but his own compositional oeuvre -- beginning in
1955 and continuing until now -- has, in recent years, attracted more attention with
various concerts and several releases. Having attended the Darmstadt International
Summer Courses for New Music from 1958 onwards, Stiebler decided in 1963 to leave
serial music behind and opted instead for his own reductionist style built on
minimalist structures and repetitions, though not in any way related to the so-called
minimal music but rather influenced by minimalism in visual art. In terms of composers
of his time, the closest stylistic relationship that could be drawn is to Morton
Feldman. Stiebler's approach is best summarized in his own words: "Music is too
important to burden it with emotions." This LP pairs two organ-based works: "Kanon"
(1980) for organ, electric organ and wind instruments, and "Torsi" (2002) for organ
in three movements: "Torso", "Organa minima", and "Cantus". The latter recording,
made at St. Stephen's Church in Konstanz (organ: Hans-Peter Schulz), was previously
released on CD by m=minimal (MINIMAL 017CD, 2013). "Kanon" is a previously unreleased
recording. Includes an extensive interview conducted by Jens Strüver about Stiebler's
compositional views and techniques. Gatefold sleeve; Edition of 300.
628     07      TERRY FOX : 552 STEPS THROUGH 11 PAIRS OF STRINGS       2LP     06.2017

'552 Steps Through 11 Pairs Of Strings' was recorded in Fox's loft in San Francisco
on August 14, 1976, starting at 10pm and lasting 4® hours. He stretched 11 pairs of
piano wires of 11 different thicknesses across the floor, attached them to turnbuckles
at each end which he hooked to eye-screws into the wooden floor. Each pair of wires
passed over a wooden bridge at both ends. He played this instrument with a soft mallet
in one hand and a score in the other. The score was a 34-foot string tied with 552
628     08      PAUL PANHUYSEN : TWENTY-THREE CARILLON SUDOKUS          LP      06.2017

'Carillon Sudokus' is the sonic counterpart to 'Oog & Oor', the last work that Dutch
sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen (1934-2015) realized. 'Oog & Oor' was a design
made with his daughter Sappho Panhuysen for a temporary installation in the lighted
column of the Rietveld bus shelter next to the town hall of Eindhoven. It is a further
development from 'Eight Double Sudokus', a series of large-scale prints exhibited at
Museum De Pont in Tilburg in 2012. Side A of this LP contains 11 pieces played live by
Rosemarie Seunti‰ns on the ceremonial ending of 'Oog & Oor' on August 28, 2015.
Side B features 12 pieces played mechanically by the carillon. Edition of 300 LP's in
full-colour gatefold covers with printed inner sleeves.
785     01      THE OVAL LANGUAGE       HIBERNATION                     LP      02.2018

        01.     Hibernation (pt. 1)
        02.     Hibernation (pt. 2)

The Oval Language is an autonomous art project founded in 1987 in Leipzig, East
Germany, by Klaus-Peter John and Frank Berendt, and continued to this day by John.
This LP reproduces the sound layer of Hibernation and includes a recording of a live
performance at the HGB, made in 1991. Printed inner sleeve with photos of each stage
of the project and texts; Edition of 300.
785     02      TONALIENS               TONALIENS                       2LP     02.2018

LP 1    01.     TONALIENS               Vesta (pt. 1)
        02.     TONALIENS               Vesta (pt. 2)

LP 2    01.     TONALIENS               Pallas (pt. 1)
        02.     TONALIENS               Pallas (pt. 2)

Tonaliens is a Berlin-based group investigating the inner dimensions and outer limits
of just intonation. It was formed in 2014 by:
Amelia Cuni             (voice)
Werner Durand           (invented wind instruments)
Robin Hayward           (microtonal tuba)
Hilary Jeffery          (trombone)
Ralf Meinz              (live sound, electronics)

 Full-color gatefold sleeve with liner notes by Robin Hayward, and detailed photos
 and screenshots; Black poly-lined inner sleeves; Edition of 300.
785     03      HERMAN DE VRIES AND THE ESCHENAU CHAOS BAND             LP      03.2018
                : Herman de Vries and the Eschenau Chaos Band

        01.     Herman de Vries and the Eschenau Chaos Band (pt. 1)
        02.     Herman de Vries and the Eschenau Chaos Band (pt. 2)

The recording here was made on June 18, 2011, in Eschenau. Includes liner notes by
Herman de Vries and photos of the event on the back sleeve; Edition of 300.
785     04      PAUL PANHUYSEN          LONG STRING INSTALLATIONS       3LP     06.2018
785     05      JOE JONES               SOLAR MUSIC TENT                LP      08.2018

Editions Telemark offer a first-time vinyl reissue of Joe Jones's Solar Music Tent,
originally released on cassette in 1982. Edition of 200.