DEEP SIX RECORDS                        P.O.Box  6911
****************                        Burbank
                                        CA 91510


Distr. : US - self/
         CA - Scratch
         NE - Sonic Rendezvous
Style  : grindcore / hardcore / trash metal / powerviolence / trashcore / punk
         / sludge metal / noise / crust punk / doom metal / death metal /

DS      001     SLOBBER                 Slobber                         7"        .1990

        A1      Malathion
        A2      Hangover
        A3      Grindcore
        B1      Waiting to Die
        B2      Bobby's on the Prowl
DS      002     FCDN TORMENTOR          F.C.D.N. TORMENTOR              7"        .1991

        A1      Falsified                                       2:11
        A2      Eternal Grave                                   3:01
        B1      First Among the Dead                            3:15
        B2      Mystic Rites                                    2:40
DS      003     INFEST                  Mankind                         7"        .1991

        1       Mankind
        2       Judge Me
        3       Speak Easy
        4       Once Lost
        5       Excess Pig
        6       Them
        7       Shackled Down
        8       Just Act Blind
        9       Kill the Peace
        10      Three or Nothing
DS      004     INFEST                  SLAVE                           12"       .1991

        A1      Break The Chain
        A2      Pickled
        A3      Sick-O
        A4      Plastic
        A5      Mindless
        A6      Which Side?
        A7      V.Y.O.
        A8      Where's The Unity
        A9      Screwed
        B1      Machismo
        B2      The Game
        B3      Sick Of Talk
        B4      Iran Scam
        B5      Life's Halt
        B6      Slave
        B7      Head First
        B8      Sick And Tired
        B9      Fetch The Pliers
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
DS      005     V / A                   Reality                         7"        .1996

        A1      Excruciating Terror     In Control
        A2      Lack of Interest        Impeached
        A3      Despise You             Copied Demise
        A4      SPAZZ                   Gnome Servant
        B1      Crom                    Hungry?
        B2      Man Is the Bastard      Tomb Ride
DS      006     DEFACE                  HUMAN SEE, HUMAN DO             7"        .1996

        A1      Human See...
        A2      Click
        B1      A Mile Away
        B2      Behind Closed Doors
DS      007     LACK OF INTEREST/STAPLED SHUT : Split                   7"        .1997

        A1      Stapled Shut            Lockdown
        A2      Stapled Shut            Just Another Day
        A3      Stapled Shut            Smoke
        A4      Stapled Shut            Puro Desmadre
        A5      Stapled Shut            Fuck All This Dirt
        A6      Stapled Shut            Cracked Up
        B1      Lack of Interest        My Life
        B2      Lack of Interest        Bitter World
        B3      Lack of Interest        I Don't Care
        B4      Lack of Interest        What's Up
        B5      Lack of Interest        Nothing
DS      008     MAN IS THE BASTARD/AUNT MARY : Split                    7"        .1992

        A1      Man Is the Bastard      Existence Decay
        A2      Man Is the Bastard      Secret Surgery
        A3      Man Is the Bastard      Attempt to Damage
        A4      Man Is the Bastard      Smile Trick
        A5      Man Is the Bastard      T.D.T. (Telegram Death Threat)
        A6      Man Is the Bastard      Once Upon A....
        A7      Man Is the Bastard      Shoes of Cement
        A8      Man Is the Bastard      (Tony Williams) Strifetime
        A9      Man Is the Bastard      H.S.M.P. (Hispanic Small Man Power)
        B       Aunt Mary               Gnu
DS      009     INFEST                  Slave                           12"       .1997

        A1      Break The Chain
        A2      Pickled
        A3      Sick-O
        A4      Plastic
        A5      Mindless
        A6      Which Side?
        A7      V.Y.O.
        A8      Where's The Unity
        A9      Screwed
        B1      Machismo
        B2      The Game
        B3      Sick Of Talk
        B4      Iran Scam
        B5      Life's Halt
        B6      Slave
        B7      Head First
        B8      Sick And Tired
        B9      Fetch The Pliers
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
DS      010     SPAZZ/LACK OF INTEREST " Double Whammy                  7"        .1997

        A1      SPAZZ                   Satan's Scrilla
        A2      SPAZZ                   SoCal Battle Royale
        A3      SPAZZ                   Gilman 90210
        A4      SPAZZ                   Short Songs (Dead Kennedys)
        A5      SPAZZ                   Doomriden
        A6      SPAZZ : Hey Bob, What's Up? (Pillsbury Hardcore)
        B1      Lack of Interest        Mislead And Deranged
        B2      Lack of Interest        Rotgut
        B3      Lack of Interest        Family Massacre
        B4      Lack of Interest        Plastic Armor
        B5      Lack of Interest        Writing On The Wall
        B6      Lack of Interest        No More/Don't Tell Me
DS      011     V / A                   REALITY Part # 2                12".CD    .1997

        1       Asshole Parade          Soldiers
        2       Excruciating Terror     Without Mercy
        3       Dystopia                Backstabber
        4       Infest -                Cold Inside
        5       Despise You : Memories of Tomorrow (Suicidal Tendencies)
        6       Lack of Interest        No Sweat
        7       Gasp                    Planet of the Apes
        8       Suppression : Gangland Bodystack'em (CIA / Mafia Murder
                Conspiracy) / Human Fear
        9       Noothgrush              Encasing
        10      No Comply               The Empire Kids
        11      SPAZZ                   Animal Liberation Now!
        12      Purgatoria              Infamous Deception
        13      Man Is the Bastard      Untitled
        14      Capitalist Casualties   Sentenced
        15      Stapled Shut : We're Nothing and You're Even Less
        16      Enemy Soil              Common Ground
        17      Evolved to Obliteration : Fucked up Asshole
        18      Bad Acid Trip           Plate of Shrimp
        19      C:###                   Skidmark
DS      012     VISUAL DISCRIMINATION : Serial Killers                  7"        .1997

        A1      Blank
        A2      Blindsided
        A3      Desolation
        B1      Supercharger - 666
        B2      Suffer
DS      013     ASSHOLE PARADE          Lhighve                         8"        .1998

        A1      Mopheadboy
        A2      Yayeesha
        A3      Sample
        A4      Prelude to Ignorance
        A5      xFaceoffx
        B1      Soldiers
        B2      Bury You
        B3      Typical
        B4      Thief
        B5      Just a Reminder
        B6      The Game
DS      014     MAN IS THE BASTARD : "DISCOGRAPHY" FROM CAPITALIST      12"       .1998

        A1      Idget Child
        A2      Kai Lai
        A3      Son Of Thug
        A4      Infibulation
        A5      Man Is The Bastard
        A6      She Boar
        B1      Foot Binding
        B2      Feed The Octopus
        B3      Eunuch Pt. 2
        B4      Gourmet Pez
        B5      Blinds
                (Note : 12" , A-side 33.3 RPOM/B-side 45 RPM)
DS      015     PETER MANGALORE         Decay Of The Iron Man           5"        .1998

        A1      Disqualified As A Human Being
        A2      Eternal Life In Return For Obedience
        A3      Supplicant
        A4      Moonlight Over Ghetto Prague
        B1      No One Is To Blame For My Death
        B2      Tetralogy
        B3      Isolation Tank Daydreams
                (Note : 5" , 33.3 RPM)
DEEPSIX 016     NOOTHGRUSH/WELLINGTON : Split                           7"        .1999

        A       Noothgrush : People Defeated Will Never Be United 5:25
        B       Wellington              [untitled]                5:34
DS      017     V / A                   REALITY PART #3                 LP        .1999
DS      017     V / A                   REALITY PART #3                 CD        .1999

        A1      Los Crudos              Sin Titulo              0:53
        A2      The Locust              Dog Without a Collar    0:30
        A3      Su19b                   Bullshit Propaganda     1:28
        A4      Infest                  Dead at Birth           0:31
        A5      Ruido                   You're Not Human        1:23
        A6      Jenny Piccolo:Heavy Metal Weekend/Suicide Cliche 0:55
        A7      Halo Epidemic           Bench Warmer            4:34
        A8      MK Ultra                52 Fluid Ounces         0:54
        A9      Black Army Jacket       222 Part II 1998        0:33
        A10     Visual Discrimination   Solutions               0:28
        B1      Charles Bronson         Rich Crusties Shall Pay 1:09
        B2      Peter Mangalore -       Gerwalk                 0:19
        B3      Dropdead                Us and Them             1:05
        B4      Corrupted               Reference               5:50
        B5      Phobia : Stink Head / State and Enemy           2:57
        B6      Benümb                  Liberation              0:33
        B7      Hellnation              Fight With No Fear      1:07
        B8      Bred on Deception       Slave to Convenience    1:50
DS      018     REALITY                 Part # 3                       12".CD     .1999

A.      1       Los Crudos              Sin Titulo              0:53
        2       The Locust              Dog Without a Collar    0:30
        3       Su19b                   Bullshit Propaganda     1:28
        4       Infest                  Dead at Birth           0:31
        5       Ruido                   You're Not Human        1:23
        6       Jenny Piccolo:Heavy Metal Weekend/Suicide Cliche 0:55
        7       Halo Epidemic           Bench Warmer            4:34
        8       MK Ultra                52 Fluid Ounces         0:54
        9       Black Army Jacket       222 Part II 1998        0:33
        10      Visual Discrimination   Solutions               0:28
B.      11      Charles Bronson         Rich Crusties Shall Pay 1:09
        12      Peter Mangalore         Gerwalk                 0:19
        13      Dropdead                Us and Them             1:05
        14      Corrupted               Reference               5:50
        15      Phobia : Stink Head / State and Enemy           2:57
        16      Benümb                  Liberation              0:33
        17      Hellnation              Fight With No Fear      1:07
        18      Bred on Deception       Slave to Convenience    1:50
DS      019     GASP/SUFFERING LUNA     Split                           LP        .1999

        A1      Gasp                    [untitled]
        A2      Gasp                    Concieved on the 3rd or 4th Satalite
        A3      Gasp                    Uranus Is Heaven
        A4      Gasp                    Eyes the Tentacle and Arachnid Knew
        A5      Gasp                    Saliva
        A6      Gasp                    Silk Orbita
        A7      Gasp                    Bilbo
        A8      Gasp                    [untitled]
        A9      Gasp                    [untitled]
        A10     Gasp                    [untitled]
        A11     Gasp                    [untitled]
        A12     Gasp                    [untitled]
        A13     Gasp                    [untitled]
        A14     Gasp                    [untitled]
        A15     Gasp                    [untitled]
        A16     Gasp                    [untitled]
        B1      Suffering Luna : Smoking on the Devil's Piss (Studio)
        B2      Suffering Luna          El Pueblo Rev.213
        B3      Suffering Luna          In Your State of Mind
        B4      Suffering Luna          Garden of Reality 2000
                (Note : LP , gray marble vinyl)
DS      020     INFEST                  KXLU Live                       12"       .2001

        A1      Shackled Down
        A2      Mankind
        A3      Judge Me
        A4      Blinded
        A5      Nothing's Changed
        A6      Once Lost
        A7      Speak Easy
        A8      Kill the Peace
        A9      Excess Pig
        A10     Why Don't You
        A11     Sick and Tired
        A12     Just Act Blind
        B1      Send It All Before
        B2      Slave
        B3      Pickled
        B4      Sick-o
        B5      Break the Chain
        B6      My World, My Way
DS      021     INFEST                  Discography                     CD
DS      022     RUIDO                   Ruido                           7"        .2001

