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                                        Fax: 631-615-2516

DEAD BROKE REKERDS is an independent, D.I.Y. record label/distro based out of Long
Island, NY. Since 2002. This label was started to record & distribute our own bands,
our friends bands, and anything else we feel people should hear. We aim to expose
great music to as many people as we can, without the cost, hence the ingenius name.
Up the punks.
Our releases can also be found at:

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Stickfigure, Lauren Records, Tour Van, Lost Cat, Dead Tank, Added Warmth Recordings,
Alternative Tentacles, Mooster, Eccentric Pop, Puzzle Pieces, Swamp Cabbage,
Thrillhouse Records (CA.), Bull City Records (NC.)


Vinyl Paradise (Long Island)
Academy Annex (Brooklyn)


Hyper-Enough, S-P Records, BASE Records, Waterslide Records,
Snuffy Smiles, Eager Beaver


Green Hell (GER), Cargo Records (GER),
Drunken Sailor (UK), Yo-Yo Records (GER), All In Vinyl (UK)
Specialist Subject (UK), Stardumb (NL)  [july 21,2017]

Distr.  : US - RECESS OPS / MVD / Ebullition 
Style   : punk / noise / noisy pop punk / pop punk / indie / hardcore / screamo
          / post hardcore / melodic hardcore / midwest emo / emo / garage rock /
          lo-fi /

    DOWN IN THE DUMPS- "Fuckin' wit dirty pipes PT. 2" Demo
    [dxbxr 011] CDR/TAPE (out of print)
    Live demo recorded by Phil Douglas @ Hobo house 2/06. (paper bag jacket)
    DOWN IN THE DUMPS - "Pets" Sampler
    [dxbxr 010] CDR (out of print)
    "How are your pets?" sampler +2 live tracks from Mug's Pub. (paper bag jacket)
    GARGAMEL - 9 song Demo
    [dxbxr 009] CDR (out of print)
    9 song demo of noisey hardcore/metal insanity.
    DEAD BROKE- Summer '05 Sampler
    [dxbxr 008] CDR (out of print) (paper bag jacket)
    [dxbxr 007] CDR (out of print)
    3 songs live 4-track demo of violent screamo/punk recorded in a cluttered basement.
    DOWN IN THE DUMPS- "Fuckin' wit dirty pipes" Demo
    [dxbxr 006A+B] TAPE/CDR (out of print)
    A: 6 songs recorded live in the living room @ house of capricorn. this one had
       the ac/dc cover, "TNT".
    B: same songs minus "TNT", this time recorded much better by gordon @ the h.o.c.
    DOBLER.- 3 song Sampler CDR
    [dxbxr 005] CDR (out of print)
    3 tracks off full-length CD "Everything we've always wanted..."
    DOBLER.- "Don't believe the hype!" CDR
    [dxbxr 004] CDR (out of print)
    Sampler of sorts made for shows. Spray-painted CDRs. (paper bag jacket)
    THE TEEN WOLVES- Discography CDR
    [dxbxr 003] CDR (out of print)
    30 song CDR disography. (1st press color sleeves/2nd press paper bag jacket)
    DOBLER. / COA- "Dicked over 4-eva demos" CDR
    [dxbxr 002] CDR (out of print)
    Made for a backyard show at a friends house. (10-20 copies)
    DOBLER .- "Songs in the key of death..." E.P. CDR
    [dxbxr 001] CDR (out of print)
    The first Dobler. demo and the first Dead Broke release.
DXBXR   012     V / A : DEAD BROKE TAPE COMP. VOL.1                     CS

                I Farm- land of the lost
                Down In The Dumps- city of the living dead
                Basement Black- apocalypse broadcast with Roma Torre
                Go Sell Drugs- crucifire
                Whiskey Trench- maxwell
                Dragonzord- exile on bainbridge*
                Jean Claude Jamband- 2 dollar headache
                Off With Their Heads- your child is dead
                Dukes Of Hillsborough- wish they were here again
                Chinese Telephones- game of pricks*
                Hidden Spots- what if there's no commuinty in america?*
                Bloodbath And Beyond- davey's fault*
                Toys That Kill- bomb sniffin' dogs
                Monikers- mirror images
                Fleshies- the last friday
                Dan Padilla- chaparral real
                Blotto- goodbye*
                Fellow Project- muskochee*
                Tulsa-young and foolish
                Witches With Dicks- your job does not rock balls
                Friday Knight- backpack full of beer*
                Red And Blue- miss understanding.
                Banner Pilot- uptown sleep solution
                The Tim Version- we're a collective badass*
                Potboiler- you need a lawyer, not a friend*
                (* = Previously Unreleased)
DXBXR   013     DOWN IN THE DUMPS/TILTWHEEL : SPLIT                     CS
DBR     014     WHISKEY TRENCH          THE GOOD SUN                    7"        .2007

        1       The Good Sun                                    3:29
        2       F.U.T.B.                                        2:40
        3       Halfway to Nowhere                              3:22
        4       Maxwell                                         3:06
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies on black vinyl)
DBR     015     V / A                   4-WAY SPLIT SERIES #1           7"        .2007

        A1      Down in the Dumps       Bummer                  1:46
        A2      Fellow Project : Blow the Fucking Roof Off      1:58
        B1      Potboiler               Oh, Shit                2:54
        B2      Red & Blue              The Past Few Years      1:32

150 on Green vinyl w/ limited color silkscreened covers, 150 on Blue vinyl.
Artwork by: Mitch Clem.
DBR     016     GO SELL DRUGS           DEMO CDR                        CDR     07.2009

        1       Crucified                                       1:20
        2       Double Life                                     1:43
        3       Not For Nothing                                 4:43
        4       Mind Blown                                      1:54
        5       South Side                                      1:14
        6       Republican                                      2:00

1st 30+ CDrs spray-painted with "GSD" logo.
DBR     017     GET BENT                DEMO                            CDR       .2008

5 Song 2008 Demo. Includes exclusive song, "Ridgewood, Son".
DBR     018     SUICIDE FIX             SUICIDE FIX                     7"        .2008
DBR     019     V / A :  Dead Broke Rekerds Tape Comp Vol. 2            CS        .2008

        A1      Dynamite Arrows         Quality Of Life         3:12
        A2      Traffic + Weather       Freeways                2:09
        A3      Vena Cava               Find Myself Missing     3:27
        A4      Down In The Dumps       Bummer                  1:41
        A5      Fellow Project ; Thank You Comrad Conrad        2:55
        A6      Lemuria                 Mechanical              2:39
        A7      Shang-A-Lang            Biting My Tongue        3:15
        A8      The Crump               Tonight                 2:43
        A9      The Reaction            Cat Trap                3:10
        A10     The Closet Fairies      Bryon's Song            1:19
        A11     Bridge + Tunnel : Location, Location, Location  3:11
        A12     Get Bent                Barback Mtn.            2:02
        B1      Underground Railroad To Candyland : untitled    3:46
        B2      North Lincoln           Dead Guy Ale            2:32
        B3      Shorebirds              People I Live With      2:50
        B4      The Urchin              Lack Of Criticism       0:54
        B5      Buckeye                 Anthem                  1:38
        B6      Delay                   You Too                 2:03
        B7      Dragonzord              Searching For Harram    2:49
        B8      Stressface              Magic Numbers           3:13
        B9      Smalltown               The Music               2:16
        B10     Billy Reese Peters      Mexico                  1:49
        B11     Jonesin'                Birds                   1:40
        B12     The Practice            Burning                 1:39

(White, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Black, Blue, Tapes)
DBR     020     FELLOW PROJECT          THE BURIED LIFE                 CD      05.2008

        1       Jump Bail
        2       If A Hat Fit
        3       Even It Out
        4       Crocogator
        5       Homage To The Tumbleweed
        6       Come Back Shorn
        7       Hernia Hang On
        8       Don Vito
        9       Sweet Granadilla
        10      Blue 42
        11      Thank You Comrade Conrad

Long Island, NY folk punk heroes' third full-length album. Hard-rocking, fresh
& honest rock & roll with hints of indie, folk, and punk rock. In a world of
tired folk punk bands, Fellow Project really is all in their own.
Members of: Bridge & Tunnel, Yes Sensei, Church of the Rowdy. Layout by Twin Cuts.
500 CDs pressed. 
DBR     021     SHANG-A-LANG/JONESIN'   SPLIT 7"                        7"      08.2008

        A1      Jonesin'                Birds
        A2      Jonesin'                Lost
        B1      Shang-A-Lang            Bottled Up
        B2      Shang-A-Lang            I'm So Free
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

1st     press limited to 300 copies on greyish mixed vinyl and 50 tour edition test
        pressings with full-color covers
2nd     pressing (100 purple, 200 black w/ full color covers)

7"      Dirt Cult       DC 008          2008    US
DBR     022     DRAGONZORD              HOLE WORLD                      7"      02.2009

        A1      Prisoners
        A2      Searching for Haraam
        B1      Exploit the Birds
        B2      Hole World

Dominic Angelella comes from Philadelphia, PA. Dom is bursting with influences like
Tom Waits, Mountain Goats, Bob Dylan & more, so the outcome is some really amazing,
epic, infectiously melodic folk rock songs. This is really a breath of fresh air
in a world of "alt-country" & tired "folk punk" bands. +Bonus CDR.
(Split release w/ Leatherfist Records)
1st pressing: 300 on Black vinyl.
DBR     022 B   JONESIN'/DOWN IN THE DUMPS : 2008 TOUR CD EP            CDEP      .2008

        1       Jonesin'                Birds
        2       Jonesin'                Lost
        3       Down In The Dumps       Knee-Deep In Spite
        4       Down In The Dumps       Bummer

50 CDRs made for 2008 tour. (25+ spray-painted Orange)
DBR     023     GO SELL DRUGS           AMERICAN HANDJOB                CD      08.2008

Full-length debut album from Brooklyn's own GSD. Raw, high-energy punk/hardcore
rock & roll. A force not to be reckoned with...
(Members of: Four Deadly Questions, I Farm, & Basement Black.)
[Co-released with: MoneyFire Records]
Distributed by Dead Broke Rekerds.
DBR     024     IRON CHIC               2008 DEMO                       CS        .2008

        A1      In One Ear
        A2      Timecop
        A3      Steel Wall Method
        A4      Sensitive Dependence
        A5      Cry-Baby
                (Note : cassette , 1-sided)

Tape release of Iron Chic's 2008 demo. 5 songs of amazing, powerful, melodic Long
Island punk rock from members of: Latterman / Small Arms Dealer.
Artwork by: Lubrano.
Early pressings: on Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Purple shell Tapes.
Final pressing: 100 pressed on high-quality Blue Tapes w/ Gold Foil print. 
DBR     025     GET BENT                DEMO                            CS        .2008

        1       Sleeping Bag
        2       Forest Ave
        3       City
        4       Barback Mountain
        5       Stacked And Shifted

Tape release of the Get Bent- 2008 Demo.
With an Alternate & previously unreleased song: "Barback Mountain".

On Blue, Purple, Clear Prison shell Tapes.
DBR     026     HALO FAUNA              DURAK                           LP      10.2008

        A1      Discourse
        A2      Rehashing Descartes
        A3      Exposure, Processing, And Recording
        A4      Futility And Familiarity
        A5      Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
        B1      Clay V. United States
        B2      Blame A Bird For Your Shortcomings
        B3      Infamous Apology
        B4      Desperado Plunge

LP.CD   Salinas         SAL O29         2008    US

LP release of "Durak" by Buffalo/Brooklyn's Halo Fauna.
Genuine, brilliant, indie pop/rock with great lyrics.
CD on Plan-It-X Records. Artwork by: Kristine Virsis.

1st press: 300 on Black vinyl.
2nd press: 230 on Mixed Color vinyl.

        1       Apocalypse Broadcast With Roma Torre            2:44
        2       The Pain of Being Alive                         3:02
        3       A Breach In Security At Sunday School           2:57
        4       Eating Shit: The Musical                        5:30
        5       True Love And Acid Rain                         4:25
        6       Bombs And Daughters                             3:21
        7       Blood, Shit, And Tears                          3:29
        8       Somebody In Iraq Loves Me                       3:48
        9       You're All Fired, I'm Going Solo                3:03
        10      The Champion                                    3:51
        11      Williamsburg 5:00 Shadow                        2:13

CDR     Belushirock     1               2005    US

Re-release of full-length CDR that was self-released by the band.
Melodic, aggressive, political punk rock from Brooklyn, NY.
CDRs (printed, vinyl cdr, spray-paint black, standard)
DBR     028     ADD/C                   DISCOGRAPHY                     CS        .2008

        1       Savannah
        2       Philly
        3       Black Eyes
        4       Coolidge Park
        5       Paranoia Plus
        6       Fished Vengeance
        7       Wild Man In
        8       Bubbling Cauldron Of Sprirts
        9       State Of The Union
        10      Corn Grows In Rows
        11      Now And Never
        12      Taco Bells Cannon
        13      Country
        14      Asinine Diatribe
        15      Show Tonite
        16      Fbr
        17      What!
        18      Boofreakin'hoo
        19      Dreams
        20      Thirteen Stripes
        21      Little Lies
        22      Gasstrationroses
        23      Tamp
        24      Ah Do Declare
        25      Burritos Del
        26      Shit Flowing From The Mouth Of Myth
        27      Duececornucopia
        28      Sci-Fi
        29      The Cuff

Yup, that's right... A discography of Chattanooga's very own wild asses,
ADD/C! They have been kickin' it for quite some time now & this tape be packed
full of jams from 7"s, the "Keepin' It Real" LP & more.. This rules, I assure you!
On Yellow, Purple, Black, Blue, & White shell tapes. 
DBR     029     ADD/C                   KEEPIN' IT REAL                 LP      11.2008

        A1      Tacobell's Cannon
        A2      Country
        A3      Asinine Diatribe
        A4      Show Tonight
        A5      FBR
        A6      What!
        A7      Boo Freakin' Hoo
        A8      Dreams
        A9      Thirteen Stripes
        A10     Little Lies
        B1      Gas Station Roses
        B2      Tamp It In
        B3      Ah Do Declare Child
        B4      Burritos Del Muerte
        B5      Shit Flowing From The Mouth Of Myth
        B6      A Duece Cornocopia
        B7      Sci Fi
        B8      The Cuff

1st press: 300 on Black vinyl.
                THE WAY...

        1       A Pitiful Sunrise                               3:37
        2       Batman Shall Die...                             5:39
        3       Engert & Broome                                 3:55
        4       Decayed Heart Theory Pt.2                       4:19
        5       If You Can't Sing Good, Sing Loud               4:03
        6       New Habits Die Hard                             4:25
        7       Last Call                                       4:20
        8       Relentless                                      4:38
        9       Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)                      3:30

4 years after Dobler. called it quits, this full-length is finally released as it
was left. Unmixed but very fitting. Recorded in the winter of 2004. A balanced blend
of indie rock, pop punk and rock & roll.
DBR     031     GET BENT                DEMO                            7"        .2008

        A1      Sleeping Bag
        A2      Forest Ave
        B1      City
        B2      Stacked And Shifted

7"      Dirt Cult       DC 012          2008    US

4 songs from the 2008 Get Bent demo released on 7" E.P. Quirky & fast-paced
indie/pop-punk from Queens, NY, now defunct. Members of: Potboiler, Down in
the Dumps, Red & Blue, Jonesin', State Lottery. This demo is now released in
every format. Only 1 pressing on vinyl, then gone. Artwork by: Andy Dennison.

