DUNWICH RECORDS                         Chicago
***************                         USA

Dunwich Records was an independent American record label started by Bill Traut, Eddie
Higgins and George Badonsky in Chicago in 1965. Dunwich was also a production company
which licensed recordings to other labels, including Atlantic, Atco, Columbia, Mercury
and SGC. The label was primarily known for the release of singles from the emerging
Chicago rock scene in the 1960s. Only two artists, Shadows of Knight + Amanda Ambrose,
released albums on the label.
Traut, Higgins and Badonsky formed their first record label, Amboy, in 1963 and
released recordings of themselves and other bands. In 1965 they changed the label's
name to Dunwich, and in December released a cover version of Van Morrison's "Gloria" by
the Chicago band Shadows of Knight. By the spring of 1966, the song was a hit. After
some difficulty with nationwide distribution, Traut, Higgins and Badonsky made a distr.
deal with Atlantic subsidiary Atco Records. By mid-1967 Traut and Badonsky bought out
Higgins. Dunwich soon stopped releasing their own records, concentrating instead on
producing a range of artists and leasing the master recordings to other labels.
The Dunwich lute player logo appears on these recordings. Above the lute player is a
cartoon type word balloon that says "It's DUNWICH, man." This logo may have been on a
few other Chicago groups records, such as "The Cryan Shames" Columbia albums.
In the spring of 1968, Traut split with Badonsky, joined with producers Jim Golden and
Bob Monaco and reorganized Dunwich Records into Dunwich Productions, Ltd. The three
continued to produce Chicago-based groups, notably the bands Mason Proffit and Coven.
The latter group released their first album in 1969 on the Mercury label, but with the
Dunwich Productions logo. In 1971, Traut briefly revived the Dunwich label for a live
recording of Chicago folk artists, Gathering at the Earl of Old Town, which notably
includes the first recording of late singer-songwriter Steve Goodman performing "City
of New Orleans". The Dunwich label was eventually absorbed by its distributor, Atco,
which issued two final Shadows of Knight singles bearing the Dunwich logo, but issued
on the Atco label. In 1971, Traut and Golden joined with Jerry Weintraub to form Wooden
Nickel Records, whose early acts included the band Styx.
Since the Dunwich label released mostly singles, two collections released by Sundazed
Records in the 1990s are considered to be quite important to appreciating the history
of Dunwich Records and its contribution to music. Oh Yeah! The Best Of Dunwich Records,
Volume 1, was released in 1991. This was followed by If You're Ready! The Best of
Dunwich Records, Volume 2, in 1994. Artists appearing on these records include The
Shadows of Knight, The Knaves, The Pride & Joy, The Luv'd Ones, Saturday's Children,
The Wanderin' Kind, The Rovin' Kind, The American Breed, the H. P. Lovecraft band,
Sounds Unlimited, The Del Vetts, The Warner Brothers and Little Boy Blues. The
albums were produced by Bill Traut and George Badonsky. An earlier collection of
Dunwich singles had been released in 1971 on the Happy Tiger label as Early Chicago,
Volume 1.

The label's name "Dunwich" refers to The Dunwich Horror, a story by H. P. Lovecraft, an
author with whom Traut was enamored. The label's publishing arm, Yuggoth Music, was
named after a fictional planet in Lovecraft's stories.
[From : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunwich_Records] dec. 18, 2013

  666           SHADOWS OF KNIGHT       GLORIA                          (m)LP   04.1966
S 666           SHADOWS OF KNIGHT       GLORIA                          (s)LP   04.1966
                Gloria / Light Bulb Blues / I Got My Mojo Wroking / Dark
                Side / Boom Boom / Let It Rock /// Oh Yea (S.alternate
                take) / It Always Happens That Way / You Can't Judge A
                Book (By The Cover) / (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man /
                I Just Want To Make Love To You