        A1      Vete
        A2      Depresion
        A3      Perdido
        A4      Respeto
        A5      Cuanto
        B1      Olvidado
        B2      Inocentes
        B3      Hipocrita
        B4      Chingate
        B5      Habre Part 2
        B6      Chingate Part 2
        B7      Pendejo
        B8      Unidad
DS      023     NO COMMENT              Discography 87-93               box       .1999

                s/t 7"
        A1      Skin Rape                                       0:18
        A2      Scum Human                                      0:46
        A3      World Of Difference                             1:10
        A4      Modern Moses                                    2:22
        A5      Guinea Piglet Alone                             0:43
        A6      Community Slugs                                 0:45
        A7      Jugular Scars                                   2:28
                Live At The Country Club 4/89
        A8      For Tomorrows Sake                              1:06
        A9      In The Name Of Stupidity                        1:07
        A10     Modern Moses                                    1:45
                Common Senseless 7"
        A11     For Tomorrows Sake                              1:20
        A12     Saying Uncle (Won't Help At All)                1:02
        A13     A Mothers Crime                                 0:28
        A14     Community Slugs                                 0:41
        A15     In The Name Of Stupidity                        1:12
        B1      Farmer Hitler John                              1:56
        B2      World Of Difference                             0:59
        B3      Open Face Down                                  1:06
                Live At Spanky's 6/90
        B4      A Mothers Crime                                 0:27
        B5      Community Slugs                                 0:40
        B6      Guinea Piglet Alone                             0:40
        B7      World Of Difference                             1:01
        B8      Skin Rape                                       0:29
        B9      Open Face Down                                  1:00
        B10     Jugular Scars                                   2:23
                Unreleased Track
        B11     Life                                            0:15
                Downsided 7"
        B12     Dead Stare For Life                             0:21
        B13     Past Tense                                      0:27
        B14     Sarcastics                                      0:12
        B15     Distant                                         0:25
        B16     Hurt                                            0:18
        B17     Hacked To Chunks                                0:46
        B18     Lament                                          0:38
        B19     Soiled By Hate                                  0:28
        B20     Downsided                                       0:49
        B21     Push Down And Turn                              0:23
        B22     Curtains                                        2:13
DS      024     MAN IS THE BASTARD      Mancruel                        CD        .2000

        1       Bastard Noise           Atomic Clock            3:24
        2       Man Is The Bastard      Gourmet Pez             2:38
        3       Man Is The Bastard      Eunuch (Reprise)        0:52
        4       Man Is The Bastard      Me And Hitler           3:32
        5       Man Is The Bastard      Feed The Octopus        4:37
        6       Man Is The Bastard      Blinds                  1:43
        7       Man Is The Bastard      Foot Binding            1:47
        8       Bastard Noise           Center Piece            2:22
        9       Man Is The Bastard      Idget Child             0:29
        10      Man Is The Bastard      Kai Lai                 4:20
        11      Man Is The Bastard      Son Of Thug             1:50
        12      Man Is The Bastard      Infibulation            8:19
        13      Man Is The Bastard      Man Is The Bastard      4:45
        14      Man Is The Bastard      She Boar                0:07
        15      Bastard Noise           Dahmer's Funeral        5:00
DS      025     INFEST                  No Man's Slave                  LP        .2002

        A1      Cold Inside                                     0:38
        A2      Feeling Mean                                    0:25
        A3      Sick Machine                                    0:28
        A4      Upright Mass                                    0:19
        A5      Terminal Nation                                 1:28
        A6      In His Name                                     0:40
        A7      Behind This Tongue                              0:29
        A8      What's Your Claim?                              0:31
        A9      True Violence                                   0:19
        A10     Sickman                                         0:47
        A11     Punchline                                       0:35
        A12     Contact                                         1:05
        B1      Effort Falls Down                               0:41
        B2      You're a Star                                   0:29
        B3      Freeze Dried                                    0:24
        B4      Rabid Pigs                                      0:19
        B5      Lying to Myself                                 0:45
        B6      Nazi Killer                                     0:17
        B7      My World, My Way                                5:24
DS      026     WELLINGTON              DYAA                            CD        .2000

        1       Dying Breed
        2       Please
        3       Intolerable
        4       T.R.O.L.
        5       Feeling Sorry for One's Self
        6       Harness
        7       Shoes
        8       Friend, Son
        9       Isolated in Despair
        10      Quiet Acceptance
        11      Short Song
        12      Eclipse
        13      Preposterous Idiocy
        14      Please
        15      Should've Known
        16      Fluent
DS      027     HAWGJAW                 Believe Nothing                 12"       .2000

        A1      Intro
        A2      Shell Of Man
        A3      Strike Like a Snake
        A4      Boiling Point
        A5      In Sheep's Clothing
        B1      Blindfold
        B2      Forfit
        B3      365th Sickness
        B4      Smothering
        B5      No Mas
DS      028     I FOUND GOD             Junkie Sex Monkey               7"        .2000

        A       Symptom Of The Universe
        B       Satellite
DS      029     HAWGJAW/MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES : Split                   7"        .2000

        A1      Manchurian Candidates   On the Inside
        A2      Manchurian Candidates   Darkest Day
        A3      Manchurian Candidates   Two Handed
        A4      Manchurian Candidates   Mutiny in Elitistville
        B1      Hawg Jaw                Headsplint
        B2      Hawg Jaw                No Explanation Needed
DEEPSIX #030    HIRAX                   I See Blood Red                 7"      03.2001

        A1      I See Blood Red                                 0:58
        A2      Slit Your Wrist (Anti-Suicide Song)             2:51
        B       El Diablo Negro                                 3:48
DS      030     HIRAX                   El Diablo Negro                 CD        .2001

        I       See Blood Red                                   0:58
        2       Slit Your Wrist (Anti-Suicide Song)             2:51
        3       El Diablo Negro                                 3:48
DS      031     TOSHIRO MIFUNE                                          7"
DEEPSIX 32      PHANTASM                Wreckage                        12".CD    .2001

                1987 Demo
        1       Pray for Power
        2       Blown to Oblivion
        3       Glue
        4       The Blind Leading the Blind
        5       Dachau
        6       Depression
                Live 1987 in Phoenix, AZ
        7       Pray for Power
        8       Blown to Oblivion
        9       Future Victims
        10      Depression
        11      Bacteriaside
        12      Glue
        13      The Blind Leading the Blind
        14      Dachau
        15      Lucide
DS      033     HAYMAKER/OXBAKER        Split                           7"        .2001

        A1      Oxbaker : The Wheels of Justice Are Clogged With Shit...
        A2      Oxbaker                 Problem Solved as Many Start
        A3      Oxbaker                 Blanket of Scrutiny
        B1      Haymaker                From the Cradle to the Pavement
        B2      Haymaker                Commodity 182
        B3      Haymaker                Dream No More
        B4      Haymaker                Can't Believe
        B5      Haymaker                Misery for a Living
        B6      Haymaker                It Only Gets Worse
DS      034     PHANTASM                WRECKAGE                        LP        .2001
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
DS      034     PHANTASM                WRECKAGE                        CD        .2001

                6 Song Demo 1987
        A1      Pray For Power
        A2      Blown To Oblivion
        A3      Glue
        A4      The Blind Leading The Blind
        A5      Dachau
        A6      Depression
                Live Phoenix, AZ 1987 - Oddfellows Hall
        B1      Pray For Power
        B2      Blown To Oblivion
        B3      Future Victims
        B4      Depression
        B5      Bacteriaside
        B6      Glue
        B7      The Blind Leading The Blind
        B8      Dachau
        B9      Lucide
DS      035     V / A                   Reality # 4                     12".CD    .2002

        A1      324                     Garden
        A2      Haymaker                Stressed Out
        A3      Hawgjaw                 Embrace The Absence
        A4      Low Threat Profile      Untitled
        A5      Inspite                 Back Fat Removed With Pickax
        A6      Manchurian Candidates   In Good Faith
        A7      Progeria : Either Way / Neglected / Empty Words
        A8      Toshiro Mifune : Throw Me The Idol, I'll Throw You The Whip.
        A9      Overpowering : El Feo / Enemigo De Mis Suenos
        A10     Overpowering : El Que Acecha Desde La Esquina
        A11     Ruido : Soledad Cortada / Snuffed Soul
        A12     Unruh : Fear And Loathing Among The Working Class
        A13     I Found God             Running Out Of Time
        A14     Lack Of Interest        Untitled
        B1      Su19b                   Shortage Of Oxygen
        B2      Damad                   Mindmatic
        B3      Sepsism                 Festering Within
        B4      Stress                  The System
        B5      Self Inflicted          Beware Of The Water
        B6      Pretty Little Flower    Victorious Insurgence
        B7      Dudman                  Fight Or Flight
        B8      Lana Dagales            Metamorphosis / Conjuncture
        B9      Lana Dagales : Extending Capitalist Ladder/The Great Division
        B10     Bred On Deception : The Gingrich Who Stole Congress
        B11     H.Pylori                Cycle / In Deep
        B12     Haloepidemic            40 Hour Decent
DS      036     HIRAX                   Barrage Of NOise                10".CD    .2001

        1       Murder One                                      2:49
        2       Barrage of Noise                                0:58
        3       Walk With Death                                 4:44
        4       Broken Neck                                     1:55
        5       Jade                                            2:14
        6       Mouth Sewn Shut                                 3:05
        7       Beyond the Church (Part 1)                      4:01
        8       French Pearl                                    2:39
DS      037     WALKEN                  r.02                            7".CDEP   .2001

        1       Merely A Postscript
        2       The New Manerism
        3       We've Lost Our Little Chance At Heaven
        4       But If I Have To I'll Die Last
        5       You And My Aversion To Fire
        6       Untitled
DS      038     STRUCTURE OF LIES/IRANACH : Split                       CD        .2001

        1       Iranach : ... Like the Eyes of the Maharishi                    3:20
        2       Iranach : Every Word Spoken Is Another Nail in This Coffin      2:00
        3       Iranach : Untitled (a.k.a. "Yay for Things That Fall Apart")    3:18
        4       Structure of Lies       Scorched Movement                       3:47
        5       Structure of Lies       Hearsay                                 2:52
        6       Structure of Lies       Resurrection Encore                     5:45
DS      039     PHOBIA                  Serenity Through Pain           LP        .2002

        A1      God Is Grace (Intro)
        A2      Death Threat
        A3      You Suffer
        A4      Bush
        A5      Hurray For Jesus
        A6      Poison My Mind
        A7      D.F.F.D.
        A8      Pathetic Minds
        A9      Slave To Religion
        A10     Seig Help
        A11     Wounds Through Punishment
        A12     Mercy Killing
        A13     Closure
        B1      Welcome To Violence
        B2      White Devil
        B3      You
        B4      Social Sheep
        B5      Rid Self Condemnation
        B6      Ways Of Destruction
        B7      Fueled By Pride
        B8      Mental Incarceration
        B9      Private War
        B10     Sovereign
DS      040     NEGATIVE STEP           Conquering Punk                 10"       .2001

        A1      My Hope
        A2      Dead In Two Capitols
        A3      What You Pay For
        A4      Get Things Straight
        A5      Negative Race
        A6      Out In Front
        B1      Same Old Fight
        B2      Fun
        B3      Life And Death
        B4      Crossover
        B5      Return Of The Man
        B6      Core Memory
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
DS      041     OTOPHOBIA               MALIGNANT                       LP        .2002
                (Note : LP , 750 copies)
DS      041     OTOPHOBIA               MALIGNANT                       CD        .2002

A.      1       Drink and Go Home                               1:06
        2       Welcome Home                                    0:52
        3       The Day the Sky Fell                            0:34
        4       Some Things Never Change                        0:54
        5       Hungry Hungry Hippocrites                       1:06
        6       Asswinecheese                                   1:46
        7       A x B x C = Fukkyou                             1:46
        8       Hardcore Kids Have the Coolest Tattoos          1:20
        9       Year of the Buffoon                             1:11
        10      Thulsa Doom                                     1:21
        11      Destroy Vaus                                    1:04
B.      12      Lunar Positions and the New Age Escapists       1:51
        13      Curse Humanity                                  0:09
        14      Toolbox                                         0:04
        15      Play It Again Sam                               1:22
        16      The Huddled Masses Can Suck Our Asses           1:38
        17      Twenty Years                                    2:14
        18      Sway Alone                                      1:36
        19      God Bless This Mess                             4:05
        20      Arms Race 2000                                  3:42
        21      Magellen                                        0:04
DS      042     NITROMINDS              Fire And Gasoline               CD        .2002

