DIRT RECORDS                            Bloomfield
************                            NJ

Distr.  : US -
Style   : punk / hardcore /

DIRT    001     V / A                   DIRT COMPILATION                LP        .1982

                THE NUMBERS             Smash Hit
                THE GROCERIES           Hire High School Girls
                THE SHAKERS             On The Blink
                THE SMITHEREENS         Got Me A Girl
                THE BOUNCE              Jenny's Doin' Fine
                THE MODULATORS          Down At The Dirt
                THE COLORS              Growin' Up American
                ABSTRACTS               It's Me
                TRANSFORMER             Tonight
                THE WHYNOS              1-2-3-4
                SHRAPNEL                Coma Back To Me
                ZAP & THE WIRES         Tramps Of Days
DR      002     THE COLORS              THE COLORS                      12"       .1982
DR      003     V / A : DIRT COMPILATION # 2-HARDCORE TAKEOVER          LP        .1983

                TMA                     I'm In Love With Nancy Reagan
                                        Herpes II
                PHIL SCALZO BAND        Savage Truth
                                        Death House Riot
                MOURNING NOISE          Progress For The People
                MAD DADDYS              Cool And Wild
                                        Acid Rain Dance
                STETZ                   East Coast Slamming
                                        Ain't Gonna Be In No Army
                SAND IN THE FACE        Auchwitz
                                        Laughing At Me
                13-DAY VACATION         She Fucks For Drugs
                                        Tear Down The Walls
                GENOCIDE                Stillborn
                                        Never Nothing