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NEON EROS is the distributed follow up to the amazing Library Vol.1 Espaces Urbains
compilation courtesy of ERR REC, an independent label dedicated to electronic and
experimental music based out of Paris.
Heavily inspired by early 80’s electronic music, fans of Herbie Hancock, electro funk
and library music will likely find something pleasing here to fulfil their dystopian
disco in Escape from New York-like fantasies.

ERRREC  001     NEON EROS               NEON EROS                       LP      11.2018

        1.      Quaalude Funk
        2.      Nose Candy Strip
        3.      Break In The Dark
        4.      Cloud Nine
        5.      Love District
        6.      Sleazy People
        7.      Julian's Orgy
ERRREC  023     V / A : ERR REC LIBRARY VOL.2 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY      LP      03.2019

        1.      Gianni Moretto          Collapsologie
        2.      Bernold Delgoda         Propergol
        3.      Antonin Fortin          Le Ballet des Drones
        4.      Bertrand de Rombiere    Hydrocarbures de Synthese
        5.      Etienne Vallino         Paillasse Propre
        6.      La Plongée              La Face Cachée
        7.      Gianni Moretto          Interlude
        8.      Tiger Tigre             Trou Noir
        9.      Amosphere               Tio2
        10.     Henri Pierre            Les Radiations de Soloviei
        11.     Etienne Vallino         Cristallographie
        12.     Bertrand de Rombieres   Au Coeur de la Matiere
        13.     Klaus Ulrich Hermann    Nucléons
        14.     Protocole X             Protocole X
        15.     Pierric Gildas          Transition Energétique
        16.     Gianni Moretto          Jingle

ERR REC Library Vol.2 Science & Technology" features11 french composers. These
soustractive synthesis quakers, obsessed by a certain idea of electronic, electro
acoustic, film and library music that one produces by tweaking potentiometers and
filtering waveforms. Those few who are able to turn into "chamber multi
instrumentalists" and studio wizards, in order to experiment and create some
never-heard-before soundtracks. Imagine such an inspired and meticulously referenced
vintage machine gospel that would undoubtedly, and unfortunately, end up on the hard
drive of a MacBook. All of the participants followed the French library music
tradition, signing their jewels under a pseudonym. Very limited (50 copies) library
compilation on the brilliant Err Rec