Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : punk / hardcore /

DA      6       ENTRY                   NO RELIEF                       7"      08.2017

        01.     SECRETS
        02.     TIME, HEAL ME
        03.     TROUBLING
        04.     IDENTITY
        05.     HUMANITY
        06.     YOU THOUGHT WRONG

Blistering female-fronted hardcore featuring members of Touché Amoré and Ancestors.
ENTRY started as a pet project between partners Sara Gregory and Clayton Stevens
(of Touché Amoré) in 2013, to create hardcore punk music in the vein of bands like
Minor Threat, Discharge and Career Suicide. In 2013 the band recorded and released
their first demo tape. In 2014, another demo was recorded in Los Angeles, entitled
"Encraty". Both the original demo and "Encraty" were put onto a self released cassette
for a east coast tour the same year. In 2015, the band officially relocated to Los
Angeles. With a new lineup featuring Elliot Babin (Touché Amoré, Warm Thoughts) and
Daniel Pouliot (Ancestors, Horse the Band), the band began work on a new EP called
"No Relief".
DACD    7       GLAARE                  TO DEAF AND DAY                 CD      05.2018

        02.     LIKE THEY DO
        03.     FIRST RAIN
        04.     DESIREE
        05.     RUINS
        06.     ISKY
        07.     SUFFER
        08.     SURRENDER/CONTROL

GLAARE is a three-piece post-punk band from Los Angeles.
DALP    15      BRASS BOX               THE CATHEDRAL                   LP      05.2019
DACD    15      BRASS BOX               THE CATHEDRAL                   CD      05.2019

        01.     BATS                                            03:56
        02.     GOLDEN                                          03:53
        03.     DDM                                             04:10
        04.     SURRENDER                                       03:26
        05.     LATENCY                                         03:49
        06.     WAVES                                           04:09
        07.     TOWNE                                           03:33
        08.     ROSES                                           03:48
        09.     IVORY SKIES                                     04:11
        10.     PARTING WAYS                                    03:13
DALP    19      THE LUNGS               PSYCHIC TOMBS                   LP      10.2020

        01.     WRONG WINDOW
        03.     CROSS CULT
        04.     VIZITANT
        05.     HIDDEN HAND
        06.     THE LIZARD ANTHEM
        07.     TETRAPHOBIA
        08.     CUCO
        09.     WINTERS
        10.     PSYCHIC TOMBS
        11.     FUGUE STATE

THE LUNGS have a mantra: "make it visceral," and with their dynamic live performances
and series of independently released EPs, this Los Angeles-based punk power trio has
been doing just that since 2016. Driven by the daily hand-to-mouth grind that they
and their fellow Angelenos endure, and fueled by the macro volatilities that sparked
the anger of so many Americans, The Lungs express their discontent with a surge of
infectious post-hardcore dynamism. While The Lungs's music is grounded in punk rock,
the band borrows the frenetic spirit of hardcore, the immortal energy of rock and
roll, and the discordance and rhythmic complexity of post-hardcore, channeling these
into an undeniably commanding cacophony that is sure to become the next pandemic.
Die-cut, tip-on sleeve and printed inner sleeve, colored vinyl.