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DEADWAX 001     KINETIC IDEALS          THIS FACE                       12"       .2013

Canadian experimental post-punk band Kinetic Ideals, known for their energetic,
distinctive songs and high-octane live shows, released two singles and an EP between
1980 and 1983. This is the long-overdue first release of This Face, an EP recorded in
1983, plus an additional song recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto, in 1985. Digitized from
the original master tapes by Peter J. Moore of Cowboy Junkies' The Trinity Session fame
and carefully remastered by Nicolás Zúniga. Artwork by Patrick Duffy, drummer for the
This Face sessions. Clear vinyl; housed in a heavy matte-finish sleeve with printed
inner sleeve

It was the last days of 1983 when Andreas Buchwald (guitars) and Andreas Gimpel (vo.)
founded Remain in Silence.  Remain in Silence released their first album, Seven Rooms,
as a C-60 cassette. Housed in a monolith-like black box, it featured a studio side and
a live side. Their mini-album follow-up, Monument, also a cassette-only release,
consolidated their reputation as a cult band and widened their audience, leading
Germany's alternative cassette charts at the time. Upon its release in December 1985.
Carefully remastered by Nicolás Zúniga from the original 1/4" reel master tapes. Housed
in heavy matte-finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve and two inserts. Hand-numbered
edition of 200.



DEADWAX 006     BOYS SAY GO             EASY TO MOVE                    LP      08.2015

Boys Say Go morphed out of a garage punk band called Slow Children. In the early '80s,
they had put out a 7" that featured a string synth they'd found in the studio. While
sitting in Boston's Logan Airport in 1981, waiting for a plane to Germany, Anthony
Rauseo and Joseph Fagan heard Depeche Mode for the first time, on Rauseo's Walkman.
Their first vinyl release, the Joey and Maria/Love Is Dangerous 7", appeared in 1983.
Cheap drum machine, plastic Casio keyboard... Dave Stempko played everything on it but
the bass. Self-produced, recorded at Pyramid Studio by Larry Lessard, and released on
Boys Say Go's own Gender Records in an edition of 300, this minimal synth masterpiece
has since become impossible to find.Later that year they recorded "Bang Bang de Boogie
(Then We Dance)" at Newbury Sound, but the song remained unreleased. They recorded
"Easy to Move" at Joe Harvard's So-So-Sound Studios in 1984, with Rauseo on the lead
vocal and toy synth drums. The track was included on Harvard's 1985 Buy American!
compilation cassette, but only a handful of copies were given to friends -- the track
was barely released at all. Later in 1984. Housed in heavy matte-finish sleeve with
printed inner sleeve. Hand-numbered edition of 200.
DEADWAX 007     MARSIE'S STILL WAITING : FROM EAST TO WEST              LP      08.2015

Marcie's Still Waiting was created as a studio-only project by Rainer Spachmann and
Rainer Winschermann at the latter's Mollycat studio in Velbert-Langenberg, Germany, in
1984. Housed in heavy matte-finish sleeve with printed inner sleeve. Hand numbered
edition of 200
DEADWAX 008     FARBLOS                 ...UND DER REGEN FALLT          LP      08.2015

This is the first physical release of Farblos's 2012 digital EP plus the previously
unheard demo version of "Never Too Late." Remastered for vinyl by Nicolás Zúniga. Plays
at 45 RPM. Housed in heavy matte-finish sleeve with insert. Edition of 200.
DEADWAX 009     CHA BOOM CHA            DANCING BRAVE EP                12"     08.2015

n 1985 Duncan (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar) and Richard (electric guitar,
keyboards, rhythm programming) formed Cha Boom Cha, with help from Angelina (additional
vocals). Their song "Dancing Brave" was included in a shortened, more guitar-oriented
form on Primitive Records' 1987 compilation The Jamboree Bag, which they followed with
their 1988 Groovy Baby EP. These early recordings -- minimalistic, analog synthpop with
a touch of guitar -- have been carefully transferred and remastered from the original
1/4" reel tape by Nicolás Zúniga. Housed in heavy matte-finish sleeve with insert.
Artwork by David Lanna. Hand-numbered edition of 260.
DEADWAX 010     PASSIONS                PASSIONS                        LP      06.2016