        1       Fire And Gasoline
        2       Inside Your Mind
        3       We Will Grow
        4       Far Away
        5       Hypocrite World
        6       Bijstand & Old Vienna
        7       Fuck What They Say
        8       Something I Learned Today
        9       The Cycle
        10      Figure Out
DS      043     SHANK : CODED MESSAGES IN SLOWED DOWN SONGS             12".CD    .2002

A.      1       Glasgow And Fuck Yourself
        2       Roadkill On The Information Superhighway
        3       Occam's Razor
        4       Equation Of An Idiot
        5       My Love Letter To The World
        6       Future Wifebeater
        7       Kill Whitey
        8       Heavy Metal Bullshit
        9       Pro-Militia
        10      Genocide
        11      Power Without Responsibility
B.      12      Based On Two Sharing
        13      Let's Do It Dogma Style
        14      Theonomist
        15      Buy Two Lies, Get One Free
        16      Jesus Christ Save The Animals
        17      Caged
        18      Dealing With Abstracts
        19      Isthmus Of Darien
        20      The Stupidity That You Embody
        21      Disclaimer
DS      044     THE ENCLITIC                                            7"        .2002

        1       And I Can't Wait Until the Art Space Re-Opens   0:15
        2       Living Vicariously Through AIM                  0:46
        3       Half of What You See, None of What You Hear     1:06
        4       This Is an Index                                0:51
        5       Think of It as a Staring Contest                1:21
DS      045     STRUCTURE OF LIES       Abacus                          CD
DS      046     PIGNATION               DEVASTATING LIFE SCHEME         7"        .2002
DS      046     PIGNATION               DEVASTATING LIFE SCHEME         CDEP      .2002

        A1      Bloodstained Minds
        A2      I Hate You All
        A3      Drugged Out
        A4      Slain It Up
        B1      Enemies Of Tomorrow
        B2      Satan Saves
        B3      Problem Is Evident
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
DS      047     BURN YOUR BRIDGES       BURN YOUR BRIDGES               LP.CD     .2002

A.      1       Always Been A Good Boy
        2       Revolution Now! Destroy The Scene!
        3       Shut Up And Play
        4       Self-Deprecation Martyr
        5       Pitiful
        6       Predator As Prey
        7       Masterpiece In My Head
        8       Time To Fight
        9       Washed-Up Has-Been
        10      Pride In A Job Well Done
        11      Hang The Militants
B.      12      Becoming What You Hate
        13      You Can Have It
        14      I Love To Be Ignorant
        15      The Fashion Of Anti-Fashion
        16      Blame This Song
        17      Everyone Needs A Punching Bag
        18      Uniform
        19      Anti-Cop
        20      No More
        21      She's A Powderkeg
        22      Days Of Altruism
        23      My Cardboard Estate
DS      048     STRUCTURE OF LIES/MISERY INDEX : Split                  12".CD    .2003

12"     A1      Structure Of Lies       Hell Carried On         4:27
        A2      Structure Of Lies       Listen Carefully        3:16
        A3      Structure Of Lies       Procession Of Fools     0:16
        A4      Structure Of Lies       The Wake (Live)         5:03
        B1      Misery Index : The Living Shall Envy The Dead   0:46
        B2      Misery Index            Demand The Impossible   4:28
        B3      Misery Index            Panopticon              2:19

CD      1       Structure of Lies       Hell Carried On
        2       Structure of Lies       Procession of Fools
        3       Structure of Lies       Listen Carefully
        4       Structure of Lies       The Wake (Live)
        5       Misery Index            The Living Shall Even the Dead
        6       Misery Index            Demand the Impossible
        7       Misery Index            Panopticon
DS      049     PHOBIA                  Grind Your Fucking Head In      12".CD    .2004

A.      1       Selfish Minds                                   1:25
        2       Struggle With The Corruptible                   0:57
        3       Blind Arrogance                                 0:49
        4       Vicious Social Order                            0:34
        5       Fuck What You Think                             0:26
        6       Filth And Vehemence                             0:48
        7       Sick Life                                       0:41
        8       Contest To Amend                                0:50
        9       Exterminate To Emancipate                       1:00
        10      Shit Housed                                     0:21
B.      11      Ailing Addiction                                1:21
        12      Visual Patriot                                  0:49
        13      Restraint And Riot                              1:55
        14      Kill Off                                        0:33
        15      Bulldozer                                       0:42
        16      Humanities Struggle                             1:12
        17.1    Evil Minds                                      1:03
        17.2    No Audio                                        3:00
        17.3    Untitled                                        1:25
DS      050
DS      051     INFEST                  Mankind                         10"       .2006

        A1      Mankind
        A2      Judge Me
        A3      Speak Easy
        A4      Once Lost
        A5      Excess Pig
        A6      Them
        A7      Nothing's Changed
        B1      Shackled Down
        B2      Just Act Blind
        B3      Kill The Peace
        B4      Three Or Nothing
        B5      This World Is Dead
        B6      Nothing Left Inside
        B7      Big Mouth
                (Note : 10"/33.3 rpn , DS 03 + bonuses)
DS      052     HAYMAKER/FUCKED UP                                      7"        .2002

        A1 Fucked Up                    Black Iron Prison       1:33
        A2 Fucked Up                    Dove of Wood            1:07
        A3 Fucked Up                    Red                     1:57
        A4 Fucked Up                    The Black Rats          0:50
        A5 Fucked Up                    Surrounded by Boys      0:50
        B1 Haymaker                     Here Lies the Future    1:33
        B2 Haymaker : In Home Surveillance / No One Asked Me    2:25
        B3 Haymaker                     I Don't Need It         0:17
        B4 Haymaker                     Find Yourself           1:20
DS      053     CRIPPLE BASTARDS : Desperately Insensitive              LP        .2003

        A1      Fear In The Squats Of The Dead                  2:23
        A2      When Immunities Fall                            1:30
        A3      Cardboard                                       1:02
        A4      Intravenous Love-Drip                           0:37
        A5      Odio A Prima Vista                              2:19
        A6      Bomb ABC No Rio                                 1:03
        A7      The Mushroom Diarrhoea                          0:47
        A8      Rak Ne Prestaje                                 0:43
        A9      Get Out And Bite Them                           0:42
        A10     Desperately Insensitive                         4:17
        B1      Me & Her In A Microcosm Of Torture              0:53
        B2      Jurisdictions                                   0:44
        B3      Time Of The Vultures                            1:27
        B4      Idiots Think Slower                             0:30
        B5      I Hate Her                                      0:49
        B6      Inside Out                                      1:21
        B7      Being Ripped Off In 2002                        1:34
        B8      Respect Or Death                                0:34
        B9      Partner Della Convenienza                       4:23
DS      054
DS      055     SIEGE                   Drop Dead                       LP      05.2006

        A1      Drop Dead                                       1:07
        A2      Conform                                         2:33
        A3      Life of Hate                                    0:28
        A4      Starvation                                      0:45
        A5      Armageddon                                      0:28
        A6      Walls                                           1:37
        A7      Sad But True                                    1:20
        A8      Cold War                                        1:18
        B       Grim Reaper                                     7:26
DS      056     CATTLE DECAPITATION     To Serve Man                    LP        .2002

        A1      Testicular Manslaughter
        A2      I Eat Your Skin
        A3      Writhe in Putressence
        A4      Land of the Severed Meatus
        A5      The Regurgitation of Corpses
        A6      Everyone Deserves to Die
        B1      To Serve Man
        B2      Colonic Villus Biopsy Performed on the Gastro-Intestinally
        B3      Pedeadstrians
        B4      Long-Pig Chef and the Hairless Goat
        B5      Hypogastric Combustion by C-4 Plastique
        B6      Deadmeal
        B7      Chunk Blower
DS      057     HIRAX                   New Age Of Terror               LP.CD     .2005
DS      058     PHOBIA                  Get Up And Kill                 12".CD    .2005

A.      1       Set to Rage                                     1:35
        2       Insults of Defeat                               0:34
        3       Extremity of the Will                           1:06
        4       Get Up and Kill                                 1:02
        5       Healing of the Wounds                           0:50
        6       Time Will Seize                                 0:43
        7       Revolutionary's Hell                            1:01
        8       The Stench                                      1:22
        9       His War, Not to an End                          1:06
        10      Violence and Greed                              0:48
        11      Mental Insurrection                             1:24
B       12      Your Own Way (live)                             0:55
        13      Vicious Social Order (live)                     1:01
        14      Beer Brake (live)                               0:13
        15      Reconstruct (live)                              1:59
        16      Bush (live)                                     1:00
        17      Ailing Addiction (live)                         1:27
DS      059     CATTLE DECAPITATION     Humanure                        2LP     11.2004

LP 1    A1      Scatology Domine (Intro)
        A2      Humanure
        A3      Reduced to Paste
        A4      Bukkake Tsunami
        A5      Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik
        A6      Chummified
        B1      Applied Human Defragmentation
        B2      The Earthling
        B3      Polyps
        B4      Lips & Assholes

LP 2    C       Men Before Swine (Outro)
        D       [etched side]
DEEPSIX 060     APATHETIC YOUTH/FINAL DRAFT : SPLIT                     LP        .2005

        A1 Final Draft                  Sacrificing The Nerds
        A2 Final Draft                  Pedal To The Metal
        A3 Final Draft                  Hi-tech Death
        A4 Final Draft                  Nobody Likes You
        A5 Final Draft                  Eye Of The Beholder
        A6 Final Draft                  Out Seeking Trouble
        B1 Apathetic Youth              Addictive Paper
        B2 Apathetic Youth              Shoot You If I Had A Gun
        B3 Apathetic Youth              Anti-chrost
        B4 Apathetic Youth              Kool Kids
        B5 Apathetic Youth              A.S.K.
        B6 Apathetic Youth              Monstro Cero RIP
        B7 Apathetic Youth              Punx Dead
        B8 Apathetic Youth              Your Mom Should Have Swallowed You
        B9 Apathetic Youth              Living With Ill intentions
DS      061     REPROACH                Is What It Is                   7"      05.2005

        A1      Over The Kill
        A2      Shove My Fucking Face In It
        A3      Skate And Destroy
        A4      Acid Rain
        A5      Overpelt Up In Flames
        B1      Boiling Inside
        B2      Dead By Dawn
        B3      Switch It Off
        B4      Is What It Is
                (Note : 7" , black or clear vinyl)
DS      062     PARASITIC : Infested Within' / Wasting Disease          7"      04.2005
DS      063     HIRAX                   The New Age Of Terror           CD      08.2005

        1       Killswitch                                      3:46
        2       Hostile Territory                               1:45
        3       The New Age of Terror                           4:54
        4       Swords of Steel                                 3:58
        5       Into the Ruins                                  0:46
        6       Massacre of the Innocent                        1:41
        7       Hell on Earth                                   4:23
        8       Suffer                                          3:38
        9       El dķa de los muertos                           2:13
        10      El Diablo Negro                                 4:14
        11      Unleash the Dogs of War (Open the Gates)        5:55
DS      064     LOW THREAT PROFILE      Product # 1                     7"        .2006

        A1      Kick My Heart
        A2      Time For Rebirth
        A3      Judgement Passed
        A4      Corporate Cash Lies
        A5      Lessons In Cruelty
        A6      Build Back Your Walls
        B1      Nobody Fears You
        B2      Southern Hospitality
        B3      Ripe
        B4      The Product
        B5      You Are Parasite
DS      065     VÖETSEK                 Kick It                         7"EP    08.2005

