EDILS RECORDS                           Liverpool
*************                           UK


Owner   : Philip Rourke
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie / shoegaze / lo-fi / post rock / synth pop / darkwave /
    ;     garage rock /

ER      44      BAKER ISLAND : DEMOLISHING THE FOURTH WALL              CDS+MP3 09.2016

        1       Demolishing The Fourth Wall                     3:36
        2       Cheers Nostradamus                              2:54
        3       Meet Me In John Lewis                           2:26
ER      46      VEE VV                  PAYOLA                          CD      05.2019

        1.      Ready Made Aid To Private Noise
        2.      Love Canal
        3.      Keep Beat
        4.      Hold On
        5.      Shoot The Moon
        6.      Bite The Buttet
        7.      Sinew
        8.      Bird At The Roost
        9.      Slapshot
        10.     Cloak And Dagger
        11.     Don't Get Down
        12.     Cinnamon
        13.     Fish On Friday
        14.     Better The Devil
        15.     Prick Up Your Ears
        16.     Flame On
        17.     Bird At The Roost (Live)
        18.     Kindest Cut (Live)
        19.     Romance Is Over (Live)

Formed in 1982 from the ashes of Factory Records teen hopefuls Tunnelvision, Vee VV
built up a strong local following and established themselves as a hard hitting live
outfit. This new release collects some of the band's best bits through its various
incarnations plus some unreleased and live tracks as a Brucey bonus!
"Love Canal" and "Keep Beat" were first recorded in 1982. "Fish on Friday" was
recorded as part of a Piccadilly Radio session in 1987 and "Prick up Your Ears" was
recorded in 1988 and produced by Mark Radcliffe. There are six previously unreleased
tracks and three live tracks. The remaining tracks have been released previously but
on a range of different labels and formats.
The band reformed in June '18 and have played live in Manchester, Blackpool and
Liverpool. They are currently writing new material which will be aired live in
May /June.