DIG THE FUZZ RECORDS                    P.O.Box   79
********************                    Nottingham NCS 98T


Distr. : UK -
         NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style  : reissue / garage rock / psychedelic / modbeat / folk rock / r+r
         / freakbeat / 60's punk / beat / r+b / popsike /

DIG     001     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.1             LP        .1995

        A.      THE RICKETTS            Action Painting
                THE PRIMIRIVES          Oh Mary
                THE LIVERPOOL FIVE      Gotta Get A Move On
                THE BARRIER             Dawn Breaks Through
                (unknown)               Strange World
                PHASE 4                 Listen To The Blues
                BELFAST GYPSIES         The Gorilla
                ARTHUR BROWN & THE DIAMONDS : You Don't Know
        B.      GLASS SUN               Silence Of The Morning
                MAZE                    I'm So Glad
                THE LIMIT               Happy Life
                THE "YOU KNOW WHO" GROUP : Roses Are Red My Love
                (unknown)               Red And Green Talking Machine
                THE PURPLE BARRIER      Shapes And Sounds
                ANTHONY DARES PROGRESS  Devil
                INFORMATION             Face To The Sun
                BLUES & ROOTS           Blue Root
DIG     002     THE X-RAYS              WIZZIN' IN THE GO GO EP         7"        .1995
                Totalled Baby / Good For Nothing / Where's The Action
                / I Can Feel
DIG     003     THE CLIQUE : THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1964-65            LP        .1995

She Ain't No Good / Ooh Pooh Pah Doo / Pretty Thing / One Kinda Favour / Leaving Here
//// She Ain't No Good / Time Time Time / We Didn't Kiss , We Didn't Love , But Now We
Do Do / You've Been Unfair / I Left My Heart
DIG     004     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.2-WHEN THE    LP        .1996

        A.      JOHN'S CHILDREN         Daddy Rolling Stone
                MAL & THE PRIMITIVES    Every Minute Of Every Day
                HIPSTER IMAGE           Little Piece Of Leather
                (unknown)               Shame Shame Shame
                THE SCOTS OF ST.JAMES   Eiderdown Clown
                THE DOWNLINERS SECT     White Caterpillar
                HELL PREACHERS INC.     Shalom
                CHARGE                  Boring Song
        B.      DOWNLINERS SECT         Spider
                JOHN'S CHILDREN         Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith
                ELLI                    Never Mind
                THE END                 Second Glance
                WHICHWHAT               The Wind Out Of Nowhere
                THE FIRST IMPRESSION    All Lead Back To You
                ST.DAVID'S ROAD         Strange Loves Of Gwyneth
                JOHN'S CHILDREN         Hot Rod Mama
                DOWNLINERS SECT         Lord Of The Ruings
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)
DIG     005     THE ACTION : BRAIN - THE LOST RECORDINGS 1967/68        LP        .1995

In My DReams / Come Around / I've Got Something To Say / Love Is All / Icarus / Strange
Roads / Things You Cannot See / Brain //// Look At The View / Climbing Up The Wall To
See You , See Me / It Really Doesn't Matter / Stranger / Follow Me / Little Boy / In My
Dreams (demo)
DIG     006     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.4             LP        .1995

        A.      THE CRUSADE             Psychedelic Woman
                THE ID                  Eastern Dream
                RAW MATERIAL            Time And Illusion
                THE GURUS               Come Girl
                HOUSE OF NIMROD         Slightly-Delic
                THE MOVEMENT            Head For The Sun
                THE MEC OP SINGERS      Stop The Machine
                THE ALBY                Green
        B.      THE BACHS               I'm A Little Boy
                DAVE MILLER SET         Mr.Guy Fawkes
                JIMMY CURTISS           Psychedelic Situation
                THE ALBY                Feather
                THE CRUSADE             Fade Away
                MOONSHINE               Garden Of Men
                CALUM BRYCE             Love-Maker
                THE BACHS               Tables Of Grass Fields
DIG     007     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.3             LP        .1996
                - 200 FEET DEEP IN A PURPLE IDEA