500 on Purple & Grey mixed color vinyl.
DBR     032     DOWN IN THE DUMPS       DUMPS LUCK                      LP      01.2009

        A1      Pipe Dreams
        A2      I Hate Myself But I Don't Want To Die
        A3      Ex-Brothers & Ex-Lovers
        A4      Raggedy Anne
        A5      Farmingvillians
        B1      95
        B2      If Green Day Had The Guts
        B3      Pint Glass Dance
        B4      Can Of Worms
        B5      Pets
        B6      Geese

LP      Kiss Of Death   KOD 009         2007    US
CD      Kiss Of Death   KOD 009         2007    US

The 2nd pressing on vinyl of the Dumps full-length. 11 songs of melodic, gruffy,
pop-punk rock slop with all new alternate full color Artwork by: Gordon Lafler.
2nd press: 175 on Purple vinyl, 125 on Orange vinyl.
DBR     033     CMR                     ONLY A SOUND, NEVER A PROMISE   CD      06.2009

        1       Clarity Slows Time                              3:11
        2       Song No. 5                                      3:10
        3       Old/New                                         6:21
        4       Dusk Lights                                     1:47
        5       Too Fast To Focus                               3:59
        6       Post Script Sleep                               4:19
        7       Wayne Arnold                                    6:18
        8       Rising Water, Sinking Ships                     5:06
        9       Wake Into Tomorrow                              2:36
        10      3:25 AM                                         4:15

Re-release of the bands' self-released full-length album. Somewhere between Fugazi
and Refused, CMR blend an incredible epic style of punk rock, hardcore, & elements
of indie rock and sure do make it all their own.
1st press: 150 full-color printed CDs.
DBR     034     V / A                   TAPE COMP. 3                    CS        .2009

        A1      ADD/C                   Gas Station Roses
        A2      Tenement                Pauline
        A3      Drunken Boat            Poison Arrows
        A4      The Copyrights          Holidays
        A5      Sinks                   No No No
        A6      I Farm                  Young Republican
        A7      The Conniption Fitts    I Can't Sleep
        A8      The Yolks               I Do What I Do
        A9      Iron Chic               Steel Wall Method
        A10     Stupid Party            Louis
        A11     Yes Sensei              All Your Bass Are Belong To Us
        A12     Go Sell Drugs : Don't Come Easy But It Sure Comes Loud
        B1      Browntrout : On The Routine Way, As Like Always
        B2      The State Lottery       Cities We're Not From
        B3      Pretty Boy Thorson & Falling Angels : Am I Dead Yet?
        B4      Bad Blood               Bitter Pill
        B5      Former Cell Mates       Here's To The Pretty Girls
        B6      Explosivo!              Metallica Died With Cliff Burton
        B7      Spokesmen               DnR
        B8      Comeonfeel              I Am A Sattellite
        B9      The Serious Geniuses    Bacon Strip Band Aid
        B10     Marshall Teller         Sound Charades

Metallic Blue, Purple, Black, Blue, & White shell tapes.
DBR     035     THE BRASS               HOMOSAPIEN                      7"      06.2009

        A1      Pubis Mons                                      4:23
        A2      Dead Soldier Strut                              2:36
        B       Fix Until Broken                                5:46

3-song 7" E.P. of chaotic, melodic, indie/punk rock from Brooklyn, NY.
(Ex- On the might of princes, Latterman, Splurge, & more.)

1st press: 440 on Black vinyl, 110 on Clear Red vinyl.

        A1      Kindling
        A2      Bitter Pill / Aging Punk
        A3      Talking To You Blues
        A4      Architectural Pop
        B1      Red Flood
        B2      Dirge Scene
        B3      Cactus's
        B4      Feral Quarter

Noisey, distorted, sludgey grunge/punk from Brooklyn, NY.
Achin' to the Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Killdozer, Butthole Surfers.

(Split release w/ Sweet Dreams Records)

1st press: 447 on Black, 110 on Translucent Green vinyl.
w/ hand-painted, hand-pasted, hand-screened jackets.
DBR     037     LANDLORD                LANDLORD                        7"      08.2009

        A1      Can o' Beans
        A2      Got That Itch
        B1      Insomnia II
        B2      Lost My Mind

7" E.P. of 4 new songs from Bloomington, IL.'s LANDLORD! A Fuzzed-out, super
poppy blend of pop-punk,grunge & indie rock from members of:
The Door-Keys, Defiance Ohio & Giant Bags of Weed.

1st press: 511 Mixed Color vinyl.
(Most on: Pink + Random Mixed / Limited on: Purple + Yellow Mixed) 
DBR     038     DOWN IN THE DUMPS       DOWN IN THE DUMPS               CDR       .2009
DBR     038     DOWN IN THE DUMPS       DOWN IN THE DUMPS               CS        .2009
DBR     038     DOWN IN THE DUMPS       DOWN IN THE DUMPS               22MP3     .2009

        1       City Of The Living Dead                         3:57
        2       Pint Glass Dance                                1:55
        3       Lama Temple                                     1:52
        4       Pipe Dreams                                     1:58
        5       I Hate Myself But I Don't Want To Die           1:46
        6       Ex-Brothers & Ex-Lovers                         3:05
        7       Raggedy Anne                                    2:36
        8       Farmingvillaina                                 2:26
        9       95                                              2:01
        10      If Green Day Had The Guts...                    1:24
        11      Pint Glass Dance (2)                            1:43
        12      Can Of Worms                                    1:12
        13      Pets                                            2:35
        14      Geese                                           5:11
        15      Bummer                                          1:45
        16      Knee Deep In Spite                              3:41
        17      Little Fonzie                                   2:12
        18      Pipe Dreams                                     2:03
        19      Dump Song                                       1:33
        20      How Are Your Pets                               2:47
        21      Geese                                           4:04
        22      Far From Cryptic Doom                           2:56

Totally complete DOWN IN THE DUMPS discography on one jam-packed Cassette
Tape or CDR. Both split 7"s, B-sides, weird demos, bad covers, unreleased tracks,
& the "Dumps Luck" LP all in one place. Artwork by: Bill Pinkel

1st pressing: on Black & Blue shell Tapes

1st pressing: on Green or Pink Spray-painted CDRs and Silver CDRs.

2nd pressing: Hand-drawn Silver CDRs.

(Limited CDRs w/ full color insert)
DBR     039     SISTER KISSER           DEMO TAPE                       CS        .2009

        A1      Operation Stay Alive
        A2      The Money Shot
        A3      Soul Glow
        A4      Stories To Last A Lifetime
        B1      Growing Up Fast, Going Down Hard
        B2      Fuck The Doomed
        B3      Aint Enough Love..

Heartfelt & melodic punk rock from Long Island, N.Y. chock full of energy and
urgency, Sister Kisser reminds of us how powerful & strong a punk song could truly be.
On Black & Blue shell Tapes.
DBR     040     DUDE JAPAN              TEENAGE SUMMER EP               CS        .2009

        A1      Teenage Summer
        A2      Olympic Swimmer
        A3      Baby Talk
        A4      Teenage Summer Forever
        B1      Short Round
        B2      Wanna Be Indie Rock Superstar
        B3      Wishing Well

Lo-fi indie rockers from Long Island, NY. Their 2009 Demo on Tape. Featuring
3 unreleased songs. Totally awesome full-color Artwork by: Jonathan Kaplan.

On Blue & Clear Prison shell Tapes.
DBR     041     ONION FLAVORED RINGS    UNRAVELING THE PAST             CS        .2009

        A1      I Kill Butterflies
        A2      I Am An Idiot
        A3      Quantum Physics
        A4      Remarkable
        A5      Addiction
        A6      Live The Chaos, PT. II
        A7      Broken Promises
        A8      Contrary Heart
        A9      Used To It
        A10     Mummy
        A11     Over, It's Over
        A12     Make An Indian Cry
        B1      Inconclusive
        B2      Man Without A Heart
        B3      Virginities
        B4      Veal
        B5      Venus
        B6      Positively Treat Street
        B7      To The Grave
        B8      Down!
        B9      Hard To Tell
        B10     Two Minutes' Enlightenment
        B11     12:05 Tonight
        B12     Laughing

Both Onion Flavored Rings full-length albums on a pressed Cassette Tape!
The "Used to It" LP on the A Side & "Two Minutes' Enlightenment" LP on Side B!
Quirky, clever, poppy & catchy pop/punk, San Francisco style. (ex- Funyons,
Crimpshrine, Allergic To Bullshit, Miami, etc.) Artwork by: Erick Lyle.

1st press: 250 pressed on pro-printed Clear Tapes.
DBR     042     IRON CHIC               SHITTY RAMBO                    7"      11.2009

        A1      Shit/Giggles
        A2      The World's Greatest Detective
        B1      Don't Tell Me Stupid, Don't Show Me Fuck You
        B2      (I Never Get) Winded

Iron Chic's vinyl debut with 4 new songs of heartfelt, urgent & melodic pop-punk/indie
rock from Long Island. Members of: Latterman, Small Arms Dealer & More.
Artwork by: Lubrano.

1st press: 500 on Purple & Gray Mixed Color vinyl. (10 test pressings)
2nd press: 166 on Opaque Green, 333 on Opaque Red vinyl.
3rd press: 410 Black, 208 Opaque Yellow, 116 Mint Green vinyl. (DBR Exclusive)
DBR     043     NUDE BEACH              DEMO                            CS      07.2009

        1       Skeleton Handshake
        2       Soul Patch
        3       Sunshine Boys
        4       Beachy
        5       Smokin' God
        6       Sacred Hair
        7       Loaded Gun

Poppy, catchy, quirky & even surf-ey pop punk. Full color artwork.
(Comes w/ download link.)
1st press: 100 pressed on Orange Tapes w/ White print.
DBR     044     JONESIN'                7" SONGS                        CDR       .2009

        1       Birds
        2       Lost
        3       Jonesin'
        4       Coming Around
        5       I Wish The Sun Was A Giant Pizza
        6       Knee-Deep In Spite
DBR     045     LOVE PANTHER            BOOZE'N DRUGS                   2DL     07.2010

        1       Booze 'N Drugs                                  3:36
        2       Bomber                                          3:31

Powerful, fast rock & roll anthem reminiscent of old punk & hardcore, as well as
classic rock & roll. B-Side- Motorhead cover of "Bomber".
DBR     046     JACK PALANCE BAND : GET THIS SHIT UNDER WAY             LP        .2010

        A1      Underdog
        A2      Jim And Me
        A3      News
        A4      Old Haunts
        A5      Fears Confirmed
        A6      It Makes No Difference
        A7      Other Side Of Town
        A8      Colored Days
        B1      The Feeling
        B2      Breakfast Club
        B3      Haye
        B4      Straight Ahead
        B5      Stand Up
        B6      Heroes Shoes
        B7      Theme From Grizzly Adams
        B8      Heaven

LP.CD   A.D.D.          ADD 013         2000    US

Finally! An LP release of one of the greatest punk records ever made. Chattanooga
Region Rock Punk with gut-wrenching hooks & lyrics. Pre-Hidden Spots & Future
Virgins. First time available on 12" vinyl ever.
1st press: 400 on Black vinyl, 100 on Pink vinyl. 
DBR     047     SANDWORMS               ...IT'S FUCKING DEMO            CS        .2009

        A1      Born, Raised And Trapped With You
        A2      El Diablo
        A3      Sea Sick
        A4      Gut Rope
        A5      Neither World
        B1      Born, Raised And Trapped With You
        B2      El Diablo
        B3      Sea Sick
        B4      Gut Rope
        B5      Neither World

Cassette Tape release of Sandworms' 2009 Demo of awesome rock & roll, pop-punk rock
that rules! Think 50's style rock, surf-rock, and totally sick pop-punk!
(Members of: The Nojons, Steinways)

1st press: 200 Tapes:

100 pressed Green Tapes w/ White print.
100 pressed White Tapes w/ Green print.
DBR     048     FLESHIES                BROWN FLAG                      CS        .2010

        A1      Aphids                                          3:28
        A2      Onion Of My Eye                                 2:15
        A3      Over The Rain-Dro                               1:08
        A4      Fire It Up                                      4:05
        A5      The Chip                                        2:35
        B1      Now She Is A Cop                                1:12
        B2      Grounded                                        2:32
        B3      Finger In The Sky                               6:47
        B4      Forever's Gonna Start Tonight                   2:23
        B5      You Could Be A Star                             2:59

San Francisco's FLESHIES have absolutely killed it with their new record!
Defintely one of their best albums. So in honor of them ruling, here's a sick
pressed Cassette Tape release of it. Full Color Covers only available from Dead Broke!
600 pressed on Red & Black shell tapes.
(Co-release w/ Small Pool & P.R. Cubed Records)
DBR     049     POTBOILER               ROLLING BOIL                    CS        .2009

        1       I'll Always Know What 99 cents Can Get Me       2:44
        2       The Shogun's Decapitator                        2:25
        3       Ten's There                                     2:01
        4       There's a Big Fucking Difference                2:13
        5       56th & Grove                                    2:13
        6       Self Pity for Dummies                           1:59
        7       West                                            1:28
        8       Untitled                                        2:26
        9       2 a.m.                                          2:15
        10      Stay Tru Paltz                                  2:34
        11      Oh, Shit                                        2:52 

Re-issue of the out-of-print Discography! Melodic & quirky basement pop-punk/indie
rock from Upstate/Brooklyn, NY. 11 song collection featuring all songs
from: "Izzy Alcantara" 7" EP (Salinas), Art of the Underground Single Series 7",
Dead Broke 4-Way Split 7" Vol.1, and some unreleased songs. 25 min. total. Dudes
went on to play in: Get Bent, Thousandaires, How Do We Jump This High?, Halo Fauna.
Artwork by: Kristine Virsis. (Comes with download link.)

1st press: 100 pressed Opaque Purple Tape.
2nd press: 100 pressed Purple Tint Tapes. 
DBR     050     V / A                   4-WAY SPLIT #2                  7"        .2010

        A1      Underground Railroad To Candyland : I Hate The Fucking
        A2      Killer Dreamer          Pucker Up
        B1      Tulsa                   Haggard Times
        B2      The Reaction            The Man From Amsterdam
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 orange copies)
DBR     051     EVERYTHING SUCKS        THE TAXES IN TEXAS              LP      03.2010

        A1      HC Of The NYJ                                   1:33
        A2      GOB's Reaction To Any Mention Of His Parents
                Engaging In Sexual Intercourse                  3:48
        A3      The Riceman Cometh                              0:43
        A4      I Lack Gumption                                 3:12
        A5      We've Been Working On The Railroad              4:48
        B1      Nine Five Times                                 3:12
        B2      Minamebadge Weighs A Ton                        1:58
        B3      Fast Science                                    3:09
        B4      WW3                                             4:01
                (Note : LP , 150 black/100 clear-orange copies)

LP      Just A Audial   JAA 005         2010    US

Brand new Full-Length LP of melodic and furious hardcore/punk, from these Long Island
natives. 9 songs of urgent, energetic punk rock with laces of hardcore that reminds
one of Black Flag & early 80's hardcore while tip-toeing the line between Kill Your
Idols style punk and rock & roll. Layout by: Darren Nanos. (Comes w/ download link.)
DBR     052     GYPSY                   4-SONG DEMO                     CDR       .2010
                (Note : CDr , 100 copies)
DBR     052     GYPSY                   4-SONG DEMO                     CS        .2010
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies)

        1       Grow                                            1:48
        2       Talk Sick                                       1:48
        3       The Most Important Ship Is Friendship           1:45
        4       Synapses Misfire                                1:56

CDR     Dirt Cult       DCR 022         2010    US

4 Song Cassette Tape of totally awesome killer lo-fi basement punk rock from
members of: Shang-a-lang, Marked Men & Hidden Spots! Comes with download link and
limited mini-poster.
(Split Release w/ Dirt Cult Records)
1st press: 100 Blue Tapes
2nd press: 100 Blue Tapes / 100 CDRs
DBR     053     WITCHES/HONKY HORN & BAD MOUTH : SPLIT                  7"      05.2010

        A1      Witches                 Do I Sound Like Myself Now?
        A2      Witches                 When You Find Out (Nerves)
        B       Honky Horn & Bad Mouth : Faded Beach 2050
                (Note : 7" , 333 copies total)

A split 7" of two of the best bands in DIY punk right now!
Athens, GA.'s WITCHES fire up a mean blend of indie/punk rock that stays true to
the Neil Young / Nirvana comparsion I've heard about. These 2 songs have a tight
mellow, grungey groove. Brooklyn, NY.'s HONKY HORN & BAD MOUTH contribute a song
of their spaced-out, dark, Hickey-induced punk.
DBR     054     SISTER KISSER           VIPERS                          CD      08.2010

A.      1       Hobos and House Shows
        2       PUPPY!
        3       DTF
        4       Soul Glow
        5       Outta My Head
B.      6       Growing Up Fast, Going Down Hard
        7       Operation Stay Alive
        8       The Fuck It List
        9       safeascoffee
        10      I Am the Enemy
                (Note : 1st pressing 500 copies on mix-coloured vinyl)

LP      Gruff Beard     GBR 004         2010    US

SISTER KISSER hail from the suburbs of Long Island, NY. With their newest debut
full-length LP/CD, "Vipers", they have truly branded their own style of melodic,
aggressive, heart-felt, anthemic, DIY punk rock. 10 songs! From the first song to
the last, Sister Kisser grabs your attention with their sense of urgency & their
realistic lyrics. Hands down, one of our favorite albums of the year!
Artwork by: Lubrano. (Comes w/ download code.)
DBR     055     WAX PHANTOM             DON'T FOOL WITH A PHANTOM       CDR     06.2010

CDR     1       See-Thru                                        2:37
        2       White Widow                                     2:30
        3       Night's Plutonian Shore                         2:53
        4       Dijonaise                                       2:45
        5       Marinara Man                                    1:06
        6       II                                              2:22

10"     Yo-Yo           YOYO 58         2012    GE

WAX PHANTOM is a 4 piece punk rock band from Long Island, NY.
Take 3/5 Iron Chic, 2 pts. Small Arms Dealer, 2 pts. Jonesin', chill, mix and you
got the Phantom. New 6 song demo of aggressive, dark, poppy & melodic punk rock.
This demo was recorded completely live in the Dead Broke HQ Kitchen.
Artwork by: Lubrano.
Spray-painted and Silver CDRs.
(Limited CDRs w/ spray-painted "Ghost-Face" / Solid Blue.)
DBR     056     FUDDY DUDDY             FUDDY DUDDY                     CS        .2009

        A1      Pretend You Care
        A2      Ghost Jerk
        A3      Back Bay Cops
        B1      Awful Slacks
        B2      Unironic
        B3      Fighting On Cell Phones With Girls
                (Note : cassettre , 2 presssins , 100 copies each)

Boston, MA. We're releasing this demo recorded last year.
FUDDY DUDDYS were: Brian, Mark & Josh, and broke up when Josh moved to Orlando.
Mark (bassist) played in WITCHES WITH DICKS. Oof, another name-drop.
(Comes with download link.)
DBR     057     IRON CHIC               NOT LIKE THIS                   LP      09.2010
DBR     057     IRON CHIC               NOT LIKE THIS                   CD      09.2010
DBR     057     IRON CHIC               NOT LIKE THIS                   CS      09.2010

        A1      Cutesy Monster Man                              3:56
        A2      Time Keeps on Slipping Into the (Cosmic) Future 3:21
        A3      Timecop                                         2:23
        A4      I Always Never Said That                        2:21
        A5      Black Friday                                    2:06
        B1      Know What I Mean, Jellybean?                    3:11
        B2      Awes-nificent                                   2:51
        B3      In One Ear                                      3:35
        B4      Bustin' (Makes Me Feel Good)                    3:26
        B5      Every Town Has an Elm Street                    3:31

LP      Yo-Yo           YOYO 44         2012    GE

Debut full-length album from Long Island natives! Anthemic & melodic punk rock from
the new line-up that features members of: Latterman, Small Arms Dealer, Capital,
Get Bent & Jonesin'. Artwork by: Lubrano. RIP Wild Dad <3

1st press: 400 on Black vinyl, 100 on Mystery Colored vinyl.
2nd press: 300 on Black vinyl, 200 on Lavender Colored vinyl.
3rd press: 400 on Pink vinyl, 200 on Opaque Yellow vinyl.
4th press: 200 on Black vinyl, 100 on Coke-Bottle-Clear vinyl.
5th press: 400 on Black, 100 on Split Color, 100 on Orange vinyl
    (Underground Communique Exclusive).
6th press: 700 on Black, 200 on Opaque Red, 100 on Lemon-Lime vinyl.
7th press: 700 on Black, 200 on Blue, 100 on Brown vinyl.
8th press: 419 on Black, 109 on Clear Green vinyl.

