DEAD BEAT RECORDS                       P.O.Box  283
*****************                       Los Angeles
                                        CA  90078

                                2016    P.O.Box 361392
                                        Cleveland, OH 44136


Owner  : Tom Spancer
Distr. : US - Revolver / Carrot Top / Disgruntled Muisc
         CA - Scratch
         GE - Green Hell Records
Style  : hardcore / punk / ska / underground / r & r / emo / garage rock /
         noise / experimental / garage punk / psychedelic / new wave / post
         punk / 

(m)     mono issue

DB      01      J CHURCH                SHE HAS NO CONTROL              7"        .1992
                Made Life Simple // What Could I Have Done
                (Note : 7" , 500 yellow/500 black copies)
DB      02      WHATEVER...             DEEP                            7"        .1993

        A       Good Question
        B       Narrow
DB      03      V / A                   VIVA LA VINYL VOL. #1           LP        .1994

        A1      Verrucose               Shingle
        A2      Sleeper                 Destroying The Builder
        A3      Bouncing Souls:These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite
                80's Movies
        A4      Whatever...             Streak (Bill #1)
        A5      Trusty                  Magical Mystery Tour
        A6      J Church                Bomb
        A7      Tilt                    Can't Listen
        B1      Preachers That Lie      Happy All The Time
        B2      Kids, The               I Wish
        B3      Tilt Wheel              Crawl
        B4      Queen Mab               Flower
        B5      Nonsense                Crazy Al
        B6      Jon Cougar Concentration Camp : So What
        B7      Krupted Peasant Farmers : Bear Named Dog
        B8      Fighting Cause          My Crime
        B9      Sicko                   Weight Of The Sun
                (Note : LP , comes with 20 p. booklet)
DB      04      J CHURCH : SHE NEVER LEAVES THE NEIGHBORHOOD            7"        .1993
                Good Judge Of Character / Financial Zone / Priest
DB      05      WHATEVER...             JABBERWOCKY                     LP.CD     .1995

        A1      Accidents Happen
        A2      Happy Face
        A3      Bipolar
        A4      Slot
        A5      Wash
        A6      Here Come The Punk Police
        A7      Another Fine Day
        A8      No Disguises
        A9      Teach Me
        B1      City Of New Orleans
        B2      Down In Flames
        B3      Kill Yourself
        B4      Bodhi Tree
        B5      Streak
        B6      Narrow
        B7      Another Negative Trend
        B8      Safety Dance
DB      06      THE PADDED CELL : Punk Next Door // Hold On Wolf        7"        .1995
DB      07      J CHURCH/SERPICO        SPLIT EP                        7"        .1993

        A1      J Church                Mistake / Missed
        A2      J Church                UFO's Will Crash
        A3      J Church                Hypothesis
        B1      Serpico                 Sunset Square
DEB     08      THE GAIN                YOU SHOULD KNOW EP              7"        .1995

        A1      Tim Said, Tim Said
        A2      Out of Hand
        B1      You Should Know
        B2      I Don't Mind
DB      09      THE STATICS/THE PRIMATE FIVE : SPLIT                    7"        .1995

        A1      Statics, The            Wimp
        A2      Statics, The            I Hate Everyone
        B1      Primate 5, The          Gone
        B2      Primate 5, The          Action Woman
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
DB      10      WHATEVER...             SOCIALLY RETARDED               7"        .1996
                Girth / Dog /// Section 12 / Be Little Me / Social
DB      11      GOAT BOY                STRUGGLE FOR POWER              7"        .1996
                Love Song / Prepare For Struggle // OPen Your Eyes /
DB      12      THE PADDED CELL         I DON'T NEED NO ARMS            7"      04.1996

        A1      Here We Go
        A2      I Like Dykes
        B1      Democracy
        B2      I Don't Need No Arms
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
DB      13      V / A                   VIVA LA VINYL VOL.2             LP        .1996

        A1      Hickey                  The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
        A2      The Padded Cell         Born Dead
        A3      The Motards             My Only Friend
        A4      Naked Aggression        Love Song
        A5      The Wretched Ones       Prima Donna
        A6      Goat Boy                10 + 2
        A7      The Crumbs              Tolanda Don't Get The Blues
        A8      The Statics             Real Creepy/Hate St.
        B1      The Drags               Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
        B2      The Choice              Nowhere To Go
        B3      The Gain                Sick of You
        B4      Less Than Jake          Out of the Crowd
        B5      Fed Up!                 Outlaw
        B6      Teengenerate            Sex Cow
        B7      Whatever...             Sweetmeat
        B8      Moral Crux              Assassination Politics
DB      14      THE PADDED CELL         PADDED CELL                     CD        .1997

        1       Every Fucking Time
        2       Different Shades Of Blue
        3       Punk Next Door
        4       Seventeen / Fear The Loneliness
        5       Lil' Monsters
        6       Daddy
        7       Here We Go
        8       Democracy
        9       Everybody Fuck
        10      I Like Dykes
        11      Hold On Wolf
        12      Last Call
        13      Fall Down
        14      I Don't Need To Arms
DB      15      J CHURCH/LESS THAN JAKE : SPLIT                         7"        .1997
                LESS THAN JAKE : Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin
                J CHURCH                Plastic
                                        You May Never
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)
DB      16      THE B-MOVIE RATS        TEENAGE QUEEN                   7"        .1997

                Side Mutha Fuckin Rock
        A1      Teenage Queen
        A2      Pimp Daddy
                Side Mutha Fuckin Roll
        B       Kaw-Liga
DB      17      THE STATICS             SOLD MY SOUL                    7"        .1998

        A1      Sold My Soul (To The Rolling Stones)
        B1      Treat Me Right
        B2      Alien
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 rpm)
DB      18      THE GAIN                HIGHWAY TO HECK                 10"       .1997

        A1      Tim Said, Tim Said
        A2      You Should Know
        A3      Out Of Hand
        A4      Crazy Wayne
        B1      Go Today
        B2      A Mission Impossible
        B3      Hold On To You
        B4      Told You So
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
DB      19      THE B-MOVIE RATS        KILLER WOMAN                    LP.CD     .1998

LP      A1      What I Need
        A2      On Fire
        A3      Dirty Dog
        A4      Killer Woman
        A5      Home From School
        A6      Uncle Jacks Dragon
        A7      Teenage Queen
        B1      Looking for a Fast One
        B2      Ultra Sonic
        B3      Space Age Boy
        B4      Don't Run Away
        B5      Nothing Special
        B6      Hell on Wheels

CD      1       What I Need                                     1:59
        2       On Fire                                         2:06
        3       Dirty Dog                                       2:08
        4       Killer Woman                                    2:46
        5       Home From School                                2:04
        6       Uncle Jacks Dragon                              1:30
        7       Teenage Queen                                   1:51
        8       Looking For A Fast One                          2:39
        9       Ultra Sonic                                     1:25
        10      Space Age Boy                                   2:51
        11      Don't Run Away                                  1:13
        12      Nothing Special                                 1:53
        13      Hell On Wheels                                  3:06
DB      20      REMISSION               NINETY-FIVE TO NINETY-EIGHT     LP        .1998

                Temporary Service = Temporary Slavery 7"
        1       Unfiltered
        2       Manufactured
        3       Temporary Service = Temporary Slavery
        4       Tainting the Message
        5       One in Fourteen
        6       Go Bankrupt and Die
                A Few Faces of Protest 7"
        7       Bare the Scars
        8       Accustom to Nothing
        9       Gone Nowhere
        10      Misled
        11      A Few Faces of Protest
        12      No More Lies
                Fetus the Code 7"
        13      Fetus the Code
        14      Ambitions
        15      Compulsions of Futility
        16      The Masses
        17      One Nation
        18      Only Regret
                Human Compassion tape
        19      Typo
        20      Twenty Years Unfold
        21      Recycle the Free
        22      State of Remission
        23      Suffoculture
        24      Feel the Neglect
DB      21      THE STITCHES : You Tear Me Out // My Reactions          7"        .1998
DB      22      V / A                   VIVA LA VINYL VOL. #3           LP        .1999

