Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : reissue / soul / funk / r+b /

EBLLP   1       SOYOL ERDENE            SOYOL ERDENE                    LP      05.2019
EBL     1       SOYOL ERDENE            SOYOL ERDENE                    CD      05.2019

Long awaited reissue of one of the rarest Mongolian albums, originally released in
1981. A musical pearl in the vein of Dos-Mukasan, Firyuza, The Bayan Mongol Variety
Group and Gunesh. Released by Soviet label Melodia, the vinyl sold out immediately
and has never been re-pressed after the falling of the USSR. Now EBALUNGA!!! presents
an official reissue on vinyl. Soyol Erdene (Cultural Jewel) was the first Mongolian
rock band. The band was established in 1971 and was frequently criticized by political
party censorship for the promotion of Western musical style and Western fashion.