1st press: 100 copies pressed Red Cassette Tapes.
2nd press: 100 copies pressed Orange Cassette Tapes.

1,000 pressed in full-color cardboard gatefold sleeves. 
DBR     058     EXPLOSIVO!              IF THE DEVIL HAD A GUITAR       LP+DLc    .2011
                (Note : LP , 400 copies on mix-coloured vinyl)
DBR     058     EXPLOSIVO!              IF THE DEVIL HAD A GUITAR       LP+DLc    .2011
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on glow in the dark vinyl)
DBR     058     EXPLOSIVO!              IF THE DEVIL HAD A GUITAR       CD        .2011

        A1      Hey Man, What The Fuck?
        A2      I Don't Think The Ranger's Gonna Like This One
        A3      ...It Was The Most I Ever Threw Up, The End.
        A4      I'm The Devil And I'm Tiny
        A5      Rosenthal: Rome Will Fall
        A6      Metallica Died With Cliff Burton
        B1      How Rock 'N Roll Saved My Life (Summer Of '96)
        B2      Futuristic Robot Sex In The Year 2001
        B3      Fuckin' Shit's Right Buddy
        B4      You're The Reason I Do Drugs
        B5      Her And Me (Not A Love Song)

LP      Limited Pressing  LP 001        2011    US

Explosivo! was a melodic punk/indie/rock band from the depths of Long Island, N.Y.
(Featuring guys who would go on to form such bands as: Small Arms Dealer, Iron Chic,
Wax Phantom & more.) They can be described as “Piebald & Pantera hanging out at
Guns ‘N Wankers house.” No shit. They released a CDep, “The Uh-Oh” E.P. on Rok Lok
Records, and recorded a full-length CD titled, “If The Devil Had A Guitar”, at the
Creep Records house before their inevitable break-up sometime around 2001? That
album was never released and lost in the sands of time, circulating only through
friends, mix-tapes, & bootlegged copies around the world… Until now. Dead Broke
Rekerds & Limited Pressing proudly present, one of the best DIY punk albums to ever
surface from Long Island. And now you will go deaf… Artwork by: Lubrano.
(CD+Download code comes w/ bonus track!)
(Split release w/ Limited Pressing)
1st press: 400 on Mixed color, 100 on Glow-in-dark vinyl + 300 CDs pressed.
DBR     059     WHITE NIGHT             IMMORTAL                        LP      03.2011

        A1      Dogface                                         1:32
        A2      Danielle Harris                                 2:39
        A3      Summer Of '99                                   1:49
        A4      Transgender 411                                 1:42
        A5      Whack Attack                                    2:36
        B1      Juicy Booty                                     1:58
        B2      Joanie                                          1:49
        B3      Bathroom Window                                 2:36
        B4      They Live                                       2:11
        B5      Immortal                                        2:23
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)

LP      No Breaks       NBR 025         2011    US
CS      Burger          BRGR 0070       2010    US

Brand new full-length LP from California's,  WHITE NIGHT! West Coast snotty, poppy
punk very reminiscient of old school 90's pop-punk! Tape released on Burger Records.
(Ex- Adolescents, Drinkers Purgatory, Shred Savage & Pterodactdudes)

        A       Street Eaters           Frigid Digits
        B       Severance Package       Miseducated
                (Note : 7" , 600 mix-coloured vinyl)

7"      Dirt Cult       DCR-024         2010    US
7"      Lost Cat        LCR-004         2010    US

Split 7" of two awesome bands from California! STREET EATERS features John Mink from
FLESHIES, TRICLOPS! along with his wife, Megan, playing Shellshag-style weirdo poppy,
post-punk rock. SEVERANCE PACKAGE is ex-members of the classic east bay punk outfit,
BLACK FORK, playing sick, lo-fi, garage rock in the vein of Dead Moon.
(Comes w/ download code with an extra *unreleased song from each band!)
DBR     061     AWFUL MAN               NEW WAYS TO SAY FUCK OFF!       7"+DLc    .2011

        A1      Leave It All To Rot
        A2      The World According To Bugs
        B3      London Texting
        B1      Made Whole
        B2      Home Taping Killed Music
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

Totally awesome, gritty, catchy, punk/rock from Boston, MA. achin' to Pegboy and the
likes of Jack Palance Band! Members of: Witches With Dicks, Closet Fairies, & Brain
Killer totally kill it with this new 5 song demo of desperate & melodic punk. Get
with it, idiot. Originally on Tape! (Comes w/ a cool zine insert & download code.)
(Split release w/ It's Not a Phase, Dad! Records)
1st press: 500 on Black vinyl.
DBR     062     TRUE STEREO             TRUE STEREO                     7"      06.2011

        A1      Hey
        A2      Sodium Lights
        A3      Lend Me Your Tears
        B1      Higher
        B2      Three Day Weekend
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)

7"      Family Night    FNR-006         2011    US

Chattanooga, TN. wild-asses playing awesome gut-wrenching region rock style punk rock.
Featuring Daniel (ADD/C), Billy Joe (Giant Bags of Weed/Future Virgins), Ryan
(Queerwulf/Hidden Spots) & Tony (Queerwulf). Just what you'd expect.. ruling.
1st press: 500 on Black vinyl.
DBR     063     JEAN CLAUDE JAM BAND    DISCOGRAPHY                     CS        .2011

        A1      2 Dollar Headache
        A2      Rattlesnake Love
        A3      Letter To Sam
        A4      You Own Tonight
        A5      Disappear
        B1      Never Enough
        B2      What You Don't Know
        B3      Into The Sunset
        B4      Bastards Of Young
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)

Finally, a set-in-stone, high-quality, complete discography of everything from one
of the best bands in Replacements-style D.I.Y. punk/rock... Boston's own, Jean Claude
Jam Band. Barker Gee from Ringers/The Young Men. (Comes w/ download link)
1st press: 100 pressed Green Cassette Tapes.
2nd press: 100 pressed Black Cassette Tapes. 
                (Note : LP , 350 copies on black vinyl)

A.      1       Canada Stand                                    1:14
        2       Circle the Block                                3:02
        3       Corner of Keap and Hope                         1:52
        4       Evening Out                                     1:28
        5       Nightmare Prophylaxis (feat. Jason Shevchuk)    0:55
        6       Theam (Instrumental)                            1:44
B.      7       Ugly New Sexy                                   2:32
        8       Needles to Say                                  1:23
        9       Birth Agony of a Mountain                       2:11
        10      Inquire Within                                  2:17
        11      See an Enemy                                    1:42
        12      Demon Gold                                      2:29

Brand new 12 song full-length LP of incredible, intricate, chaotic, melodic, punk
rock that tip-toes the line of hardcore, metal & post-punk rock. Some say... a more
melodic I FARM, and I agree whole-heartedly. This band has been churning out their
own brilliant blend of punk rock since 1997. Over 13 fucking years. Oh yeah, Josh
(of I Farm) now plays drums too. (Come w/ purple screen-printed covers & download
DBR     065     SHANG-A-LANG            SAD MAGIC                       CD        .2011

        1       Nasty Weather                                   2:29
        2       The Woods                                       1:06
        3       I'm Tired                                       2:06
        4       Be Good To Your Mom                             1:17
        5       Get Outta Town                                  1:32
        6       Someday We'll Get There                         1:56
        7       New Year                                        1:37
        8       Best Intentions                                 2:14
        9       Best Summer Ever                                1:41
        10      It's Not You                                    1:51
        11      Passive Aggressive                              1:33
        12      Sad Magic                                       1:06
        13      Log Jammer                                      1:57
                (Note : CD , 300 copies in gatefold plastic sleeve)

LP      Fast Crowd      FCR 014         2009    US      mix-coloured

Finally on CD! One of the best DIY punk albums of 2009! Lo-fi, melodic, desert-cooked
 pop/punk that reminds one of Hickey, Sexy, Scared of Chaka and a bunch of other great
 bands. This is a CD version of the full-length on Fast Crowd Records. Mastered for
 CD by Dave Eck @ Lucky Lacquers.
DBR     066     VACATION                THE DO SHIT TAPE                CS        .2010

        1       Big Scary Dudes
        2       Ratrick's Day 2K9
        3       Wyatt's Song
        4       Party Over
        5       Clumsy Shadows
        6       Body Heat
                (Note : cassette , 100 white copies)

10"     Let's Pretend   LPR-133         2015    US

Re-release of VACATION's first tape! Spazzed-out, high-energy, distorted poppy-punk
from Ohio! I say, Delay on crack. And maybe acid & weed too. Yup, it's true.
DBR     067     RAD PAYOFF              RAD PAYOFF                      CS        .2011

        A1      Top Kill
        A2      Ben Prayed For A Whore
        B1      We All Go To Hell
        B2      Got It All
        B3      You Might Have Been Drunk Or I May Be High
                (Note : cassette , 200 blood-red copies)

CS      Let's Pretend   LPR-051         2015    US

Members of: Sass Dragons, Lipreader & more fly through 5 songs of rippin' pop-punk
jamz.  (Split release w/ Let's Pretend)
DBR     068     V / A                   DEAD BROKE COMP. FOUR           CS+DLc    .2011

        A1      Sloane Peterson         Meaningless
        A2      Kicking Spit            Truth Or Consequence
        A3      Gordon Gano's Army      Up To Take A Fall
        A4      The Transgressions      Wasteoid
        A5      Brain Killer            Sterile Living
        A6      Weird Fantasy Band      Golden Apple
        A7      Sister Kisser           Hobos And House Shows
        A8      Dude Japan              Sorry Again
        A9      Nightlights             Foxhole
        A10     Vacation                Wyatt's Song
        A11     Eine Kleine Chinmuzik   Cold Coffee
        A12     Wild America            The Right Away
        A13     Black Triangles         Chasing Shadows
        B1      Stymie                  Scabs/Scars
        B2      Nude Beach              Loaded Gun
        B3      Wax Phantom             See-Thru
        B4      White Night             The Dilated Pupils (A.T.)
        B5      Thirsty!                Why All My Kids Have Asthma
        B6      Black Wine              Broken Arm Bear
        B7      Street Eaters           Run Away
        B8      Pterodacdudes           Terror Attack Dudes
        B9      Hairdos On Fire         Macho Man
        B10     God Equals Genocide     La Yerba De Los Caminos
        B11     Strong Reaction         Mark Sucks
        B12     Kreamy                  Lectric Santa
        B13     Ancient Tongue          Spitfire
        B14     Stoned At Heart         Steppin' On Shells
                (Note : cassette , 2 pressings , 100 each)
DBR     069     CROW BAIT               THREE TICKLE GUYS EP            CS        .2011

        A1      Tragic Fall
        A2      Callin' Yer Bluff
        A3      Dizzy Spells
        B1      Outbound
        B2      Breathing Days

7"      Drunken Sailor          DSR 005         2011    US/UK
7"      Solidarity Recordings   SR 033          2011    US/UK
7"      Eager Beaver Records    EBR 009         2011    US/UK
7"      A.D.D.                  ADD 070         2011    US/UK
7"      Lost Cat                LC 007          2011    US/UK

5 song demo EP of melodic, haunting punk rock/pop-punk from
members of: Jonesin', Iron Chic, Wax Phantom, Sister Kisser, Halfway To Hell Club.
1st pressing: 150 Blue tapes.
DBR     070     V / A                   4-WAY SPLIT VOL.3               7"+DLc    .2012

        A1      Gleam Garden            The Shadow Behind It
        A2      Browntrout              Wandering...2...3...4
        B1      The Because             Highballs
        B2      Your Pest Band : It's On LC Disply, Not CRT Display
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on brown-marbled vinyl)
DBR     071     FOR SERIOUS THIS TIME : WEIRD LIFE                      12"       .2011

        A1      Intro
        A2      Get Us There
        A3      Lake Allatoona
        B1      When I'm Tall
        B2      Noland
        B3      I'm Not Lost
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM + insert , 500 copies on black vinyl)

12"     Life On An Island LOI-28        2011    US

Totally amazing, quirky & melodic indie rock from Long Island! Punk kids playing
intricate & incredible indie/pop/rock jams in the vein of Piebald, Braid & more.
12" EP Comes with download code.

