DRONE ROCK                              Buenos Aires
**********                              ARGENTINA

Style   : AR -
          US - Forced Exposure
          UK - Norman
Style   : garage rock / r&r / experimental / surf rock /

DRR     001     KILL WEST               KILL WEST EP                    12"     03.2015

(Note : mLP , 250 copies and pressed on red & black split-coloured vinyl)
DRR     002     THE SPACE SPECTRUM      DRONE JAMS VOL.1                LP      01.2016
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
DRR     002     THE SPACE SPECTRUM      DRONE JAMS VOL.1                LP      06.2017
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on clear vinyl)

Here's a reissue of the long sold out 'Drone Jams Vol. I'. Channelling the greats of
both kosmische and spacerock, 'Drone Jams Vol I' is a triumph of sparse spacey
krautrock. The rawness of the LP is refreshing and the control is admirable; where
other bands would be tempted to fall into the freakout mode, these guys keep it tight
and have produced an LP of genuinely top level kosmische music.
DRR     003     THE BAND WHOSE NAME IS A SYMBOL : LIVE 2010 DOMINION    LP      03.2016
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on grey vinyl)
DRR     004     PSYCHIC LEMON           PSYCHIC LEMON                   LP      07.2016
                (Note : LP , yellow vinyl)

Psychic Lemon are:

Andy Briston:   Vocals, guitar, in charge of outer space
Andy Hibberd:   Bass, studio architect
George Horler:  Vocals, guitar, in charge of wah
Martin Law:     Drums
DRR     005     V / A                   MAGNETIC NORTH                  LP      09.2016
                (Note : LP , 200 black/100 transp.-orange copies)

Bringing together four great modern psych bands from the North of England, “Magnetic
North” is the first compilation album and fifth release by Drone Rock Records.
Showcasing tracks by Dead Sea Apes from Manchester, Vert:X from Chester, Blown Out
from Newcastle and Fleetwood’s finest, Earthling Society, Magnetic North aims to give
you a taster of these bands phenomenal sounds.
DRR     006     KILL WEST               RAW DESIRE                      12"     11.2016

        1.      Raw Desire                                      04:33
        2.      Shivers                                         04:42
        3.      Giant Mexico Weather                            06:46
        4.      Apocalypse City                                 07:07
        5.      Pareidolia                                      03:05

Kill West is:   Martin Valentini                guitar
                Joel Menazzi                    bass
                Franco Beceiro                  guitar & vox
                Octavio Bermejo Villareal       drums
                (Note : 12" , 125 copies on clear vinyl)
DRR     007     EARTHLING SOCIETY       ZEN BASTARD                     LP      02.2017

Fred Laird – vocals, guitars, gakken, coral sitar, mellotron and lap steel.
Kim Allen – Bass
Jon Blacow – Drums and percussion

All songs by Fred Laird
Arranged by Earthling Society
Engineer – Tom Wild

Earthling Society are a UK psychedelic / Krautrock band formed in the North West Of
England in 2005. They have released 6 acclaimed albums in as many years and have been
championed by the likes of Julian Cope & Stuart Maconie as well as playing alongside
such great acts as Damo Suzuki, The Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Leafhound, Litmus and White
Hills. Over the years Earthling Society have worked with some great independent labels
such as Nasoni of Berlin, 4Zero and the huge fish cult that is Fruits de mer records.
DRR     8       STUPID COSMONAUT        ALGOL                           LP      03.2017

        A1.     Solitary Stasis                                 (4:13)
        A2.     The Demon Star Pilot                            (17:05)
        B1.     Passing Between Dancing Giants                  (07:06)
        B2.     Barus                                           (11:49)

Steve McNamara          Synths, bass Sam Read – Synths, guitar
Andy Hunt               Drums
Mark Hawnt              Synths

Recorded by Stupid Cosmonaut at their own studio in Bury, Lancashire between
 Nov’16 and Jan’17.
Mixed and mastered by Steven McNamara.
Mastered for Vinyl by Chris Hardman (Dead Sea Apes)
Artwork by Steven McNamara.
Extra vocals on track B2 by Jordan McNamara (Sick Tapestry)

Formed in 2016 in the north-west of England, Stupid Cosmonaut draws inspiration from
science fiction and the cosmos to create beautifully haunting visions of a not too
distant dystopian future. Ed. of 250 copies on coloured vinyl.
DRR     9       ZOFFF                   LIVE AT KOZFEST 2016            LP      04.2017

Presented on colour-in-colour vinyl (black in white) and limited to 300 copies, this
is the live LP that British space/krautrockers Zofff recorded at Kozfest 2016. Shindig
called the band "The finest purveyors of kosmische heaviness on the planet right now".
DRR     10      THE SPACE SPECTRUM      DRONE JAMS VOL.II               LP      07.2017

