Owner   : Big Stick
Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

DRU     001     BIG STICK               DRAG RACING                     7"      05.2019

        1.      Shoot The President
        2.      Drag Racing
        3.      I Look Like Shit
        4.      Hell on Earth
                (Note : 7" , remastered and re-cut.)

Amazing! Reissue of the very first Big Stick 7" to announce the launch of their own
label Drag Racing underground, Big Stick are reissuing their first single, as the
4 track 7" it came out as in 1985, remastered and recut..with repro sleeve..

Big Stick slithered up from the NYC art rock underground in the mid-80ís, worlds
apart both stylistically and sonically from the noise-damage darlings of the junkie
punk scene they emerged from - Pussy Galore, White Zombie or their high profile big
mean daddies in Sonic Youth, Swans, or Foetus. John Gill and Yanna Trance were a
live-work-kill together couple who brewed up their crazed sonic schemes in their
very own secret headquarters, explaining little and revealing even less.
They performed wearing elaborate masks, and all known press photos were similarly
mysterious affairs, shrouding their true identities in a veil of feathers and wigs
and antlers.
DRU     002 LP  BIG STICK : MUCH OF THE BEST OF BIG STICK               LP      06.2019

SIDE A  1       Drag Racing
        2       I Look Like Shit
        3       Jesus Was Born On An Indian Reservation
        4       Billy Jack Paddywack
        5       Metaphysical Speaker
        6       Devil?s Jukebox
SIDE B  1       Hoochie Koo Time
        2       Bianca Blast
        3       Scum Rooky's Caf'
        4       I Live The Good Life
        5       Rascal
        6       Calamari Co Co Butter 
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on clear vinyl)
DRU     003
DRU     004 LPX BIG STICK               LP                              LP+CD   07.2019
DRU     004 CD  BIG STICK               LP                              CD+CD   07.2019