        1       Lindenhurst, You Broke My Heart
        2       The Theology Of Hypocrisy
        3       Best Friend
        4       Breathing Is A Sign Of Guilt
        5       Mediamanemanot
        6       Meanwhile, Back In Quantico...
        7       If It All Falls Aprt, It's All Our Fault (But Mostly Yours)
        8       The Saint Of Winston Drive
        9       The Shape Of Things
        10      Surprise! You're Dead...To Me
                (Note : CD , 300 copies + A4 lyric sheet)

New full-length of instantly memorable, catchy & downright amazing melodic punk
from members of: SISTER KISSER. Strong, anthemic vocals backed with haunting melodies
and an overall sense of urgency. A local favorites' newest full-length album finally
sees the light of day.
DBR     073     SLOANE PETERSON         WHY GO OUT?                     LP      01.2012

        A1      Impression                                      2:59
        A2      One Day                                         2:45
        A3      Recover                                         2:07
        A4      Tallahassee                                     2:58
        A5      Bridges                                         3:17
        B1      You & Me                                        3:35
        B2      Nitelite                                        2:14
        B3      Sunshine                                        2:39
        B4      Friday Night                                    2:13
        B5      Brand New You                                   3:25

LP      Steves Pizza And        SPAR #003       2012    US
LP      Art Of The Underground  ATOU #105       2012    US
LP      Hip Kid Records         HKR #010        2012    US
LP      Hang Up Records         HUR# 007        2012    US
LP      Hip Kid                 HKR #010        2015    US

Florida pop-punk bands' last effort. Sloane Peterson called it a day, but this
full-length will live on with the help of us, Art of The Underground, Hip-Kid,
Hang Up & S-P Records. Catchy, fun, snotty, pop-soaked punk at it's best.
1st pressing: 300 on Black vinyl w/ Black screen-printed covers.
2nd pressing: 200 on Black vinyl w/ Purple screen-printed covers.
DBR     074     BANGERS : SMALL TRIPS/DUDE PLEASURES                    CS+DLc    .2011

        A1      Excuses Be Damned
        A2      Most Wanted Men
        A3      Too Many Dark Knights
        A4      Jon Shoe
        A5      Straight Gin Makes You Batshit Crazy
        A6      The Hard Way
        A7      Huddle In
        A8      Little Lives
        A9      New Villains
        A10     Banging
        B1      Making Friends
        B2      Wild Times, Outrageous Lies
        B3      Church Street In Ruins
        B4      Every Night's A Date Night
        B5      The Love Nest
        B6      Integral Faults
        B7      Irriatants
        B8      Geeks
        B9      Wizard Wise
        B10     A New Raymondo
                (Note : cassette , 100 myellow copies)

Discography (so far) from the U.K.'s best kept secret. Aggressive, in-your-face,
melodic punk rock from Cornwall, England! Includes their 7" collection, "Dude Trips",
and their new full-length album, "Small Pleasures", on Socialist Subject/Kiss Of
Death Records. Sooo damn good. Even fucking better live.
20 Songs! (Comes w/ download link)
DBR     075     TENEMENT                THE BLIND WINK                  CS      12.2011

        A1      Viscous
        A2      Dreaming Out Loud, #2
        A3      Medical Curiosity
        A4      Senile
        A5      Unreal
        A6      Lost Love Star Lust
        A7      The Pleasure We Get (In Scratching An Itch)
        A8      Cage That Keeps You In
        A9      Hey, Soozie
        A10     Hard To Say
        A11     (Messy Endings) In Middle America
        B1      Tour Diary
        B2      (Messy Endings) In Middle America

LP      Cowabunga       CBR 047         2011    US

Demos collection of lo-fi pop/post-punk rock from Wisconsin's own, Tenement. This
shit is pretty god damn great... you got your typical high-energy, popped-out
Tenement rippers on this, but laced with some quiet, some noisey, indie/pop demo
jams in between. All songs previously unreleased. Includes an exclusive song to
tape release. Side B is a weird, fucked up tour diary too. (Comes w/ download)
LP version on Cowabunga Records.
1st press: 100 pressed Orange Cassette Tapes.
2nd press: 100 pressed Orange Cassette Tapes.
3rd press: 100 pressed Clear Blue Cassette Tapes.
4th press: 100 pressed Red Cassette Tapes.
DBR     076     SHANG-A-LANG            WAITING FOR THE END             7"+DLc    .2012

        A1      Waiting For The End                             1:48
        A2      Dead To The World                               1:49
        B1      Perspective                                     1:31
        B2      Comotion                                        1:32
        B3      Stinky Shoes                                    1:21
                (Note : 7" , 868 copies on black vinyl)

7"      Dirt Cult                       DCR-037         2012
7"      Fast Crowd                      FCR-018         2012
7"      Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club    SILVER-039      2012
7"      Let's Pretend                   LPR-062         2012
7"      No Breaks Records               NBR-033         2012
7"      Drunken Sailor                  DSR-013         2012

        A1      This Cause Won't Lose Itself
        A2      Words Fail
        A3      One More Song
        B1      The Tanks Come in Last
        B2      Run Up the Tab

Brand new E.P. of that desperate, melodic, dirty pop-punk you crave. (from members
of: Witches With Dicks, Closet Fairies, Fuddy Duddys, Brain Killer...) These Boston
oi-boiz are back for more!
1st pressing: 400 on Black, 100 on White vinyl.
DBR     078     THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND : THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND           LP        .2012

        A1      I Fought for the USA
        A2      I'll Take You Anywhere
        A3      Domino
        A4      Unglued
        A5      Not for Long
        A6      Five One Zero
        B1      Speed It Up
        B2      What They Won't Give
        B3      Hollowed
        B4      Better Off
        B5      Your Only One
        B6      Lies, Lies

LP      P.Trash         FULLTRASH 59    2010    GE

U.S. Release of this Ottawa pop-punk sensations' debut full-length album!!! This
album was only released on vinyl in Europe (by Germany's fantastic, P.Trash Records)
1st pressing: 200 on Black, 100 on Opaque Red, 100 on White, 100 on Opaque Blue Vinyl.
DBR     079     UNFUN                   CAROLINE                        7"        .2012

        A       Caroline
        B1      Shallow Graves
        B2      Self Medicated
        B3      Unglued

(Note : 7" , 425 black vinyl in black, white and gold sleeve/75 black vinyl in clear
        sleeve with green card)

Devastating and melodic, rough-around-the-edges, drug-induced pop-punk from the
depths of Vancouver, Canada. Filthy, sludgey, desperate punk rock dragged through
a shit-storm of dirt & regret. This slab of wax contains the epic jam, "Caroline"
(clocking in at 8:00 minutes long), and the 3 songs from the U.K. released,
"Shallow Graves" EP on one 7". Fuck yes. Art by- Edith Boucher.
DBR     080     LOW CULTURE             LOW CULTURE                     7"      04.2012

        A1      Georgia
        A2      I Didn't Know
        B1      Nervous Wreck
        B2      Travel Song

 7"     Dirt Cult               DC-041                  2012
 7"     Drunken Sailor          Drunkensailor 015       2012
 7"     Rad Girlfriend          RGF-009                 2012

Four shiney & brand new pop/garage/punk jams from this new Las Cruces, NM. outfit
made up of members of: SHANG-A-LANG, MARKED MEN, GYPSY, etc. These new songs have
a lo-fi feel but are polished up & sound great. Pop-soaked garage punk jams infect
your ears.
1st pressing: 660 pressed on Black vinyl.
2nd pressing: 500 pressed on Black vinyl (with alternate cover art).
DBR     081     SISTER KISSER/RUMSPRINGER : SPLIT                       4DL     05.2012

        1       Sister Kisser           Bear Blood              3:18
        2       Sister Kisser           Contain and Refrain     3:34
        3       Rumspringer             It's Been Awhile...     3:05
        4       Rumspringer             ...And It'll Be Awhile  3:02

7"      Different Kitchen       DKR-002         2012
7"      Angry Chuck Records     CHUCK-18        2012

2 brand new songs from each band, both being "their best shit yet." Rumspringer
is super hooky, melodic pop-punk from Arizona, and the good ol' Long Island boys
in Sister Kisser power through with more of that urgent, heartfelt, melodic punk
rock we know and love. Split of the year!
1st pressing: 300 on Black, 100 on Night-time Purple (Dead Broke Exclusive),
              100 on White vinyl (Different Kitchen Exclusive).
DBR     082     MAKE IT PLAIN/DEEP POCKETS : SPLIT                      7"        .2012

        1       Make It Plain           Fresh Start
        2       Deep Pockets            Cyclone Cellar
        3       Deep Pockets            I Like to Have Dinner Every Night
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on black vinyl)

This split 7" is pretty special to us. 2 of Long Island's best upcoming DIY bands,
sharing a nice little piece o' wax. Deep Pockets feature members of Everything Sucks
& Make It Plain includes members of: Capital, Sister Kisser, Crow Bait & even Deep
Pockets! DP deliver two of their groovin' indie/pop rock songs, complete with smooth
vocals & killer guitar licks. MIP whip out two 90's-style indie/pop gems with melodic,
catchy rhythms & beautiful singing.
DBR     083     SIREN SONGS             SIREN SONGS                     CS      08.2012

        1       Nuclear Song
        2       Victim Of Discontent
        3       Sunny Days
        4       Cans On A Shelf
        5       Miles To Go
        6       Secrets (Acoustic)
                (Note : cassette , 100 red copies)

Ragin', fuckin' gnarly Canadian pop-punk! Super catchy & oozing with pop-punk
good-ness! For those who dig This Is My Fist! & other rad shit like it.
DBR     084     LOW CULTURE             LOW CULTURE                     CS        .2012

        1       Travel Song
        2       31
        3       Georgia
        4       Modern World

The first demo from Las Cruces, New Mexico lo-fi pop-punkers. Members of
Shang-a-lang & Marked Men. Re-released with Dirt Cult for a 2nd pressing,
this time on high-quality pressed cassettes.
100 pressed Black Cassette Tapes.
20 tour version tapes. 
DBR     085     BASTARD CUT             HOW TO SPOT A BASTARD           CD      07.2012

        1       Sal Bundy
        2       Pictures Of Food
        3       I Can't Say No
        4       Professional Sweatpants
        5       My Heart Swims In Blood
        6       My Wife, The Tramp
        7       They Ate Our Freedom
        8       Swatting At Flies
        9       Piece Of My Shark
        10      Triangle Park
        11      Not Durant
                (Note : CD , 300 copies)

Melodic Long Island punk played by ex-members of: Silent Majority, The Agent
& Capital.
DBR     086     WIDE ANGELS             SMILE MORE                      LP+DLc  11.2012

        A1      Shrapnel                                        1:17
        A2      Much Less Than Nothing                          2:40
        A3      The Revolution Will Be Streamed                 3:41
        A4      Traditional Song About The Catch 22isms Of
                Oppression                                      2:13
        A5      Horoscopes                                      2:34
        B1      Blue Tiling                                     3:28
        B2      Crowded Streets, Empty Faces                    2:50
        B3      It Was A Good Day Pt. II                        2:14
        B4      Instrumental In C                               2:00
        B5      I'll Get Back To You                            3:42
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)

LP      Dirt Cult       DC 053          2012    US

Melodic, urgent, & rough around the edges Chicago punk rock. If you dig classic
Chicago bands like Naked Raygun & Pegboy, as well as contemporaries like Canadian
Rifle & Das Kapital, you will love this record. Ex-Sidewalk Cracks.
DBR     087     IRON CHIC               SPLIT N' SHIT                   7"        .2012
DBR     087     IRON CHIC               SPLIT N' SHIT                   CDR       .2012

        A1      Those Heads Are Our Heads
        A2      Climate Is What We Expect Weather Is What We Get
        B1      Langoliers
        B2      85 E. Clevland

3 Songs from Iron Chic's two European 7 inches, including a bonus alternate cover

1st pressing: 400 on Black, 100 on Pink, 100 on Opaque Blue vinyl.
2nd pressing: 300 on Black, 100 on Purple, 100 on Opaque Red vinyl.
        (24 copies "Inbetween" Mix)
3rd pressing: 125 on Clear Orange, 327 on Black vinyl.
DBR     088     THE CRIMINALS           NEVER BEEN CAUGHT               LP        .2013

        A1      You Stupid Fuk
        A2      Never Been Caught
        A3      No Victim Here
        A4      Muerte
        A5      Dial H For Homewrecker
        A6      Signifigativo
        A7      Morning After
        A8      CST Bitch
        B1      Parlez-Vous Fuk You?
        B2      My School Sucks
        B3      Girl With A Hole In Her Heart
        B4      Criminal Rocknroll
        B5      Notes On A Barfbag (Final Approach)
        B6      I Feel Funny
        B7      Latex Drool
        B8      Get Over It
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl)

LP.CD   Lookout!        LK 170          1997    US

The Criminals' debut album, Never Been Caught, originally on LOOKOUT! RECORDS,
now re-issued in all its punk rock glory at its new home at Dead Broke! The album
was recorded at Catbox Studios in Oakland, California in January 1997 and was
engineered by Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), and features cover art by Jesse
Michaels (Operation Ivy). Originally existing from 1994-2000, The Criminals have
reunited in 2012 to tear shit up. Trashy, grimy, menacing & poppy punk rock like no
other than The Criminals. Members of: BLATZ, THE GR'UPS, BLACK CAT MUSIC, THE FRISK
& a million fucking more. Crime pays. (Comes w/ download code)
DBR     089     YOUR PEST BAND          SMASH HITS!! (2008-2011)        LP      02.2013

        A1      Sorry
        A2      Ridiculous
        A3      Please Save All Of Me
        A4      Don't Buy My Head
        A5      Time
        A6      Going Down Again
        A7      Personality
        A8      Watch Out
        A9      Route 16 And Route 20
        A10     Just Another Day
        A11     Hey Kids, I'm 35
        A12     It's On LC Display, Not CRT Display
        A13     DIY SGI
        B1      Weasel
        B2      Flattest Road
        B3      My Past Painted Black
        B4      Your Pest Blues
        B5      If You Wanna Open The Door, You Should Close The Windows
        B6      Taking Shit Hard
        B7      Like You Unlike Me
        B8      You Are Me
        B9      Ground Zero
        B10     I Wanna
        B11     Punk Guy
        B12     How Do You Think?
        B13     Please Mr. Postman

LP      Snuffy Smile            SNUFF 120       2013    US

High-energy, lo-fi, Japanese garage punk rock that will kick the door down and drop
yer' jaw to the floor. Complete Singles collection on one 12" black vinyl LP. Incl.
both their 7" EP's (Your Pest Vinyl EP & Ground Zero EP) as well as the split 7"s
with The Miscasts, The Centerhits, Eine Kleine Chinmuzik, Holy Shit!, 3- way split
w/ Defect Defect & Groaning Groove, 4-way Split 7" Vol. 3 (Dead Broke) & more. Dead
Broke version comes w/ multi-color Silk-screened covers by Cali Mucho. (Comes
w/ download code)
1st pressing: 400 on Black vinyl.
DBR     090     V / A : DEAD BROKE REKERDS TAPE COMP. 5                 CS+DLc    .2013

        A1      Awful Man               This Cause Won't Lose Itself
        A2      Frozen Teens            Such Behavior
        A3      Modern Pets             Crown Of Creation
        A4      Tommy Stinson           All This Way For Nothing
        A5      RVIVR                   Tallest Tree
        A6      PS. Eliot               Cry Uncle (Acoustic)
        A7      Big Eyes                Take The Time
        A8      Steve Adamyk Band       I Fought For The USA
        A9      Giant Peach             My Love
        A10     Marked Men              Fortune
        A11     Paul Collins            With A Girl Like You
        A12     M.O.T.O.                I Know You Know
        A13     Lenguas Largas          Yardsale Heart
        A14     Crow Bait               Why Don't You?
        B1      NONA                    Give
        B2      Teenage Softies         Summer Song
        B3      Your Pest Band          Ground Zero
        B4      Crusades                Attic (Edit)
        B5      Caves                   The Mess I Made
        B6      Rubrics                 For One Last Breath
        B7      Summer Vacation         Lil' Slippy
        B8      The Criminals           Never Been Caught
        B9      Rag Rage                Reality Bites
        B10     Underparts              Blank Walls
        B11     Pretty Bullshit         I'm Pissed YO!
        B12     Like Bats               Dry Heave
        B13     Waxahatchee             Mother Ghost/Gramercy
        B14     Glasses                 Ginger Ale
        B15     Shit Creek              Negative Feedback
        B16     Wide Angles             Blue Tiling
                (Note : cassette , 150 white copies)
DBR     091     BEAR TRADE              HIP FLASK LIFE                  CS+DLc    .2012

        A1      Empire Builders
        A2      Wake
        A3      Age Is A High Price To Pay For Maturity
        B1      Strong Water
        B2      Holding Pattern
        B3      Pride Makes A Rotten Companion
                (Note : cassette , 70 clear/30 blue copies)

Good ol' fashioned melodic U.K. punk rock.
(ex- Blocko/Southport, Former Cell Mates)
DBR     092     YOUR PEST BAND          YA-YA-YA                        LP      02.2013

        A1      The Thing That I Want
        A2      She Said
        A3      Aquarium
        A4      LC Crt
        A5      Flattest Road
        A6      The Bomb in My Life
        A7      Can't Wake Up
        A8      Communication Breakdown
        B1      Ya-Ya-Ya
        B2      You Hate My Sound
        B3      Game of Life
        B4      Your Pest Blues II
        B5      DIY SGI
        B6      Just Another Day
        B7      I Would Sing About You
        B8      Ex

LP      Snuff           117             2011    JA
LP      HS!BF           HS!BF #2        2011    US

Debut LP (now out of print!) from this high-energy Japanese garage punk outfit comes
to life on a quite suitable format for it, Cassette! Label sez: "16 finely crafted
pop punk rock n roll gems with that inexplicable Japanese bend. Fans of early 'Mats,
Bent Outta Shape, Dillinger Four, F.O.D, Blotto, Modern Machines, Scared of Chaka,
& Chinese Telephones would likely dig this."
125 pressed Purple Cassette tapes.
DBR     093     LOW CULTURE             SCREENS                         CS        .2013

        A1      Screens
        A2      I Feel Your Ghost
        A3      Waste The Day Away
        A4      Touchy Feely
        A5      Pills
        A6      Nightmare
        B1      Modern World
        B2      Trying To Quit
        B3      California
        B4      Thirty-One
        B5      To The Grave
        B6      Magical Thinking

LP      Dirtnap         ZZZ 119         2013    US

Top notch melodic garage punk hailing from Las Cruces, NM. This is their debut
full-length pressed on a high quality pro-pressed Cassette Tape.
Members of: Shang-a-lang & Marked Men. Produced by Mark Ryan (Marked Men/Mind
Spiders) in Fort Worth, mastered by Dave Williams (Crusades, Steve Adamyk Band)
in Ottawa.
125 pressed White Cassette tapes.
DBR     094     GSD                     IN HADES                        LP        .2013