        A1      Kick It
        A2      Consumers Greed
        A3      Eyes Of Hate
        A4      White Aint Right
        B1      SxE Friends
        B2      Pedagogy Of The Opressed
        B3      Democracy?
        B4      Injustice Rock City
DEEPSIX 066     LACK OF INTEREST        Take Another Step               CD      05.2005

a.      1       Never Back Down                                 0:43
        2       Unintended                                      1:06
        3       Obstructed View                                 0:38
        4       Not Deserved                                    0:16
        5       Remember Us                                     0:37
        6       Two Parts...                                    1:01
        7       Nan Desuka                                      0:16
        8       Dedicated                                       0:34
        9       Conscience                                      0:25
        10      Mentor                                          0:48
b.      11      Deprived                                        0:38
        12      Forgotten Youth                                 0:47
        13      Another Step                                    0:44
        14      Empty Words                                     0:32
        15      Deceit                                          0:38
        16      Glutton                                         0:48
        17      No Values                                       0:54
        18      What's Right                                    0:29
        19      American Psycho                                 1:30
DS      67      LIFE CRISIS             CHURCHSTATE                     7"        .2006

        A1      Forced Out
        A2      Silent Acceptance
        A3      Shutdown
        B1      Churchstate
        B2      Sick Of Society
        B3      No Enemy
                (Note : 7" , black or grey vinyl)
DS      068     PHOBIA                  Means Of Existence              12"     05.2006
DEEPSIX 069     CROSS EXAMINATION       The Hung Jury                   7"      02.2006

        A1      Awesome Party Intro
        A2      Party Squad Unit
        A3      Omen Of Prophecy
        A4      Mortal Kombat
        B1      The Hung Jury
        B2      P.A.C.P.
        B3      The Foodening ($3.49 Mark Of The Feast)
DS      070     PHOBIA                  Cruel                           LP.CD     .2006
[DS 071 ??]

        1       Cruel                                           2:07
        2       Death to False Punks                            0:18
        3       So Full of Hate                                 1:14
        4       Scientific Fraud                                1:32
        5       Slaying Bastards                                1:23
        6       Get the Fuck out!                               1:00
        7       Drunken Spree of Violence                       0:35
        8       Your Turn Next                                  1:05
        9       Grind                                           0:09
        10      Let's Get Pissed                                1:19
        11      Loud, Proud... and Punk as Fuck!                1:21
        12      Cursed                                          1:30
        13      Ignorant American                               2:49
        14      Yankee Swine                                    0:10
        15      Fascist Smash Face                              1:20
        16      Wars with Us                                    1:04
        17      Never                                           1:01
        18      Kill to Love                                    1:53
        19      War of the Sexes                                1:03
        20      Enemy of the State                              1:24
        21      Numb                                            2:10
DS      071     HIRAX                   Trash Til Death                 DVD       .2006
DS      072     PHOBIA                  Means Of Existence              LP      06.2006

        A1      Rape Theft Murder
        A2      Taxes At Work
        A3      Stink Head
        A4      Morally Content
        A5      Blood Sport
        A6      Discommunicate
        A7      Piece Of Mind
        A8      Means Of Existence
        A9      Snail
        A10     Scars
        B1      Another Social Disease
        B2      State And Enemy
        B3      Systematically Imprisoned
        B4      Suffer For Arrogance
        B5      Infant Suffering
        B6      Cheap Life
        B7      Ruined
DS      073     OUTLAW ORDER            Legalize Crime                  7"      10.2003
DS      073     OUTLAW ORDER            Legalize Crime                  CDEP    10.2003

7"      A1      Byproduct Of A Wrecked Society                  2:31
        A2      Delinquent Reich                                3:05
        A3      Illegal In 50 States                            2:08
        B1      D.B.S.E (Double Barrel Solves Everything)       3:19
        B2      Worst Liar I Ever Met (Live)                    3:28

CD      1       Byproduct Of A Wrecked Society                  2:31
        2       Delinquent Reich                                3:05
        3       Illegal In 50 States                            2:08
        4       D.B.S.E (Double Barrel Solves Everything)       3:19
        5       Worst Liar I Ever Met (Live)                    3:28
DS      074     MAN IS THE BASTARD      D.I.Y.C.D.                      CD      11.2006

                Charred Remains
        1       Eunuch                                          0:25
        2       No Concern for the Inhuman                      1:01
        3       The Arena                                       3:33
        4       Refuse to Thrive                                0:13
                The Power of Hash (Split with Aunt Mary)
        5       Existence Decay                                 1:05
        6       Secret Surgery                                  0:08
        7       Attempt to Damage                               0:13
        8       Smile Trick                                     1:01
        9       Telegram Death Threat                           0:28
        10      Once Upon A...                                  0:20
        11      Shoes of Cement                                 0:36
        12      (Tony Williams) Strifetime                      1:01
        13      H.S.M.P.                                        0:52
                Backward Species
        14      Ether Rag                                       0:58
        15      Stocks                                          0:24
        16      Blood Gutter                                    1:14
        17      Heretic's Fork                                  1:23
        18      Koro Treatment                                  2:35
        19      Justice Is Swift (Jack)                         0:59
        20      Poacher                                         1:22
                Bastard Noise (Split With Unseen Noise Death
        21      Trapped Within Burning Machinery                1:21
        22      Pain of the Iron                                0:42
        23      Steak Eating Boss                               1:05
        24      Lobotomize a Cop                                2:09
        25      Fine Featherd Friend                            1:56
        26      Scavengers World                                3:56
                Abundance of Guns
        27      Regressions to Birth                            2:25
        28      Mocha Rebirth                                   0:10
        29      Semen in the Eyesocket of Thomas Lenz           0:17
        30      Slave to the Bean                               0:10
        31      The Iron Room                                   0:34
        32      Incoming                                        0:35
        33      Volatile Cocktail                               1:12
        34      Tumult Being                                    2:36
        35      Abundance of Guns                               0:27
        36      Suttee                                          1:47
                Sanctity of Oil (Split With Bizarre Uproar)
        37      Grasp the Bug                                   2:40
        38      Human Condition                                 3:55
        39      Mary Jane (The Ultimate Girl)                   0:30
        40      Oil Bomb                                        0:32
                Split With Crossed Out
        41      S.O.I.G.                                        1:59
        42      Work To Death                                   0:15
        43      Instantly Bent                                  0:59
        44      Screwdriver in the Urethra of Thomas Lenz       0:22
        45      Snake Apartment                                 0:22
        46      Walkers of the Streets                          3:42
                Fuck Television-Read a Book (Split With Pink Flamingos)
        47      Doll                                            1:20
        48      Media Prophet                                   2:23
        49      Slay or Slander                                 1:19
        50      Squaw                                           2:44
                Anger and English Compilation
        51      Flying Limbs                                    1:12
        52      Tomb Ride                                       5:22
        53      Mr. Wilson                                      0:29
        54      Lime Doom                                       0:15
DS      075     MAN IS THE BASTARD      SUM OF THE MED                  CD      06.2008
                : "THE BRUTALITY CONTINUES"

        1       Freak Machine
        2       Prune Belly
        3       Skull Crusher
        4       Starvation Cage
        5       Death's Dirge
        6       Tank Killer
        7       Thug
        8       Bloated Subhumans
        9       Idget Child
        10      Kai Lai
        11      Son of Thug
        12      Infibulation
        13      Man Is the Bastard
        14      She Boar
        15      Man
        16      Foreign Children (Iraqi Slaughter)
        17      Pigeon Holed
        18      Users
        19      Remember Thy Creator
        20      Priapism
        21      Beast God Rape
        22      Pig Kingdom Come
        23      Sensory Perception Overload
        24      Unilateral Cob
        25      Alone With Labor
        26      Hempire (The Ruler's Deception)
        27      The Roller
        28      Protein
        29      I Can Sense Your Cheese
        30      Think Tank Killer
        31      New Toilets for Tomorrow
        32      Think Tank Killer
DEEPSIX #76     EXTORTION               Degenerate                      LP.CD   11.2007

A.      1       Arson                                           0:54
        2       Lose Control                                    0:41
        3       The Beginning of the End                        0:56
        4       Get Fucked                                      1:03
        5       Degenerate                                      1:22
        6       Life Under Lies                                 3:23
        7       The Rising Tide                                 0:35
        8       No Such Luck                                    0:24
        9       Overwhelmed                                     0:54
        10      Curb Crawl                                      1:12
B.      11      I Got Mine                                      1:48
        12      Deluded                                         1:02
        13      4 Outta 5                                       0:49
        14      Windows                                         1:15
        15      Manhunt                                         0:39
        16      Maniac                                          1:01
        17      Ramirez                                         2:51
        18      Messed Up                                       1:39
        19      You're Next                                     2:26
        20      Forced Down Your Throat                         0:40
        21      Pathetic                                        0:41
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
DS      077     AGAINST EMPIRE/ISKRA    BRING THE WAR HOME              LP        .2007

        A1      Against Empire          Intro
        A2      Against Empire          Choose To Fight
        A3      Against Empire          Nazgul Cometh
        A4      Against Empire          Imperial Domination
        A5      Against Empire : The Sword, The Whip And The Gun
        B1      Iskra                   Irons
        B2      Iskra                   Oka
        B3      Iskra                   Sweating Walls
        B4      Iskra : My Country 'Tis Of Thy People You're Dying
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)
DS      077.5   V / A                   Trash Metal Warriors            CD      05.2007
DS      078     COLD WAR/VOETSEK        Split                           7"      08.2007

        A1      Vöetsek                 Bully With A Badge
        A2      Vöetsek                 Someone I Used To Know
        A3      Vöetsek                 Spent Shells Tell No Tales
        B1      Cold War                Changes
        B2      Cold War                No Regrets
        B3      Cold War                Lost Control
        B4      Cold War                Legions Of The Lost
        B5      Cold War                Cold War
                (Note : 7" , pink or brown vinyl)
DS      079     V / A                   TRASH METAL WARRIORS            CD        .2008
DS      #81     EXTORTION               SICK                            12"     06.2008

        A1      H5N1
        A2      Infection
        A3      Wake Up Fucked
        A4      Phone In Sick
        A5      Overrun
        A6      Fever
        A7      Defensive
        A8      Vomit
        B1      Medication
        B2      Delusional
        B3      Bedridden
        B4      Losing Battle
        B5      Body Failure
        B6      Last Breath
        B7      Rot
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , purple-marble vinyl)
DS      081     THE SPOILS              TO THE VICTOR...                LP        .2009

        A1      Friendly Fire Funeral
        A2      Work Yourself to Death
        A3      Baby Killer
        A4      United Snakes
        B1      Pigs Suck
        B2      Young Man, Old Man
        B3      Jarhead
DEEPSIX 082     EXTORTION               Control                         7"      08.2007

        A1      No Motive
        A2      Useless
        A3      Uniform
        A4      Curl Up and Die
        A5      Bound and Gagged
        B1      Mountain of Shit
        B2      Failure
        B3      Downward
        B4      Germs
        B5      Demolition.
                (Note : 7" , clear/yellow vinyl)
DS      083     COLD WAR                Bloody Nights                   7"      11.2007
                (Note : 7" , orange vinyl)
DS      084
DS      085     CROSS EXAMINATION/SPRING BREAK : Split                  10".CD  07.2007

        1       Cross Examination       Kegwreckers
        2       Cross Examination       Destruction Prescription
        3       Cross Examination       Blackout
        4       Cross Examination       Subterranean Thrash Assault
        5       Cross Examination       The Bluntacolypse
        6       Spring Break!           Surf Rash Vs. Surf Gash
        7       Spring Break!           We Love To Fun
        8       Spring Break!           Return To Anchor Bay
        9       Spring Break!           Graveyard At The Graveyard
        10      Spring Break! : Kidnapped And Forced To Listen To Metal
DS      086     MAN IS THE BASTARD      SUM OF THE MEN                  CD        .2008
DS      087     ASESINO                 TRISTO SATANICA                 2LP     06.2008

