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Distr.  : US -
          UK - Volcanic Tongue
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : folk / psychedelic / garage rock /

DV      003     THE BRIGADE             LAST LAUGH                      LP        .1991

        A1      Change In Me
        A2      Love Day For Day
        A3      Desert Song (You're All Alone)
        A4      Bad Town
        B1      Self Made God
        B2      Forever
        B3      Circles Of Life
        B4      Everybody Is Laughing

LP      Band 'N Vocal Mobile Recording Service BVRS 1066    1970    US
DV      005     THE BACHS               OUT OF THE BACHS                LP        .1992

        A1      You're Mine
        A2      Pleasure Of Your Company
        A3      Free Fall
        A4      I See Her
        A5      My Independence Day
        A6      Minister To A Mind Diseased
        B1      Tables Of Grass Fields
        B2      Show Me That You Want To Go Home
        B3      Sitting
        B4      Nevermore
        B5      Answer To Yesterday
        B6      I'm A Little Boy

LP      Roto Rec.           PR 1044         1968        US
DV      6       LEGENDARY GRAPE         LEGENDARY GRAPE                 LP        .2003

        A1      Give It Hell
        A2      On The Dime
        A3      Bitter Wind In Tanganikya
        A4      Lady Of The Night
        A5      Took It All Away
        B1      Nighttime Rider
        B2      Talk About Love
        B3      All My Life
        B4      You'll Never Know
        B5      You Can Depend On Me
DV      7       BENT WIND               SUSSEX                          LP        .1992

        A1      Sacred Cows (Single Version)
        A2      Riverside
        A3      Mystify
        A4      Castles Made Of Man
        A5      Going To The City
        B1      Look At Love
        B2      Hate
        B3      Touch Of Red
        B4      Sacred Cows (LP Version)
        B5      The Lions

LP      Trend               T 1015          1969        CA
DV      8       D.R. HOOKER             THE TRUTH                       LP        .1993

        A1      The Sea
        A2      Fall In Love
        A3      A Stranger's Smile
        A4      Weather Girl
        A5      This Thing
        B1      Forge Your Own Chains
        B2      I'm Leaving You
        B3      The Truth
        B4      The Bible
        B5      Falling Asleep

LP      On Records          XPL 1029        1972        US

        A1      Midnight Hour
        A2      Louie Louie
        A3      Do You Wanna
        A4      You Baby
        A5      Breakaway
        A6      Love
        A7      Time Won't Let Me
        B1      Light My Fire
        B2      Incense And Peppermints
        B3      Talk Talk
        B4      Blue Peppers
        B5      So High On Cloud Nine
        B6      Gimme Some Lovin'
        B7      Never Before

LP      Fredlo              5727            1967        US
DV      10      FIFTY FOOT HOSE         INGREDIENTS                     LP        .1997

        A1      Fifty Foot Hose         War Is Over             13:16
        A2      Fifty Foot Hose         Good Morning Girl       6:05
        A3      Fifty Foot Hose         Fly Free                2:41
        B1      The Ethix               Skins                   2:38
        B2      The Ethix               Bad Trip                2:44
        B3      Fifty Foot Hose         Desire                  11:40
        B4      Fifty Foot Hose         Low Down Nasty          5:01

        01.     Ywain
        02.     A Tranquil Sea
        03.     Latent Energy
        04.     Improvization In C For Solo Dulcimer
        05.     On Tour Of The Solar System: Plutonium Airwaves - Solar
                Stop/Improvization Upon A Traditional Martian Scale/Rocket

(Note : staggering reissue/rediscovery of what existed only as a single-copy acetate
        cut in New Jersey in 1971)
DV      12      TRYAD                   IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE IN LOVIN'   LP      10.2014

A.      01.     I'm Wonderin' How I Ever Got That Way
        02.     Columbia Tavern
        03.     Uptown Suburban Alley
        04.     The Coming Time Of Gone
        05.     Something Sweet In Dying
B.      06.     Country Way
        07.     Spider Song
        08.     Don't Talk To Strangers
        09.     Northern Journey
        10.     Eulogy/Raga

(Note : Del Val Records present a reissue of Tryad's If Only You Believe In Lovin',
        originally released in 1971 as a private press. Ultra-deluxe LP reissue on
        the newly resurrected Del Val label)

LP      Storm King Rec.     SKS 101         1972        US