        A1      Temporal Sluts          Overdose of Nothing
        A2      The Stitches            I Just Wanna Fuck
        A3      The B-Movie Rats        Stray Cat Blues
        A4      Scarred for Life        Born, Work, Die
        A5      The Dirtys              Rock'n'Roll Hum
        A6      Urbn Dk                 No Time
        A7      The Spasms              Don't Gamble With Love
        A8      The Slobs               You're a Sick Rat
        B1      Dead End Cruisers       Another Night
        B2      Smogtown                Switchblade New Wave
        B3      T.V. Killers            I Hate Rock'n'Roll
        B4      Inflicted               Burning Instinct
        B5      Haunted Head            180
        B6      The Bodies              I Gotta Go
        B7      Detestation             The Easy Way Out
DB      23      T.V.KILLERS             PLAYIN' BAD MUSIC SCENE '92     LP.CD     .1999

        A1      You Kill Me                                     2:14
        A2      Il Ne Se Passe Rien                             1:38
        A3      Down and Out...But Real                         1:50
        A4      Babyboomers Motherfuckers                       2:24
        A5      Bomber                                          3:04
        A6      Burn My Mind                                    3:45
        A7      Channel 666                                     2:15
        B1      Born Weird                                      2:00
        B2      Joke                                            2:40
        B3      Taxi Driver                                     2:50
        B4      All in Vain                                     2:26
        B5      Do You Love the Nazis                           2:32
        B6      Asshole                                         2:38
        B7      Switch Off                                      2:52
DB      24      THE B-MOVIE RATS/HELLBENDERS : DISTILLED                LP        .1999
DB      24      THE B-MOVIE RATS/HELLBENDERS : DISTILLED                CD        .1999

        A1      B-Movie Rats            Visual
        A2      B-Movie Rats            Remedy
        A3      B-Movie Rats            Breakdown
        A4      B-Movie Rats            New Orleans
        A5      B-Movie Rats            American Nights
        A6      B-Movie Rats            Saturday Night Bloodbath
        B1      Hellbenders             The Bastard Son Of Epstein Barr
        B2      Hellbenders             Song 13
        B3      Hellbenders             7-31-5+5
        B4      Hellbenders             THCIV
        B5      Hellbenders             Underground
        B6      Hellbenders             Alone
DB      25      SMOGTOWN                BEACH CITY BUTCHERS             10"       .1999

        A1      Bad Vibrations
        A2      No More Waves
        A3      Berlin Girls
        B1      Friday Night
        B2      Two Stroke
        B3      That's the Difference
                (Note : 10" , 45 RPM)
                AND GUNS

        A1      Flip, Twist And Shout
        A2      South Side Shuffle
        A3      Don't Get Close To Me
        A4      Blvd.
        B1      School Girl Desire
        B2      Time + Time Again
        B3      Too Far Gone
        B4      Chainsaw Love
                (Note : 10" , 33.3 RPM)
DB      27      SMOGTOWN/TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS : SPLIT                      CD        .2000

        1       Smogtown                Bad Vibrations
        2       Smogtown                No More Waves
        3       Smogtown                Berlin Girls
        4       Smogtown                Friday Night
        5       Smogtown                Two Stroke
        6       Smogtown                That's The Difference
        7       Smogtown                Switchblade New Wave
        8       Teenage Knockouts       Flip, Twist And Shout
        9       Teenage Knockouts       South Side Shuffle
        10      Teenage Knockouts       Dont Get Close To Me
        11      Teenage Knockouts       Blvd.
        12      Teenage Knockouts       School Girl Desire
        13      Teenage Knockouts       Time + Time Again
        14      Teenage Knockouts       Too Far Gone
        15      Teenage Knockouts       Chainsaw Love
DB      28      THE HELLBENDERS         POP ROCK SUICIDE                LP        .1999
DB      28      THE HELLBENDERS         POP ROCK SUICIDE                CD        .1999

LP      A1      Shifting
        A2      Pop Rock Suicide
        A3      Somebody Else
        A4      My Rights Are All Wrong
        A5      Numbsidedown
        A6      Jesus Superspy
        B1      Oedepussy
        B2      Trashed
        B3      Canine Baby
        B4      Out Of Our Minds
        B5      I'm Civilised
        B6      Skunkfucker

CD      1       Shifting                                        2:07
        2       Pop Rock Suicide                                2:26
        3       Somebody Else                                   3:00
        4       My Rights Are All Wrong                         3:07
        5       Numbsidedown                                    1:59
        6       Jesus Superspy                                  2:31
        7       Oedepussy                                       2:24
        8       Trashed                                         2:53
        9       Canine Baby                                     2:41
        10      Out Of Our Minds                                2:45
        11      I'm Civilised                                   2:55
        12      Skunkfucker                                     4:01
DB      29      SAFETY PINS             INVITE US TO YOUR FUNERAL       LP        .2000
DB      29      SAFETY PINS             INVITE US TO YOUR FUNERAL       CD        .2000

A.      1       A Different Way to Die
        2       Plastic Punks
        3       Suburban Twat
        4       Living the Right Way
        5       Alexia
        6       Invite Us to Your Funeral
B.      7       Evil Song
        8       I'm Not Pretty
        9       Negative Reaction
        10      Kill the Hippies
        11      Free Chicken
        12      We Never Reach
        13      Strychnine
DB      30      THE HELLBENDERS/SAFETY PINS : ...TOO DUMB TO QUITY      LP        .2000
                /SAFETY PINS
DB      30      THE HELLBENDERS/SAFETY PINS : ...TOO DUMB TO QUITY      CD        .2000
                /SAFETY PINS

        A1      Hellbenders, The        Glitter And Shit
        A2      Hellbenders, The        The More I Drink (The Better You Look)
        A3      Hellbenders, The        Slide By
        A4      Hellbenders, The        Government Action
        A5      Hellbenders, The        Feed The Friction
        B1      Safety Pins             If I Die, I Die
        B2      Safety Pins             I'm Rotten
        B3      Safety Pins             Heartbeat
        B4      Safety Pins             I Want Sex
        B5      Safety Pins             Kazike
DB      31      THE NUMBERS             MUSIC DESIGN                    10"       .2000

        A1      Woke Up On My Face
        A2      Social Thing That Happens
        A3      Money Grabber
        B1      Fits The Style
        B2      Massive Symptoms
        B3      Screaming (Wild)
                (Note : 10" , 45 RPM)
DB      32      THE DIALTONES : Playing The Beat On The Radio / All     7"        .2001
                Night Long // Savage
DB      33      V / A                   VIVA LA VINYL VOL.#4            LP        .2001

        A1      Snake Charmers          Soul In The Gutter
        A2      Puffball                Midnight Frolics
        A3      Streetwalkin' Cheetahs : 3 Chords And An Attitude
        A4      Cock Spaniels           Siren Alarm Sounds
        A5      T.V. Killers            So Fake
        A6      Flash Express, The      I'm Leaving
        A7      Gee Strings             Drank A Lot
        A8      Vultures, The           Roller House
        B1      Nikki Sudden            Aeroplane Blues
        B2      Geriatrix               I Wanna Eat Your Face
        B3      Dialtones               All Night Long
        B4      Hellbenders, The        The 99's
        B5      Valentine Killers       Drunk Again
        B6      Hellride                Headin' For Hell
        B7      Bonecrusher             For Freedom
DB      34      THE BACKSTABBERS        TO ELEVEN                       LP        .2001
DB      34      THE BACKSTABBERS        TO ELEVEN                       CD        .2001