        A.      THE ONES                Lady Greengrass
                THE BUCKET              I Can't Help Thinking Of You
                THE ROKES               When The Wind Arises
                J.C.HEAVY               Is This Really Me
                LES GOTHS               Out Of The Sun
                KISS INC.               Hey Mr.Holy Man
                TAC POUM SYSTEME        Asmodai
                GEE BROS                Let Me Find The Sun
        B.      THE LEMON DIPS          Who's Gonna Buy
                THE NASHVILLE TEENS     Ex Kay One Lx
                THE LOOT                Radio City
                SOONER OR LATER         Night Time
                THE LEMON DIPS          Poor Lonely Woman
                THE NASHVILLE TEENS     Widdicombe Fair
                WIMPLE WINCH            Pumpkin Pie
                NING                    Machine
DIG     008     THE BETTERDAYS          HOWLIN                          LP        .1996

        A1      Don't Want That
        A2      Honey What's Wrong?
        A3      Crackin' Up
        A4      Here 'Tis
        A5      Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth
        A6      Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
        A7      Don't Want That
        B1      Howlin' For My Baby
        B2      Here 'Tis
        B3      Road Runner
        B4      I Was Fooled
        B5      Pretty Thing
        B6      Walkin' The Boogie
        B7      Parchman Farm
                (Note : LP + 16 p. booklet)
DIG     009     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.5             LP        .1996
                - YELLOW STREET BOUTIQUE

        A.      THE BIRDS               You're On My Mind
                THE ARTWOOD COMBO       Chicago Calling
                THE SILENCE             Down Down
                LES PROBLEMES           Dodecaphonie
                DAVE MILLER SET         Why? Why? Why?
                THE SILENCE             Cold On Me
                THE THROB               Black
                THE SILENCE             Julie September
        B.      THE BIRDS               You Don't Love Me
                BLUES & ROOTS           Leaving Here
                LESTER SQUARE & THE GT'S : Sack O'Woe
                THE ARTWOOD COMBO       Hoochie Coochie Man
                THE SILENCE             Forgive Me If I'm Wrong
                STUART BECKETT          Breakthrough
                IZZY POUND              Na Na Na Na Na
                THE SILENCE             To Sarah B
DIG     010     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.6             LP        .1997

        A.      THE PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY : Nine O'Clock Business Man
                BILL WENDRY & THE BOSS TWEEDS : A Wristwatch Band
                THE MAGICIANS           Painting On Wood
                ARGOSY                  Imagine
                THE CYMBALINE           Fire
                PERSIMMON'S PECULIAR SHADES : Watchmaker
                ELLI                    Mister Man
                SWEET CHARIOT           What Would Your Momma Say
        B.      PIERRE HENRY            Psyche Rock
                THE LEWIS & CLARKE EXPEDITION : Blue Revelat6ion
                ARGOSY                  Mr.Boyd
                TUESDAY'S CHILDREN      Strange Light From The East
                THE AMELIA SMILE        Father Good's Space Flight
                THE VISIONS             Small Town Commotion
                PETER & THE WOLVES      Smokey Wood
                THE ALBY                The Uncle
DIG     011     THE X-RAYS              SET EM UP                       7"        .1996
                Set Em Up / 2 Lane Blacktop / Erotic Neurotic
DIG     012
DIG     013     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.7             LP        .1997

        A.      LUCAS TYSON             Daylight Child
                MOTHER SUNDAY           Midnight In The Graveyard
                FREE AND EASY           Seance
                ADAM                    Eve
                PEACEPIPE               The Sun Won't Shine Forever
                THE JAMES TAYLOR MOVE   Still I Can Go On
                THE SORROWS             The Makers
        B.      THE SORROWS             Same Old Road
                THE TOUCH               Not So Fine
                THE DREAM               Rebellion
                MOTHER SUNDAY           You Don't Understand
                FORD THEATRE            Jefferson Airplane
                THE COOL                Highway Song
                THE SORROWS             Old Songs , New Songs
DIG     014     THE LYDS                FLY AWAY WITH ME                7"        .1996

        A       Fly Away With Me
        B       Separations
                (Note " 7" , 250 numb. copies)
DIG     015
DIG     016     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.8             LP        .1997
                (Professor Potts Pornographic Projector)

        A1      Ballroom                Baby, Please Don't Go
        A2      Ark                     Daily Reminder
        A3      Childe Harold           Brink Of Death
        A4      Fourth Way              The Far Side Of Your Mind
        A5      1st Century             Dancing Girl
        A6      Group Axis              Not Fade Away
        A7      Flowers, Fruit & Pretty Things : Wanting You
        A8      Chris Carpenter         Waterfalls
        B1      Childe Harold           Anne, With Love
        B2      Calliope                Ryan 5
        B3      1st Century             Looking Down
        B4      The Guise               Time
        B5      Ark                     Poverty Train
        B6      Hysterical Society      I Know
        B7      NGC 4594                Skipping Through The Night
                (Note : LP , 650 numb. copies)
DIG     017     V / A : DIGGIN' UP DOWN UNDER !                         LP        .1999