After his initial breakcore, dubstep and electro beginnings as Math Head and Campos
Verdes, Brooklyn's wunderkind Ben Deitz made his debut as Passions in 2007 with the
explosive single "Emergency", which swept the dance charts instantly, gaining acclaim
from artists like Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco, Fischerspooner. After
perfecting a riotous style of electro-punk with a multitude of remixes and chaotic
live shows, the sound of Passions evolved into much more personal, darker, colder,
atmospheric post-punk experiments that remind us of Cabaret Voltaire and Joy Division.
He had something to tell us about how he was feeling inside. Ben unexpectedly passed
away on May 9, 2015, leaving us his Passions album, a precious gift of his talented
spirit. A gift that Dead Wax Records presents in the form of a passion-red, transl.
vinyl, housed in a heavy matt finish sleeve with black inner sleeve. An exclusive
short run of 265 copies.
DEADWAX 011     SILENTLY DOWN           SADNESS                         LP      06.2016

In 1992 six songs were self-released on CD by the one-man synth, cold-wave outfit
Silently Down as the Sad mini-album. Even despite Sad gathering excellent feedback
and reviews, the full album project that was planned with a French label was finally
shelved. More than 20 years later Dead Wax Records decided to give it a well-deserved
second chance. Dead Wax Records are calling it Sadness to mark a difference, as it's
so much more complete than its predecessor. Romantic synth, cold-wave, touching but
dancey, heavily electronic. Heartfelt, sometimes truly sad lyrics, a sign of those
times. The influence of classic bands like Little Nemo, Opéra de Nuit and Invisible
Limits are undeniable. A very well crafted album with a great production level. Dead
Wax are extremely proud to bring you this forgotten jewel, properly mastered for vinyl
and presented in an exclusive vinyl run of 150 copies. It comes housed in a heavy
matte finish sleeve.
DEADWAX 012     FARBLOS                 NOTHING LEFT FOR US TO SEE      LP      06.2016

Following his previous home recorded demos, Dead Wax Records finally have the first
professionally recorded songs by Farblos, the one-man project of F. Karnstein. Ten
perfect tracks that flow so smoothly and work incredibly good as a whole. It's just
a perfect album. These recordings are the reflection of F. Karnstein's love for the
'80s and early '90s new wave and goth scenes. Heavy use of synthesizers and bass
guitar are his trademark. Dark but romantic, melodic and danceable, deep and hauntingly
atmospheric tunes to dance and think to. Nothing Left For Us To See is presented in
a short vinyl run of 200 copies. Comes housed in a heavy matte finish sleeve with
printed inner sleeve.
DEAD    013     THIS COLD NIGHT         AN ENIGMATIC INDIVIDUAL         LP+7"   08.2016

        01.     ENIGMATIC INDIVIDUAL                            5:06
        02.     BLACK CATHEDRAL                                 2:51
        03.     EACH OTHER                                      2:59
        04.     HOLDING ON                                      3:18
        05.     WINGS OF REGRET                                 4:07
        06.     DEAD, COLD, AUTUMN                              3:19
        07.     SILENT PRAYER                                   3:39
        08.     VESSEL                                          3:28
        09.     LOVERS DON'T WEAR GOLD                          3:43
        10.     ALL MY IDOLS KILL THEMSELVES (NEW MIX)          3:34
        11.     PAIN (NEW MIX)                                  3:48
        12.     FIRST CLASS CITIZEN                             3:56

DISC #2:01.     LUST                                            3:4
7"      02.     DOG                                             2:06
        03.     IT'S NOT OK                                     3:08
        04.     GAY GOTH DANCE MACHINE                          3:10
                (Note : LP+7" , 260 numbered copies)
DEAD    014     DER BLAUE REITER        EPITAPH 1980-1983               LP      05.2017
                (Note : LP , 265 hand-numb. copies)
DEADWAX 015     V / A                   DISTANT WAVES II                LP+7"   07.2017
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