A.      1       Crash and Burn
        2       The Thrill Is Gone
        3       Full Throttle
        4       Mile High
        5       Keep On
B.      6       Long Gone Blues
        7       Joke's on You
        8       Saturday Night Shootout
        9       Live It Everyday
        10      You've Been Had
DB      35      TV KILLERS              SPLOSH YOU UP                   7"        .2001
                Splosh You Up // So Fake / You Stupid Asshole
DB      36      THE GENERATORS          STATE OF THE NATION             10"       .2001

        A1      Go Away                                         2:27
        A2      Operation Salvation                             2:17
        A3      Tough As Nails                                  2:27
        A4      Fantastic Disastor                              2:41
        B1      Here Comes The Plague                           2:14
        B2      The Voices In The Head                          2:04
        B3      Running Riot                                    3:12
        B4      Hanoi 68                                        2:49
DB      37      THE SUNDAY DRUNKS       THE SUNDAY DRUNKS               LP.CD     .2002

A.      1       Tarred-n-Feathered
        2       Take It All the Way
        3       Good Old Bad Old Days
        4       Big Motorbike
        5       When You're Gone
        6       Take a Fall
B.      7       People Like You
        8       One on One
        9       Pretty Girl
        10      The Latest Thing
        11      Trinity River Blues
        12      Living Today
DB      38      GASOLHEADS              RED WINE AND WHITE RUSSIANS     10"       .2002

        A1      King of Nothing
        A2      From 95 to 99
        A3      What's This Shit Called Home?
        A4      It Sounds Like Headache
        B1      Speed on Tranxene
        B2      Generation Not Mine
        B3      Hate's Better Than Rock'n Roll
        B4      Nobody Knows
DB      39      THE GEE STRINGS         ARREST ME                       CD        .2002

        A1      Snuff Fiction
        A2      Vibration (Too Much)
        A3      Royal Flesh
        A4      Drank A Lot
        A5      Arrest Me Baby
        A6      Stop Hangin' Around Backstage
        B1      On Standby
        B2      Same Old Stew
        B3      Thin White Line
        B4      Cut Cute Cut
        B5      Move On
        B6      Playin' With Fire
DB      40      PUFFBALL                SOLID STATE                     10"       .2002

        A1      Dechromed
        A2      Street Dominator
        A3      Unglued
        A4      Delirium Boy
        B1      Shutdown
        B2      Midnight Frolics
        B3      Holeshot
        B4      Demolition Boys
DB      41      BAD MACHINE             RIP YOUR HEART                  lp        .2002
DB      41      BAD MACHINE             RIP YOUR HEART                  CD        .2002

A.      1       Liberation Scheme
        2       Shout It Loud
        3       Highway High
        4       Livin in a Freak Out World
        5       Last on Line
        6       Welcome to the Dancer Zone
B.      7       If You Wanna Live
        8       ALways a Soul for Sale
        9       Backstage Beauty
        10      Sick Sonic and Wild
        11      We Got Ball Tonight
        12      Flyin Through Your Heart
DB      42      HIGH BEAMS              HALLUCINATION                   LP        .2002
DB      42      HIGH BEAMS              HALLUCINATION                   CD        .2002

A.      1       Look at Her Run
        2       Defend Me
        3       Nothing Good
        4       Curiosity
        5       Lori Looker
        6       Tell Somebody
B.      7       Hallucination
        8       Sleep Over
        9       Prisoner
        10      Living to Die
        11      Rocking Horses
DB      43      TAXI                    LIKE A DOG                      LP        .2003
DB      43      TAXI                    LIKE A DOG                      CD        .2003

        A1      Dog's Eyes
        A2      All Over Me
        A3      Cheater
        A4      Rabies Is A Killer
        A5      I'm Dead
        B1      Slot Machine
        B2      Deep Red
        B3      Eat Me
        B4      Je Tombe En Bas
        B5      Show Me Your Gun
        B6      My Finger
DB      44      SMUT PEDDLERS           TEN INCH                        10"     06.2003

        A1      Dead End
        A2      Rebatron Party
        A3      State of the State
        A4      Renegade
        B1      Weaverville Woman
        B2      Bums on the Street
        B3      Off the Wagon
        B4      I Guess It's So
DB      45      RADIO REELERS           SHAKIN' AT THE PARTY!           LP        .2003
DB      45      RADIO REELERS           SHAKIN' AT THE PARTY!           CD        .2003

        A1      My Stereo
        A2      Strange Attraction
        A3      Treat It Alright
        A4      Saturday Night
        A5      Jukebox
        B1      Get Outta Here
        B2      Drink With Me
        B3      Target On Yer Heart
        B4      That's How Strong My Love Is
        B5      Shakin' At The Party!
DB      46      THE KNOCKOUT PILLS      THE KNOCKOUT PILLS              LP.CD   06.2003

        A1      Reject Button                                   2:40
        A2      My Initial Salvo                                2:18
        A3      That's Why                                      2:16
        A4      Twist Twist Slit Your Wrists                    2:23
        A5      Here Comes the Legend                           2:15
        A6      Confused                                        4:03
        B1      Sassy Sue                                       2:11
        B2      Trust Fund Rock                                 1:47
        B3      Divine Distraction                              1:59
        B4      It's Not True                                   1:27
        B5      The Lov'd One                                   2:14
        B6      Only Echoes                                     2:14
        B7      End Has Just Begun                              3:52
DB      47      THE BLACK JETTS         BLEED ME                        LP        .2004
DB      47      THE BLACK JETTS         BLEED ME                        CD        .2004

A.      1       Come On
        2       Bleed Me
        3       Another Night
        4       Cheap Date
        5       Get It Out
B.      6       Summer Girls
        7       Howl
        8       Hangin' Around
        9       Rehab Love
        10      She Wants to Be My Rock N Roll Baby
        11      Leavin' Here
DB      48      THE LOCOMOTIONS         THE LOCOMOTIONS                 CD        .2004

        1       The American Fuse
        2       Come And Get It
        3       Headlights On
        4       Stockholm City Girls
        5       On My Knees
        6       Sigma Attack
        7       Tell Her
        8       Make Up Your Mind
        9       Saturday Night Again
        10      I'm On Fire
        11      She's Got Her
        12      Under My Thumb
        13      My Heart Is Alright
        14      Do The Locomotion

CD      Alien Snatch    SNATCH! 019     2003    US
DB      49      THE SUNDAY DRUNKS       ON THE PROWL                    CD        .2004

        1       Here to Stay
        2       Always Home
        3       Hard Drinkin' Woman
        4       Kicked to the Curb
        5       Losin' Again
        6       What You're Doin'
        7       Sunday Drunk
        8       Just Some Fool
        9       Back to the End
        10      The Possum
        11      Gimme a Chance
        12      Hey You
DB      50      THE WEAKLINGS           ROCK-N-ROLL OWES ME             LP      04.2004
DB      50      THE WEAKLINGS           ROCK-N-ROLL OWES ME             CD      04.2004

        A1      Losin' My Electricity
        A2      On With The Show
        A3      Straight Flush
        A4      Spray
        A5      Far Too Long
        B1      Still Ain't Happenin' (Chug-A-Lug Mix)
        B2      Layin' Low Drinkin'
        B3      Never Kissed Her
        B4      No Lover
        B5      Little Boys Play With Dolls
        B6      Fit For A King
DB      51      THE LUCKY PUNCH         KICK UP A HULLABALOO            LP        .2004
DB      51 2    THE LUCKY PUNCH         KICK UP A HULLABALOO            CD        .2004