        A.      THE BIRDS               Magic Words
                BILLY ADAMS             Alone
                THE ALLUSIONS           Gypsy Woman
                RAY BROWN & THE WHISPERS : Go To Him
                THE OTHER ENDS          Come On , Baby
                DARK AGES               Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
                RUSS KENNNEDY & THE LITTLE WHEELS : I've Been Watching You
                SHADES OF BLUE          Weak In The Knees
        B.      THE ALLUSIONS           Fever (Burns In My Brain)
                THE GIFT OF LOVE        Take A Trip
                THE MYSTRYS             Witch Girl
                DEREK'S aCCENT          That Is Life Today
                INKASE                  Have You Ever Seen Me
                PETER NELSON & THE CASTAWAYS : Down In The Mine
                THE PLEAZERS            Bald Headed Woman
                THE TWILIGHTS           Baby,Let Me Take You Home
                JOHN VINCENT & THE IN-SECT : Madge's Charity Badges
DIG     018
DIG     019     V / A : ALL ABOARD THE ACID MACHINE                     CDR       .1997

                Side One
        1       Kollection              Savage Lost             2:33
        2       Six Feet Under          Inspiration In My Head  2:27
        3       Aardvarks : Subconscious Train Of Thought       3:47
        4       Misters Virtue          Summer Night            2:14
        5       Sound Apparatus         Travel Agent Man        3:02
        6       Giant Crab              Hot Line Conversation   3:00
        7       Haymarket Riot          Trip On Out             2:20
        8       Psychotics : If You Dont Believe Me Dont        2:50
                Side Two
        9       January Third           You Aint Comin          2:23
        10      Village Stop            Vibration               2:54
        11      Lost Children           Imagination Tour        1:59
        12      Sound Apparatus         One Dream On            5:06
        13      Underbeat               Darkness                2:51
        14      Shags                   Smiling Fenceposts      2:23
        15      Misters Virtue          Captured                2:37
        16      Trespassers             Come With Me            2:24
                (Note : CDr , test pressing only)
DIG     0020    THE BLUESTARS           THE BLUESTARS                   LP (m)    .1997

        A1      I Can Take It
        A2      Please Be A Little Kind
        A3      I Just Fell In Love
        A4      Baby Come Home
        B1      Social End Product
        B2      I'm Over Here
        B3      Sherlock Sweet
        B4      I'm A Little Man
        B5      Don't Wanna Be Lonely
DIG     021     THEE CYBERMEN           A NEW KINDA LOVIN"              7"        .1997

        A       A New Kinda Lovin'
        B       The Border Beat
DIG     022     THE X-RAYS              P.C.P.                          7"        .1997

        A       P.C.P.
        B1      Loaded Guardian Angel
        B2      Dragstrip Killer
DIG     023     V / A : REVENGE OF THE AMPHETAMINE GENERATION           LP        .1997

        A1      Unknown Artist          I Need You
        A2      Unknown Artist          View From The Circle
        A3      Unknown Artist          Tiger Girl
        A4      Thor                    Lindsay Davis
        A5      Unknown Artist          House Of Love
        A6      Psychotic Reaction      Oh Misery
        A7      Psychotic Reaction      Be My Girl
        B1      The Quakers             She's Alright
        B2      The Saxons              Right Throughly
        B3      David John And The Mood : Digging For Gold
        B4      The Poison Ivy          Sure Know A Lot About Love
        B5      Blues Conqueroos        Pretty Polly
        B6      The Plebs               I'm A Man
        B7      Teddy Wadmore           Buzz With The Fuzz
        B8      The Muleskinners        Need Your Lovin'
                (Note : LP , 800 copies + numbered A4 insert)
DIG     024     THE SMASHED BLOCKED     LIFT UP YOUR SKIRT AND FLY      7"        .1998

        A       Lift Up Your Skirt And Fly
                (Note : 7" , 1-sided)
DIG     025     THE ACTION              ROLLED GOLD                     LP        .1998

