DUAT                                    GERMANY

Owner   : Amin Fallaha
Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   :

DUAT    001     AMIN FALLAHA & R100     DUAT 001                        12"     07.2017

        1       Ach
        2       Amdust

DUAT (pronounced "do-aht") was the realm of the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology.
The deity Osiris was believed to be the lord of the underworld. The underworld was
also the residence of various other gods along with Osiris. DUAT was the region
through which the sun god Re traveled from west to east each night, and it was where
he battled Apep, who embodied the primordial chaos which the sun had to defeat in
order to rise each morning and bring order back to the earth. DUAT is a label by Amin
Fallaha and R100.
DUAT    002     PARALYSIS/PARALYSIS AND AMIN FALLAHA : DUAT 002         12"     03.2018

        01.     Paralysis               BA
        02.     Paralysis and Amin Fallaha  : KA

ife, living together in a small room. Sharing pizza and gear. Both are gifted with
great skills when it comes to production of techno music. Cesar Mendoza is doing
awesome with composing melodies, Max Schroeder loves sound design. DUAT present the
very first record release by Paralysis and the collaboration between their label owner
Amin Fallaha.
DUAT    003     R100/AMIN FALLAHA       DUAT 003                        12"     06.2018