LP      A1      A Hell Of A Ride
        A2      ....Just Keep On Goin'
        A3      Twisted Feelings
        A4      Back In The Days
        A5      Far Out (Still Tryin' To Get Back In)
        A6      Kick Up A Hullabaloo
        A7      Behind The Smile
        B1      So What You Gonna Do About It?
        B2      You Got Me Goin'
        B3      Why Don't You Spend A Minute
        B4      Never Gonna Know What You Haven't Tried
        B5      Too Much
        B6      Wake Up Girl (You're Just Being Used)

CD      1       A Hell of a Ride
        2       .... Just Keep On Goin'
        3       Twisted Feelings
        4       Back in the Days
        5       So What You Gonna Do About It?
        6       Behind the Smile
        7       Kick Up a Hullabaloo
        8       You Got Me Goin'
        9       Why Don't You Spend a Minute
        10      Never Gonna Know What You Haven't Tried
        11      Wake Up Girl (You're Just Being Used)
        12      Far Out (Still Tryin' to Get Back In)
DB      52      TAXI : Who's To Blame // Down By Love                   7"        .2004

        1       Dead Language
        2       What's Your Definition Of Underground?
        3       Speed Drinker
        4       Burn The Floor
        5       Party Killer
        6       I'm Just Losing My Soul
        7       Night Riders
        8       Straight
        9       Go Back Home
        10      La Reine Du Vide
        11      7 Drugs In 7 Days
        12      '77
        13      Please Hate Me
        Video   I'm Just Losing My Soul
DB      54 1    ALUMINIUM KNOT EYE      TRUNK LUNKER                    LP        .2004
DB      54 2    ALUMINIUM KNOT EYE      TRUNK LUNKER                    CD        .2004

        A1      Final Fling of the Amputee
        A2      Scales in the Tub
        A3      Cannibal Chew Cud
        A4      Squirmling
        A5      Is It My Body?
        A6      County Trunk
        A7      Once Upon a Time in the Midwest
        B1      Mechanical Bull Museum
        B2      My Life As an Eel
        B3      Car Batteries and Baby Oil
        B4      Stiff
        B5      The Thing on Your Doorstep
        B6      Scummy Dummy
        B7      Pleistocene
DB      55      THE BLACK JETTS         RIGHT ON SOUND                  CD        .2005

        1       Thrill City
        2       I Just Wanna Be Loved
        3       When I Was a Young Boy
        4       Your Love Ain't So Strong
        5       Get Ready
        6       Keep Walkin
        7       All Sexed Up
        8       One Nite Stand
        9       Wont Change My Mind
        10      Hooked
        11      You Can't Kill What's Already Dead
        12      Right on Sound
DB      56      THE FEELERS             LEARN TO HATE THE FEELERS       CD        .2005

        1       Intro                                           0:27
        2       Peasants and Lepers                             1:22
        3       Wake Up (To Hate)                               1:41
        4       Stuttgart (Looking) Motherfucker                1:31
        5       Next Boy                                        2:36
        6       Slit Wristz                                     1:57
        7       Uniform                                         1:37
        8       The Rev                                         1:34
        9       Get Out                                         1:05
        10      Next to You                                     1:36
        11      P.O.D.                                          1:32
        12      New World                                       1:28
        13      Roll 6 Damage 18                                1:50
        14      Moles                                           1:04
        15      Outro                                           0:19
DB      57      TRACTOR SEX FATALITY    PEEL AND EAT                    CD      08.2005

        1       Rot Macumba
        2       Crime In The Bushes
        3       Peel & Eat
        4       A-Bomb
        5       Skeleton Keys
        6       Drumbrake
        7       Dance The Damage
        8       Marco Polo
        9       Stain
        10      Cannibal
        11      The Woodsman
DB      58      DEAN DIRG : 26 Kids To Make The Whole World Party       CD      08.2005

        1       Dean Dirg's Bored
        2       Everyone Back Off!
        3       Talk Talk
        4       $8.95
        5       Nailed To The Couch
        6       Who's Dead
        7       No Life Crew
        8       !!!!
        9       Kill Me
        10      The Last Kid On The Block
        11      Ain't No Toy
        12      Neon Nightmare
        13      Run Run Run
        14      No. 1 Out Of 6 Billion
        15      Rock Out
        16      Prefab Passion
        17      Try My Ass
        18      Do It Right
        19      Our Laugh's On You
        20      Make The Whole World Pay
        21      Suicide Just Won't Do The Trick
        22      Fuck Yeah
        23      Cholesterol Attack
        24      Punk Punk
        25      Kill The Boss
        26      Chartbreaker Hahaha
DB      59      SON OF CYRUS            MONKEY BUSINESS                 CD        .2005

        1       Tired Of This Time
        2       Nobody But Me
        3       Monkey Business
        4       Down Town
        5       Sons Of Cyrus
        6       The Fast Can't Lose
        7       Going Down
        8       Didn't Know
        9       The Warriors
        10      Sonic Riot
        11      I Need You Baby
        12      Street Fighting Man
        13      A Lonesome Boy
        14      Devil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly
        15      Zardoz
        16      Nothing Matters Anymore
        17      What To Do
        18      Begging Me For More
        19      Switzerland
        20      Fate
DB      60      RADIO REELERS           THE NEXT BEST THING             LP        .2005
DB      60      RADIO REELERS           THE NEXT BEST THING             CD        .2005

        A1      Devil On My Shoulder
        A2      Rockin' Van
        A3      Criminal Mind
        A4      (You Got Me) Reelin'
        A5      You're My Habit
        B1      The Next Big Thing
        B2      Greatest Lover In The World
        B3      Unless I'm With You
        B4      Silver Ball
        B5      End Of The Line
        B6      Stay Home Carista
DB      61      THROBBIN URGES          THROBBIN URGES                  LP        .2006
DB      61      THROBBIN URGES          THROBBIN URGES                  CD        .2006

        A1      I'm So Sick
        A2      Sitcom Timebomb
        A3      Bad Luck
        A4      By Nightfall
        A5      Second Variety
        A6      Get Rad
        A7      Twelve Sided Die
        B1      Accident
        B2      Drain Baby
        B3      Dial-A-Date
        B4      Under Suspicion
        B5      Remote Control Pussy
        B6      Head In A Jar
DB      62      DC SNIPERS              MISSILE SUNSET                  LP        .2006
DB      62      DC SNIPERS              MISSILE SUNSET                  CD        .2006

A.      1       Note to Self
        2       Criminal Dog
        3       Power Off
        4       You Dissapearrr Me
        5       Straight Razor
        6       Get Awesome on the Street
B.      7       Electric Chair from Saigaon
        8       Die (They All Want Me to)
        9       A.D.F.
        10      Soviet Union
        11      All Humans are Garbage
DB      63      LiveFastDie             BANDANA TRASH RECORD            LP        .2006
DB      63      LiveFastDie             BANDANA TRASH RECORD            CD        .2006

A.      1       Passing Out (In Front Of The Children)          1:18
        2       Amputated                                       1:46
        3       Camero Shit The Bed                             1:15
        4       Weapons                                         2:19
        5       Fat Guy W/ An Ipod                              2:46
        6       Bandana Thrash                                  1:16
        7       F-Train                                         2:21
B.      8       Can I Get Some More                             1:48
        9       Snuff Movie                                     2:08
        10      Art Is Faggotry                                 1:27
        11      Bombed Over Sixpackistan                        2:12
        12      Troglodyte City                                 1:24
        13      Razor Rat                                       1:56
DB      64      HAUNTED GEORGE          BONE HAULER                     CD      10.2006