(Note : limited red coloured vinyl LP on Drone Rock Records. Edition of 150 copies)
DRR     11      DOMBOSHAWA              MINDS ELECTRIX                  LP      09.2017

(Note : LP , transparent-green coloured vinyl)

Swedish multi-instrumentalist, Anders Brostrom who works under the name Domboshawa.
DRR     12      STEREOCILIA             HIVE MIND                       LP      11.2017

'Hive Mind' is the third full length album from Stereocilia, and the heaviest to date.
This 4 track album, spanning over 40 minutes, takes you on a journey exploring the
boundaries of drone and psych. 'Hive Mind' also sees Stereocilia collaborating with
another musician for the first time, a guest appearance from Thought Forms drummer
Guy Metcalfe. Guy brings his unique drumming style to the 20+ minute sonic exploration
'Another Sleepless Dream' and adds a new dimension to ever evolving project that is
Stereocilia. Limited to 300 copies on clear blue vinyl.
DRR     13      STUPID COSMONAUT        DIGITALIS                       LP      01.2018

Line up:        Steve McNamara          Synths, bass
                Sam Read                Synths, guitar
                Andy Hunt               Drums
                Mark Hawnt              Synths

Formed in 2016 in the north west of England, Stupid Cosmonaut draws inspiration from
science fiction and the cosmos to create beautifully haunting visions of a not too
distant dystopian future. A vast reach of influences can be found from caustic,
electronic hallucinations as chilled as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze to more
organic post rock offerings in the vein of Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky.
DRR     14      GNOB                    ELECTRIC DREAM DEMON            LP      02.2018

Nine ear-shredding tracks encompassing elements of eastern-influenced psych, stoner
-rock and super heavy riffs. This album really captures the power of this East London
-based band's live performances. The album has been given the mastering treatment by
John McBain who is known from his work in Monster Magnet and with Carlton Melton and
DRR     15      CAUDAL                  FIGHT, CRY, FIGHT               LP      04.2018

This record is the completion of a loose trilogy comprised of three full-length
releases, all of which were recorded at Golden Retriever Studios in Berlin and feature
album artwork by the Irish artist Eoin Llewellyn. It differs slightly from the 'Forever
In Another World' (Oaken Palace Records) and 'Ascension' (Consouling Sounds) albums
with a focus on shorter and more tightly structured songs though still featuring the
trio's habitual post-rock, experimental and krautrock sounds. John McBain returns to
provide his impeccable mastering skills.
DRR     16      CB3                     FROM NOTHING TO ETERNITY        LP      05.2018

Originally released as a super limited cassette at the beginning of the year (on Lazy
Octopus in Scandinavia and by Eggs In Aspic in the UK), CB3's debut album finally gets
the vinyl treatment. Mr John McBain has provided his expert vinyl-mastering skills once
again and the music on this LP does not fail to deliver as those in the know have
already confirmed. "...an album that needs to be heard and, indeed, any traveler along
the psychedelic highway NEEDS this in their life. As previously alluded to, how this
band are not lauded is beyond me but hopefully this release will change that and CB3
become permanent fixtures on psych's top table." ~Dayz Of Purple & Orange. Comes on
transparent sky-blue vinyl.
DRR     17      CULTO AL QONDOR         TEMPLOS                         LP      06.2018

Pressed on CLEAR VINYL, this is a mind altering release of tribal space drone-rock
from Peru, featuring members of a.o. La Ira De Dios and Serpentina Satelite. Lima-based
trio Culto Al Qondor was previously known as Qondor. Fans of a.o. Neu!, Hawkwind and
the Peruvian psych scene of the late '60s and early '70s (think Telegraph Avenue,
Traffic Sound and the like) should definitely get a hold of this one.
DRR     18      FANATISM                THE FUTURE PAST                 LP      07.2018

The Future Past' is the debut album by Fantatism, an offshoot of the superb Kungens
Man This record has a bit of everything: '70s prog, free-jazz, heavy rock, psychedelic
improv... it's all here. And, once again, the tracks have been given the mastering
treatment from Mr John McBain. You will meet Fanatism somewhere on the crossroads
between Stooges Street, Can Road and Morricone Avenue. "The variety contained within
makes it a real smorgasbord of delights... the way it trips from motorik based
krautrock to more pastoral psych and finishing with some retro synth sounds is truly
wonderful and goes to make this an album of many dimensions... a trait that is sadly
missing in so much music these days." ~Dayz Of Purple & Orange.