Come Around / Something To Say / Love Is All / Icarus / Strange Roads / Things You
Cannot See / Brain / Look At The View / Climbing Up The Wall / Really Doesn't Matter /
I'm A Stranger / Little Boy / Follow Me / In My Dream / In My Dream (demo)

(Note : CD on Reaction Rec. REACT CD 001 , 2002)
DIG     026     THE GAME : IT'S SHOCKING WHAT THEY CALL US              LP+7"     .1998

        A1      The Game                But I Do
        A2      The Game                Gotta Keep On Moving Baby
        A3      The Game                Gonna Get Me Someone
        A4      The Game                Gotta Wait
        A5      The Game                The Addicted Man
        B1      The Game                Help Me Mummy's Gone
        B2      The Game                It's Shocking What They Call Me
        B3      The Game                The Addicted Man
        B4      The Lavender Grove      Lavender Grove
        B5      The Lavender Grove      When I Was Young
                7" Single (33.3 RPM)
        A       The Game                Unfair
        B1      The Game                Still On The Game
        B2      The Game                The Addicted Man
DIG     027     THE GAME                UNFAIR                          7"        .1996

        A       Unfair
        B1      Still On The Game
        B2      The Addicted Man
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , together with DIG 026)
DIG     028     GREEN HORNETS           Dig The Fuzz !                  7"        .1997
                                        Brand New Cadillac
DIG     029     CRUSHED BUTLER :        UNCRUSHED                       10" (m)   .1998
                (Previously Unreleased British Punk From The Underground

        A1      It's My Life
        A2      Factory Grime
        A3      Love Is All Around Me
        B1      My Son's Alive
        B2      Love Fighter
        B3      High School Dropout (Vers 2)

CD      RPM                 RPM 517         2005        UK
DIG     030     THE EMBROOKS            But I Didn't Know Him           7"        .1998
                                        Fight Fire
DIG     031     THE SCREAMING MAD                                       7"        .1998

        A       Which Mask Today?
        B       No-One Knows
DIG     032     V / A : RETURN OF THE AMPHETAMINE GENERATION            LP        .1999

        A1      The Uprooted            It's Just You
        A2      The Uprooted            Mary
        A3      Themselves              Have You Heard
        A4      James King & The Farinas : All You Gotta Do	
        A5      The Falcons             Phone Me
        A6      The Nomads              Hey Little Girl
        A7      The Five Of Diamonds    Good Morning Blues
        A8      C. M. J.                I Can't Do It All By Myself
        B1      The In-Sect             I Don't Want To Make You Go
        B2      The In-Sect             Come Back To Me
        B3      Q Set                   I Can't Keep It Up Any Longer
        B4      The Noise               You Turn Me On
        B5      Those Fadin' Colours    Blow Up
        B6      Those Fadin' Colours    Try Me On For Size
        B7      The Pakka-Jax           Morning Dew
DIG     033     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.11            LP        .1999

        A.      THE CLOSED              Lovin'
                MAYFLY                  Blue Sofa
                PAUL'S COLLECTION       Man
                INFORMATION             Oh Strange Man
                JACQUES DUTRONC         Hippie Hippie Hourrah
                EPISODE SIX             Mr.Universe
                THE HI-FI'S             Odd Man Out
                SECOND MOVEMENT         Fairyland
                CROWN'S CLAN            No Place For Our Minds
                PAUL'S COLLECTION       Music Is My Life
                MOTIVATION              Delighted To See You
                THE HILL                Sylvie
                SERENDIPITY             Round & Round
                CRAYON ANGELS           What Are You Doing (In The Rain)
                OPUS                    Angela Grey
DIG     034     CLAMBAKE                Fat Cat Big Fish                7"        .1999
                / Heatshield / Badmouth
DIG     035     THE INSECTS             Open Up Your Mind               7"        .1999

        A       Open Up Your Mind
        B       Take It Off
DIG     036     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.9             LP        .1999
                (CLAP HANDS DADDY COME HOME!)