        1       This Is a Test
        2       Graves in the Desert
        3       Devil's Canyon
        4       The Embalmer
        5       The Ghosts of Old San Juan
        6       Road Ghoul
        7       Bone Hauler
        8       She Told Me Her Name Was Lisa
        9       Depraved
        10      Shotgun in My Mouth
        11      Howlin'
        12      Ghoul From the Mine
        13      What Kind of Tracks Are Those?
        14      Voices From Beyond
        15      The Night of the Vampire
DB      65      THE TERMINALS           FORGET ABOUT NEVER              LP      11.2006
DB      65      THE TERMINALS           FORGET ABOUT NEVER              CD      11.2006

        A1      Wild Bill's Social Club
        A2      Liar Liar
        A3      Forget About Never
        A4      Goin' Back to Memphis
        A5      Out of Place
        A6      Alley House
        B1      Easy
        B2      Your Lies
        B3      Ride
        B4      Ritual
        B5      Gone Away
        B6      Line
        B7      (She's Gone) Popcorn
DB      66      THE GEE STRINGS         A BUNCH OF BUGS                 CD        .2006

        1       Something's Ringing (In My Head)
        2       I'm Blanking
        3       Just Head
        4       Bad Luck for You
        5       Bumping Along
        6       Go Skid Rock
        7       Let's Make Up & Screw
        8       Dirt Track
        9       A Bunch of Bugs
        10      Love Shock
        11      So Messed Up
DB      67      THE INTELLECTUALS       INVISIBLE IS THE BEST           CD      12.2006

        1       Vinyl Junkie Paranoia                           2:53
        2       We Are Cells                                    2:10
        3       Identity                                        2:17
        4       Go to the Beach with Cinnamon Girl              2:08
        5       R'n'R Jedi                                      2:22
        6       Baby-O                                          1:16
        7       White Light/White Heat                          2:47
        8       Fichetti                                        2:21
        9       Oh! Freud                                       2:04
        10      Cheated Babe Bop                                2:38
        11      The Insiders                                    2:39
        12      My Brother Chorizo                              1:39
        13      Swimmin'                                        2:29
        14      Never Understand                                2:48
DB      68      TAXI                    YU TOLK TU MACH                 LP        .2007

        A1      Killer
        A2      Glad to See You on the Ground
        A3      Dead Girl
        A4      Gloves
        A5      Hard Times
        B1      The Vampire
        B2      Qui est In, qui est Out
        B3      Out on the Street
        B4      Load Point Fire
        B5      Who's to Blame
DB      69      DEAD HOOKERS            THE BURIAL/THE REBIRTH          LP        .2007
DB      69      DEAD HOOKERS            THE BURIAL/THE REBIRTH          CD        .2007

        A1      The Burial
        A2      Technical Mortal
        A3      Little Birdie
        A4      Stickin' To My Soul
        A5      Dead Man's Eyes
        A6      Hypothalamic Black Magic
        B1      Shave Your Disease
        B2      I Gotta Fever
        B3      I've Got Something For You
        B4      Nocturnal
        B5      Come Back Here And Face Me
        B6      What You Wear Is So, So Right
        B7      The Rebirth

        1       Finger On You                                   4:23
        2       Tick Tick Tick                                  1:50
        3       Anthill                                         1:20
        4       Livin' Like Jesus Christ
        5       Rat's Cage                                      1:39
        6       Frustration                                     2:32
        7       Destroy Hollywood                               0:47
        8       Selective Memory                                1:58
        9       In My Vacuum                                    0:58
        10      Raw Dog, Raw Deal                               2:30
        11      Another Planet                                  1:52
        12      Razorblade Blues                                1:52
        13      Nag Nag Nag                                     3:46
        14      Take It All In                                  2:31
        15      1-900-GET-INSIDE                                1:53
        16      Uniform                                         1:28
        17      Pressed Pants                                   1:37
        18      Chemical Bath                                   4:32
DB      71      FORBIDDEN TIGERS        MAGNETIC PROBLEMS               LP        .2007
DB      71      FORBIDDEN TIGERS        MAGNETIC PROBLEMS               CD        .2007

        A1      Next in Line
        A2      Black Hole Control
        A3      Neanderthal
        A4      Can of Beans
        A5      White Red White
        A6      Forbidden Tigers
        B1      Backstabber
        B2      Penitentiary
        B3      Magnetic Problems
        B4      Liar
        B5      Son of a Carnivore
        B6      Voodoo

        1       Heavy Breather                                  1:00
        2       Terrorist Vacuum                                1:25
        3       I'm a Modern Modern Man                         1:47
        4       Loch Ness Primitive                             3:11
        5       Kamikaze!                                       2:39
        6       Gunna Get Cut                                   4:00
        7       Train of Naught                                 2:52
        8       No Idea                                         2:23
        9       Stab Your Back                                  1:12
        10      Leisure Prison                                  3:11
        11      In My Vacuum                                    1:32
        12      Lucid Things                                    1:51
        13      I'll Be Famous... When I'm Dead                 1:44
        14      Heavy Breather                                  45:09
DB      73      THE DAILY VOID : IDENTIFICATION CODE-5271.4984953784.   LP.CD   10.2007

        A1      You've Been Erased                              1:06
        A2      Devil's Gold Window                             2:20
        A3      The Man w/o a Face                              2:40
        A4      Tapewurm                                        2:26
        A5      Insect                                          2:25
        B1      (Surprise Surprise)                             1:57
        B2      Die Stiletto                                    2:01
        B3      Time Stops!
        B4      P-U-B-L-I-C Eyes                                1:19
        B5      No One Knows...                                 3:08
        B6      Daily Void                                      2:43
DB      74      MAC BLACKOUT            MAC BLACKOUT                    LP        .2007

        A1      Everybody Rock
        A2      Voodoo Doll
        A3      Heartache In The City
        A4      Dreamin Of Summertime
        A5      Nowhere Man
        A6      March Of Love & Hate
        B1      Baby Face Killer
        B2      Searchin' For An Angel
        B3      The Lonely People
        B4      You've Lost Your Eyes
        B5      Delirium Trim Man
        B6      I Came From Another World
DB      75      JUANITA Y LOS FEOS      JUANITA Y LOS FEOS              LP      10.2008
DB      75      JUANITA Y LOS FEOS      JUANITA Y LOS FEOS              CD      10.2008

        1       El Agujero                                      1:47
        2       Madre Soltera (No Quiero Ser Una)               2:03
        3       Dame Un Cuchillo                                0:49
        4       Reina Por Un Día                                1:59
        5       Maldito Desagradecido                           2:11
        6       El Huracán Ha Llegado A Vietnam                 2:20
        7       No Tengo Ritmo                                  2:07
        8       Tu Secta Es Guay                                2:45
        9       Footing                                         1:45
        10      Baila Como Un Robot                             1:27
        11      Sisebuto                                        2:41
        12      Un Piso En El Paraiso                           2:44
DB      76      THE BILL BONDSMEN       SWALLOWED BY THE WORLD          lp      05.2008
DB      76      THE BILL BONDSMEN       SWALLOWED BY THE WORLD          CD      05.2008

A.      1       Generation Landfill
        2       Something´s Died
        3       Arbeit Macht Frei
        4       Dear Debt Collector
        5       Another Wave
        6       If You Want a Picture of the Future (Imagine a Boot Stamping
                on a Human Face Forever)
        7       It´s  Always Darkest After Shutoff
B.      8       Answer Me
        9       Live Like Vampires
        10      Swallowed by the World
        11      Mass for Shut In´s
        12      A Bird in the Hand Means You´ve Been Dead for a Few days
DB      77      MAC BLACKOUT            THE RABID BABIES                CD      08.2008

