Distr.  : UK - Norman
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ESGN    0001    FREDDIE GIBBS           SHADOW OF A DOUBT               CD      05.2019
ESGN    0002    FREDDIE GIBBS           SHADOW OF A DOUBT               2LP     05.2019

LP 1    A1.     Rearview
        A2.     Narcos
        A3.     Careless
        A4.     Fuckin' Up The Count
        A5.     Extradite
        B1.     McDuck
        B2.     Mexico
        B3.     Packages
        B4.     10 Times
        B5.     Lately

LP 2    C1.     Basketball Wives
        C2.     Forever And A Day
        C3.     Insecurities
        C4.     Freddie Gordy
        C5.     Cold Ass Nigga
        D1.     My Boy
        D2.     10 Chickens
        D3.     Pronto
        D4.     White Range
        D5.     Diamonds

CD      1.      Rearview
        2.      Narcos
        3.      Careless
        4.      Fuckin' Up The Count
        5.      Extradite
        6.      McDuck
        7.      Mexico
        8.      Packages
        9.      10 Times
        10.     Lately
        11.     Basketball Wives
        12.     Forever And A Day
        13.     Insecurities
        14.     Freddie Gordy
        15.     Cold Ass Nigga

A much-needed re-issue of the second studio album by American rapper Freddie Gibbs,
himself teaming up once again with producer Madlib for a collaboration in 2019. Shadow
Of A Doubt was originally released back in 2015, and won much critical praise for
Gibbs’s versatility and stylistic diversity. Vinyl edition includes five extra tracks
compared to the CD version.