Superior Viaduct sub-label.

Distr.  : UK - Boomkat
          US - Midheaven
Style   : industrial / wave / electro / early electronic /

ETAT    01      V / A                   HIGHLIGHTS OF VORTEX            LP      04.2017

        1.      Trilogy
        2.      Chan
        3.      For The Big Horn
        4.      Logos
        5.      Rhythm Study #8
        6.      Notes On The History Of A World, Part 3
        7.      Loop Number 3
        8.      Electronic Kabuki Mambo
        9.      350-2
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies on clear vinyl)
ETAT    02      TOD DOCKSTADER          EIGHT ELECTRONIC PIECES         LP      04.2017

        1.      Piece #1                                        02:01
        2.      Piece #2                                        03:06
        3.      Piece #3                                        04:12
        4.      Piece #4                                        02:31
        5.      Piece #5                                        04:32
        6.      Piece #6                                        03:09
        7.      Piece #7                                        08:01
        8.      Piece #8                                        09:08
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies on clear vinyl)

An important cornerstone of American electronic music for many reasons, Tod
Dockstader’s Eight Electronic Pieces [1961] sees its first vinyl reissue in
50 years thanks to Superior Viaduct’s États-Unis series. Consider this an
essential addition to any collection of early electronic and tape composition!
(Note : LP , 400 numb. copies on clear vinyl)
ETA     03      DIE TODLICHE DORIS      ""                              LP      03.2017

        1.      Stümmel Mir                                     03:37
        2.      Posaunen Der Liebe                              02:20
        3.      Der Tod Ist Ein Skandal                         04:29
        4.      Panzerabwehrfaust                               00:13
        5.      Wie Still Es Im Wald Ist                        02:21
        6.      Sie Werden Nicht Beobachtet                     01:50
        7.      Haare Im Mund                                   03:35
        8.      M. Röck: Rhythmus Im Blut                       02:27
        9.      Kavaliere                                       03:42
        10.     Fliegt Schnell Laut Summend                     02:48
        11.     Robert                                          03:09
        12.     Über-Mutti                                      02:21
        13.     In Der Pause                                    04:25

First ever reissue! Clear vinyl. Incl. colour photo insert and repro of the original
24-page booklet “Boingo Osmopol Nr.2”. Housed in spot varnish-printed jacket. Edition
of 500.
ETAT    04      LE FORTE FOUR           BIKINI TENNIS SHOES             LP      03.2017

Clear vinyl. Includes fold-out poster. Numbered edition of 500.
ETAT    05      JOE JONES               IN PERFORMANCE                  LP      03.2017

First ever legit reissue. Clear vinyl. Includes fold-out poster. Numb. ed. of 500.
ETAT    06      JEAN DUBUFFET           MUSICAL EXPERIENCE              LP      04.2018

The legendary French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet exalted naivety and spontaneity
in visual art, and his brazenly experimental recordings on Musical Experiences evince
the same spirit through sound. He once reflected, “Certain unexpected windfalls ...
come of improvising on an instrument one doesn’t really know how to use.” Dubuffet,
who famously founded the art brut (or outsider art) movement, began making music in
the early 1960s with avant-garde figure Asger Jorn. With no training, they played a
range of instruments: saxophone, bassoon, detuned piano, hurdy-gurdy, cabrette,
bombarde and so on. Soon, Dubuffet reserved a room in his home for making music and
bought two tape-recorders in order to manually edit the results. He wrote fondly of
the recordings’ crudeness and the sense that they “had no beginning and no end but
were simply extracts taken haphazardly from a ceaseless and ever-flowing score.
” Dubuffet’s discography begins in 1961 with the release Expériences Musicales, a six
10-inch record set produced in an edition of fifty with original artwork and
lithographed sleeves. Musical Experiences, compiled by composer Ilhan Mimaroglu and
released in 1973 on his Finnadar imprint, collects eight of the twenty pieces on the
much sought-after Expériences Musicales. First-time vinyl reissue. Limited edition of
500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.
ETAT    07      WARNER JEPSON           TOTENTANZ                       LP      04.2018

Considered as the first piece of electronic music to accompany a ballet, Totentanz is
the arrestingly abstract and mightily expressive result of Warner Jepson’s experiments
with tape and Don Buchla’s groundbreaking synthesizer, the Buchla 100. Totentanz,
originally self-released in 1972, reveals a composer relieved of convention. In the
1950s and 1960s, Jepson was part of an informal circle of Bay Area artists that incl.
Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Morton Subotnick and Steve Reich.
A fixture of the legendary San Francisco Tape Music Center, Jepson was among the
performers who realized the world-premiere of Riley’s seminal minimalist composition
In C and worked closely with postmodern dance figure Anna Halprin as well as the
Welland Lathrop Dance Company. Jepson’s affection for the performing arts meant that
he was thrilled to be commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet Company to compose a
piece to accompany Carlos Carvajal’s beguiling, danse macabre-inspired Totentanz.
Jepson, who passed away in 2011, incorporated concrete sounds from his collection as
well as creations on the Buchla 100, which had recently migrated to Mills College.
As the composer once wrote, “Don Buchla’s box ... offered numerous sound possibilities
without a map.” First-time vinyl reissue. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on
clear vinyl.
ETAT    08      REMKO SCHA              MACHINE GUITARS                 LP      04.2018

