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DGTWN   02      SOUNDS OF LIBERATION    UNRELEASED                      LP      08.2019
                (COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1973)

Side 1  1       Thoughts [Sudler]
        2       Keno [Lancaster]
        3       Sweet Evil Mist (Rib Crib) [Lancaster]
        4       Badi [Jamal]
Side 2  1       New Horizon (Back Streets Of Heaven) [Jamal]

The first ever release for the results of a 1973 session from Philly-based jazz
collective Sounds of Liberation thatís been lost for almost half a century. Recorded
at Columbia University, around two years after their one and only album release New
Horizons, this was a five-track session of spiritual, emotional and implicitly
political jazz from a highly skilled septet.
The group consisted of seven members: Khan Jamal (vibraphone), Byard Lancaster
(alto saxophone), Billy Mills (bass), Dwight James (drums), Monnette Sudler
(guitar), Omar Hill (percussion), William Brister (percussionist, aka Rashid