        A1      The Bad Boys            She's A Breakaway
        A2      The Scenery             Thread Of Time
        A3      John Woolley & Just Born : You're Lying
        A4      The League              Hey Conductor
        A5      Fingers Lee & The Upper Hand : Midnight Race
        A6      The Red Squares         You Can Be My Baby
        A7      The Quests              Never Ever
        A8      The Klan                Already Mine
        B1      The Rusty Nail          Ooh Baby
        B2      The Preachers           Yesterday Today & Tomorrow
        B3      Split Image             Don't Go Away
        B4      Ian & The Zodiacs       Why Can't It Be Me
        B5      The High Spirits        Give Me Love
        B6      The Undertakers         Throw Your Love Away Girl
        B7      The Mode                What You Been Doing
        B8      The Moments             Money, Money
        B9      The High Spirits        She's Gone
DIG     037     THE EMBROOKS            Separations                     LP        .1999

        1       How You Want It?
        2       You Take Me For Rides
        3       Venus At Night
        4       Im Not Mad
        5       (I Dont Like) What You Do
        6       Separations
        7       I Was Alone
        8       But I Didn't Know Him
        9       Sun's Going Down
        10      You Will Never Change
        11      Love Is A Beautiful Thing
        12      Youre Mine

LP      Dionysus            ID1233 87       2000        US
DIG     038     ELLI                    ELLI                            LP        .2000

Never Mind / That's What They Say / Mister Man / Don't Forget / My Lady Of Love ////
I'll Be Looking Out For You / The Time Has Come / The Children / She Said No / You've
Only To Say
DIG     039     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.10            LP        .1999

        A1      Tropical Fish           Everyone Is Everything
        A2      1984                    There Is Music All Around Me
        A3      The Pathfinders         Pumpkin Lantern
        A4      Unknown Artist          Every Day Is Just The Same
        A5      Sons Of Man             My Life With You
        A6      The Object              When She Told Me
        A7      Sweet Feeling           Sherry Cherie
        A8      The Meek                Brand-New Sky-Blue Place
        B1      The Happy Vegetable     Light On The Wall
        B2      The Meek                Two Steps Beyond
        B3      The Soupherbs           It's All Just In My Mind
        B4      The Amalgamation        Like Before
        B5      Unknown Artist          My Closest Living Relative
        B6      Katz                    Going Back
        B7      The Object              She's Gone Away
        B8      The Meek                Miles Away
DIG     040
DIG     041     KRAYAON ANGELS          NINETEEN SIXTYNINE              LP        .2000

        A1      What Are You Doing (In The Rain)
        A2      For The Rest Of Our Lives
        A3      Natural Man
        A4      Please Tell Me Why
        A5      Clock Without A Face
        B1      How Do Ya Like It
        B2      Hearts In The Junction (Of Smoke)
        B3      Step Around It
        B4      Try Another Motor
        B5      'Til The New Light Shines
DIG     042     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.14            LP        .2000

        A1      Great Uncle Fred : I'm In Love With An Ex-Beauty Queen
        A2      Sammy Soul Set          Moontalk
        A3      Giorgio                 Stop
        A4      Los Zooms               Algo Mas
        A5      American Revolution     Opus #1
        A6      The Idols               One Girl Had Told Me
        A7      Ola & The Janglers : No-one Knows What Happens Round The Corner	
        A8      Me-Cop Singers          Misery
        B1      The Hounds              The Office Girl
        B2      The Trillium            Queen Alice
        B3      The Lexington Avenue    The Bird Collector
        B4      William Sheller         Living East, Dreaming West
        B5      Climax                  You ... I
        B6      Procession              Mind Magician
        B7      Paul's Collection       What Have I Done
        B8      Mother's Love           Saint Without Glory
DIG     043     V / A : RAVE WITH THE AMPHETAMINE GENERATION            LP        .2001

        A1      Unknown Artist          I'm Gonna Get You
        A2      The Shadows             Scotch On The Socks
        A3      Unknown Artist          Girl, What's Your Name?
        A4      Rick Minas              Toys
        A5      Unknown Artist          Stone Free
        A6      Phase Four              I Only Want To Be With You
        A7      The Primitives          L-O-V-E
        A8      Unknown Artist          My Love Gets Strong
        B1      Unknown Artist          One Step From The Sun
        B2      Unknown Artist          We'll Do Things My Way
        B3      Roger Mathews           Why Has It Gotta Be Me
        B4      Rick Minas              You Walk Away
        B5      The Telstars            You've Got To Leave
        B6      Night Society           Play Around With Love
        B7      Edwick Rumbold          Boggle Woggle
        B8      The Chantelles          Out Of My Mind
DIG     044     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.12            LP        .2002
                (FUZZ PUDDING FACTORY)