        1       Year of the Rat
        2       Pocket for Everything
        3       Darlin' Don't You See
        4       Six
        5       I Scream Colors
        6       Who's Gonna Set the Fire
        7       Solitary State
        8       New Breed Intro
        9       We're Best Friends
        10      I'm Gonna Murder My Love My Baby
        11      The Electric Shake
        12      Fifteen Minutes of Famous Screams
        13      Molten Emissions
        14      The House is on Fire
        15      Johny Spit
        16      [Untitled]
DB      78      MOTORAMA                PSYCHOTRONIC IS THE BEAT!       CD        .2008

        1       Black And White
        2       Tiki Tramp
        3       Tell Me! What?!
        4       Chinese Blues
        5       Gossip Reputation
        6       All Right!
        7       Superalcoholic
        8       We're Here, We're Hungry
        9       Damaged Goods
        10      I Do As I Like
        11      Candy Kisses
        12      If You Could See Me
DB      79      LE FACE                 ISOLATION                       LP      11.2008
DB      79      LE FACE                 ISOLATION                       LP+7"   11.2008
DB      79      LE FACE                 ISOLATION                       CD      11.2008

LP      A1      Urinating Fest
        A2      Bright White Faces
        A3      Christ
        A4      Manic Depression
        A5      Lolita
        A6      Pull My Trigger
        A7      Salvador Dali
        B1      Tylenol Killer
        B2      Dumb Cop
        B3      Isolation
        B4      Christian Cunt
        B5      She Was a Mutant
        B6      Boys and Girls
Bonus 7"C1      Christian Lunch
        C2      Roach & Romp
        D1      Naked Nerves
DB      80      LIGHTS OUT!             DESTROY-CREATE                  CD        .2009

        1       Something Is Rotten In The Age Of Hope
        2       Just One Step From Paradise?
        3       Be Quiet And Obey!
        4       The Affluence
        5       [Memo(5)]
        6       Contempt
        7       Blast Of The Fed-Up
        8       Destroy - Create
        9       L'amour
        10      Broken Hearts, Broken Minds
        11      Kiss Me, Please
        12      Who Told You?
        13      Destination: Annihilation
        14      Illusions And Summerdreams

LP      Yo-Yo           YOYO 31         2009    UK
DB      81      CORY CASE               WAITING ON A REMEDY             LP        .2009
DB      81      CORY CASE               WAITING ON A REMEDY             CD        .2009

        A1      Father Time
        A2      Words Fly Away
        A3      It's All Over
        A4      Lights In The Attic
        A5      Dressed In White
        B1      Lab Rats
        B2      Look Back
        B3      Waiting On A Remedy
        B4      Not For Sale
        B5      Scratch A Lover And Find A Foe
DB      82      BLACK KNOTS             GUITARMAGEDDON                  CD        .2009

        1       The Rapture
        2       Redefining What Kick Ass Can Be
        3       The Illuminati
        4       Steel Rails
        5       Now We've Gone And Done It
        6       Gypsy Cobra
        7       Kickin' Like A Wicked Conquistador
        8       Tokyo Ho's
        9       Bout Fuckin' Time
        10      A Change Is Gonna Come
DB      83      GESTAPO KHAZI           GESTAPO KHAZI EP                12"     03.2012

        A1      Smoke Signals
        A2      Miss Temptation
        A3      Time Eats Time
        B1      Samuel Hall
        B2      Ain't Worth A Dollar
        B3      Come One Come All
DB      84      ESTROGEN HIGHS          TELL IT TO THEM                 LP      09.2009

        A1      Thinkin of My Health
        A2      The World Has Problems Too
        A3      BK Bridge
        A4      Logical Doctor
        A5      No Opinion
        B1      Move
        B2      Friends Family LSD
        B3      Rick Best the Poet
        B4      Age of Romantics
        B5      God Is Black
DB      85      HEARTBEEPS              MY BONES ARE TATTOOED           LP        .2010

        A1      Clinic Rejects
        A2      A Boring Life With No Guitar
        A3      Right Shoes Right Jacket Wrong Records
        A4      Young Body
        A5      Already Lost
        A6      Kiki Puncher
        B1      All Killers
        B2      My Bones Are Tattooed
        B3      Just For Her
        B4      Autumn Of Love
        B5      Break It Up
        B6      Kill The DJ's Without Wax
DB      86      ROCKET REDUCERS         ROCKET REDUCERS                 12"       .2010
DB      86      ROCKET REDUCERS         ROCKET REDUCERS                 CD        .2010

A.      1       She's So Easy
        2       Fresh Tarts
        3       Nobody
        4       Don't Wanna Wake Up
        5       Get Off My Back
        6       The Fear of an Empty Drink
B.      7       Sauce Wagon
        8       Night Rats
        9       Waste Away
        10      I Don't Love You, I Don't Need You
        11      Pleasant Dreams
        12      Something Better
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM)
DB      87      FIST CITY               HUNTING YOU                     LP        .2010

        A1      Murder Bitch
        A2      Space Age
        A3      I Grew Up In Fist City
        A4      Demon Cords
        A5      Live Forever
        A6      Crime Spree
        B1      Thalido-My Mother Took The Pill
        B2      Batty
        B3      Can't Say No
        B4      Debbie Get Yr Boa!
        B5      Queen Of The Slugs
DB      88      BIRTH                   BIRTH                           LP        .2011
DB      88      BIRTH                   BIRTH                           CD        .2011

        A1      100 Year Old Egg
        A2      Mineral Rights
        A3      Factory Line
        A4      Clouds
        B1      Emerging Manhood
        B2      Total Cop
        B3      Third Eye
        B4      Tropical Depression
DB      89      MANIC ATTRACTS          EYES WIDE SHUT                  LP      02.2011

A.      1       Animals
        2       Eyes Wide Shut
        3       Feels Like I'm Dead
        4       No Time
        5       Waves
        6       Ghosts
B.      7       Suicide Summer
        8       Images
        9       You Were The One
        10      Sounds Wrong
        11      Death of Your Heart
DB      90      GIUDA                   RACEY ROLLER                    LP        .2010

        A1      Number 10
        A2      Back Home
        A3      Get It Over
        A4      Coming Back To You
        A5      Racey Roller
        B1      Tartan Pants
        B2      Don't Stop Rockin'
        B3      Speak Louder
        B4      Here Comes Saturday Night
        B5      Roll On

LP      Danaged Goods   DAMGOOD 400 LP  2012    UK
LP      Fungo           FUNGO 001       2012    IT
LP      TKO             ROUND 196       2013    US
CD      White Zoo       WZCD 001        2010    IT
DB      91      THE GAGGERS             RIP YOU APART                   LP        .2011

        A1      Rip Her Apart
        A2      Two Fingers Down My Throat
        A3      No Memory
        A4      Razor Scars (On My Heart)
        A5      You Ain't No Fun
        A6      Spit You Out
        B1      Don't Care
        B2      Down On You
        B3      Outta Your Mind
        B4      Cheap Thrills Kill
        B5      Fix Me Up
        B6      Dirty Looks
DB      92      TRMRS                   SEA THINGS                      LP        .2011

        A1      Shorter Days
        A2      Hello Self
        A3      Green Machine
        A4      All I Ever Need
        A5      Reality Waves (Interlude)
        B1      Send Me Down
        B2      This Lonely Song
        B3      Well, I'm Insane
        B4      Leech Nights
        B5      Life Is Easy
        B6      The World

LP      Resurrection    RR 006          2011    US
DB      93      CURTAINS!               DEEP IN NIGHT CITY              LP        .2011