        A1      Bear Faced Killer
        A2      Love Is Something Like A War
        A3      The Ghost Of Spider Culhane
        A4      Now That You're Tame
        A5      You Can't Put Your Arms Around An Acid Flashback
        B1      God's Speed Dude
        B2      Silence
        B3      Drugs And Roses
        B4      Protégé Of A Man
        B5      Clocktower
                (Note : LP , 400 copies on black vinyl)

LP      Money Fire      MFR-002         2013    US

GSD's sophomore full-length album. GSD's brand of eccentric hardcore punk, driving,
wild & full of melody, really melds together on this effort and shows a band defining
their sound. This is GSD at their absolute best, mind-blowing. Get the fuck ready.
Ex-members of I FARM, Fresh Coats, Basement Black & more. (Comes w/ download code)
DBR     095     EXTRA FEELER            QUEEN FOR A DAY                 CS+DLc    .2013

        A1      Lil Buddy
        A2      Queen For A Day
        A3      Department Of Apathy
        A4      Sidewalk Crawling
        B1      Baby Blanket
        B2      Extra Feeler
        B3      The Faucet
        B4      Swimming
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies total)
DBR     096     DEAD DOG                PRECIOUS CHILD                  12"+DLc 06.2013

        A1      Burnt Ramen                                     1:11
        A2      Most Precious Child                             2:37
        A3      Saints                                          2:41
        A4      Hold Me Tight                                   3:11
        B1      Covered In Blood                                1:57
        B2      OK                                              2:04
        B3      No Flat To Fix                                  1:30
        B4      Danny Says                                      2:43
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 black/marbled-blue copies)

CS      Stupid Bag      BAG 06          20131   US

The third and brand new full-length LP from Athens, GA. based DEAD DOG! Dirty,
infectious pop-hooks from a 'cupla punk vets, that'll make ya shake yer head and
bop around! Raw pop-punk with a melodic low-fi indie flavor. This is some of Dead
Dog's finest material to date and their newest since 2010's, "Dont Touch Me" on
Let's Pretend Records. (Comes w/ download code)
DBR     097     V / A                   SOMETHING TO DU                 7"      10.2013

        A1      Unfun : The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
        A2      Tenement                Obnoxious
        A3      Crow Bait               Dead Set On Destruction
        B1      Bent Outta Shape : Terms Of Psychic Warfare
        B2      The Dauntless Elite : I Don't Know What You're Talking About
        B3      Your Pest Band          Green Eyes
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

7"      Drunken Sailor  DSR 030         2013    US

7 inch vinyl Tribute Compilation to Minneapolis' finest melodic & abrasive punk
innovators, Hüsker Dü! Featuring 6 bands spanning the globe, this is the first
volume in a 2-Edition series featuring:

Here it is, the long-awaited DIY punk rock tribute to one of punk rock's best and
most classic bands, HÜSKER DÜ! Featuring cover songs by UNFUN, CROW BAIT, TENEMENT,
across the globe. Including an unreleased cover by NYC's late great, Bent Outta
Shape, which was meant for a Hüsker compilation that never saw the light of day.
Perfect. Split released as a love connection for the band and each other by Dead
Broke & Drunken Sailor. 4 alternate covers: 2 for US version, 2 UK version. Created
in homage to the bands' album art by Richard Heaven. (Comes w/download)

800 copies. (400 on Black, 100 on Green, 100 on Blue, 100 on Red, 100 on Orange vinyl.)
35 Test Press Tour Editions (w/ alternate cover).

DBR Exclusive: Blue & Orange vinyl in "Everything Falls Apart" & "New Day Rising"
Drunken Sailor Exclusive: Red & Green vinyl in "Flip Your Wig" & "Candy Apple Grey"

        A1      See Some Lights                                 4:13
        A2      Julie (Hang Out A Little Longer)                3:53
        A3      You Can Count On Me Tonight                     3:26
        A4      Econoline                                       5:03
        B1      Late Night Heroes                               3:56
        B2      Hard To Hear The Truth                          3:34
        B3      Rudes And Cheaps                                3:38
        B4      The True Blue Rocker                            3:14
        B5      Promises To Deliver                             4:00

LP      A.D.D.          ADD085          2013    US
LP      Eager Beaver    EBR026          2013    US

NATO COLES (Modern Machines, Used Kids) has finally delivered the definitive rock
& roll full-length of his Minneapolis'-based, THE BLUE DIAMOND BAND. With heart-on-his
sleeves influences ranging from: Bruce Springsteen & The Replacements, Nato has
mastered writing a fucking great rock & roll song. Elements of country-twang and
punk rock are soaked within the bones of these instantly memorable rock songs.
(Comes w/ download)
1st pressing: 450 on Black vinyl, 50 on Orange vinyl, 50 on Yellow vinyl.
2nd pressing: 100 on Blue vinyl, 100 on Clear vinyl, 300 on Black vinyl.
DBR     099     MURMURS                 FLY WITH THE UNKINDNESS         LP      08.2013

        A1      Thirdy Five Summers
        A2      Lil' 'Merica
        A3      Dolorous
        A4      Rookery
        B1      Lunar Wolf
        B2      Starling
        B3      Snake Stories
        B4      Snow Angels
                (Note : LP , 300 black/100 white/100 opaque-green copies)

LP      Drunken Sailor  DSR 033         2013    US

MURMURS are a gritty & melodic pop-punk band from the Northwest of America. Seattle,
Washington to be specific. When I first listened to this amazing batch of songs, the
first thing that popped in my head was, Green Day's "1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours".
Right down to the guitar tone. And of course I instantly fell in love. Although way
more melodic & harsh than said Green Day album, these tunes draw comparisons from the
best of the best in the world of pop-punk/punk rock. Pulling influence from the East
Bay of California, right back up to the Northwest, the land of crust. Members of this
band have played in a slew of great bands such as: SNUGGLE, No High-Fives To Bullshit,
Ratbite, Pipsqueak, Transient, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Makai and more. Recorded by
Brandon Fitzsimons @ Airport Grocery in Seattle. Mastered by Dave Edwardson (NEUROSIS).
Art by the illustrious Keith Henderson (who has handled art for Shorebirds, Snuggle
& more.) Originally released on Cassette by Stay Punk Tapes & Aborted Society Records,
this crucial album is now available on vinyl for all the punx to enjoy. Get this shit
and jam it 'til you fucking can't anymore. (Comes w/download)
DEADBROKE #100  GET BENT                GET BENT                        LP+DLc  08.2015

        A1      Sleeping Bag
        A2      Forest Ave.
        A3      City
        A4      Ridgewood, Son.
        A5      Stacked And Shifted
        B1      Bar Back Mountain
        B2      Face Mush
        B3      To A Buddy At War
        B4      Things Not Done Changed
        B5      On Excuses
                (Note : LP , 300 black/100 coke-bottle-clear/100 white copies)

Complete Discography. Re-mastered and available on a single piece of vinyl and/or
compact disc. Finally. Gloriously Remastered by Carl Saff (Saff Mastering). Members
have been involved with the following bands: Potboiler, Down In The Dumps, Jonesin',
Red & Blue, Iron Chic, Thousandaires, How Do We Jump This High?, Wax Phantom & so
many more.
DBR     101     SIREN SONGS             PAINT BY NUMBERS                CS        .2012

        A1      4th Fret
        A1      Secrets
        A3      Grievances
        B1      Its Not Me
        B2      Occupied
        B3      Paint By Numbers
                (Note : cassette , 250 white copies)

CS      Dig My Grave    DIG 004         2012    US

Canadian rough pop-punkers are back again with another raw, fresh tape chock full
of motherfuckin' jams! Still ragin' with melody and grit, Siren Songs grow better
& better with each release. Lenny from UNFUN hittin' the skins with Legs & friends.
(Comes w/download)
DBR     102     UNFUN                   SHORES OF LAKE ERIE             12"       .2014

        A1      All The Secrets Of The World
        A2      Babyboo
        A3      Shores Of Lake Erie
        A4      Ghoul Child
        A5      Coldsores
        A6      Nuclear Son
        A7      Arson
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided)

Unfun is back with a long-awaited batch of new songs titled, "Shores Of Lake Erie".
7 Songs of Unfun's return, this time with a slightly different approach. Songs being
more melodic and droned out, with that same sludge, fuzz and blast of melody that
we've grown to expect & love from the band. A strong batch of songs on a one-sided
12" vinyl. The feeling of these songs tremble in your chest. Fuck it. It's a fucking
300 on Black, 100 on White, 100 on Smoke-Gray.
1st 100 Pre-orders on Colored vinyl come w/ silk-screened vinyl B-side.
DBR     103     NONA/CROW BAIT          SPLIT                           7"      08.2012

        A1      NONA                    Conscience              3:14
        A2      NONA                    Fast                    3:31
        B1      Crow Bait               Why Don't You?          3:14
        B2      Crow Bait               Last House on the Left  2:30

Long overdue Split 7" between these two East Coast bands. NONA hails from Pennsylvania
and jam out here with two killer tracks of pop-punk soaked indie rock. (Ex- Spraynard).
Crow Bait is from Long Island & cranks out two alternative-rock melodic punk songs.
(Members of: Iron Chic, Sister Kisser & more). Digital download includes bonus
acoustic song from each.
25 hand-dubbed tour edition White Cassette tapes (band-only).
300 on Black, 100 on White, 100 on Blue vinyl.
DBR     104     SMOOTH BRAIN            ONE OF THEM                     7"      08.2013

        A1      One Of Them
        A2      Dum
        A3      The Freezer
        B1      Pointing At Me
        B2      Freaker Party
        B3      Bone 2 Pick
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

6 songs of ripping, sleazey & rad garage punk rock from Cleveland, Ohio.
(Split release w/ Lost Cat Records & Root Of Evil Collective)
400 on Black, 100 on Opaque Yellow, 100 on Opaque Blue vinyl.
DBR     105     DON'T                   89                              7"        .2014

        A       89
        B1      Dead End Drive
        B2      Ghost On The Highway

Portland, Oregon usually brings the holy grail of garage rock & punk rock bands,
so it's no surprise that DON'T are here to kick your ass in with this 3 song
7" 45 rpm. PDX rock & roll with a very classic old-school art punk vibe going on.
Also featuring Sam Henry (Wipers & Napalm Beach) on drums.
300 on Black vinyl.
1st 100 pre-orders come w/ Glow-in-the-dark 45 adapter.
DBR     106     PLOW UNITED             GOODNIGHT SELLOUT               LP        .2013

        A1      Plow II
        A2      You Can't Kill Me (I'm Already Dead)
        A3      Time 2
        A4      Fuck Up
        A5      West Chester Rock City
        A6      Baldwin IV (The Leper King)
        A7      Burn Up
        B1      Covered
        B2      Lighters
        B3      Generator
        B4      Confrontation 101
        B5      Go Home
        B6      WPG
        B7      Header
        B8      Complete Conformity '96

LP      Creep           CREEP 026       1996    US
LP      Blackout!       BLK 5002 E-CD   1996    UK
CD      Creep           CREEP 025       1996    US

Plow United's classic second full-length album from 1996 (originally on Creep
Records), Reissued & Remastered in its' entirety by the great Stephen Egerton
(Descendents/All) at Armstrong Recording in Tulsa, OK.
300 on Black, 100 on Purple, 100 on Pumpkin (FEST Exclusive) vinyl. 
DBR     107     IRON CHIC               SPOOKY ACTION                   CS        .2013

        A1      Spooky Action At A Distance
        A2      Less Rest For The Restless
        A3      Goofy's Concern
        A4      Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
        B1      Spooky Action At A Distance (8 Bit Version)
        B2      Less Rest For The Restless (8 Bit Version)

2013 EP by Long Island's, Iron Chic. The bands' first batch of new material since
"Split N' Shit" in 2011. The tape version of Spooky Action features all songs from
both vinyl versions (US & European) including: two new originals, Butthole Surfers
and Ramones covers, as well as a special secret surprise nerd-tastic B-Side.
1st pressing: 250 pressed White Cassette Tapes.
2nd pressing: 200 pressed Red Cassette Tapes. 
DBR     108     CAVES                   BETTERMENT                      CS        .2013

        A1      I Don't Care, I Don't Care                      2:31
        A2      Build Against                                   2:09
        A3      Rubino                                          2:54
        A4      Love Koala                                      2:41
        A5      Betterment                                      2:26
        B1      Run                                             1:34
        B2      Forevero                                        1:46
        B3      Work                                            1:42
        B4      Tears                                           1:57
        B5      Babyccino                                       2:27
        B6      Ender                                           4:00
                (Note : cassette , 125 clear copies)

aves' sophomore 2013 full-length album, "Betterment" pressed on a Cassette tape.
Rippin', quirky, melodic & fast-paced UK pop-punk! Caves grow even better & out
whoa-oh themselves with each release. (Ex-Flamingo 50)
DBR     109     EARWORMS                EARWORMS                        LP        .2014

        A1      Part Of The Process
        A2      Voyage The Unreal
        A3      The Beat
        A4      Occupy Earth
        A5      Drunk Shaman
        A6      Daedalus Smiles
        B1      Monkey E.T.
        B2      See Through You
        B3      Harmonices Mundi
        B4      Major Threat
        B5      Bomb Threat Checklist
        B6      Genetic Simple
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on black vinyl)

LP      Money Fire      007             2014    US

The debut full-length album from Brooklyn's technical, chaotic, melodic punk rock-metal
trio featuring members of: I FARM, GSD, Man Without Plan, The Shemps & more. This
insane monster-piece will totally freak & satisfy your minds eye and ears. The best
new record you've never heard.
DBR     110     BEAR TRADE              BLOOD AND SAND                  LP      05.2014

        A1      Another One For The List                        0:39
        A2      Bleedin' Heart Trouble                          2:26
        A3      If Stoic Was Normal                             3:22
        A4      Dolly Mixtures                                  2:01
        A5      Anathema                                        4:11
        A6      Charge                                          2:57
        B1      Son Of The Manse                                2:58
        B2      Nice Boots                                      2:09
        B3      Postcards                                       3:39
        B4      Not Everything That Can Hit You Makes A Noise   1:49
        B5      Don't Forget You're Going To Die                3:34
        B6      Dead Leg                                        1:59
                (Note : LP ,  500 on blue splatter on milky transparent vinyl)

LP      Everything Sucks  ESM 0006      2014    US

Debut full-length album from England's melodic punk rock sleuth brethren.
(Ex- Blocko, Southport, Former Cell Mates) Comes with digital download. BLUE SPLATTER
on Milky WHITE Transparent Vinyl! First 50 copies nclude Full Color 11x17" Poster.
DBR     111     CANADIAN RIFFLE         DEEP ENDS                       CS        .2014

        A1      Withdraw
        A2      Pleasant Relief
        A3      Deep Ends
        A4      Ditches
        B1      Brain In A Cage
        B2      Bridge The Gap
        B3      Looking Back At It
        B4      Lock Yourself In The Bathroom
        B5      Going To Get Fucked Up When You Die
                (Note : cassette , 125 yellow copies)

Cassette tape version of Canadian Rifle's amazing new album. "Deep Ends is the second
LP from Canadian Rifle, arguably Chicago's best melodic hardcore band. The band plays
confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of Leatherface and early Jawebreaker)
with themes that range from crossing lines when you know you shouldn't, trying to
keep something alive when you're running on empty, as well as struggles with addiction.
Needless to say, it's pretty bleak in its lyrical and musical approach, but played
with an angered energy that'll keep you fist pumping for the duration. Pretty fucking
great for a band with no dreams and no goals." LP Available on Dirt Cult Records.
DBR     112     CANCERS                 DIG                             7"      03.2014

        A       Dig                                             3:24
        B       Moral Net                                       2:51
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on black vinyl)

7"     Dirt Cult       dc-073          2014    US
7"     Off the Books   0tb-005         2014    US
7"     Kandy Kane      kkr-004         2014    US

7" single of pop-soaked grunge punk rock from Lenny (UNFUN) & Ella (DEAD DOG). These
two songs fucking ruuuule, pick this up and get stoked for their full-length.
Str8 outta Athens, GA. 
DBR     113     FAILURES' UNION         TETHERING                       LP+DLc    .2014

        A1      Painting Lines
        A2      Human Shield
        A3      The Furthest Point
        A4      Lay Me Out
        A5      I Have Never Been
        A6      The Arrow
        B1      Between
        B2      Lost A Fight
        B3      Landlines
        B4      Vs. The Tide
        B5      Busted Open
        B6      Finer Print
        B7      Hard To Sea
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 yellow-green copies)

CD      Sheets Of Tens  SHEET 4         2014    US

Buffalo, New York's long-standing indie/pop/rock bands' third full-length album!
For fans of Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Girls, Lemuria & other indie pop
good-ness. Digital download code included.
DBR     114     GREASY WHISTLES/THE LITTLE RICHARDS : SPLIT             CS        .2014