  667           SHADOWS OF KNIGHT       BACK DOOR MAN                   (m)LP   10.1966
S 667           SHADOWS OF KNIGHT       BACK DOOR MAN                   (s)LP   10.1966
                Bad Little Woman / Gospel Zone / The Behemoth (instr.)
                / Three For Love / Willie Jean / Hey Joe /// I'll Make
                You Sorry / Peepin' And Hidin' (Baby What You Want Me To
                Do/Tomorrow's Going To Be Another Day/New York Bullseye
                (instrumental jam) / High Blood Pressure / Spoonful

  668           AMANDA AMBROSE          AMANDA                          (m)LP     .1967
S 668           AMANDA AMBROSE          AMANDA                          (s)LP     .1967
                Feelin' Good / The Joker / Who Can I Turn To / I Feel
                Pretty / Meantime / Yes I Can /// While I Am Still Young
                / Why Did I Choose You / Day Tripper / Yesterday / This
                Door Swings Both Ways

At this point , the Dunwich label per se it abandoned , but Dunwich albums continue
as "DUNWICH PRODUCTIONS" (with Dunwich lute player logo) on other labels

MG 21135        MAUDS                   HOLD ON                         (m)LP   1967
MG 61135        MAUDS                   HOLD OM                         (s)LP   1967
                Knock On Wood / When Something Is Wrong (With My Baby)
                / Look At Granny Run Run / Mercy Mercy Mercy /// Hold
                On / You Must Believe Me / You Don't Know Like I Know
                / C'mon And Move / Ha Ha Ha / You Made Me Feel So Bad
                (Note : Mercury Records)

PHM 200.252     H.P.LOVECRAFT           H.P.LOVECRAFT                   (m)LP   1967
PHS 600.252     H.P.LOVECRAFT           H.P.LOVECRAFT                   (s)LP   1967
                Wayfaring Strabger / Let's Get Together / I've Been Wrong
                Before / Drifter / That's The Bag I'm In / White Ship /
                Country Boy And Bleecker Street / Time Machine / That's
                How Much I Love You , Baby / Gloria Patria
                (Note : Philips Records)

A  8002         THE AMERICAN BREED      THE AMERICAN BREED              (m)LP   1967
A 38002         THE AMERICAN BREED      THE AMERICAN BREED              (s)LP   1967
                Step Out Of Your Minds / Knock On Wood / We Gotta Get
                Out Of This Place / Same Old Thing / Lipstick Traces ///
                Don't Forget About Me / High Heel Sneaker / My Girl /
                Short Skirts / I Don't Think You Know Me / Up Tight
                (Everything's Alright)
                (Note : Acta Records)

A 38003         THE AMERIACAN BREED     BEND ME SHAPE ME                (s)LP   1968
                Green Light / Don't It Make You Cry / Mindrocker / Bird
                / Something You've Got / Don't Make Me Leave You / Bend
                Me , Shape Me /Before And After /Sometime In The Morning
                / I've Been Tryin' / No Easy Way Down
                (Note : Acta Records , only stereo format)

With the dissolution of the partnership between Bill Traut And George Badonsky in
march 1968 , credit is usually given to a new entity , Dunwich Production Ltd ,
which includes Jim Golden And Bob Monaco as partners.

                (Note : Acta records)
A 38008         THE AMERICAN BREED      LONELY SIDE OF THE CITY         LP      1968
                (Note : Acta Records)
SRS 67114       THE TROLL               ANIMATED MUSIC                  LP      1968
                (Note : Smash Records)
CS 9719         CRYAN' SHAMES           SYNTHESIS                       LP      1969
                (Note : Columbia Records)
CS 9785         AORTA                   AORTA                           LP      1969
                (Note : Columbia Records)
LSP 4217        THE HARDY BOYS          HERE COMES THE HARDY BOYS       LP      1969
                (Note : RCA Records)
LSP 4315        THE HARDY BOYS          WHEELS/THE HARDY BOYS           LP      1970
                (Note : RCA Records)
HT 1009         MASON PROFFIT           WANTED                          LP      1970
                (Note : Happy Tiger Records)
HT 1010         AORTA                   AORTA 2                         LP      1971
                (Note : Happy Tiger Records)
HT 1019         MASON PROFFIT           MOVIN' TOWARD HAPPINESS         LP      1971
                (Note : Happy Tiger Records)
                (Note : Ampex Records)

At this point , Traut and Golden form Wooden Nickel Records with Jerry Weintraub,
the successor label to Dunwich.