        1.      Shake
        2.      Throb
        3.      Thrash
        4.      Switch
        5.      Stroke
        6.      Sweep
        7.      Slam
        8.      Brush

Gnashing, thrashing and teeming with enchanting microtones—Machine Guitars is the
definitive recorded work of Remko Scha, although the late Dutch artist didn’t play
a single note himself. Rather, Scha arranged a motorized, rotating wire brush and
saber saw in front of suspended electric guitars and let these metallic torrents flow.
Scha was a linguist and generative artist, enamored of computers’ capacity for
algorithmic creativity. A leading researcher at the University of Amsterdam, he also
cofounded the famed arts-space Het Apollohuis in a former cigar-factory in 1980.
This haven for intellectuals and underground autodidacts served as the recording
studio for most of Machine Guitars (as well as Ellen Fullman’s brilliant The Long
String Instrument), which originally appeared in 1982 on the small Dutch label Kremlin.
Machine Guitars, as the critic Byron Coley has noted, ranks among the best of the era’s
minimalist-inspired, avant-garde guitar statements by Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham.
The semiautonomous sound-making sculptures also evoke contemporaneous work by Christian
Marclay. Scha’s work falls somewhere between conceptual art and avant-garde music—a
total revelation for minimalists and No Wave fans alike. First-time vinyl reissue.
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.
ETAT    09      JOHN DUNCAN             ORGANIC                         LP      04.2018

The inter-disciplinary maverick John Duncan emerged in 1970s Los Angeles as a
confrontational performance artist and, as the decade progressed, aligned himself
with the experimental-music collective Los Angeles Free Music Society. His sound art
appeared on various self-released cassettes and alongside artists such as Jim Pomeroy
and Yoshi Wada on the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art’s influential
compilation Sound. Duncan’s debut album, Organic, released in a tiny edition on the
artist’s own AQM imprint in 1979 and distributed through LAFMS, collects some of his
earliest and most absorbing noise experiments. Recorded live, Organic is composed of
two sidelong pieces: “Broken Promise,” a patient, murky dirge featuring Duncan on
tape and percussion, plus Michael Le Donne-Bhennet on bassoon; and “Gala,” a kinetic,
durational percussion piece featuring Duncan alone. The meditations on texture and
unpredictability, realized with unconventional and found sounds, anticipate his later
work with shortwave radio. First-time standalone reissue. Limited edition of 500
numbered copies on clear vinyl.
ETAT    10      ANNEA LOCKWOOD          GLASS WORLD                     LP      04.2018

        1.      Micro Glass Shaken
        2.      Glass Rod Vibrating
        3.      Turning Gong
        4.      Mini Mobile
        5.      Wine Glass
        6.      Water Gong
        7.      Two Ribbed Discs
        8.      Rod Across Edge Of Pane
        9.      Glass Bulb
        10.     Glissandi
        11.     Spinning Discs
        12.     Dialogue: Bottles & Jars
        13.     Vibrating Pane
        14.     Bubbling
        15.     Breathing Machine
        16.     Water Jars
        17.     Rod Roll
        18.     Micro Glass On Goblet
        19.     Micro Glass Along Pane
        20.     Cullet: Two Glass Rocks
        21.     Medium Mobile
        22.     Bottle Tree Showered With Fragments
        23.     Deep Water Gong

New Zealand-born sound artist and composer Annea Lockwood received formal training at
various institutions before exploring the sonorous potential of glass in a series of
performances in the late 1960s. With plates of wired glass, glass discs, chunks of
green cullet glass, glass tubing, sheets of micro-glass, glass jars and other
incarnations of the material, Lockwood elicited a staggering array of sounds, some
subtly uncanny and others as outlandish and alien as anything emitted from the era’s
early synthesizers. Lockwood’s glass concerts yielded a text-score published in
Northern California new-music journal Source: Music of the Avant-Garde and attracted
the attention of South African producer Michael Steyn, who encouraged her to record
the glass pieces for his label Tangent. They worked for two years in a small, resonant
church in London to document a veritable catalogue of the materials’ tone and timbre;
Lockwood wished to present each sound as if it were a piece of music in and of itself.
Glass World originally appeared on Tangent in 1970. “I wanted to entice people into
really listening intensively,” Lockwood once reflected. “Into really listening.
I wanted a deep immersion in the sounds of themselves, for the audience.” First-time
vinyl reissue. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl.