Distr.  : UK -
Style   : indie / punk / hardcore / r&r / stoner /

HEAVE   001     FREEBASE                FROM THE BASEMENT               7"+DLc    .2012

        A1      Scars (Cut From Your Lies)
        A2      Respect
        B1      Welcome To Hell
        B2      Sympathy Vote
        B3      Run Me Down
HEAVE   002     BLASTED                 EXPOSED/TIME TO DIE             7"+DLc    .2012

        A1      Exposed
        A2      Empty Head
        B1      Time To Die
        B2      Warzone
                (Note : 7" , clear with yellow & blood splatter or orange
HEAVE   003     THE DRESDENS            THE DRESDENS                    10:     04.2013

        A1      Out On The Streets
        A2      Youre A Liar
        A3      The Battle Within
        A4      A Better Life
        A5      Bone Dry
        A6      Lifted
        A7      I Can't Love
        B1      Mercenaries
        B2      We Are The Dresdens
        B3      Revolution
        B4      Be A Believer
        B5      Skin Is In
        B6      You Can't Fool Us
        B7      Street Rats
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on blue vinyl)
HEAVE   004     TRIGGER EFFECT          WHAT'S LEFT THE ELIMINATE?      LP      05.2013

        A1      A Genuine Emergency
        A2      Voracity Just Can't Be Beat
        A3      A Quick Fix
        A4      Rope Of Guilt
        A5      Till It's Dead
        A6      Susceptibility
        B1      Everything You Once Loved And Held Dear
        B2      Spark Unnoticed
        B3      The Power And The Glory
        B4      He Knows Now
        B5      That Vital Force
                (Note : LP/180 g. , clear with white-gold splatter)
HEAVY   005     PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION : S/T                          LP        .2013

        A1      Spell It Out
        A2      100 Beers With A Zombie
        A3      My Own Little God
        A4      Bleached Blonde Despair
        A5      Failure
        A6      Don't Care
        A7      All Of A Sudden Dead
        B1      Terror Cell
        B2      Murder The Bearded Lady
        B3      Okra (Vinyl Only Exclusive)
        B4      Non Ti Amo
        B5      Cemetery Mass
        B6      Dreamland
        B7      Speaking In Tongues
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 500 copies on green with yellow splatter)
HEAVY   006
HEAVY   007     WINNEBAGO DEAL          BAIL OUT EP                     7"      04.2014

        1       Bailout                                         1:52
        2       Who's Laughing Now?                             1:47
        3       Scene Of The Crime                              1:54
        4       Gimme A Bullet                                  2:15
                (Note : 7" , 400 red/100 red-silver copies)