        A1      Greasy Whistles         Still Can't Rewind
        A2      Greasy Whistles         Man Cave
        A3      Greasy Whistles         Incandescent Lights
        A4      Greasy Whistles         Blithering Fool
        A5      Greasy Whistles         Smudge Your Makeup
        B1      The Little Richards     My Mouth
        B2      The Little Richards     Hipster Space Pizza
        B3      The Little Richards     Caffeine Fiend
        B4      The Little Richards     4:20 Girl
        B5      The Little Richards     Reefer Sadness
                (Note : cassette , 124 white copies)

Split Cassette Tape chock full of snot-nosed lo-fi pop-punk rock! GREASY WHISTLES
is Spent of Closet Fairies/Maine Coons fame, blurting out some of his token hi-speed
garage punk jams. While, THE LITTLE RICHARDS from MASS. blaze through some fun party
pop-punk. (Comes w/ download).
DBR     115     SOMERSET THROWER        FALLING SWINGERS                7"+DLc    .2015

        A1      Shelf Life
        A2      Milk Of Magnesia
        B1      Falling Swingers
        B2      Inertia

Long Island, NY melodic indie/grunge/punk from ex-members of The Agent, Polygon,
Halfway To Hell Club & more. Somerset Thrower power through on their debut EP with
four catchy, urgent & hook-laden 90's influenced punk songs. To top it all off, the
band delivers a great rendition of a Smashing Pumpkins song, as a digital only bonus
track. This is not a debut to be looked over. Get on it. (Comes w/ download)
300 pressed on Black vinyl.
DBR     116     SONIC AVENUES           SONIC AVENUES                   LP      11.2014

        A1      Hiding From You                                 2:14
        A2      I Want You Now                                  2:45
        A3      Out Of My Head                                  3:23
        A4      Girls With Pearls                               2:37
        A5      Bleed Me Dry                                    3:14
        A6      Bored With Love
        B1      On Your Grave                                   2:55
        B2      Radiation                                       2:25
        B3      Why Can't I (Stop Thinking 'Bout You)           1:36
        B4      Waiting For Your Call                           3:15
        B5      Burn My Mind                                    2:37
        B6      Sixteen Years
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 green copies)

LP      Going Gaga      GGR 009         2009    CA

Deluxe Edition Reissue of Montreal, Canada's Sonic Avenues' debut full-length album!
Reissued & Remastered with 2 additional *previously unreleased bonus tracks! Out of
print since 2010. Band now on Dirtnap Records. Members of The Steve Adamyk Band &
more. (Comes w/ download).
DBR     117     NO SIR I WON'T/AUTONOMY : SPLIT                         12"+DLc   .2014

        A1      No Sir I Won't          Support Authority
        A2      No Sir I Won't          Heroes
        A3      No Sir I Won't          Occupy
        A4      No Sir I Won't          Working Class Myth
        A5      No Sir I Won't          The Voice Of Hate
        B1      Autonomy                Affect Heuristic
        B2      Autonomy                Brown Recluse
        B3      Autonomy                Decayed Matter
        B4      Autonomy                Stabilitat
        B5      Autonomy                Ashes To Ashes
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 black/100 red copies)

12"     Dirt Cult       DCR 073         2014    US

Lost Split 12" LP recovered from the vaults by Dead Broke & Dirt Cult. Autonomy is
originated from Carbondale, IL. and play a Crass-inspired brand of dark and melodic
anarcho-crust punk. No Sir, I Won't are from Boston (members of Brain Killer, Awful
Man, etc.) and bring that Conflict-style assaulting peace punk. Oi.
DBR     118     PRINCE                  PRINCE                          7"      08.2014

        A1      In The Living Room                              2:01
        A2      Tips From Margarita                             3:40
        B1      Dusting Off The Firs                            2:10
        B2      Not Fair                                        3:01

Snotty and melodic-as-fuck pop-punk from the blazing streets of Austin, TX! Members
of Huff Stuff Magazine, Dude Jams!, Capitalist Kids, Wild America & more rage on
with their upbeat & unique blend of lo-fi garage slop-pop-punk. Get on it cus this
is totally ruling it. (Comes w/ download).
(Co-release w/ Drunken Sailor, A.D.D. Records, No Breaks Records)
530 on Black vinyl + 75 Test Pressing Tour Editions.
DBR     119     BEACH SLANG : Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?   7"      04.2014

        A1      Filthy Luck                                     2:24
        A2      Kids                                            2:30
        B1      Get Lost                                        2:58
        B2      Punk or Lust                                    3:04

Indie/Emo/Pop-Punk from Philadelphia, PA. featuring members of Weston, Ex Friends
& Crybaby. Recorded on August 30th and 31st, 2013 at The Gradwell House In Haddon
Heights, NJ by Dave Downham. Mastered at Armstrong Recording Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma
by Stephen Egerton. Their debut release. (Comes w/ download).
1st press: 420 on Black vinyl, 114 on Light Mint Green, 107 on Opaque Purple,
           10 on Gray vinyl.
2nd pressing: 700 on Black vinyl, 100 on White, 100 on Opaque Blue, 100 on Yellow
        (Band Exclusive) (plus 500 "divoted" Black vinyl) + 22 Clear Red vinyl.
3rd pressing: 700 on Black vinyl, 200 on Pink, 100 on Clear.
DBR     120     STAY CLEAN JOLENE       STAY CLEAN JOLENE               LP      12.2014

        A1      Concrete Block
        A2      Heads & Breakables
        A3      Miles Apart
        A4      Green
        A5      One Hundred
        B1      Old Songs
        B2      All I Need
        B3      Record
        B4      Easy Target
        B5      Replica

LP      Drunken Sailor          DRUNKENSAILOR-039       2014    UK
LP      Rad Girlfriend          RGF 041                 2014    US
LP      Eager Beaver            EBR-039                 2014    US
CD      JSNTGM                  JSNTGM 028              2014    UK
CD      Bombed Out              BOMB                    2014    UK

"Debut album from this consistently brilliant punk rock super-group! Featuring
members of The Leif Ericsson and The Great St. Louis, Stay Clean Jolene's pedigree
speaks for itself. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that their debut,
self-titled, album is a masterclass in how to pen perfect, anthemic, heart-on-sleeve
punk-rock in 2014. While many bands of this ilk are more concerned with what's going
on across the pond at the latest Fest than with the rich legacy of homegrown legends
like Leatherface and Snuff, SCJ play homage to the UKs finest while building on the
incredible foundation of their previous bands output to produce an album greater than
the sum of it's parts.

From the stomping opener, "Concrete Block" to the already classic "Record" (a song
featured on the bands' debut 7" but re-recorded here), this is an album that rushes
headlong, beginning to end, with a sense of confidence you seldom here these days.
These 4 lads know exactly what they're doing and Stay Clean Jolene is the breathtaking
result. At the end of the day, it's an album so good that labels like Dead Broke,
Drunken Sailor, Eager Beaver (all releasing the vinyl version) and co-releasers of
the CD, Just Say No To Government Music, jumped on board without a moments hesitation.
A classic in the making." (Comes w/ download).
1st press: 400 on Black, 100 on Red vinyl.
DBR     121     MURMURS                 BOUND                           LP+DLc  09.2014
                (Note : LP , 400 copies on black vinyl)
DBR     121     MURMURS                 BOUND                           LP+DLc  09.2014
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on turquoise-teal vinyl)
DBR     121     MURMURS                 BOUND                           CS      09.2014
                (Note : cassette , 125 green copies)

        A1      The Void
        A2      Bike Ride
        A3      Gun Metal
        A4      The Border
        A5      Second Person
        B1      Burnout
        B2      Crucible
        B3      Speakeasy
        B4      Villa Kula
        B5      2 More Miles

Seattle, Washington's kings of crusty pop-punk are back with their first official
full-length album. Last year saw the vinyl release of the bands' debut batch of songs
titled, "Fly With The Unkindness". Well, Murmurs are back and are here to kick the
goddamn door in with, "Bound". Drawing from earlier pop-punk influences (ranging
from the East Bay to the Northwest), the band pushes further on with their dark,
urgent & poppy melodic tones. All while churning it up with a chunk of fuzzed-out
grunge rock, this time around. If you weren't a believer before, then you will be
now. An outstanding effort & one of our favorite records of the year, straight up.
Members of: Snuggle, Pipsqueak, No Hi-Fives To Bullshit, Transient & more.
(Comes w/ download).
DBR     122     CANCERS                 FATTEN THE LEECHES              LP      10.2014
DBR     122     CANCERS                 FATTEN THE LEECHES              CS      10.2014

        A1      Be Cool                                         2:09
        A2      Punxlose                                        2:18
        A3      Moral Net                                       2:27
        A4      Hole In My Head                                 1:22
        A5      Liar                                            2:14
        B1      I Change                                        1:45
        B2      Glaciers                                        2:57
        B3      Razorblade                                      3:15
        B4      Sick                                            2:22
        B5      Dig                                             3:27

CANCERS are an Athens-based alternative love child born to Ella Kaspar (DEAD DOG)
and Lenny Miller (UNFUN) by way of Vancouver, Canada and New York City. The two met
while toiling away on tour with their respective previous bands, and joined together
out of a desire to craft their own music free from compromise. The result consists
of crushing melodies, dreamy pop girl vocals, and new alternative guitars. While
Cancers’ sound does evoke familiar grunge-era angst, Kaspar’s airy vocals, comparable
to Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, distinguish the band from their predecessors,
marrying vulnerability with sex. 

With their debut album Fatten the Leeches, the couple crawl hand-in-hand through
anguish, alienation, despair and into the light. Tired of being pigeon-holed in the
lo-fi DIY of their past, the band enlisted Jack Endino to produce the album.
Endino’s early work with Seattle heavy-weights like Nirvana, Hole, Babes in Toyland
and Soundgarden, established him as a king of underground rock records, and has been
referred to as “the godfather of grunge.” Fatten the Leeches delivers, resolving
Cancer’s adolescent lust for distortion and riffs with a satisfying pop sheen. 

Recorded at Soundhouse Studio in Seattle, "Fatten the Leeches" will be released
on September 16 via Digital format. Dead Broke Rekerds will be handling the Vinyl
& Cassette Tape, while their own label Kandy Kane Records, handles the CD version.
Cancers will be playing a string of Midwest and East coast cities this summer/fall
in support of their release. 
200 on Black vinyl, 100 on White Vinyl.
125 pressed White Cassette tapes.
DBR     123     SPRAYNARD               CUT AND PASTE                   LP        .2015

                Side Dumps
        A1      Stickin' Together Is What Good Waffles Do       2:41
        A2      That's A Cake!                                  1:50
        A3      STR8TRPN                                        1:50
        A4      Different Cat, Same Result                      1:51
        A5      That's No Moon                                  1:08
        A6      Take Your Shoes Off, Thank My Mom               1:17
                Side Reject
        B1      The "Z" Sealed It For Me                        2:28
        B2      Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back                1:27
        B3      Say What You Want About Jesse...                1:55
        B4      Jay's Cafe                                      1:55
        B5      Damn Julie, Damn.                               3:21

LP      Runner Up               ???             2010    US
LP      Square Of Opposition    SOFO 067        2015    US

Much like Jesus, Pennsylvania pop-punk prodigies SPRAYNARD died and were resurrected
a short time later, with slightly longer hair. With the band touring again and
planning a new full-length, Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds thought it
was high time to repress Spraynard’s long out-of-print and highly sought after 2010
debut LP, Cut and Paste. Spraynard perfected a style of highly musical shout-a-long
anthem writing pioneered by bands like Latterman and Cut and Paste captures them in
the midst of some kind of songwriting growth spurt. Remastered by Carl Saff with
lacquers cut at Lucky Lacquers, this new 1000-piece pressing of "Cut and Paste" will
be 6 parts black, 2 parts ketchup and 2 parts mustard, much like the black bean
burgers that sustained Spraynard throughout their first incarnation.
600 on Black, 200 on Ketchup, 200 on Mustard vinyl.
DBR     124     THE RAGING NATHANS      LOSING IT                       LP      11.2014

        A1      Tooth Song
        A2      Not Giving Up
        A3      Free Parking
        A4      I'm On Drugs
        A5      Using Me
        A6      Brandi's Got A New Job
        A7      Weekday Warriors
        B1      Because, Fuck You
        B2      How To Validate Anything
        B3      Shit Friend
        B4      The New Yorker
        B5      Going Down
        B6      The Betrayal
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies)

The Raging Nathans are from Dayton, Ohio, and they sure are raging. Hyped-up, melodic
punk rock bursting with sick pop-punk flavor at its very core. (early) Green Day,
Screeching Weasel & even contemporaries like Off With Their Heads, all come to mind.
But all the good parts. Whether it be a gut-wrenching melodic jam or a ripping four
-chord pop-punk blazer, the Nathans indeed bring their own brand of flavor to the mix.
All the while keeping it very fresh and tight. Tight as hell.

This November, The Raging Nathans deliver their latest LP, "Losing It", via Dead
Broke, Rad Girlfriend, and Recess Records. For this effort, recorded with Micah
Carli at Popside Recordings, the band got personal. They aren't hiding behind a lot
a lot of metaphors or fancy writing. There are songs about specific people. There
are songs about death, drug and alcohol abuse, and relationships. Losing It is how
these dudes really feel.
(Co-release w/ Rad Girlfriend & Recess Records)
DBR     125     LOW CULTURE/IRON CHIC   SPLIT                           7"        .2014

        A1      IC                      L'espirit De L'escalier
        A2      LC                      Not A Machine
        B1      IC                      Subhumanoid Meltdown
        B2      LC                      OH Jazelle
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 1600 copies total)

Having toured together on the East Coast/Canada as well as the Southwestern desert,
Iron Chic and Low Culture decided that the next logical step would be to release a
split 7" - and not just a split 7", but a split label/split 7" between Mike from
Iron Chic's Dead Broke Rekerds and Chris from Low Culture's Dirt Cult Records.
Iron Chic - Fucking fantastic existential, anthemic, and melodic punk rock. I don't
really feel the need to say much more. You know who these guys are. This is their
first release since their well received, Bridge Nine released "The Constant One" LP
last year. Ex-members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer & more. One of these songs is
a B-side from "The Constant One" too. Low Culture - After releasing their debut
LP "Screens" in 2013 on Dirtnap Records, the band has seen members fan out all over
the place (including Santa Fe, El Paso, and Portland). But there's no plans of slowing
down (too much). Features members of Shang-A-Lang and Marked Men, and sounds pretty
much like a cross between the 2 bands, with the former's distinct songwriting style
mashed together with the latter's tighter, cleaner performances. These recordings are
the results of the band's first trip into a "pro" recording studio, sounding cleaner
but no less effective than past material.
DBR     126     FELLOW PROJECT          BASIC AXEMANSHIP                10"     12.2014

        A1      Fun With Hatchets
        A2      Brutal Woods
        A3      Sweet Release
        B1      Hidebound
        B2      Tugboat
        B3      Get Stormy
                (Note : 10" , 500 copies on black vinyl)

10"     Money Fire      MFR #012        2014    US

Fellow Project is a band that exists without any kind of hype attached whatsoever.
After forming nearly 13 years ago on Long Island, the band put out one of their first
albums, "The Buried Life" on Dead Broke Rekerds. Another album followed ("The Stable
Life") a few years later, amongst many EP's and 7" Splits.

