Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   :

DB7     001     CHERRYSTONES            DB7 001                         7"      03.2019

        A1.     Blood, Campari & Sand
        B1.     Meta Weta

Hot on the heels of his recent Hawkwind remixes Cherrystones lands to launch the
new Duca Bianco imprint, which seems to come from the same underground haunt as
Bahnsteig 23. Smashing a bottle against the hull, Gareth christens the label with
the stripped back psych funk groove of "Blood, Campari & Sand", an A-side example
of piano, bass and percussion put together perfectly. Thigns take a turn for the
trippy on the B-side as "Meta Weta" drops into a 90bpm wormhole, pulling dusty flute
samples, pitched down vocals and some sort of pneumatic found sound into its bass
heavy blob-zone.