        A1      Cortex Covers
        A2      Gamma Cicada
        A3      Death By Dogs
        A4      Hidden Agenda
        A5      Abduction
        A6      Bring On The Chasms
        B1      Legs Cut Off
        B2      Fire Party
        B3      Pan Dimension
        B4      The Mollusk
        B5      Mood Lightning
        B6      Favorite Whip
DB      94      THE IMPOSTERS           ANIMAL MAGNETISM                LP        .2011

        A1      Sing Out Loud
        A2      Ink Stain
        A3      Dig A Hole
        A4      Tar Pits
        A5      Prowlin'
        A6      Backseat Rider
        B1      Buttons
        B2      I Know
        B3      The Artist Formerly Known As Withheld
        B4      Break A Rule
        B5      Sinner
        B6      The Sun's On Our Side
        B7      Come On
DB      95      DEAD GERMAN             VICIOUS REPENT                  LP        .2011

        A1      The Death March
        A2      Bastard Blitz
        A3      Snake Skin
        A4      Vicious Repent
        B1      Owl Eyes
        B2      Bloodlust
        B3      Vagabondage
        B4      Staring Through The Glass
        B5      Don´t Exorcise Me
DB      96      MORALENS VÄKTARE        MORALENS VÄKTARE                LP        .2012

        A1      Du Är En Tönt
        A2      Strüngt Förbjudet
        A3      Rent Skärt Hat
        A4      Din Sista Strid
        A5      Livet E Skit
        A6      Sticka Fran Stan
        B1      Visa Fran En Bakgata
        B2      Arbebmoral
        B3      Dömd Stad
        B4      Vad Vacker Jage
        B5      Jag Är En Människa
        B6      Rulla Hem
                (Note : LP , black or gold vinyl)
DB      97      BRAIN TUMORS            BRAIN TUMORS                    LP        .2012

        A1      Group Therapy, V-Neck Reject, Whatabummer
        A2      Scaphe
        A3      Bulimaniac
        A4      Improper Execute
        A5      Brian Tumores
        A6      No Fish
        B1      Shitiots
        B2      Cultural Curse
        B3      Midnight Surgery
        B4      Dark Meat
        B5      Everything Is Fucked
        B6      Rules Of Abuse
                (Note : LP , black or clear vinyl)
DB      98      UZI RASH                WHYTE RASH TIME                 LP        .2012

        A1      Under Pressure
        A2      A New House
        A3      Down At The Dump
        A4      Swamp Walk
        A5      I Don't Wanna
        B1      Colors
        B2      Spores
        B3      Everybody Knock On The Door
        B4      Intelligent
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl)
DB      99      THE FADEAWAYS           RAW, WILD & WRETCHED            LP        .2012

        A1      Indside -Out
        A2      Girl Trouble
        A3      Dirty Lie
        A4      Stop It Baby
        A5      Trip In Tyme
        B1      Northwest
        B2      Stupid Girl (Has Pretty Face)
        B3      Get Weird
        B4      Wild One
        B5      Won't Come Back
                (Note : LP , black or red vinyl)
DB      100     CELLOS                  BOMB SHELTER EP                 12"       .2012

        A1      Sea Legs
        A2      Mailroom Blues
        A3      The Greys
        A4      Toronto
        B1      Mass Production Scheme
        B2      Hit Song
        B3      Bomb Shelter
                (Note : 12" , 45 RPM, black or gold vinyl)
DB      101     THE HORNY WACKERS       THEY ARE SAVAGE                 LP        .2012

        A1      I Can See
        A2      Mother's Neighbour
        A3      Fuckin Bassman
        A4      My Cramps
        A5      Peggy Fun And Savage
        A6      Bang Bang Yeah
        B1      Crevard
        B2      Furious Women
        B3      I Want To Be Very Nice With You
        B4      No Blood
        B5      Chicken Zombie Sauce
        B6      Lost In The Desert
                (Note : LP , black or green vinyl)
DB      102     SHARK TOYS              SHARK TOYS                      LP      01.2013
                (Note : LP , 400 black or 100 clear copies)
DB      102     SHARK TOYS              SHARK TOYS                      CS      01.2013
                (Note : 100 cassettes)

        A1      Bus Stop                                        2:06
        A2      Pot Holes                                       1:49
        A3      Who Cares?                                      3:23
        A4      Library                                         2:59
        A5      F.F.#1                                          1:29
        B1      Downtown                                        2:10
        B2      F.F.#2                                          1:11
        B3      Victorian House                                 1:50
        B4      Dots                                            5:17
DB      103     HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE     SUGAR MOUNTAIN                  LP        .2013

        A1      Yesterday's News
        A2      Big Black Cloud
        A3      Only The Lonely
        A4      Why
        B1      Curse My Name
        B2      Gimme You
        B3      MI Mosk
        B4      Nothing Without You
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 blue copies)
DB      104     Räjäyttäjät             Räjäyttäjät                     LP        .2013

        A1      Huikon lavalla
        A2      012 ja pöytään 013
        A3      Keskiyön jälkeen
        A4      Miina Niina
        A5      Vuosihuoltoon
        A6      Tikkalan mztat
        A7      Piimää & karilloo
        B1      WF Kela
        B2      Veen päällä savuu
        B3      Viimeinen kerta
        B4      15 vuoden päästä
                (Note : LP , black, brown or yellow vinyl)
DB      105     THEE MIGHTY FEVERS      FUCKIN' GREAT R'N'R             LP        .2013

        A1      R'N'R
        A2      Bad Party
        A3      Radio Burn
        A4      I'm A Zombie
        A5      Sunday Night Breakdown
        A6      After School Shadow
        A7      Black Lether No. 1
        B1      Motorcycle Heaven
        B2      S.T.S.G.
        B3      Sick On You
        B4      Good Fuck Good Night
        B5      High School Riot
        B6      13 Black
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies)
DB      106     THE CREEPING IVIES      STAY WILD                       LP        .2013

        A1      Black Cat
        A2      Buzzbomb
        A3      Madhouse Blues
        A4      Mirror Mirror
        A5      Spinning
        B1      Bop Like That
        B2      The World
        B3      House Of Ivy
        B4      Rock N Roll Ghost
        B5      Stay Wild
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 green copies)
DB      107     MODERN PETS             .SORRY.THANKS                   LP        .2013

        A1      Pilsator
        A2      Necessities
        A3      The Walking Contradiction
        A4      Back To My Heart
        A5      Funeral Fun
        B1      Excessive
        B2      Clocked Assholes
        B3      News
        B4      No Access
        B5      I'm Not A Brick
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies)
DB      108     Rättens Krater          Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg        LP        .2013

        A1      Narrskeppet
        A2      Apmonoliten
        A3      Kammar Noll
        A4      Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg
        A5      Caesarkalendern
        A6      Skottar
        B1      Investera I Undergangen
        B2      Blas Job Blas
        B3      En Sista Order
        B4      Caesarkalendern II
        B5      The Great King Rat
        B6      Lat Piskan Vina
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 clear copies)
DB      109     BRIMSTONE HOWL          BLOWHARD DELUXE                 LP        .2013

        A1      King Of The Scene
        A2      Chicken Coup In The Sky
        A3      Too Cool For This Shit
        A4      Blowhard
        B1      Pills
        B2      Landlocked + Waylaid
        B3      Crosswind
        B4      Call My Name
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100blue copies)
DB      110     MISCALCULATIONS         MISCALCULATIONS                 LP        .2013