Now, the powerhouse known as Fellow Project brings forth their best material to date
with their newest 6-song EP. With a sound all their own, blending aspects of Punk,
Indie rock, Post-hardcore & Folk, along-side comparisons of Small Brown Bike, Lou
Reed, Fugazi and even a spaghetti western. Featuring ex-members of: Bridge & Tunnel
and On The Might of Princes. Don't let this one slip on by, you won't regret it.
DBR     127     PURPLE 7                GULF OF THE AFTERGLOW           LP        .2015

        A1      Snail
        A2      Run
        A3      Sprintime
        A4      Head By The Hair
        A5      Wheels Sing
        A6      When I Wake Up
        B1      Deloria
        B2      The Beast Part II
        B3      Of Course
        B4      Feed Your Soul
        B5      The Beast Part I

(Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl ++ 35 Test Pressing Tour editions
        w/ Purple Screen-printed covers)

Proper vinyl release of super limited Cassette-only release from this Bloomington,
IN. trio. 11 songs of Lo-fi pop, indie, punk band compiled of members of DEFIANCE
DBR     128     BASEMENT BENDERS        BASEMENT BENDERS                7"      05.2015

        A1      Native Tongues
        A2      Pony Express
        B1      Train Song
        B2      Voices
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)

7"      Drunken Sailor  DRUNKENSAILOR 046       2015    US/UK

Chattanooga, TN. by way of Florida, North Carolina, California. Basement Benders play
a hybrid style of region rock, pop punk and power pop. Fresh off a short European tour
and ready to drop their debut LP. Drunken Sailor Records and Dead Broke are siked to
present the Benders debut EP. Featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe
Bomb, Hidden Spots, Dark Rides, Stun Guns, Sexy, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence,
Tulsa, Black Rainbow and so many more. These songs have a soul, an optimism and each
tell a story. A new band to fall in love with.
DBR     129     HORACE PINKER           RECOVER                         7"      10.2015

        A1      Recover
        B1      Oil And Water
        B2      Last To Fall
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 clear copies)

Brand new 7" EP from long-standing Chicago-area punk rock veterans. Originally from
Arizona, Horace Pinker has been churning out their blend of melodic & powerful punk
rock anthems for nearly 25 years. And they still fucking got it. Their first 7" release
in almost 20 years. Woah. Follow-up release to 2011's full length album, "Local State
Intertia". Recorded & Mastered by Mass Giorgini. Featuring Dan Lumley (Riverdales
/ Screeching Weasel / Squirtgun) on drums.
DBR     130     OUTTA GAS               OUTTA GAS EP                    7"      04.2015

        A1      Terrified
        A2      My Screens
        B1      Every Minute
        B2      Last Song
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies on black vinyl)\

7"      All In Vinyl            AIV 033         7"      US
7"      Life On An Island       LOI 45          7"      US

Brooklyn indie pop-punk band featuring members of For Serious This Time, Giant Peach
& Cattle Drums. "Outta Gas are a relatively new band on the NYC punk circuit but
they've already become regulars  in the scene. The band now has a follow up to their
2013 debut cassettee on the way, a self-titled 7" EP. 'Every Minute' follows the
frenetic pace Outta Gas set with their debut, loaded with careening guitar lines
laid over a heavy-thudding drumbeat. The song has singer Alex using his broken shout,
and his mile-a-minute delivery is a perfect fit for the song's runaway energy. It
makes the two-minute runtime blow by in a breeze."- (Brooklyn Vegan)
DBR     131     CASUAL                  CASUAL                          LP      09.2015

        A1      Spent
        A2      Mana Burn
        A3      Staircase Wit
        A4      Pot Hole
        A5      Subject to Change
        B1      Sit and Stare
        B2      Doing Business
        B3      Over Ripe
        B4      Poison Counter
        B5      Opium
                (Note : LP , 400 black/clear-white copies)

Full-length debut from this New Jersey melodic, indie pop-punk band. Ex-members
of NONA, Caseracer, Pinkus & more.
DBR     132     CAVES                   LEAVING                         12"     11.2014
DBR     132     CAVES                   LEAVING                         12"       .2015

        A1      Sad                                             2:05
        A2      Oh Antonio                                      2:14
        A3      Anchor                                          2:01
        A4      Puddle                                          1:52
        B1      Leaving                                         1:36
        B2      Compare                                         2:27
        B3      Dull                                            2:58
        B4      Sadder                                          2:13
                (Note : 12" , 600 black/200 clear copies)

        A1      Sad
        A2      Oh Antonio
        A3      Anchor
        A4      Puddle
        A5      Leaving
        A6      Compare
        A7      Dull
        A8      Sadder
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided , 400 black/100 pink copies)

North American release of England's noisy pop-punk masters' latest 8-song 12".
Bristol, UK punks CAVES' third album. Pressed on a 1-Sided 12" this time around,
with a limited version of 100 copies on Pink vinyl with 2-Color Fade Screen-printed
B-Side. Full color album jackets and inner sleeves, this one is a beaut. Brilliant,
fast-paced, lo-fi, beautifully melodic pop-punk thats perfect in all the right places.
DBR     133     VACATION                BACK TO THE LAND                7"        .2015

        A       Back To The Land
        B       Back To The Land

Hot off the heels of the bands' newest full-length album, "Non Person" on Don
Giovanni Records, we bring you 2 Unreleased exclusive songs cut from the bands',
"Candy Waves" album (Lets Pretend Records). 2 vastly different versions of an
unreleased track, "Back To The Land". Both versions are widly different, style-wise
and performance-wise. Not just an alternate recording. Two completely different
versions of this song from these Ohio spazzed-out lo-fi punk rockers.
100 on Clear Orange, 100 on Opaque Red, 300 on Black vinyl.
DBR     134     TENEMENT                BRUISED MUSIC VOLUME 1          CS        .2015

        A1      Sitcom Moms                                     2:27
        A2      Spaghetti Midwestern                            2:19
        A3      The Fire Is Out                                 2:27
        A4      Summer Street                                   6:02
        B1      The Best And Worst Of Times                     2:44
        B2      Pauline                                         3:13
        B3      Icepick                                         3:56
        B4      Goodnight, Rosendale                            2:23
        B5      Morning Mouth                                   2:28
        B6      Do You Think About Him?                         2:33
                (Note : cassette , 150 blue copies)

LP      Grave Mistake   GRAVE 071       2015    US
LP      Toxic Pop       TOX 21          2015    US

Tenement's first collection of singles & B-sides, "Bruised Music Vol.1". 150 pressed
on  high-quality Blue Cassettes. (LP available on Grave Mistake & Toxic Pop Records).
DBR     135     THE SOVIETTES           RARITIES                        12"     12.2015

        A1      Hot Sauced And Peppered
        A2      In The Red
        A3      Go Lambs Go!
        A4      Sandbox
        A5      Matt's Song (Split Version)
        A6      Sixty Days
        A7      Latchkey
        A8      Sunday AM
        B1      The Nine To Life
        B3      Twin Cities Sound
        B4      30 Minutes Or Less
        B5      Mazacon
        B6      Alright
        B7      Plus One
        B8      Old Man Reading A Book
        B9      The Best Of Me
        B10     LPIII Original Intro
                (Note : LP , 300 black/100 green/100 yellow copies)

LP      Rottentone      ROTTENTONE 001          2001    US

Proper Reissue release of the long-lost SOVIETTES collection of 7"s, B-Sides and
non-lp songs.
DBR     136     UNFUN                   WATERBOARDING                   CS        .2016

        1       Waterboarding                                   5:01
        2       Death Majesty                                   2:59
        3       2nd Gaze                                        2:03
        4       NW Solitude                                     2:41
        5       Transcript to Criticize                         2:28
        6       Preface                                         0:53
        7       Antibiotics                                     2:55
        8       Terminal Cries                                  3:18
        9       Sick / Fed Up                                   2:21
        10      Spirit Animal                                   3:55
        11      Blame                                           2:07

LP      Debt Offensive  DEBT 14         2016    CA

Unfun's final album, "Waterboarding". The signature gut-wrenching melodic pop-punk
you've come to expect, this time layered in even more fuzz & grime. Totally fucking
brilliant departure. RIP. Pressed on High-Quality Black Cassettes.
1st pressing: 100 pressed Black Cassette Tapes.
2nd pressing: 100 pressed Black Cassette Tapes.
DBR     137     WITCHES WITH DICKS : NOT JUST A PASSING SEASON          12"     12.2015

                Side A
        A1      JK Street                                       1:10
        A2      Actual Class War                                1:15
        A3      Cram It, Churchy                                1:49
        A4      Fuck Cops Still                                 1:31
                Side A
        A5      This Is Buckman, Not L.A.                       0:53
        A6      I Don't Wanna Live                              0:25
        A7      No Time To Be 31                                1:30
        A8      Everything Is Stupid And A Joke                 1:12
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 1-sided , 400 black/100 yellow copies)

Eight brand spanking new tunes from the newly revived Boston hard pop-punk dingus
DBR     138     WE/OURS                 PRETTY OUT THERE                CS      06.2015
DBR     138     WE/OURS                 PRETTY OUT THERE                8MP3    06.2015

        1       Monte Cristo                                    4:28
        2       Coke Nail                                       3:44
        3       I'm Not A Lawyer                                4:52
        4       Everything Goes                                 4:03
        5       September Song                                  4:14
        6       Cinque's Dream                                  4:47
        7       Stay Lost                                       6:34
        8       Come Back Tomorrow                              3:50

Debut album of melodic post-punk/indie from Minneapolis, MN. (ex- Frozen Teens
& Sundowners) Pressed on high-quality Yellow Cassettes.
100 pressed Yellow Cassette Tapes.
DBR     139     CHANDELI'ERS            BREAKER                         LP      06.2016

        1       Moving Parts
        2       Breaker
        3       Brand New Wolves
        4       Nightshades
        5       Wayfarer Shades
        6       Ferdinand
        7       Gabrielle
        8       Honest Liars
        9       On The Fly
        10      Old Familiar Lows
        11      Deliverance
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 transp.-blue copies)

LP      Dirt Cult       DC 089          2016    US

Chandeli'ers first full-length album. And their sophmore release. Hailing from
Brooklyn, New York, Chandeli'ers bring you some pop-soaked rock & roll from ex-members
of Ringers, The Besties, World Inferno Friendship Society & more. "Breaker" is a pop
masterpiece gushing with rock influences from Elvis Costello to The Boss. If you like
power-pop, then THIS is your summer soundtrack. Split release w/ Dirt Cult Records.
(Comes w/ download) First 100 copies on BLUE vinyl!
DBR     140     TENDER DEFENDER         TENDER DEFENDER                 12"       .2016
                (Note : 12" , 1004 copies total)
DBR     140     TENDER DEFENDER         TENDER DEFENDER                 CDR       .2016
                (Note : CDr , 300 copies)

        A1      Hello Dirt
        A2      Wanna Go
        A3      F.E.F.E.
        B1      Rudes And Cheaps
        B2      The Tender Defender

12"     Yo-Yo           YOYO 83         2016    GE

5 songs of melodic punk, ex- LATTERMAN! Phil Douglas (Iron Chic), Mattie Jo Canino
(RVIVR) & Pat Schramm (Bridge & Tunnel). 25 minutes of amazing punk anthems that are
totally classic already.
DBR     141     DAN PADILLA//PRINCE     DAN PADILLA//PRINCE             7"      04.2016

        A1      Dan Padilla             Florandia
        A2      Dan Padilla             Sit Around
        B1      Prince                  How Ya Been Feelin
        B2      Prince                  More Of This
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 400 black/100 blue copies)

Long overdue Split 7" EP from veteran California punks (Dan Padilla) & Austin, TX.
pop punkers (Prince). Dan Padilla is one of THEE best west coast melodic punk bands
& includes members of Tiltwheel, Madison Bloodbath & more. This is sadly, their last
release. So fucking get it. Prince, yes they're called Prince, get over it... is
some kick ass garage-y, lo-fi pop-punk from a buncha jerks that played in: Dude
Jams!, Punkin Pie, Huff Stuff Magazine & others they probably don't want me to
mention. (Comes w/download code).
DBR     142     FROZEN TEENS            FROZEN TEENS                    CS        .2015

Minneapolis' garage punkers' 2012 full-length album, pressed on a high-quality
Cassette. 100 pressed Red Cassette Tapes.
DBR     143     DINOS BOYS              LAST ONES                       CS        .2016

        A1      Catapult
        A2      Bloody Carpet
        A3      Hoovertown
        A4      Be Low
        A5      She Cut Me
        A6      Kid You Hate
        B1      Knee High
        B2      Marie Laveau
        B3      Rookie
        B4      Play Dead
        B5      She's Out-Dated

LP      Oops Baby               OBR 009         2014    US
LP      Die Slaughterhaus       dsh 045         2014    CA

Sleazy garage punk rock & roll from Atlanta, Georgia! Debut album pressed on a
high-quality White Cassette Tape limited to 100. Includes download code.
100 pressed White Cassette Tapes.
DBR     144     SHOTWELL/MIAMI : Geneva Avenue Fallout / The City That  LP        .2017
                Never Sleeps

        A1      Shotwell                Sinking The Ship
        A2      Shotwell                Once In Awhile
        A3      Shotwell                Winking On A Whim
        A4      Shotwell                Poised For Attack
        A5      Shotwell                Half The Truth
        A6      Shotwell                What It Takes
        A7      Shotwell                Eppli
        A8      Shotwell                Geneva Avenue Fallout
        B1      Miami                   The City That Never Sleeps
        B2      Miami                   The Big One
        B3      Miami                   Sleepwalking Through Life
        B4      Miami                   Deja Vu
        B5      Miami                   No Joy In Mudville
        B6      Miami                   The Vampire Song
        B7      Miami                   Wags
        B8      Miami                   Thirsty

LP      NO!             ZERO 11         2000    US

Reissue of one of our favorite DIY punk rock split LPs, EVER. Punk veterans from
San Fransisco, CA. that includes members of: Strawman, Allergic To Bullshit, Hickey,
Chickenhead, Onion Flavored Rings, Black Rainbow & so many more. Originally released
in 2000, this is just in time for its' 17th anniversary! After one year in-the-works
& a meticulous release process, we're stoked for finally have this out into the world
again. Reissued & pressed from the original master tapes, as well as cover art being
pro re-touched & restored! Includes original 32 PAGE ZINE, as well as a video code
for the original VHS companion tape that was released. 400 pressed.
(Comes w/ download code) (Digital version remastered by Carl Saff.) 
400 pressed on Black vinyl.
DBR     145     RATS REST               ON THE EASTSIDE                 7"      07.2016

        A1      Listing In The Blue
        A2      Putrid Fallacy
        B1      On The Eastside
        B2      Ballad Of The Irish Channel
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , 300 copies on green-transp. vinyl)

Kansas-City melodic punk rock. Melodic, gritty, raging Region Rock style punk rock
that we've grown so fond of over the years. This is the shit right here. Get on the
damn train, ya hippie. (Members of: Hello Shitty People, Constant Insult, Hard
Feelings, Street Legal+)
DBR     146
DBR     147
DBR     148     RVIVR                   THE BEAUTY BETWEEN              CS      03.2013

        A1      The Seam                                        2:32
        A2      LMD                                             2:48
        A3      Spider Song                                     2:40
        A4      Old Dogs                                        3:16
        A5      Wrong Way / One Way                             3:20
        A6      Big Lie                                         2:54
        A7      Paper Thin                                      3:56
        B1      Rainspell                                       2:22
        B2      Ocean Song                                      2:43
                The Hunger Suite
        B3      I. Go Away                                      5:34
        B4      II. Bleed Out                                   1:25
        B5      III. Hunger                                     2:22
        B6      Elephant Song                                   1:32
        B7      Party Queen                                     4:32

LP      Rumbletowne     RTR 017         2013    US
LP      One Brick Today BRICK 10        2013    US

RVIVR's sophmore album pressed on a high-quality Cassette tape! Their best record
jam-packed with beautiful, epic, melodic punk anthems. "We spent all of 2012 recording
this shit and it's a pleasure to provide it here for your enjoyment. Fuck ya!"
Recorded by the Joester (Left Field Studios) at PUNKALL in Olympia, WA. from July
to December 2012. Mixed by the Joester & Mattie Canino also at PUNKALL in December
2012. Mastered by Carl Saff in January 2013. Includes the jams "Wrong Way/One Way",
"Paper Thin" & more. (Comes w/ download code). 150 pressed White Cassette Tapes.
DBR     149     RVIVR                   BICKER AND BREATHE              CS+DLc  12.2014

        A1      20 Below
        A2      Goodbyes
        B1      In Waves
        B2      The Sound
        B3      Bicker/Breathe

12"     Rumbletowne     RTR 020         2014    US
12"     Yo-Yo           YOYO 078        2014    GE

RVIVR's newest material, a 5-song EP pressed on a high-quality Cassette tape!
"A journey in opposites, we ripped this one out in just a few short weeks, as
opposed to the near year it took to do 'The Beauty Between'. Five songs recorded
by the illustrious Phil Douglas, with Mattie by his side, at PUNKALL in Olympia,
WA." Includes the jams "20 Below" & "Goodbyes". (Comes w/ download code.)
150 pressed Black Cassette Tapes.
DBR     150     DEEP POCKETS            NICE LIFE                       7"      07.2015

        A1      The Parson
        A2      Day Care
        B1      Back To
        B2      No Guff
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on clear-blue vinyl)

Brooklyn, NY indie punk from members of Everything Sucks, Brain Slug, Bearchild
& more. Follow up EP to their debut full-length, "You Feel Shame". Comes w/download.
(*Digital download includes bonus track)
DBR     151     SHALLOW CUTS            EMPTY BEACH TOWN                CS        .2015

"One part Minneapolis and two parts San Diego, members of DAN PADILLA, TILTWHEEL,
accidentally started a band." Amazing & anthemic punk hooks bursting at the seams
with energy. 100 pressed Blue Cassette Tapes.
DBR     152     FROZEN TEENS            HEY, GOOD JOB                   12"       .2015

        A1      Bite Tongue
        A2      Berryman's Bridge
        A3      Circling
        B1      New Tattoo
        B2      Windows
        B3      Rev Your Engine
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 400 black/100 red copies)

Loudly praised Minneapolis, MN. punk outfit FROZEN TEENS are back with 6 brand new
songs. Featuring members of: Constant Insult, We/Ours, Cortez The Killer, Hello Shitty
People & more. Follow-up release to the "Oakland Footsteps" 7" Single.
DBR     153     NOTCHES                 CHANGE MY MIND                  7"        .2017
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 greay-marble smoke copies)
DBR     153     NOTCHES                 CHANGE MY MIND                  CS        .2017
                (Note : cassette , 100 green copies)

