DESASTRE                                SWITZERLAND

Distr.  : SW -
          UK - Norman
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue /

DST     001
DST     002     UT-TIGHT                UP-TIGHT                        LP      07.2016

Up-Tight are a three-piece psych group based in Hamamatsu, Japan with a history dating
back to 1992 has released around 10 records. Up-Tight's current line-up (2016) is
original members T. Aoki (vocal & guitar) T. Ogata (bass) and T. Shirahata (drums).
The ghosts of The Velvet Underground, Les Rallizes Dénudés and Amon Düül loom large
over their personal feedback song-destruction universe. This LP is the first re-issue
of their original CD-R-only release in Japan in 1999 in a very limited edition of
100 copies. It has been remastered in Berlin from original recordings and presented
here in an edition of 300. Here is what David Keenan (Wire magazine) thought about
this first CD-R released in 1999.

DST     004     HALA STRANA             HALA STRANA                     LP      09.2017

        01      Cinnamon Shops
        02      Stria
        03      Jede Forman Dolinu
        04      Quarter Mesto
        05      Streets Of Raised Platforms
        06      Spiring Plume
        07      Brickwork And Scoria
        08      The Strictness Of Beauty
        09      Stouthrief
        10      Alate
        11      Black Dust
        12      Millstones
        13      A Second Fall

Originally released in 2003. Hala Strana is a summation of Steven R. Smith's interest
in the traditional folk musics of central and eastern Europe. By incorporating the
melodies, scales, and instrumentation of the village music from areas such as Croatia,
Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Poland,
All elements from the original CD artwork have been used for the vinyl edition.
The cover art is a detail from the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) but the Hala Strana
writing have been hand-made by Mathieu Tilly (Druidhigh Visuals), who is also
France's drummer and the co-owner of the Standard In-Fi label. Tilly provided the
new LP layout and insert (and the logo of Desastre label).