[Environmental Meditation Music]

Folklore Tapes presents EMM (Environmental Meditation Music) a new label set up to
research more ambient explorations, head researcher David Chatton Barker has composed
the first release titled 'Natonal Drips' more information can be found below:


EMM...is music recorded in nature and played by nature.
EMM...is an exploration of natones; nature-made tones. ‘Natonal Music’.
EMM...is intervention music, that is, handmade ritual instruments placed within the
      landscape and played by natural elements rather than human touch.
EMM...is intended to be used for meditation.
EMM...invites the rhythms and gestures of nature into your ears and body.
EMM...is always intended to last for a minimum of ten minutes.
EMM...can be supernatural.
EMM...urges the listener to visit the place of the original recording.
      Each edition comes with a map showing exactly where the sites are.
EMM...accepts the natural course of things.
EMM...like nature is indeterminate.
EMM...is a series in which all the maps joined together reveal a hid- den location,
      only with all the maps (or luck) can this site be found.
EMM...is intended to help people become more sensitive to the en- vironment and
      our important role within it, alongside all other (living and non-living) things.
EMM...always includes a specimen from the site.
EMM...encourages listening to the tracks in different ways; inside and outside,
      with eyes open and closed, sitting and lying etc.

Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
Style   : library / soundtracks /

EMM     001     DAVID CHATTON BARKER : Environmental Meditation Music   CS      04.2018
                Vol.1 - Drip Music / Healey Dell - Tree Roots 

        1       Dell Drip                                       29:57
        2       Cow Clough Sink Drip                            29:45

Note:   Earth coloured CS
        Housed inside a hand die-cut outer sleeve
        30 Minutes of audio per side
        Limited to 50 units worldwide