DN      116     THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT   Gloria                          7"      01.1966
                                        Dark Side
DN      117     GEORGE EDWARDS          Norwegian Wood                  7"        .1966
                                        Never Mind,I'm Freezing
DN      118

DN      119

DN      120

DN      121     THE LUV'D ONES          I'm Leaving You                 7"      05.1966
                                        Walking The Dog
DN      122     THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT   Oh , Yeah                       7"      05.1966
                                        Light Bulb Blues
DN      123     KEN NORDINE             Bachman                         7"      05.1966
                                        Crimson And Olive
DN      124     THINGS TO COME          I'm Not Talkin'                 7"      06.1966
                                        Til The End
DN      125     THE DEL-VETTS           Last Time Around                7"      06.1966
DN      126

DN      127     IDLE FEW                Farmer John                     7"      07.1966

DN      128     THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT   Bad Little Woman                7"      08.1966
                                        Gospel Zone
DN      129     THE BANSHEES            Free                            7"      08.1966
                                        Project Blue
DN      130     THE LUV'D ONES          Come Back                       7"      09.1966
                                        Stand Tall
DN      131     WARNER BROTHERS         Lonely                          7"      09.1966
                                        It Won't Be The Same Without Her
DN      132     CURLEY BARRIX           Big Blue Monster                7"        .1966
                                        A World You Destroyed
DN      133

DN      134     THE HALF DOZEN          The Angels Listened In          7"        .1966
                                        Another Day
DN      135     WANDERIN' KIND          Something I Can't Buy           7"        .1966
                                        Winken,Blynken And Nod
DN      136     THE LUV'D ONES          Dance Kid Dance                 7"        .1966
                                        I'm Leavin' You
DN      137     CURLEY BARRIX           Blue Ribbon Clown               7"        .1966
                                        I Talk In My Sleep
DN      138

DN      139     SATURDAY'S CHILDREN     Born On Saturday                7"        .1966
                                        You Don't Know Better
DN      140     AMANDA AMBROSE          Why Did I Choose You            7"        .1966
                                        This Door Swings Both Ways
DN      141     THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT   I'm Gomma Make You Mine         7"      10.1966
                                        I'll Make You Sorry
DN      142     THE DEL-VETTS           I Call My Baby STP              7"      11.1966
                                        That's The Way It Is
DN      143

DN      144     SATURDAY'S CHILDREN     Deck Five                       7"      12.1966
                                        Christmas Sound
DN      145

DN      146     THE ROVIN' KIND         Girl                            7"      12.1966
                                        My Generation
DN      147     THE KNAVES              Leave Me Alone                  7"      01.1967
                                        The Girl I Threw Away
DN      148

DN      149     THE NITE LITES          One , Two , Boogaloo            7"      01.1967
                                        Same Old Thing
DN      150

DN      151     THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT   Willie Jean                     7"      02.1967
                                        The Behemoth
DN      152     THE PRIDE AND JOY       Girl                            7"      04.1967
                                        If You're Ready
DN      153

DN      154     THE ROVIN' KIND         She                             7"      05.1967
                                        Didn't Want To Have To Do It
DN      155

DN      156     SATURDAY'S CHILDREN     Leave That Baby Alone           7"      05.1967
                                        I Hardly Know Her
DN      157     SOUNDS UNLIMITED        A Girl As Sweet As You          7"      05.1967
                                        Little Brother
DN      158

DN      159     SPACE BAND              Tic Toc                         7"      06.1967
                                        Winchester Cathedral
DN      160     THE MAUDS               Hold On                         7"      07.1967
                                        C'mon And Move
DN      161

DN      162

DN      163

DN      164     THE KNAVES              Someone Like Me                 7"      08.1967
                                        You're Ready
DN      165

DN      166

DN      167     THE SHADOWS OF KNIGHT   Someone Like Me                 7"      08.1967
                                        Three For Love