LP 1    A1      Advertencia
        A2      Regresando Odio
        A3      Maldito
        A4      Rituales Salvajes
        A5      Yo No Fui
        B1      Padre Pedofilio
        B2      Enterro Vivo
        B3      ?Puta Con Pito?
        B4      Adelitas

LP 2    C1      Twiquiado
        C2      Perro Primero
        C3      Sadistico
        C4      Batalla Final
        D1      Cristo Satanico
        D2      Y Tu Mamį También
                (Note : double LP , red vinyl)
DS      088
DS      089     HIRAX                   Assassin Of War                 LP.CDEP 01.2006

        1       Lucifer's Inferno
        2       Summon The Death Dealers
        3       City Of The Dead
        4       Invasion
        5       Assassins Of War
DS      089.5   HIRAX                   TRASH AND DESTROY               DVD+CD  03.2009

        A1      El dia de los muertos (Intro)
        A2      100,000 Strong
        A3      Lucifer's Infierno
        A4      Blind Faith
        A5      The New Age of Terror
        A6      Chaos and Brutality
        B1      Hate, Fear and Power
        B2      Hostile Territory
        B3      Destroy
        B4      Broken Neck
        B5      Bombs of Death
        C1      El diablo negro
        C2      Barrage of Noise
        C3      Walk With Death
        C4      The Plague
        C5      Mouth Sewn Shut
        D1      Assassins of War (Encore)
        D2      Unleash the Dogs of War
DS      090
DS      091
DS      092
DS      093     HIRAX/F.K.-.            SPLIT                           7"        .2008

        A       Hirax                   Satan's Fall
        B       F.K.-.                  Twitch Of The Thrash Nerve
                (Note : 7" , white vinyl)
DEEPSIX #94     CRIPPLE BASTARDS        VARIANTE ALLA MORTE             LP        .2008

        1       Faccia da contenitore                           0:08
        2       Variante alla morte                             1:39
        3       Pedinati                                        0:27
        4       Allergie da contatto                            2:27
        5       Insofferenza                                    0:30
        6       Lo sfregio e le sue ombre                       2:30
        7       Inverno nel ghetto                              0:08
        8       Spirito di ritorsione                           2:44
        9       L'uomo dietro al vetro opaco                    0:55
        10      Sorriso decubitale                              0:19
        11      Stimolo chimico                                 0:08
        12      Cedimento strutturale                           0:08
        13      Sangue chiama                                   3:19
        14      Implacabile verso il buio                       0:38
        15      Stupro e addio                                  3:22
        16      Confessionale in bianco e nero                  0:08
        17      Marchio catastale                               0:47
        18      Gli anni che non ritornano                      1:04
        19      Karma del riscatto                              2:02
        20      Regredito a che punto                           0:08
        21      Falsificato ideale                              0:08
        22      Sottoposti a taglio                             0:41
        23      Conquista dell'isolamento                       2:36
        24      Auto-azzeramento                                5:03
DS      095     HIRAX                   TRASH AND DESTROY               DVD+CD    .2008
DS      095     HIRAX                   TRASH AND DESTROY               2LP     09.2015

                DVD : Main Concert - Keep It True Festival #9
                Live Hirax Set From The "Keep It True Festival #9" In
                Dittigheim/Germany On November, 3rd 2007.
        DVD-1   (Intro) El Dia De Los Muertos
        DVD-2   100,000 Strong
        DVD-3   Lucifer's Infierno
        DVD-4   Blind Faith
        DVD-5   The New Age Of Terror
        DVD-6   Chaos And Brutality
        DVD-7   Hate, Fear And Power
        DVD-8   Hostile Territory
        DVD-9   Destroy
        DVD-10  Broken Neck
        DVD-11  Bombs Of Death
        DVD-12  El Diablo Negro
        DVD-13  Barrage Of Noise
        DVD-14  Walk With Death
        DVD-15  The Plague
        DVD-16  Mouth Sewn Shut
        DVD-17  (Encore) Assassins Of War
        DVD-18  Unleash The Dogs Of War

                Bonus CD : "Metal Forces Night"
                Live Hirax Set From The "Metal Forces Night" In Lörrach
                /Germany On September, 29th 2007
        CD-1    The New Age Of Terror
        CD-2    Chaos And Brutality
        CD-3    Hate, Fear And Power
        CD-4    Hostile Territory
        CD-5    Destroy
        CD-6    Broken Neck
        CD-7    Demons Evil Forces
        CD-8    El Diablo Negro
        CD-9    Barrage Of Noise
        CD-10   Walk With Death
        CD-11   The Plague
        CD-12   Bombs Of Death
DS      #96     SPAZZ/BRUTAL TRUTH      SPLIT                           7"        .2010

        A1      Spazz                   Spazz Vs. Mother Nature
        A2      Spazz                   Nuge On A Stick
        A3      Spazz                   Donger
        B1      Brutal Truth            Pork Farm
        B2      Brutal Truth            Rumours
        B3      Brutal Truth            Foolish Bastard
                (Note ; 7"/45 RPM; label indicates 33.3 RPM , black or transp.
DS      #97     LANDMINE MARATHON       RUSTED EYES AWAKE               LP        .2008

        A1      Bile Towers
        A2      Certain Death
        A3      Bled To Oblivion
        A4      Xenocide
        B5      Heroin Swine
        B6      Skin From Skull
        B7      Red Days
        B8      Rusted Eyes Awake
DS      098
DS      099
DS      100
                -DEEP SIX RECORDS

        A1      Agents of Satan         Joe Ryder (Doomryder)
        A2      Agents of Satan : Rape 'Em All and Let God Sort 'Em Out
        A3      Agents of Satan         Skrote Skin Mask
        A4      Agents of Satan         Kill for Baloff
        A5      Weekend Nachos          Prioritize
        A6      Weekend Nachos          If You Come Near
        A7      Weekend Nachos          Scars
        A8      Weekend Nachos          Worthless Words
        A9      Kill the Client         False Flag Attack
        A10     Kill the Client         Triple Six Bastard
        A11     Kill the Client         Shithouse Lawyer
        A12     Spoonful of Vicodin : Totally Brutal News Exposure
        A13     Spoonful of Vicodin : Designer Track Marks
        A14     Spoonful of Vicodin : I Don't Lift Weights or Drive an
                SUV (Because I'm Comfy with My Genitalia)
        A15     Spoonful of Vicodin : Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It
        A16     Spoonful of Vicodin : Our Explanations Are Longer Than
                Our Songs
        A17     Spoonful of Vicodin     Confession Booth Gloryhole
        B1      Maruta                  Behind the Steel Curtain
        B2      Maruta                  Chemical Tomb
        B3      Insect Warfare          Information Economy
        B4      Insect Warfare          Cellgraft
        B5      Insect Warfare          Disassembler
        B6      Insect Warfare          Cancer of Oppression
        B7      Shitstorm               Paranoid Existence
        B8      Shitstorm               Burning Alive
        B9      Shitstorm               Brainwashed
        B10     Shitstorm               Victim
        B11     Shitstorm               Controlling
        B12     Shitstorm               Mince Meat Human

LP 2    C1      Man Will Destroy Himself : Fuse
        C2      Man Will Destroy Himself : Empty
        C3      Total Fucking Destruction : Human Is the Bastard
        C4      Total Fucking Destruction : In the Process of Correcting
                Thinking Errors
        C5      Total Fucking Destruction : Welcome to the Fascist Corporate
                Wastelands of America, Part One
        C6      Chainsaw to the Face    Hating Life
        C7      Chainsaw to the Face    Skewered
        C8      Chainsaw to the Face    Burnt To Death
        C9      Chainsaw to the Face    Ripped in Half
        C10     Magrudergrind           Inevitable Progression
        C11     Magrudergrind           Heavy Bombing
        C12     Magrudergrind           Burden
        D1      Brutal Truth            Forever in a Daze
        D2      Brutal Truth            You Should Know Better
        D3      Brutal Truth            Dogs of War
        D4      Brutal Truth            Turmoil
        D5      ASRA                    Chytridiomycosis
        D6      ASRA                    Cancer
        D7      ASRA                    Pig Squealer
        D8      Wasteoid                Drink in Hand
        D9      Wasteoid                Bangover
        D10     Wasteoid                Handcuffed and Fucked







DS      109     LANDMINE MARATHON       WOUNDED                         LP        .2011

        A1      25th Hour
        A2      Crisscross Thoughts
        A3      Dying Days
        A4      Thunder Blasted Bodies
        B5      Muscles Crown
        B6      White Widows
        B7      FUBAR
        B8      Untitled
        B9      Time Movement
DS      110
DPS     #111    AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE/EXTORTION : SPLIT                  7"      11.2008

        A1      Agents of Abhorrence    Loaded
        A2      Agents of Abhorrence    Man-Made Maze
        A3      Agents of Abhorrence    Mint
        A4      Agents of Abhorrence    Puddles
        B1      Extortion               Falling Apart
        B2      Extortion               Outside
        B3      Extortion               Masses
        B4      Extortion               Bloodshot Eyes
        B5      Extortion               Wrong Again
        B6      Extortion               All Fucked Up
DS      112     PHOBIA                  22 RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE      LP        .2008

        A1      Bring The War
        A2      Savannah's Assault
        A3      Continue Insane
        A4      MBP
        A5      Sane
        A6      I Reject
        A7      Ultimate Suffering
        A8      Death To Pigs
        A9      Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts
        A10     Rise Up
        A11     Abuse The Truth
        A12     Wasted Time
        B1      Instruments Of Deception
        B2      Soulless Eyes
        B3      Anarchist Farce
        B4      Dead End
        B5      Protest//Solution
        B6      Nihilistic Grindcore
        B7      Eyes Of A Citizen
        B8      Bleed To The End
        B9      Depression Is A Killer
        B10     Blackened Day
                (Note : LP , grey-marbled vinyl)
DS      113
DS      114     VÖETSEK/MIND OF ASIAN : SPLIT EP                        7"      12.2008

        A1      Vöetsek                 Completing the Trilogy of 666
        A2      Vöetsek                 Immoral Majority
        B1      Mind of Asian
        B2      Mind of Asian
        B3      Mind of Asian
        B4      Mind of Asian           It's Mine
DEEPSIX #115    EXTREME NOISE TERROR    LAW OF RETALIATION              CD        .2008

        1       Believe What I Say                              2:44
        2       Religion Is Fear                                1:45
        3       Spit On Your Dreams                             1:58
        4       Skin Deep                                       1:29
        5       Blind Lead The Blind                            1:53
        6       Short Fuse                                      2:07
        7       Chasing Shadows                                 2:00
        8       Human Waste                                     1:23
        9       Rat Hell                                        1:47
        10      Enslaved In Darkness                            1:33
        11      Nothing No More                                 1:52
        12      Parasites                                       1:27
        13      Revenge                                         2:21
        14      Rotten To The Core                              1:43
        15      Low Life                                        1:35
        16      Against The Grain                               1:37
        17      Screaming Fucking Mayhem                        2:46
        18      Death Message                                   2:47
        19      Divided & Ruled                                 1:57
DS      116
DEEPSIX 117     WEEKEND NACHOS          UNFORGIVABLE                    LP        .2009

        1       2009                                            1:01
        2       Elevated Tracks                                 1:24
        3       Unholy Victory                                  0:46
        4       Pain Over Acceptance                            1:53
        5       A Few Blocks South                              1:03
        6       Balance of Power                                3:03
        7       Nights                                          2:05
        8       Rejected Psychopath                             1:52
        9       Shot in the Head                                1:30
        10      First to Burn                                   1:30
        11      Reason to Die                                   2:43
        12      Unforgivable                                    5:24
DS      118
DS      119
DEEPSIX 120     NO COMMENT              DOWNSIDED                       7"        .2011

