Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : experimental / sound art / noise / psychedelic /

ND      1
ND      2       JOAO DE BRUCO/R.H. JACKSON : CARACOL                    LP      12.2020

        01.     INSTANTE DE GELO
        02.     DONA ROXA
        03.     DAS MATAS
        04.     PANTANO
        05.     HERE WE GO AGAIN
        06.     CABARECHT
        07.     TERRA BATIDA
        08.     CARACOL

Recorded in the late 1980's and now reissued on vinyl, this Brazilian experimental
album features percussion, accordion, guitar and a range of toys and other objects
that make (or can be used for making) sound. Many electronic devices were used as
well, including samplers and synthesizers. Both of the duo's members were in charge
of vocals.
ND      3       CINEMA                  CINEMA                          LP      12.2020

        01.     FALANDO ALTO
        02.     NO DIA EM QUE PARTIRAM
        03.     A LUA, AS ESTRELAS
        04.     NAO IMAGINO
        05.     LA DENTRO
        06.     PEIXE PEDRA
        07.     AMOR PLATONICO
        08.     CONVERSA (BONUS TRACK)
        09.     INTERVALO
        10.     CIENCIA
        11.     AR DE AMOR
        12.     SEM TETO
        13.     O POETA

Experimental/avant-garde album from Brazil gets reissued on vinyl. The music is
a mixture of acoustic and synthetic sounds.
ND      004     MARCO BOSCO             FREGMENTOS DA CASA              LP      02.2022

        01.     Marco Bosco - Fragmentos
        02.     Marco Bosco - Sol da Manha
        03.     Marco Bosco - Dia Claro
        04.     Marco Bosco - Tua Casa, Minha Casa
        05.     Marco Bosco - Quarto
        06.     Marco Bosco - Sala
        07.     Marco Bosco - Cozinha
        08.     Marco Bosco - Pela Janela
ND      005     JOCY DE OLIVEIRA        RAGA NA AMAZONIA                LP      01.2022

        1.      Onirico                                         07:27
        2.      Solaris                                         10:34
        3.      Raga na Amaz˘nia                                11:39
        4.      O Contar De Uma Raga                            14:23

(Note : LP , includes a double-sided 12" x 12" insert with liner notes by Paulo Beto
        and Jocy De Oliveira)
NADALP  7       AKT 3                   FRAUEN-FEUER                    LP      03.2021

        01.     HABITS
        03.     WIR HABEN
        04.     HE IS HAPPY
        05.     CARROSSEL
        06.     OS SUFIS DANCAM

For the first time ever on vinyl (or any other format) the complete AKT recording
session. AKT was a short lived Brazilian all girl post-punk/experimental group
formed by members of As Mercenarias, Bruhaha Babelico, De Falla and R. Mutt.
AKT1: had been three gigs at Espao Retro, em Sao Paulo. AKT2: were their only
release, the the cult compilation "Enquanto Isso" AKT3: this LP Remastered from
the original tapes, this reissue also brings unseen photos by Rui Mendes and
the band story written by Alex Antunes (Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram), based
on statements by the girls, the engineer, Bruno Verner (R. Mutt) and Thomas
Pappon (Fellini).
NADALP  9       V / A                   PRA QUEM SABE DAS COISAS        LP      03.2022

        01.     CAU - COISA E TAL
        03.     RENATO MENDES - ALDEIA
        04.     MARCAO - MUTACAO
        05.     CAU - SAN FERNANDO
        06.     EULALIA - FIM DE NOITE
        07.     CAU - LTIMO CANTO
        08.     CAU - DE VOCE NO. 2
        09.     VERA - ROSAS E GARRAFAS
        10.     LILIANA - DE VOCE NO. 1

One of the rarest and most enigmatic LPs in the Brazilian discography, Praa Quem
Sabe das Coisas is a collective album that gathered a group of students from Sao
Paulo Law School, supported by the organist/pianist Renato Mendes, one of Samba
Jazz's most important names. Released in 1973 by the label EBRAU, finally has
a refined reissue and its mysteries revealed, exactly half a century later,
considering that it was recorded in 1971, but put in the market as LP only two
years later. This reissue comes with an original insert replica with lyrics and
an extra insert with unseen photos and an exclusive interview that the journalist
and researcher Marcelo Pinheiro did with Cau Pimentel adding even more to the
richness of this workpiece, composed by many writers and performers in 1971.