Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : psych. / folk / prog. /

ED      1801    MYSTIC ASTROLOGIC CRYSTAL BAND : s/t                    CD      11.2017

Late '60s US baroque and sunshine tinged pop-psych at its best! This legendary 1967
album by the LA-based project (featuring Steve Hoffman) gets reissued on CD!
ED      1802    ART OF LOVIN'           ART OF LOVIN'                   CD      11.2017

The sole album by US psychedelic folk-rockers Art Of Lovin', originally released
by Mainstream in 1968, sees a reissue on CD. This is an imaginative album for fans
of a.o. Jefferson Airplane, Fort Mudge Memorial Dump, Yankee Dollar, Shocking Blue,
Peanut Butter Conspiracy and the like.
ED      1803    SALLY EATON             FAREWELL AMERICAN TOUR          CD      11.2017

A CD-reissue of the 1971 album by US singer-songwriter Sally Eaton. Blending elements
of rock, folk, pop and swing, this well arranged set is recommended to fans of a.o.
ED      1804    HARUMI                  HARUMI                          CD      11.2017

An odd psychedelic album, recorded by an enigmatic NYC-based Japanese artist for
Verve (in 1968), gets reissued on CD. This delivery of 'Japan meets Greenwich
Village' psych was produced by the legendary Tom Wilson (Velvet Underground, Zappa,
Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel). All the songs are sung in English.