Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style   : garage rock / 60's punk /

DIVE    4       THE FOX SISTERS         BUST OUT                        LP      02.2021

        01.     VALERIE                                         3:09
        02.     RUN RABBIT RUN                                  2:55
        03.     WINDOWS DOWN                                    2:16
        04.     YOUR SEARCH IS OVER                             3:29
        05.     ORANGUTAN IS KING                               2:52
        06.     THE SONG I SING                                 3:19
        07.     LISTEN TO YOUR SISTERS                          2:43
        08.     FLIPPITY FLOP                                   2:13
        09.     SUFFER FOOL                                     3:39
        10.     IF YOU ONLY KNEW                                2:06
        11.     SO DAMN MEAN                                    3:03
        12.     DRINK OF WATER                                  3:28

Rochester sextet, twinned with the Hi Risers, who are also united by a passion for
the most festive R&R, with a good dose of melody and that encourages dance from the
first chord. His latest album, "Bust Out!" was featured album in El Stano de Radio 3
in Spain, in mid-July and Diego RJ, to describe them, used names like Ray Charles,
Mitch Ryder, Little Richard, Raunch Hands, Dr Feelgood, Fleshtones or Los Chicos,
so now you can make one idea of what awaits you, a burst of festive R&R and R&B to
liven up any party.