Distr.  : UK - Rough Trade/
Style   : new wave / post punk / experimental / sound art /

TRANS   2       V / A                   DOMESTIC SAMPLER UMYU           LP      04.2017

LP      1       The Note
        2       The Idle Gnome
        3       The Cake Shop Device
        4       San Sebastian
        5       No Forgetting
        6       Approaching
        7       Girl Games
        8       Book Of Toads
        9       Must Have More -> Wheels
        10      Film Music
        11      Soft Soap
        12      Ignorance Of The Crunds
        13      Jonathan Livingston Seafood

CD      1       Planet Of The Zooms
        2       Siege Of Leningrad Variations
        3       Approaching A Russian Caravan (Part II)
        4       Bureau Of Musical Punctuation
        5       Piano City
        6       Voice Of The Turtle
        7       San Cougat
        8       North West Quadrant
        9       Foot Note
        10      Turmoil In Midiland
        11      The Old Waltz
        12      Science Fiction

Limited to 500 Copies on 180 Gram Vinyl. Discos Transgenero presents the first ever
album from The Manchester Mekon. The Manchester Mekon were a group of musicians that
were active from the end of the 70's to the beginning of the 80's in Manchester.
Influenced by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Igor Stravinsky, King Crimson,
Maurice Revel, Pink Floyd the Manchester Mekon aimed to integrate composed and
improvised music, blending orchestral and electronic sounds with rock, both live
and in the studio. Over a period of five years (1977 - 1982) the Manchester Mekon
played about fifty gigs in and around Manchester, released seven tracks on local
labels and rehearsed once a week. This album covers their entire career, contains
the full range of music they played and includes live recordings, studio recordings,
home recordings and even rehearsals. Two tracks were previously only available on
Manchester Musicians' Collective compilation albums. Some were never released, until
now. For the first time in 40 years these tracks are released on vinyl, in a full
colour sleeve (using original artwork from the time), with a 16-page booklet ( also
in colour ) with photographs, artwork, introduction to the band and a piece by Jon
Dale about The Manchester Mekon and their times.
TRANS   5 LP    JUAN HIDALGO            RROSE SELAVY                    LP      09.2018

Juan Hidalgo (1927-2018) was born in Las Palmas, Canary Islands. He studied composition
and piano in Spain and later in Paris and Geneva. He moved to Milano in 1956 where he
has developed most of his musical career. He collaborated during his career with people
like Marchetti, John Cage or Bruno Maderna. 'Rrose Sélavy' is a unique queer-sound-art
piece that claims for revision of the role of the gender in the society through the
musical language. Juan Hidalgo played a leading role in definitively abandoning the
traditional avant-garde musical research -the problem of music as sound- to devote
himself to the musical fact as a search for a language that is creative and critical
at the same time. Beyond the abstract notion that the language can be a source of
indoctrination, words and language play an important role in the social construction
of gender. The musical language also marks and generates a very particular type of
social body and listening. Precisely, a change in the syntactic form of sounds would
trigger a new listening and a new understanding of the world of sound that surrounds
us. Silence and noise are not only two opposite poles within music, but also at a
social level. One-time vinyl edition of 500 copies with the original inner notes by
Daniel Charles and additional notes from Julio Pérez and Eloy Palazón. Originally
released on Cramps Records in 1977.
TRANS   6 LP    JOHN LAFIA              1980-1985                       2LP     05.2019

Excellent compilation LP with works by LA avant-garde composer John Lafia. Gatefold
edition of 400 copies. Active in Los Angeles' 1980-1986 underground music scene.
TRANS   7 LP    MARNIE WEBER            SONGS HURT ME                   LP      05.2019

Reissue of Marnie Weber's classic first solo LP 'Songs Hurt Me', originally from 1989.