DOMESTIC EXILE                          Glasgow
**************                          UK

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/Bleep/
Style   : electronic / minimal wave / post punk / 

DEX     001     LEATHERETTE             FIST & SHOUT                    CS      02.2018

        1       Coma Officer
        2       National Handbag
        3       Beige Hook
        4       Our Sister Lady Heart
        5       Squeeze Hunk
        6       Full Nun
        7       Satin Sensibility
        8       Cruiser
        9       Whoudini
DEX     002     THE MODERN INSTITUTE    ANOTHER EXHIBITION              C70     12.2018

        1.      From Eye To Eye
        2.      Jacks Tune
        3.      Cast Iron Legs / Bactarian
        4.      They Shaved My Head And Curled The Rest Off
        5.      Cups And Saucers
        6.      Side B

Pro-dubbed c70 cassette with risographed artwork & encased in coalesced molten candy
floss blue and pink expandable foam! AKA Golden Teachers Richard McMaster and Laurie
DEX     003     SUE ZUKI                WE ARE ALL VERY ANXIOUS         C60     01.2018

        1.      boring af
        2.      always making really terrible decisions
        3.      WE ARE ALL VERY ANXIOUS
        4.      EXCAVATE
        5.      first dates_2
        6.      every conversation
        7.      fml_25/10
        8.      floor master
        9.      i'm really sorry / it's not my fault tho
        10.     waster
        11.     enter mine

(Note : pro-dubbed c60 cassette with digitally printed artwork. Lucky dip transparent
        blue & red glitter cassettes)
DEX     004     GRIM LUSK               SUNLP 101                       12"     09.2018

        1.      Search
        2.      It's My Nature
        3.      Sea Club-Rush
        4.      It's Happening
        5.      Yes He Did
        6.      Laces

The first vinyl drop from Domestic Exile comes courtesy of Grim Lusk. SUNLP0101 is
another killer set born from the noble lineage of Glaswegian club tracks. The
hallucinatory atmospherics, jerky grooves and off-the-cuff feel to these tunes
recalls the likes of Golden Teacher and Whilst.
DEX     5       KLEFT                   H+SEXUALI                       LP      02.2019

        A1.     Ossein 
        A2.     CMBR
        A3.     Writhe, Squirm, Broken
        B1.     Hackfleisch Deluxe
        B2.     Keratin
        B3.     Bruises + Bleeding Hands
DEX     006     LUAR DOMATRIX           NOVA VIDA PASSADA               LP      07.2020

        A1.     Ponte Pedestre
        A2.     Sense of Style
        A3.     FTM
        A4.     Angelito
        B1.     Mil Busy Babies
        B2.     Ana Towera
        B3.     Poema
        B4.     Iíll Fly With You

Luar Domatrix is one half of Portuguese duo Yong Yong and here strikes out alone
on a work which in heavily influenced by '90s R&B and pop culture. The idea is to
make an album which is both lavish, polished but also mysterious and shapeshifting
- the result Domatrix says should sound something like pop music playing in some
kind of futuristic sci-fi place. Edition of 300 copies.