DO THE DOG MUSIC              
                                        65 Blackdown Way
                                        Berkside RG19  3FY

Distr. :
Style  : ska / punk-ska / skacore / reggae /

DOG CD  01      THE BAKESYS             The Bakesys                     CD
DOG CD  02
DOG CD  03      V / A                   This Is Are UK Ska Vol.1        CD
DOG CD  04      V / A                   This Is Are UK Ska Vol.2        CD
DOG CD  05      SMOKE LIKE A FISH       Smoke Like A Fish               CD
DOG CD  06      REBELATION              Yo Swing Dat Mama               CD
DOG CD  07      TOO MANY CROOKS         Spanish Fly                     CD
DOG CD  08      THE HONEYSHOP SCREAMERS : Going Out Dancing             CD
DOG CD  09      TOO MANY CROOKS         Bounce                          CD
DOG CD  10      V / A                   This Is Are UK Ska Vol.3        CD
DOG CD  11      A P B                   Karoshi                         CD
DOG CD  12      DAVID HILLYARD & THE ROCKSTEADY 7 : United Front        CD
DOG CD  13      SMOKE LIKE A FISH       Survival Of The Hip'est         CD
DOG CD  14      DUFF MUFFIN             Eagle Eyes                      CD
DOG CD  15      REBELATION              Steppas                         CD
DOG CD  16      CATCH-IT KEBABS         Skankin' Sausages               CD
DOG CD  17      THE SUPATONES           Unity Avenue                    CD
DOG CD  18      PAMA INTERNATIONAL      Float Like A Butterfly          CD
DOG CD  19      SPLITTERS               Good Time Trouble               CD        .2004
DOG CD  20      SMOKE LIKE A FISH       Here's One We Made Earlier      CD        .2004
DOG CD  21      THE SCRUB : Life's Torn The Tuna Out And Left Me For    CDEP      .2004
DOG CD  22