        A1      Dead Stare for Life                             0:21
        A2      Past Tense                                      0:26
        A3      Sarcastics                                      0:12
        A4      Distant                                         0:26
        A5      Hurt                                            0:19
        A6      Hacked to Chunks                                0:48
        B1      Lament                                          0:38
        B2      Soiled by Hate                                  0:28
        B3      Downsided                                       0:49
        B4      Push Down & Turn                                0:23
        B5      Curtains                                        2:18
DS      121     HIRAX                   EL ROSTO DE LA MUERTE           LP+7"     .2010
DS      121     HIRAX                   EL ROSTO DE LA MUERTE           CD        .2010

        A1      Baptized By Fire
        A2      Eradicate Mankind
        A3      Chaos And Brutality
        A4      El Rostro De La Muerte (The Face Of Death)
        A5      Blind Faith
        A6      Horrified
        B1      Battle Of The North
        B2      Death Militia
        B3      Broken Neck
        B4      Violent Assault
        B5      Cuando Cae La Oscuridad (When Darkness Falls)
        B6      Satan's Fall
                (Note : LP , picture disc)
7"      C1      Flesh And Blood
        D2      The Laws Of Temptation
                (Note : 7" , light-blue vinyl)

CD      1       Baptized By Fire                                4:16
        2       Flesh And Blood                                 5:42
        3       Eradicate Mankind                               3:36
        4       Chaos And Brutality                             3:35
        5       El Rostro De La Muerte (The Face Of Death)      6:21
        6       Blind Faith                                     2:48
        7       Horrified                                       2:49
        8       Battle Of The North                             1:31
        9       The Laws Of Temptation                          4:37
        10      Death Militia                                   1:49
        11      Broken Neck                                     1:58
        12      Violent Assault                                 3:28
        13      Cuando Cae La Oscuridad (When Darkness Falls)   1:51
        14      Satan's Fall                                    6:25
DS      121 A   MAN IS THE BASTARD      BACKWARDS SPECIES               7"        .2010
DS      122
DS      #123    THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE/THE BASTARD NOISE : SPLIT          LP        .2010

        A1      Bastard Noise           Fallen Species
        A2      Bastard Noise           Movement Two
        A3      Bastard Noise           Mutant World Of Shame
        A4      Bastard Noise           Manphibian
        B       The Endless Blockade    Deuteronomy
DS      124
DS      125     NO COMMENT              COMMON SENSELESS                7"        .2011

        A1      For Tomorrow's Sake?
        A2      Saying Uncle (Won't Help at All)
        A3      A Mother's Crime
        A4      Community Slugs
        A5      In the Name of Stupidity
        B1      Farmer Hitler John
        B2      World of Difference
        B3      Special Circumstances
        B4      Open Face Down
DS      126     EXTORTION               LOOSE SCREWS                    10"       .2010

        A1      Regrets
        A2      Reality
        A3      The Pessimist
        A4      Maze
        A5      Stare At The Sun
        A6      Blindspot
        B1      Kill The Lights
        B2      Cheated
        B3      Faulty Wiring
        B4      Degrade
        B5      Grind To A Halt
        B6      Socially Inept
                (Note : 10" , black or red vinyl)
DS      #127    LANDMINE MARATHON       SOVEREIGN DESCENT               LP      03.2010

        A1      Exist                                           4:33
        A2      Shadows Fed To Tyrants                          3:54
        A3      Foul Revolt                                     3:22
        A4      Cruel Policy                                    4:55
        A5      Justify The Suffering                           3:53
        B1      Steadfast Hate                                  7:18
        B2      Chained By The Same Fate                        3:18
        B3      Flood The Earth                                 4:27
        B4      Rise With The Tide                              3:52
                (Note : LP , black or orange vinyl)
DS      128     HIRAX/VIOLATOR          RAGING TRASH                    7"        .2010

        A       Hirax                   Baptized by Fire        4:17
        B       Violator                Futurephobia            4:37
DS      129     HIRAX                   EL ROSTO DE LA MUERTE           LP+7"     .2010
                (Note : LP+7" , picture disc)
DS      130     DEFEATIST/TRIAC/ASRA    SPLIT                           LP      08.2010

        A1      Defeatist               Eunuch Domain
        A2      Defeatist               At Fault
        A3      Triac                   Bleed With Purpose
        A4      Triac                   Grab Everything That Kills
        A5      ASRA                    False Memories
        A6      ASRA                    Medicate
        A7      ASRA                    Moral Delusion
        B1      Defeatist               Eyes Over Teeth
        B2      Defeatist               The Fallacy of Total War
        B3      Triac                   Dark Corners
        B4      Triac                   Police Story / Car Jack Ferry
        B5      ASRA                    257
        B6      ASRA                    Control Freak
        B7      ASRA                    Enough?
        #131 A  MANPIG                  THE GRAND NEGATIVE              LP      12.2012

        A1      Assimilate
        A2      Center Of My Storm
        A3      Boot To The Throat
        A4      Powder Keg
        A5      You'll Learn Defeat
        A6      Chew Your Own Leg Off
        A7      Big City Salvation
        A8      Ten Fold Hate
        A9      Out Of Mind
        B1      World Wide Suicide
        B2      Predator Of The Broken
        B3      Crowd Pleaser
        B4      Life-like Motions
        B5      Character Flaw
        B6      The Truth And My Reality
        B7      Pot Stirrer
        B8      The Hard Act
                (Note : LP , black or red vinyl)
DS      132
DSR     133     BASTARD NOISE           A CULTURE OF MONSTERS           CD      06.2010

        1       A Culture of Monsters                              1:00
        2       Pincer's Movement                                  5:37
        3       Me and Hitler                                      11:41
        4       If Another World...                                2:36
        5       Through Modern Existence (The March of the Trolls) 1:48
        6       Lumberton                                          4:58
        7       Interior War                                       9:37

DS      135     PHOBIA : LOUD, PROUD AND GRIND AS FUCK                  LP        .2010
DS      135     PHOBIA : LOUD, PROUD AND GRIND AS FUCK                  CD        .2010

A.      1       Selfishminds
        2       Sick Life
        3       Fuck What You Think
        4       Death To False Punks
        5       Beer Break
        6       Beer, Bitches, And Bullet Belts
        7       Cruel
        8       Rise Up
B.      9       Drunken Spree Of Violence
        10      Contest To Amend
        11      Lets Get Pissed
        12      Your Turn Next
        13      Anarchist Farce
        14      Vicious Social Order
        15      Bonus
                (Note : LP , black or red vinyl)
        #136    D.I.S.                  CRITICAL FAILURE                LP        .2010
        #136    D.I.S.                  CRITICAL FAILURE                CD        .2010

A.      1       Speak Of Hate                                   3:26
        2       Veil Of Greed                                   2:33
        3       Fake                                            1:50
        4       CF                                              3:37
        5       Marked To The Vein                              2:43
B.      6       Lamentations                                    1:45
        7       Extend This Misery                              3:04
        8       Bloodwolf                                       1:42
        9       Legion                                          2:11
        10      Bleed Forward                                   3:01
                (Note : LP , violet-purple or red vinyl)



DS      140     DESTROYED IN SECONDS    CRITICAL FAILURE                LP        .2011
DS      140     DESTROYED IN SECONDS    CRITICAL FAILURE                CD        .2011


DS      143     CYBORG                  CYBORD                          7"        .2011

DEEPSIX 145     REPROACH                THE BITTER END                  LP        .2011

        A1      ...And For What
        A2      Scare Tactics
        A3      From Birth
        A4      Dig It
        A5      Geen Gevaar Voor Volksgezondheid
        A6      Zombie Apocalypse
        A7      Constant Pressure
        B8      It Came From Above
        B9      Hopeless
        B10     Kneel Down
        B11     Bailing Out
        B12     Is This It?
        B13     Bleed For The Cause
        B14     Tsar Bomba
DS      146     LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER   ETERNO TREBLINKA                LP        .2011

        A1      Nacer. Consumir. Morir
        A2      Campo De Extermino
        A3      Guerra Total
        A4      Tapias De Cementerio
        A5      La Peste Roja
        A6      Revelación
        A7      Ecoterror
        A8      No Compasión
        A9      Plaga Humana
        B1      Terror Carnķvoro
        B2      Cristianislam
        B3      Supremecķa -tica
        B4      Cheerleaders Para El Armagedón
        B5      Running Through The Blood
        B6      Esclavos
        B7      Estandarte De Huesos
        B8      Holocausto Diario
        #146    COLD WAR                FAST BERLIN HARDCORE            CD        .2012

        1       Total War
        2       Heavy Metal
        3       Spider
        4       Cremation
        5       Bloody Nights
        6       Ride With Us
        7       Quorthon
        8       Digged Alive
        9       Witching Hour
        10      Zip It Up
        11      Changes
        12      No Regrets
        13      Lost Control
        14      Legions Of The Lost
        15      Cold War
        16      Death Threat
                Live In Warsaw (Napalm Over Warsaw IV), 25.04.2009
        17      Total War
        18      Heavy Metal
        19      Eddie
        20      Spider
        21      Cremation
        22      Legions Of The Lost
        23      All Right, All Right...
        24      Quorthon
        25      Bloody Nights
        26      Ride With Us
        27      Changes
        28      No Surrender
        29      Trash Under Pressure!
        30      No Regrets
        31      Witching Hour
        32      Relict
        33      Death Threat
        34      Digged Alive
        35      Not Named Yet
                Live In Rostock, 22.07.2008
        36      Death Threat
        37      Digged Alive
        38      Witching Hour
        #147    CRIPPLE BASTARDS        FRAMMENTI DI VITA               LP+7"     .2011
                (Note : LP+7" , both purple-marbled vinyl)
        #147    CRIPPLE BASTARDS        FRAMMENTI DI VITA               LP+7"     .2011
                (Note : LP on green-marbled/7: on pink marbled vinyl)

LP      A1      Mysoginist
        A2      Le Regole
        A3      Solo Odio
        A4      Asfalto
        A5      Violence At The Morgue
        A6      Sguardo Realta
        A7      Qualcosa Scompare
        A8      Tutto Uguale
        B1      Mater Tenebrarum
        B2      Factory
        B3      Mai Capirai
        B4      Claustrophobic Autogamic
        B5      Finira Mai
        B6      Asociale Oi!
        B7      Polizia Una Razza Da Estinguere
        B8      Italia Di Merda

7"      C1      Spero Venga La Guerra
        C2      Incubo Di Morte
        C3      Troia
        D1      Sporca Naia
        D2      Mass Media
        D3      Vaffanculo
        D4      La Nostra Violenza
DS      148
DS      149     V / A : THIS COMP KILLS FASCISTS VOLUME 2               2LP     06.2010

        A1      Lack Of Interest        You're On Your Own
        A2      Lack Of Interest        Capital Inflation
        A3      Lack Of Interest        Endless Suffering
        A4      Lack Of Interest        There Is No Tomorrow
        A5      Lack Of Interest        Last Resort
        A6      Lack Of Interest        Fail Me Not
        A7      Lack Of Interest        Fluids (Neanderthal)
        A8      Owen Hart : My Grandma's Fucking A Tranny From Alaska
        A9      Owen Hart               You'll See 8 Year Olds In Hell
        A10     Noisear                 Atrophy Of The Mind
        A11     Noisear                 Carbonized
        A12     Noisear                 Recycled Existence
        A13     Noisear                 Seared
        A14     Hummingbird Of Death    You Are Not Going To Heaven
        A15     Hummingbird Of Death    The Terrorists Win
        A16     Hummingbird Of Death    Definitely
        A17     Hummingbird Of Death    Dead For No Reason
        A18     Hummingbird Of Death    Don't Believe The Hype
        A19     Hummingbird Of Death    Get A Brain! Morans
        A20     Hummingbird Of Death    White Decline
        A21     Hummingbird Of Death    New Friend
        A22     Hummingbird Of Death    Land Of The Shrill
        A23     Hummingbird Of Death    Anti-Choice
        A24     Drugs Of Faith          An Ode To Those Unwed
        A25     Drugs Of Faith          Loss Of Credibility
        B1      Marion Barry            Nuclear Bio-Chimp Assault
        B2      Marion Barry            Timelords
        B3      Marion Barry            Where Would Jesus Bank
        B4      Marion Barry            Fat Dracula
        B5      Marion Barry            Brainfuck
        B6      Crom                    Hags
        B7      Apartment 213           Standoff
        B8      Apartment 213           Sadist
        B9      Apartment 213           Hollow Cost
        B10     Septic Surge            Fleshwound
        B11     Septic Surge            Budmonster
        B12     Septic Surge            Perculator
        B13     Septic Surge            Rezinheaven
        B14     Septic Surge            Facesovmeth

