DESTINY RECORDS                         GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : punk / hardcore /

LP      899     SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER   METAL BEAR STOMP                CD      10.2017
LP      900     SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER   METAL BEAR STOMP                LP      10.2017

        01.     METAL BEAR STOMP
        02.     HUNT THE STEEL
        03.     RUDER THAN THOU
        04.     CAN STOP WON STOP
        05.     STYLE
        06.     ENTER BEARFACE
        07.     NO SLEEP TILL HELL
        08.     NO WAY BACK
        09.     GET BUSY
        10.     FACE THE CLAN
        11.     ETERNAL CRUSADE
        12.     WALKING TALL

Destiny Records is proud to announce the 2nd album of hardcore/metal/rap phenomenon
Siberian Meat Grinder. "Metal Bear Stomp" will be released worldwide on Friday 13th
October 2017. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Siberian Meat Grinder mix ultra-fast thrash
with hardcore-punk, rap, black metal and bunch of other genres on a quest for the
golden style of street music overseen by the spiritual guidiance of the ancient mighty
creature - the Bear-Tsar. Straight from the cold streets, dark trainyards and mystical
ghettos! Taking no prisoners! Stomping with the Metal Bear!