        A1      Flower                  Heart Teaser
        A2      The Smoke               Sydney Gill (Alternate Take)
        A3      The Exception           Woman Of The Green Lantern
        A4      Sandy In Motion         I'm A Walking Dream
        A5      The Mirage              Poor Mrs Busby
        A6      Unknown Artist          Right In Front Of My Eyes
        A7      Focal Point             'Cept Me
        A8      The Tickle              Rose Coloured Glasses
        B1      The Flashbacks          Late Night Final
        B2      The Majority            Hard Days Night
        B3      Unit Six                Desert Song
        B4      Sandy In Motion         I'm Crying Without You
        B5      Dust                    Will You Still Love Me
        B6      Unit Six                She Comes In Colours
        B7      Autumn                  Heartbreaker
DIG     045     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.17            LP        .2002
                (Clap Hands Daddy Come Home! Part 2)

        A1      The Snappers            She's A Lover
        A2      Ian & The Zodiacs       Na-Na-Na-Na-Na
        A3      The Rainy Daze          What Do You Think
        A4      Don Fardon              Sunshine Woman
        A5      John Smith & The New Sound : Just A Loser
        A6      Hi Fi's                 Grade A Girl
        A7      Tony Ritchie            Comin' On Strong
        A8      John Deen & The Trakk : I Met A Girl Last Night
        B1      Casey Jones & The Governors : All You Wanna Do
        B2      The Deejays             What'cha Tryin' To Do
        B3      The Renegades           Can't You See
        B4      Arthur Brown            Don't Tell Me
        B5      Top Ten All Stars       Hey Daddy
        B6      Jimmy & The Rackets     I Want To Tell You
        B7      Dave Anthony's Moods     Fading Away
        B8      Same D. : How Do You Break A Broken Heart
DIG     046     V / A : INCREDIBLE SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.16            LP        .2003

        A.      TAICONDEROGA            Speaking My Mind
                MATCHBOX                Run Much Faster
                BOOTS                   You Better Run
                EMPTY VESSELS           Low Toby
                REVOLVER                Imaginations
                PETER HOLM              You Will Be Mine
                ADAM & DEE              Quastions Of Childhood
                JOHN DEEN & THE TRAKK   Kavind
        B.      TAPESTRY                Who Wants Happiness
                BOOTS                   A To D
                BLACK VELVET            Clown
                JOHN DEEN & THE TRAKK   Man
                MAJORITY ONE            Friday Man
                CHRISTOPHER             The Race
                THE SNAPPERS            Smiley's Tram
                TAICONDEROGA            Whitchi Tai To
DIG     047
DIG     048     V / A : RIOT OF THE AMPHETAMINE GENERATION              LP        .2003

        A1      Unknown Artist          Yes You Did
        A2      Unknown Artist          She's Alright
        A3      The Mountain Men        Too Many People
        A4      The Peasants            Rampant
        A5      The Boston Dexters      Nothing's Gonna Change Me
        A6      Mort Draygen & The Diamonds : If I Had A Ticket
        A7      The Strays              There Are Wrong People
        A8      The Red Hook Angels     That's All (I Need)
        B1      Vat 69                  All The Time
        B2      Lee Tracey & The Tributes : Bird Doggin'
        B3      This Kind               Dirty City
        B4      The Spectres            Love In Vain
        B5      The Spectres            Say That You Need Me
        B6      Free Expression         My Life Has Changed
        B7      Unknown Artist          Now That We're Through
        B8      The Xxxx's 5            Take It All
DIG     049
DIG     050
DIG     051
DIG     052
DIG     053
DIG     054     TRIBE                   AIN'T NO FRIEND OF YOURS        7"      03.2020
DIG     054     TRIBE                   AIN'T NO FRIEND OF YOURS        DL      03.2020

SIDE 1: 1. Aint' No Friend Of Mine
        2. 24 Hours Every Day
SIDE 2: 1. No Reason To Complain
        2. 24 Hours Every Day (Live)

DL      1. Impro Instro (Remastered Live Studio Recording)
        2. Aint' No Friend Of Mine (16 Trk Studio Recording)
        3. 24 Hours Every Day (16 Trk Studio Recording)
        4. No Reason To Complain (16 Trk Studio Recording)
        5. 24 Hours Every Day (Remastered Live Recording)
        6. Hey Little Bird (Remastered Rehearsal Recording)
        7. Aint' No Friend Of Mine (Remastered 12 String Version)
        8. Don't Send Me No Flowers ( emastered Rehearsal Recording)