LP 2    C1      Population Reduction    Real Zombies Don't Run
        C2      Population Reduction    Time Hecklers
        C3      Despise You             Repeat Until You Fail
        C4      Despise You : All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear
        C5      Triac                   Pledge Of Vice
        C6      Triac                   Seed Sower
        C7      Triac                   The Reaping
        C8      Idiots Parade           Sin
        C9      Idiots Parade           Deadly Request
        C10     Idiots Parade           Birth Cleanliness
        C11     Idiots Parade           Love
        C12     Idiots Parade           Bellyful
        C13     Extortion               Enough Rope
        C14     Extortion               Bludgeon
        C15     Extortion               Incinerate
        C16     Extortion               Guillotine
        C17     Extortion               The Chair
        C18     Extortion               Put To Sleep
        D1      Three Faces Of Eve      Fuck Corporate Grind
        D2      Three Faces Of Eve      Taxsmasher
        D3      Three Faces Of Eve      The Apocalypse Of Reason
        D4      Three Faces Of Eve      Good Night And God Bless
        D5      Vöetsek                 Mind Of Ganja
        D6      Vöetsek                 Back To The Bay
        D7      Vöetsek                 Lonely Death
        D8      Vöetsek                 Lost Art Of Humanity
        D9      Superbad                Isaac No Fuck, Isaak Make Love
        D10     Superbad                Pretty Much Always Some Of The Time
        D11     Superbad : Dr. Kynes, (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying
                And Love The Atreides)
        D12     Strong Intention        Carnivore
        D13     Strong Intention        Holes In The Wall
        D14     Strong Intention        Messiah
        D15     Strong Intention        Without Conscience
        D16     Social Infestation      Some People Push Back
        D17     Social Infestation      Dirty Harry Syndrome

CD      Relapse         RR 7100         2010    UK
DS      150
DEEPSIX 151     LOW THREAT PROFILE      LOW THREAT PROFILE              LP      01.2011

        A1      This Fight's Not Over
        A2      Back To Basics
        A3      Flesh Blood Bone
        A5      My Only Friends
        A6      Part Of Society
        A7      Cross My Heart
        A8      There Once Was A Time
        B1      Product #2
        B2      Plastic Town
        B3      Just Can't Win
        B4      Two Steps Back
        B5      Foiled Fortune
        B6      Happy Moments
        B7      A Calm Within
        B8      My One And Only
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on white vinyl)
DS      152
        #153    BASTARD NOISE           SKULLDOZER                      LP      11.2011
        #153    BASTARD NOISE           SKULLDOZER                      CD      11.2011

LP      A1      Skulldozer
        A2      B.T.P.
        A3      Seeing The Same Fate
        B1      Earth On A Stretcher
        B2      The Final Days...(Of Our Shit Species)
        B3      Rachel

CD      1       Skulldozer
        2       B.T.P
        3       Seeing The Same Fate
        4       50 Million Light Years From...
        5       Earth On A Stretcher
        6       The Final Days...(Of Our Shit Species)
        7       Rachel
        8       Demise By Radiation
DS      154
DS      155
DS      156     MAN IS THE BASTARD/AUNT MARY : SPLIT                    7"        .2012

A  Aunt Mary : Gnu
B1 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : Existence Decay
B2 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : Secret Surgery
B3 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : Attempt to Damage
B4 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : Smile Trick
B5 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : T.D.T. (Telegram Death Threat)
B6 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : Once Upon A....
B7 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : Shoes of Cement
B8 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : (Tony Williams) Strifetime
B9 Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard : H.S.M.P. (Hispanic Small Man Power)
DEEPSIX 157     WEEKEND NACHOS          WORTHLESS                       LP        .2011

        A1      Hometown Hero
        A2      Obituary
        A3      For Life
        A4      Old Friends Don't Mean Shit
        A5      Frostbitten
        A6      The Meeting
        A7      Worthless
        B1      Friendship
        B2      Jock Powerviolence
        B3      The Fine Art of Bullshit
        B4      Dubviolence
        B5      You Could Exist Tomorrow
        B6      Future


DS      160
DS      161     REPROACH                THE BITTER END                  LP        .2013
DS      161 A   NO COMMENT              LIVE ON KXLU 1992 EP            7"      11.2013

        A1      Dead Stare for Life
        A2      Past Tense
        A3      Sarcastics
        A4      Distant
        A5      Hurt
        A6      Hacked to Chunks
        B1      Lament
        B2      Soiled by Hate
        B3      Downsided
        B4      Push Down and Turn
        B5      Curtains
DS      162     BRUTAL TRUTH/RUPTURE    SPLIT                           7"      01.2013

        A1      Brutal Truth            Vision
        A2      Brutal Truth            I See Red (Live)
        A3      Brutal Truth            Stench Of Profit (Live)
        B1      Rupture                 The Chosen One
        B2      Rupture                 Foot In My Grave
        B3      Rupture                 Eraser Evasor
        B4      Rupture                 Vaticum City
        B5      Rupture                 A Breath Of Cyanide
        B6      Rupture                 The Annihilator
DS      163     TO THE POINT            MANTALLY CHECKED OUT EP         7"        .2012

        A1      Punching Holes in the World
        A2      The Result
        A3      My Cell
        A4      No Outcry
        A5      Your Downfall is My Victory
        A6      Nothing is Brutal
        A7      Words That Come to Mind (When Thinking of You)
        A8      Drop the Bomb
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 1-sided)
DEEPSIX 164     SIDETRACKED/SELF INFLICTED : SPLIT EP                   7"      05.2012

        A1      Self Inflicted          We Control Them
        A2      Self Inflicted          Hose Of Job
        A3      Self Inflicted          Guilty
        A4      Self Inflicted          Obsession
        A5      Self Inflicted          Bondage And Domination
        A6      Self Inflicted          Cops Cause Crime
        A7      Self Inflicted          Death Is A Friend
        B1      Sidetracked             Reeled In
        B2      Sidetracked             Rally
        B3      Sidetracked             Halfway
        B4      Sidetracked             Fight Or Flight
        B5      Sidetracked             High Horse
        B6      Sidetracked             Slave
        B7      Sidetracked             Perception
        B8      Sidetracked             No One Wins
        B9      Sidetracked             Tolerance
        B10     Sidetracked             One Of Them
                (NOte : 7" , black or blue vinyl)
DS      165     HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH    SKULLVALANCHE                   LP        .2012

        A1      Shit 	
        A2      Breeder's License
        A3      Death Sentence
        A4      Skullvalanche
        B1      Holy Fetus
        B2      Par For The Corpse
        B3      Galactic Kraken
                (Note : LP , black or green vinyl)
DS      166
DS      167     MAN IS THE BASTARD      OUR EARTH'S BLOOD               10"     03.2015

        A1      Man Is The Bastard      S.P.O.
        A2      Man Is The Bastard      Unilateral Cob
        A3      Man Is The Bastard      Alone With Labor
        A4      Man Is The Bastard      Two Oz. Jar
        A5      Man Is The Bastard      The Roller
        B1      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Man
        B2      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Foreign Children
        B3      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Pigeon Holed
        B4      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Users
        B5      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Remember Thy Creator
        B6      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Priapism
        B7      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Beast God Rape
        B8      Charred Remains, Man Is The Bastard : Pig Kingd
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)

DS      169     COLD WAR                FAST BERLIN HARDCORE            CD        .2012
DS      170     LANDMINE MARATHON       LANDMINE MARATHON               7"      05.2012

        A       Bastard Child
        B       Giving Her Death
                (Note : 7" , black or white vinyl)
        #171    LANDMINE MARATHON       GALLOWS                         LP      10.2011

        A1      Three Snake Leaves
        A2      Cutting Flrsh And Bone
        A3      Knife From My Sleeve
        A4      Liver And Lungs
        B5      Dead Horses
        B6      Cloaked In Red
        B7      Beaten And Left Blind
        B8      Morbidity
DS      172

        A1      Man Is the Bastard      Eunuch
        A2      Man Is the Bastard      No Concern for the Inhuman
        A3      Man Is the Bastard      The Arena
        A4      Man Is the Bastard      Refuse to Thrive
        B1      Bastard Noise : Trapped Within Burning Machinery/Pain of the Iron
        B2      Bastard Noise           Steak Eating Boss
        B3      Bastard Noise           Lobotomize a Cop
        B4      Bastard Noise           Fine Feathered Friend
DS      174     WEEKEND NACHOS/LACK OF INTEREST : SPLIT                 7"        .2012

        A1      Weekend Nachos          World Knows Fear
        A2      Weekend Nachos          Critical Mass Death Penalty
        A3      Weekend Nachos          Toothpaste
        A4      Weekend Nachos          Backwards
        A5      Weekend Nachos          Livin The Dream
        B1      Lack of Interest        Everyone Must Die
        B2      Lack of Interest        Roll Of The Dice
        B3      Lack of Interest        Revelations
        B4      Lack of Interest        Negative 1
        B5      Lack of Interest -      32 Seconds Hate
DS      175
DS      176     PHOBIA                  REMNANTS OF FILTH               LP        .2012

        A1      Assertion To Demean
        A2      Contradiction
        A3      Submission Hold
        A4      Plagued By The System
        A5      Dementia Having Overdose
        A6      Got The Fear
        A7      Infraction Of Pride
        A8      Resolution
        A9      Let It Go
        A10     Deaden To Believe
        B1      Vengeance Will Be Mine
        B2      No Sympathy For The Weak
        B3      Freedom Isn’t Free
        B4      Atrocious Atrocity
        B5      Filthy Fucking Punks
        B6      Constrain Relations
        B7      Resuscitate
        B8      Inaction
        #177    FAST ASLEEP             FAST ASLEEP                     LP        .2013

        A1      Louse
        A2      Wild Case
        A3      Curver
        A4      Fast Asleep!
        A5      Reasons Of Insanity
        B1      Bludite
        B2      Pain Never Stops
        B3      Sterile Soul
        B4      Burial Gown
        B5      Lifer
        B6      Nuisance
        B7      Today Never Dies
                (Note : LP , 45 RPM)
DS      178
DS      179
DS      180
        #181    CHARRED REMAINS AKA MAN IS THE BASTARD : BACKWARDS      7"      05.2014

        A1      Ether Rag (Permanent Smile)
        A2      Stocks
        A3      Blood Gutter
        A4      Heretic's Fork
        B1      Koro Treatment
        B2      Justice Is Swift (Jack)
        B3      Poacher
DS      182
DS      183     BASTARD NOISE           THE PROGRESSION OF SICKNESS     10"     08.2012

        1       The Contrarian
        2       Kicking The Hornets Nest
DS      184
DS      #185    AFGRUND                 THE AGE OF DUMB                 LP        .2012