        A1      Generic Sad Person
        A2      Big City
        A3      Smoking Stem
        B1      Word
        B2      Don't Speak

7"      Cat Dead Details Later  CDDL # 14       2017    US

Grungy, catchy-as-all-hell, high energy indie/pop-punk from New Hampshire! Follow-up
EP to their "High Speed Crimes" album. One of our favorite punk bands on the East
Coast right now! You'll dig this shit if you're into: The Lemonheads & Sinkhole,
as well as contemporaries like Witches With Dicks & The Ergs. Keep yer eyes on these
fools, you know we'll be. (Comes w/ download code.)
DBR     154     ADULT MAGIC             ADULT MAGIC                     7"        .2017

        A1      Collide
        A2      The Beyond
        B1      Shrimpkiss
        B2      Hanging Onto Ghosts
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/100 orange copies)

7"      Drunken Sailor  DRUNKENSAILOR 070       2017    UK

New 4-song EP of alt-rock punk from members of Iron Chic, Broadcaster, Crow Bait,
Sister Kisser.
DBR     155     MEDICTATION             WARM PLACES                     LP        .2016

        A1      Memories Of Youth
        A2      The Secret Of The Marlins
        A3      Gods And Glory
        A4      Fishing
        A5      The Last Rainfall
        B1      Saptor Raptor
        B2      Sweet And Sour
        B3      My Friends Will Call
        B4      Paranoid
        B5      Stalingrad
                (Note : LP , 300 Black, 100 Opaque Violet, 100 Clear Orange vinyl)

Members of Leatherface & The Sainte Catherines, Medictation present their debut album.
"Dickie Hammond's (Leatherface) untimely and recent passing shook not only those
closest to him but also the punk world as a whole, such was his influence and the
positive impact that he had on the community. Whilst most of us are familiar with
the majority of Dickie's works, his final pieces have not been released, until now.
Dickie Hammond left us too soon. One small solace was the fact that shortly before
his passing he played a key role in writing and recording the debut Medictation LP
'Warm Places', being his final works.The album was initially scheduled to be released
on vinyl through Paper + Plastic in January 2016 but pressing delays meant that the
record was never physically produced. That's where we came in. Dead Broke is proud
to present the North/South American version of Medictation's, "Warm Places".
DBR     156     TENEMENT                BRUISED MUSIC, VOL.2            CS      12.2016

        A1      Taking Everything
        A2      Freak Cast In Iron
        A3      The Block Is Safe Again
        A4      Paper Airplanes
        A5      Wouldn't Let You Go
        A6      Perverse Universe
        B1      Your Life Or Mine
        B2      Blast Exhaust
        B3      Books On Hell & Sermons On T.V.
        B4      The Way It All Seems
        B5      Violent Outlet
        B6      Daylight World
        B7      Your Sway (Keeps The Rot Away)
                (Note : cassette , 150 white copies)

LP      Grave Mistake   GRAVE 078       2016    US
LP      Toxic Pop       TOX 25          2016    US

Fourteen Tracks in all, including material compiled from the Taking Everything EP,
split 7" w/ Culo, split 7" with Cheeky, Freak Cast in Iron "Sick Club" 7" single,
Puke and Destroy Vol. 2 7" compilation, and split 7" w/ Screaming Females. All
material has once again been mastered for this release by Daniel Husayn at North
London Bomb Factory. (Comes w/download) Cassette pressing!
DBR     157     FIFTEEN : EXTRA MEDIUM KICK BALL STAR (17)              LP      05.2017

        A1      Front
        A2      Chris' Song
        A3      Run II
        A4      The Deal
        A5      Grow Up
        A6      Emmancipa Proclima
        B1      Over And Over
        B2      Intelligence
        B3      Jesus
        B4      Rainbow Connection
        B5      Violation II
                (Note : LP , 300 copies , recycled silk-screened jacket)

LP      Rebel Alliance  RA 01           1995    US
CD      Cool Guy        CGR 12          1998    US

Limited rerelease! We recovered the remaining 300 copies from the original pressing
of ex-Crimpshrine classic east bay punk band, FIFTEEN's 4th album, from 22 years ago
(1995). Re-packaged & released with awesome new alternate artwork, printed on 2-color
silk-screened jackets. Printed by LVAC. Woah. (Originally self-released on vinyl by
bands Rebel Alliance Records)
*Disclaimer: Not a Reissue! This is old stock from 1995. All of the inner sleeves have
 been changed out to fresh new ones. The vinyl is old and some maybe have a slight
 warp that does not affect play.
DBR     158     TIMESHARES              BEARABLE                        LP        .2016

        A1      From An Admirer Not Darryl
        A2      Everyday Doops
        A3      Focus, Eddie
        A4      Oh No Not That
        A5      Sarah, Send Your Driver
        A6      Damn Near By Beer
        B1      Too Many ELO Days
        B2      Chinese Coffee Torture
        B3      Skirt Wednesday
        B4      Mumbleface
        B5      Woke Up In Grappler School
        B6      Math & Science
                (Note : LP , 200 black/145 blue/137 blue-white marble swirl)

LP      Kiss Of Death   KOD 076         2011    US
LP      Kind Of Like    KOL 106         2011    US

Re-release of New York indie/punk bands' debut album. With help from our friends at
Kiss Of Death & Kind Of Like Records (who originally released this album in 2011)...
we present a brand new 4th pressing of this quintessential New York DIY punk record,
now on Dead Broke Rekerds. Timeshares have recently released their second album
"Already Dead" on SideOneDummy Records, and we're proud to make "Bearable" available
once again. If you don't know this record by now, get on it.
DBR     159     YOUR BPEST BAND         OLD SPRINGHEAD                  2LP+DLc 04.2017

LP 1    A1      Another Pale Moonlight
        A2      Old Springhead
        A3      Found Out
        A4      Late
        A5      Skeletonized Corpse
        B1      Smog
        B2      Nothing
        B3      Secret
        B4      Exits
        B5      Blue
        B6      Still Alive

LP 2    C1      Panama
        C2      Steeled Design Drawing
        C3      Wheels
        C4      I Feel Then
        D1      Swell
        D2      Grabbing Hard
                (NOte : LP , 550 copies on black vinyl, gatefold)

LP      Brassneck       neck 022        2017    US      + DLc
LP      Snuffy Smile    snuff-142       2017    JA      LP+CD

Brand new double full-length album from Japan's best garage power-pop punkers! Your
Pest Band are back and deliver 17 songs of lo-fi garage power pop rock achin' to the
Rolling Stones & The Zombies, mixed with the rough edges of bands like The Jam & Husker
Du. One could even consider this the bands, "Zen Arcade". This is clearly YPB's
greatest material to date, cohesively melodic pop, laced through-out in pure rock &
roll hooks. There's even the 16-minute long opus, "Swell", which is impressively the
best, longest song we've ever heard. Cannot recommend this one enough. Housed in
a beautiful deluxe gatefold jacket with stunning artwork.
DBR     160     THE GLOBS               DO YOU FEEL WEIRD?              CS+DLc  03.2017

        A1      Spiral Stairs
        A2      Hey Kid!
        A3      Fair Warning
        A4      Nobody Strange
        A5      Do You Feel Weird?
        A7      The Sinister Origins of Innocent Fun
                (Note : cassette , 100 white copies)

Members of The Bananas & Charles Albright! California scrappy lo-fi rock & roll pop.
DBR     161     BROCCOLI                HOME                            CS        .2016

        1       Constance
        2       Chestnut Road
        3       I Am A Robot
        4       R.S.V.P.
        5       Sleep Tight
        6       Home
        7       The Tens
        8       Tongue Tied
        9       Short Straw Fate
        10      Well Wishing

LP      Drunken Sailor  DRUNKENSAILOR 055       2016    UK
CD      Rugger Bugger   SEEP 23                 2016    UK

Cassette pressing of 90's UK melodic punk legends' classic album, "Home".
DBR     162     HEAVY POCKETS           MOPELESS                        LP      03.2017

        A1      Circadian Schism
        A2      Ex Pat
        A3      We
        A4      Lacking
        A5      Not Yet
        A6      Love Song
        A7      Catch & Release
        B1      Since You've been Gone
        B2      Companion
        B3      The Compromise
        B4      Dragonology Pt II
        B5      (Don't Wanna Be) One Of The Boys
        B6      The Plan
        B7      Sit Still
                (Note : LP , 288 black + 12 with different covers)

LP      Cat Dead Details Later  cddl-16         2017    US

Brand new full-length album from New Hampshire indie/pop-punk trio. Intelligent lyrics
& hooks with a thoughtful message throughout, this is 90's style indie rock that, these
days, has been brought back to life full force through-out DIY punk. Contemporaries
like Swearin' & Potty Mouth come to mind.
DBR     163     GREENSLEEP              CHEAP HEADPHONES                LP+DLc    .2017

        A1      Don't Wanna Know
        A2      Restrepo
        A3      Adrift!
        A4      Cheap Headphones
        A5      2nd Avenue
        A6      Between The Lines
        B1      Armchair Revolutions
        B2      Pillar To Post
        B3      Like 4 Like
        B4      Small Voices
        B5      Barrel Aging
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on black vinyl)

New York's 90's indie/punk vets, GREENSLEEP are back after a quick 18 year break. The
band has quite the interesting story, being a long island indie/punk staple in the
90's, with releases on Alone Records, as well as Long Island's Motherbox Records.
Since breaking & recently reuniting, they have delivered a slew of new songs with
their "Summer Single Series" & "Things We Didnt Know EP", with new member Scott Martin
(of Silent Majority/Mind Over Matter). Self-described as "barrel aged indie rock",
Greensleep are back with their second full-length album of all brand new material,
show-casing that some good things get even better.
DBR     164     CAVES                   ALWAYS WHY                      LP+DLc  04.2017

        A1      Asleep
        A2      Need It Most
        A3      Way
        A4      Wait
        A5      Wild Dad
        A6      16
        A7      Feather
        B1      Border
        B2      America
        B3      Wasting Time
        B4      Dangerous
        B5      Understand
        B6      Filler
                (Note : LP , 700 transp.-green/300 col.-splatter)

LP      Yo-Yo                   YOYO 89         2017    GE
LP.CD   Specialist Subject      SPS 048V.CD     2017    US

This new album is a big change in songwriting style for Caves, now writing remotely
via GarageBand demo exchanges, with band members split between the UK and USA (rather
than their previous home, Bristol). This new approach sees the band exploring a
greater depth in sounds and expression than the straight forward pop punk of previous
recordings. Lyrically the album's still as personal as ever touching on the heartbreak
of border crossings,
DBR     165     TOUNG LADIES            YOUNG LADIES                    7"        .2017

4-song EP from Brooklyn's rock/punk/indie outfit that includes ex-members of
Monikers, Discount, Latterman & more. 300 Black vinyl.
DBR     166     TENEMENT                PREDATORY HEADLIGHTS            2CS       .2017

CS 1    A1      Theme Of The Cuckoo
        A2      Crop Circle Nation
        A3      Dull Joy
        A4      Feral Cat Tribe
        A5      The Shriveled Finger
        A6      Harvest Time (Has Come)
        A7      Under The Storm Clouds
        A8      Ants + Flies
        A9      Garden Of Secrecy
        A10     The Butcher
        A11     Whispering Kids
        A12     Curtains Closed
        A13     Why Are We Where We Are
        A14     You Keep Me Cool
        A15     Cold The Pavement Is
        B1      Heavy Odor
        B2      A Frightening Place For Normal People
        B3      Licking A Wound
        B4      I'm Your Super Glue
        B5      Hive Of Hives
        B6      The Dishwasher's Meal
        B7      Keep Your Mouth Shut
        B8      Foreign Phrase
        B9      Near You
        B10     Afraid Of The Unknown

CS 2    C1      Crop Circle Nation (Demo)
        C2      Dull Joy (Demo)
        C3      Feral Cat Tribe (Demo)
        C4      A Long, Dragging Footstep (Demo, Outtake)
        C5      Curtains Closed (Demo)
        C6      Cold The Pavement Is (Demo)
        C7      Shiny Things To Stop Your Tears (Demo, Outtake)
        C8      Foreign Phrase (Demo)
        C9      Hive Of Hives (Demo)
        C10     Afraid Of The Unknown (Demo)
        C11     I'm Your Super Glue (Demo)
        C12     The Shriveled Finger (Demo)
        D1      Harvest Time (Has Come) (Demo)
        D2      The Butcher (Demo)
        D3      Why Are We Where We Are (Demo)
        D4      Hour Glass Bones (Demo, Outtake)
        D5      Keep Your Mouth Shut (Demo)
        D6      Licking A Wound (Studio Ver. 1, Unmixed)
        D7      Near You (Demo)
        D8      Untitled 1 (Studio Outtake, Unfinished, Unmixed)
        D9      Garden Of Secrecy (Demo)
        D10     Hives Of Hives (Studio Ver. 1, Unmixed)
        D11     Jonathan's Theme (Studio Outtake)
                (Note : double cassette , 100 white/100 clear copies)

2LP.CD  Don Giovanni    DG 83           2015    US

Double tape box set of Tenement's "Predatory Headlights" album, with a bonus tape
including 23 previously unreleased demos, alt. versions & 5 never before heard b-side
outtakes from the album.
DBR     167     RVIVR                   THE TIDE                        7"+DLc  03.2017

        A       The Tide
        B       Shaggy
                (Note : 7" , 400 black/113 white copies)

7"      One Brick Today   OBT 026       2017    Australia

7 inch single of two brand new songs from Olympia, WA.'s, RVIVR.
DBR     168     SAMIAM                  YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT         CS        .2017

Samiam's fifth studio album and their classic, "You Are Freaking Me Out" (1997)
pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape. One of our favorite albums
of all-time. Wow! 1st press limited to 150 copies on white cassette.
DBR     169     SAMIAM                  WHATEVER'S GOT YOU DOWN         CS        .2017

Samiam's seventh studio album "Whatever's Got You Down" (2013 Remix) pressed on a high
-quality limited White Cassette tape. Originally released by Hopeless Records in 2006,
now Remixed by Jeff Dean (The Bomb) & Remastered by Jon Drew at Infinite Wavelength.
1st press limited to 150 copies on white cassette.
DBR     170     SAMIAM                  TRIPS                           CS        .2017

Samiam's last full-length pressed on a high-quality limited Cassette tape.
DBR     171     BEAR TRADE              SILENT UNSPEAKABLE              LP+DLc  04.2017

        A1      Sea Legs
        A2      Endeavour Would Be An Understatement
        A3      Room With A View
        A4      Nice To Be Nice
        A5      Family Planning
        A6      Fast Pop!
        B1      Sexy Beast
        B2      As Long As We Have Tea
        B3      Inglorious
        B4      Bibojibs
        B5      Good But Best
        B6      Transgressions In The Toy Shop
                (Note : LP , 200 black/300 cream-brown [50/]50 copies)

LP      Everything Sucks Music ESM 022          2017    UK

Bear Trade are back. North East England four-piece punk band's second album 'Silence
Unspeakable' will be released 21st April, 2017 via Everything Sucks Music (Europe)
& Dead Broke (US/CAN). The band are also off on tour with Strike Anywhere and Petrol
Girls in April. Pressed overseas in UK! Greg Robson (vocals/guitar) goes into some
detail about the interim between albums and the inspiration behind 'Silence
Unspeakable': "Since the last record (2014's debut full length 'Blood & Sand')
a lot has happened. There have been deaths, break-ups, marriages, births. You could
actually restructure the tracks and form a loose narrative of the last three years
of my life, but although there are a lot of quite sad songs on the album, don't worry
it all had a very happy ending. As with the last offering, the songs have me writing
from the heart and from personal experience.

DBR     173     EIGHT                   II                              7"        .2017

New EP from Philadelphia indie/emo/punk trio, EIGHT (fronted by Mimi of NONA).
DBR     174     SOMERSET THROWER/MOUTH : SPLIT                          7"        .2017

Split EP from two Long Island bands that are completely different. Somerset Thrower
follow up their Dead Broke debut "Falling Swingers" with two amazing new songs of
alt-indie/punk worship, while MOUTH (ex- Sainthood Reps & Sister Kisser) present 2
of their finest sludge punks jam with their first vinyl release.
DBR     175




DBR     180




DBR     185




DBR     190




DBR     195




DBR     200

DBRTS   1A      BUSINESS MODELS         ROOM                            CD      11.2015

        A1      I Have To Change It
        A2      The Aptitude
        A3      I'll Have What I'm Having
        A4      When You Walked Off
        A5      Companion Piece
        A6      Searching For The Perfect Place
        B1      And Then It Was Now
        B2      Learn A Thing
        B3      Spinnaker
        B4      Shadow Shade
        B5      Clear And Cold
        B6      Very Much Alive
                (Note : cassette , 25 copies)
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