Four fuzz fueled French garage punk forays by one of the rare genuine Paris garage
punk bands from the 1980s. Inspired by 'Back From The Grave' and 'Pebbles'.
All tracks remastered and previously unreleased. Includes poster and bio plus free
mini 8 track album digital download including studio tracks, bonus track demos and
studio rehearsals. Limited edition of 199 numbered copies Worldwide.
DIG     055     TRASH KNIFE             TRASH KNIFE                     7"      08.2016

        A1      All Grown Up                                    01:49
        A2      No One's Dancin                                 02:02
        A3      The Party Party                                 01:56
        B1      Rhonda                                          02:09
        B2      FDR (The Lakes)                                 02:15
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM , 600 copies total)

This EP offers five original rippers, recorded in a garage-infected Reatards/KBD-style.
Hailing from Philadelphia, the band sounds too dirty for hc and too edgy for pop-punk.

7"      P. Trash         ? P.Trash098          2016        GE


DIGCD   01      THE ACTION : BRAIN - THE LOST RECORDINGS 1967/68        CD        .1995
                (Note : same as DIG 005)
DIGCD   02      THE GAME : IT'S SHOCKING WHAT THEY CALL US              CD        .1997
                (Note : same as DIG 026)
DIGCD   03      (same as DIG 001)
FUZZOFF 1       MGSM                    RELOAD                          7"      01.2015

        A1      Reload
        A2      Viking Queen
        B       Supreme
FUZZOFF 2       THE TERRORSAURS         ZILASAUR                        7"      03.2015

        1       ZILASAUR
        2       MONOID
FUZZOFF 3       X-RAYS                  BAD LUCK JUST GOT A RICOCHET    7"      11.2015

        2       OPINION
                (Note : 7" , 299 transp. copies)
FUZZOFF 4       LEVITATION CHURCHES     LOSING MY MIND                  7"      10.2015

        A       Losing My Mind
        B       Monkey Man
FUZZOFF 5       TERRORSAURS             SCHLOCKA ROLLA                  7"      10.2015
                (Note : 7" , art die-cut sleeve)
FUZZOFF 6       TECHNICOLOR NOIR        DANGER OF THE CORNER            7"      05.2016

        A       Danger On The Corner
        B       Dance Cicada
                (Note : 7" , 299 copies onsun kissed-burst vinyl)
ASSS    1       V / A : ASTONISHING SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.1            CD      06.2016
ASSS    2       V / A : ASTONISHING SOUND SHOW STORIES VOL.2            CD      06.2016

        1.      Shinkiro (Spain)        The Formula For Eternal Life
        2.      The Six Ten (UK)        The Night (DTF Mix)
        3.      Big Safari (UK)         New Felt Hat
        4.      Deanos Hose (UK)        Fat White Belly
        5.      Clambake (UK)           Eye Ball Song
        6.      Dukebox Accelerator (UK) : Mo Tucker
        7.      Girl Sweat (UK)         Glass Fraulein
        8.      The Barons Boys (UK)    Beautiful Day
        9.      Technicolor Noir (France) : Look At The Sun
        10.     Green Fuzz (UK)         I'm Not Here On My Own
        11.     The Terrosaurs (UK)     Avalanche
        12.     Kathy Freeman (Germany/UK) : Let's Rock Tonight
        13.     Levitating Churches (New Zealand/Australia) : In League With Satan
        14.     Fight Fuck Or Dance (USA) : Pakistan
        15.     Deanos Hose (UK)        Green & Purple Voices
        16.     Clambake (UK)           Fuck My Luck
        17.     Dukebox Accelerators (UK) : V8
        18.     X-Rays (UK)             Fuck Off And Smoke
        19.     Damn Frank (USA)        925
        20.     Bad Buildings (UK)      1 To 12
        21.     Madd Blake Y Los Stalins (Puerto Rico) : She's Like A Devil (Demo)
        22.     Kingclaw (UK)           Save Your Mind
        23.     Haze (UK)               Luigi's Riff
        24.     Mohair Sweets (Canada) : Green Light (DTF mix)
        25.     The Barons Boys (UK)    Means More
        26.     Tommy (USA)             Love
        27.     Green Fuzz (UK)         Jesus Take Me To A Higher Place
        28.     Deanos Hose (UK)        Henry For Judith
        29.     Jade Amenity (USA)      Within You
        30.     Bloik (UK)              Destruction From Within (DTF Mix)