        A1      Life And Death Of A Broiler
        A2      Living The Nightmare
        A3      The Might Of A Nation
        A4      H.A.A.R.P.Y.
        A5      Beaurocrap
        A6      Carniwars
        A7      Genocide To Glorify
        A8      Repaint The Truth
        A9      An Aggregation Of Misfortune
        B1      Discorporate
        B2      The War On Drugs
        B3      Planet Monsanto
        B4      Le Grand Illusion
        B5      Nuclear Hazard
        B6      Life Banned
        B7      Bullets Are Forever
        B8      He Who Plants Sorrow
        B9      The Carrier
                (Note : LP , 50 mailorder copies on purple-marbled vinyl)

                Banish The Shitbreed
        A1      Charred Remains A.K.A Man Is The Bastard : Idget Child
        A2      Charred Remains A.K.A Man Is The Bastard : Kai Lai
        A3      Charred Remains A.K.A Man Is The Bastard : Son Of Thug
        A4      Charred Remains A.K.A Man Is The Bastard : Infibulation
        A5      Charred Remains A.K.A Man Is The Bastard : Man Is The Bastard
        A6      Charred Remains A.K.A Man Is The Bastard : She Boar
        B1      Bleeding Rectum         USSA
        B2      Bleeding Rectum         Scorched Earth
        B3      Bleeding Rectum         PGM
        B4      Bleeding Rectum         Bloodbath
        B5      Bleeding Rectum         Why
        B6      Bleeding Rectum         668 Neighbor Of The Beast
        B7      Bleeding Rectum         Untitled
        #187    NOISEAR                 TURBULENT RESURGENCE            LP      12.2012

        A20     Fiery Rebirth
        A19     6 Million Miles
        A18     Army Of Self
        A17     Harsh Reality
        A16     Black Hole
        A15     Broken Cycle
        A14     Less Fascion More Thrashin'
        A13     Murderous
        A12     Born Alone Die Alone
        A11     Surrounded By Control
        B10     Blood Bag For The Leeches
        B9      Statue
        B8      Inflated Ego
        B7      Educate Hatred
        B6      Grains Of Sand
        B5      Justifiable Homicide / Legal Gangsters
        B4      Indifference
        B3      Black Trust
        B2      There Is No God
        B1      Pressure Blast
                (Note : LP/45 RPM , black or red vinyl)
DS      188     LOW THREAT PROFILE      PRODUCT #3                      7"      09.2014

        A1      The Opportunist
        A2      Medicate
        A3      Set the Bar Low
        A4      Middle Age Casualty
        B1      God Complex
        B2      Give and Receive
        B3      Protector
        B4      Null and Void
        B5      Dropping Like Flies
DS      189
DEEPSIX 190     TO THE POINT            SUCCESS IN FAILURE              7"        .2012

        A1      25. No Friend Of Bill W.
        A2      15. In It For Life
        A3      08. Free Ride
        A4      13. Socially Inept Network
        A5      05. Infected
        A6      18. Decisions I Immediately Regret
        A7      26. Faces Of Meth
                (Note : 7", 1-sided , 314 hand-numb. copies)
DS      191
        #192    D.I.S.                  BECOMING WRATH                  LP      02.2013

        A1      Becoming Wrath
        A2      Assimilation
        A3      Stay Damned
        A4      No Guilliotine Like The Truth
        A5      Sea Of Disdain
        B1      Scarabs Nest
        B2      Built For The End
        B3      Edges
        B4      The Crushing Low

                Side Skull
        A1      Regression Of Birth
        A2      Mocha Rebirth
        A3      Seen In The Eyesocket Of Thomas Lenz
        A4      Slave To The Bean
        A5      The Iron Room
        A6      Incoming
        A7      Volatile Cocktail
                Side Skull
        B1      Tumult Being
        B2      Abundance Of Guns
        B3      Suttee
DS      194 A   FETUS EASTER            MANTICORE                       LP        .2013
DSR     195     PICK YOUR SIDE/TO THE POINT : SPLIT                     10"     12.2013

        A1      Pick Your Side          Dead Pedophile
        A2      Pick Your Side          Not A Thought To Spare
        A3      Pick Your Side          Your Elected Leaders
        A4      Pick Your Side          Weakling
        A5      Pick Your Side          Paved Grave
        A6      Pick Your Side          Survival Prayer
        A7      Pick Your Side          Last Nerve
        B1      To The Point            41. Embarrassed By You All
        B2      To The Point : 36. First World Problems For A Middle Class White Guy
        B3      To The Point            32. Trickle Down Economics
        B4      To The Point            37. Scion
        B5      To The Point            43. It Happens For A Reason
        B6      To The Point            33. I Gotta Match
        B7      To The Point            39. Dark View
        B8      To The Point            47. The Player
        B9      To The Point            46. Working Class Hero
        B10     To The Point            38. My Reality Show
        B11     To The Point            24. Random Compassion
        #196    COLD WORLD/HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH : SPLIT                 12"     08.2013

        A1      Cold World              Divine Sense
        A2      Cold World              House Of Man
        A3      Cold World              A Fool's Life
        A4      Cold World              Two Faces
        A5      Cold World              Loyal Servant
        A6      Cold World              Saddle The World
        A7      Cold World              The Nihilistic Rant
        A8      Cold World              Nine Out Of Ten
        A9      Cold World              Event Horizon
        B1      Hummingbird Of Death    Nothing's Happening
        B2      Hummingbird Of Death    Space Fish
        B3      Hummingbird Of Death    There's No Basketball Game Here
        B4      Hummingbird Of Death    Goodbye Cool World
        B5      Hummingbird Of Death    Here Today, Gone Later Today
        B6      Hummingbird Of Death    Shocker
        B7      Hummingbird Of Death    USA, Motherfuckers
        B8      Hummingbird Of Death    Easy To Judge
        B9      Hummingbird Of Death    Anal Linguist
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 black/100 random copies)
DS      #197    ACxDC/TO THE POINT      SPLIT                           7"        .2013

        A1      Antichrist Demoncore    Untitled
        A2      Antichrist Demoncore    Bone Claw
        A3      Antichrist Demoncore    Broken // Fixed
        A4      Antichrist Demoncore    Fiction Monger
        B1      To The Point            16. This Is Los Angeles
        B2      To The Point            22. Pillow Over The Face Of Powerviolence
        B3      To The Point            23. Everyone Loves To Be My Neighbor
        B4      To The Point            13. Listen To Morrissey And Cry
        B5      To The Point            08. Photos Of My Food
        B6      To The Point            31. We Stand, We Fight
        B7      To The Point            14. Embarrassed By You All
                (Note : 7" , 400 purple-merble/100 black copies)

A1      Charred Remains A˛K˛A Man Is The Bastard : Grasp The Bug
A2      Charred Remains A˛K˛A Man Is The Bastard : Human Condition
A3      Charred Remains A˛K˛A Man Is The Bastard : Mary Jane (The Ultimate Girl)
A4      Charred Remains A˛K˛A Man Is The Bastard : Oil Bomb
B       Bizarre Uproar : Session Of Extreme Nihilistic Horror
DS      199     BASTARD NOISE/LACK OF INTEREST : SPLIT                  CD        .2013

        1       Bastard Noise           Denial Mastered         7:27
        2       Bastard Noise : Rogue Blue Blood Spill          2:14
        3       Bastard Noise           Putrid Hog Men          5:12
        4       Bastard Noise           The Time Shifter        2:38
        5       Lack of Interest        Tables Turned           0:36
        6       Lack of Interest        Grown to Sicken         0:50
        7       Lack of Interest        Sweet Bitter Taste      0:51
        8       Lack of Interest        Fear None               0:56
        9       Lack of Interest        Losing Streak           0:24
        10      Lack of Interest        Hands Up                0:47
        11      Lack of Interest        Head Trip               0:30
        12      Lack of Interest        Resist and Conquer      0:58
        13      Lack of Interest        Chasing a Hearse        0:27
        14      Lack of Interest : All That’s Lost in Your Life,
                I’ll Help You Find                              0:53
        15      Lack of Interest        Happy Faces             1:32
        16      Lack of Interest        Live to Fight           1:05
DS      200
DS      201
DS      202
DEEPSIX #203    CALLOUS                 FUCKING USELESS                 7"      11.2013

        A1      Extraction                                      5:43
        B1      Saccharine                                      0:18
        B2      Eastlack                                        4:47
        #204    NAUSEA                  CONDEMNED TO THE SYSTEM         LP        .2014

        A1      Freedom Of Religion                             3:14
        A2      Does God Need Help?                             1:55
        A3      World Left In Confinement                       2:39
        A4      Cries Of Pain                                   2:09
        A5      Hate & Deception                                2:37
        A6      Corporation Pull-In                             2:18
        B1      Fuck The World                                  2:41
        B2      Falsely Accused                                 2:21
        B3      Condemn Big Business                            2:37
        B4      And We Suffer (Nothing To Believe In)           3:51
        B5      Absence Of War                                  2:34
DS      205
DS      206
DEEPSIX 207     WEEKEND NACHOS          STILL                           12"     11.2013

        A1      Sickened No More
        A2      No Idols And No Heroes
        A3      S.C.A.B.
        A4      Satan Sucker
        A5      Late Night Walks
        A6      Watch You Suffer
        B1      Wolves
        B2      You're Not Punk
        B3      Ignore
        B4      Yes Way
        B5      Broken Mirror
        B6      Still
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
DS      208
DS      209

        A1      Influence Peddlers
        A2      The Gift Of Life
        A3      Whistle Blower
        B       Long Pig
DS      212
DS      213
DS      214
DSR     #215    PHOBIA                  GRIND CORE                      7"        .2014

        A1      Subversion Till Dispersion
        A2      Breeding Despite
        A3      Path To Destruction
        A4      Blackout
        B1      Maimed And Gained
        B2      Curse At Birth
        B3      Don't Hate The Pain, Hate The Game
        B4      Live To Feel, Live To Heel
                (Note : 7" , green or brown vinyl)
DSR     216     TO THE POINT            GIVE ME A REASON                7"        .2014

        1       44. 2 Year Old Criminals
        2       30. Elitist
        3       52. Not Your Crutch
        4       48. I Live In Analog
        5       51. All Of Your Co-Workers Are Douche Bags
        6       42. Is It Safe?
                (Note : 7" , 1-sided)
DS      217     REPROACH/CITIZEN'S PATROL : SPLIT                       7"        .2015
DSR     219     TO THE POINT/SIDETRACKED : SPLIT                        7"      09.2015

        A1      To The Point : 67. I'm Going To Kick Your Ass In The Afterlife
        A2      To The Point : 69. Don't Search For Missing Hikers
        A3      To The Point            70. What A Bargain
        A4      To The Point            64. The Day I Cracked
        A5      To The Point : 66. Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
        B1      Sidetracked             Not Me
        B2      Sidetracked             Standing Room Only
        B3      Sidetracked             Manipulate
        B4      Sidetracked             Majority
        B5      Sidetracked             Rendered Useless
        B6      Sidetracked             Fabrication
                (Note : 7" , 45 RPM)
DS      220
DS      221
DS      222     FUCK YOU PAY ME         PUBLIC DISGRACE                 LP      10.2015

        A1      Jesus Loves You (Everyone Else Thinks You're An Asshole)
        A2      Long Live The New Flesh
        A3      Daddy Issues
        A4      Imperial Avenue Freeze-Out / Dead Giveaway
        B1      Pro Gear, Pro Attitude
        B2      Public Disgrace
        B3      Gloom, Despair And Agony On Me
        B4      Religious Wars




DS#     227     SIDE TRACKED/TO THE POINT : SPLIT                       7"        .2015


DS#     240     TARMINAL NATION         TERMINAL NATION                 EP        .2015
DS      241     FAST ASLEEP             OUTSIDE THE FENCE               7"      11.2015
DS#     242     CAVE STATE              CAVE STATE                      EP        .2015
DS#     243     LIFESPITE               LIFESPITE                       EP      07.2015
DS#     244     FRACTURED               DILAPIDATRED EP                 EP      07.2015




DSLP    271     WEREKEND NACHOS         APOLOGY                         LP      07.2016