        A1      Dead Vocabulary
        A2      Live With Myself
        A3      Telescopes At The Sun
        A4      The Inaudible Pitch
        A5      A Silent Defence
        A6      Asbestos City
        B1      Statues
        B2      A Lifetime Of Souvenirs
        B3      Predictions Precise As A Surgeon's Blade
        B4      Transmissions
        B5      Conclusions Of Chronology
        B6      Preaching Individuality To The Masses
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies)
DB      111     SICK THOUGHTS           TERMINAL TEEN AGE               LP        .2013

        A1      Blood Red
        A2      Strungout
        A3      Last Day in Hell
        A4      Peaked in High School
        A5      Fifteen Minute Love
        A6      I Want Out
        B1      Ain't Nothing to See
        B2      Don't Relate
        B3      Can't Take No More
        B4      Did It Mean a Thing?
        B5      Getting Real Alone
        B6      My Brain Is a Mess
        B7      Fucked Up Feelings
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 red copies)
DB      112     SHARK TOYS              SHARK TOYS                      CS        .2014

        A1      Bus Stop
        A2      Pot Holes
        A3      Who Cares?
        A4      Library
        A5      F. F. #1
        B1      Downtown
        B2      F. F. #2
        B3      Victorian House
        B4      Dots
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
DB      113     FRAU                    FRAU                            LP        .2014

        A1      Hostile
        A2      Paris
        A3      Safety Instructions
        A4      High Heels
        B1      Sherman's Gone
        B2      Accused
        B3      Trouble
        B4      Nada
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 green copies)
DB      114     SICK THOUGHTS           MY MESS MY LIFE                 LP        .2014

        A1      Can't Stand The Thought
        A2      Terminal Teen Age
        A3      How It's Gonna Be
        A4      Get On, Get Out
        B1      Always Right
        B2      I'll Say Goodbye
        B3      Every Day's The Same
        B4      Piss Poor
                (Note : Lp , 400 black/100 clear copies)
DB      115     PUSRAD                  ERARRE HUMANUM EST              12"       .2014

        A1      Musik I Mina Oron
        A2      Nervkontakt Av 3:dje Graden
        A3      Testing Testing 123
        A4      Apanage
        A5      Rapport 2014
        A6      Vem Vinner
        A7      Musikens Skadedjur
        A8      Masshypnos
        A9      Donera Din Röst
        A10     I Statens Händer(AOBF, 1979)
        A11     Samhällsobalans
        A12     Mönstermedborgare
        B1      Rum Fyllt Med Papper
        B2      Hoppet Finns
        B3      Dagens Välfärd
        B4      Mello
        B5      Farväl
        B6      Hjärta Eller Handgranat
        B7      Atomer
        B8      Imorgon
        B9      Pa Jobbet
        B10     Kärleken Ar Död
        B11     Mall A317
        B12     Saknad
                (Note : 12" , 100 copies on clear vinyl, rest black)
DB      116     OVERCHARGE              ACCELERATE                      LP        .2014

        A1      Accelerate
        A2      Dirt
        A3      As If There Were No Tomorrow
        A4      Nothing On The Way
        A5      Drown In Your Own
        B1      No Law
        B2      Leave Behind
        B3      Water Of Fire
        B4      No Where To Go
        B5      Don't Waste A Breath
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on gold vinyl , rest black)
DB      117     THE HAVENOT'S           ROCK'N'ROLL WEEKEND             LP        .2015

        A1      Rock N Roll Weekend
        A2      Too Young To Patience
        A3      Remembering Today
        A4      The Slaves
        A5      Kids All Right
        A6      Kill The Generation
        B1      My Red Guitar
        B2      I Hate Music Star!!
        B3      The Boys Back To The Streets
        B4      Photograph
        B5      Ecstasy
        B6      Teenage Heart
                (Note : LP , 50 copies on red vinyl , rest black)
DB      118     EXECUTORS               ALL AGAINST ALL                 LP        .2015

        A1      Maximum Overdrive
        A2      All Against All
        A3      Justified Abuse
        A4      Never To Old To Figh
        A5      No Impulse Control
        A6      Class Action
        A7      Give Us Guns
        B1      Little Boots
        B2      Cops Can't Believe
        B3      The Storm
        B4      Government Shutdown
        B5      Yours To Take
        B6      Let Them Build Condos
        B7      World Of Shit
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on white vinyl , rest black)
DB      119     CHARM BAG               AN ANDALUSIAN DOG               12" (m)   .2015

        A1      Swamp Beat
        A2      The Andalusian Dog
        A3      Voodoo Fun
        A4      Evil Advice
        B1      Alright!
        B2      Let's Go To The Beach
        B3      Dancing On Your Grave
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 100 copies on white vinyl , rest black)
DB      120     THE DYING SHAMES        THE DYING SHAMES                LP        .2015

        A1      White Horses
        A2      Runnin' Around
        A3      Wise About You
        A4      Ain't That A Shame
        A5      Maruess
        B1      The Bitch
        B2      Laser Lady
        B3      Three Questions
        B4      Modern Love
        B5      You Found Out
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on clear vinyl , rest black)
DB      121     THE MANTS               DO THE DUMMY                    LP        .2016

        A1      250 Volt
        A2      Brass Knuckle Sandwich
        A3      Faster Robot (Kill Kill)
        A4      Just Don't Care
        A5      Boogaloogaloo
        A6      El-Plunge-o
        B1      Do The Dummy
        B2      Atomic Wraygun
        B3      Fire In The Hole
        B4      Destroyed By Fuzz
        B5      Tunnel In The Sky
        B6      I Hate You
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on green vinyl , rest black)
DB      122     PINPRICK PUNISHMENT     BLOOD BAG                       LP        .2016

        A1      Words Are Monsters
        A2      Mr. Sir Man
        A3      Boots
        A4      Trauma Center
        A5      Modulation Method
        B1      Pinprick Punishment
        B2      White Gloves
        B3      Driving
        B4      New Morals
        B5      Saliva Stains
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on white vinyl , rest black)
DB      123     DR. BOOGIE : GOTTA GET BACK TO NEW YORK CITY            LP        .2015
DB      123     DR. BOOGIE : GOTTA GET BACK TO NEW YORK CITY            CD        .2015

        A1      Get Back To New York City
        A2      Cut At The Knees
        A3      Down This Road
        A4      Really Good Feeling
        B1      Queen Of The Streets
        B2      Together
        B3      Life On The Breadline
        B4      Personal Matter
DB      124     DISCO LEPERS            SOPHISTICATED SHAME             LP        .2016

        A1      Tazer Date
        A2      Suspect The Youth
        A3      Chloroform Love
        A4      I'm Contagious
        A5      Chew You Up
        A6      Self-Basting
        B1      God Bless Mark David Chapman
        B2      Anonymous Choker
        B3      Carbon Black
        B4      Teenage Sniper
        B5      Open Sores
                (Note : LP , 50 tazer orange/mickey orange copies, rest black)
DB      125     THE ROUTES              LEFT MY MIND                    LP      11.2016

        A1      Left My Mind                                    2:25
        A2      Tell Me Ain't So                                2:44
        A3      Bleed You Dry                                   2:43
        A4      Change Your Mind                                2:44
        A5      Dying Town                                      2:38
        A6      The Shadow                                      2:20
        B1      Leach
        B2      Routes Boogie                                   2:23
        B3      Slight Delight                                  2:32
        B4      If You Don't Give Me What I Want                3:26
        B5      Rare Find                                       3:18
        B6      Make You Sorry                                  2:10
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on gold vinyl , rest black)

CD      Motor Sounds    MSR 002         2007    UK
DB      126     SWAMPS                  KITANO HOMARE                   LP      11.2016

        A1      Nerd Man
        A2      Voodoo Calls
        A3      Gimme Some Money
        A4      Thee Cave
        A5      She's Mine
        A6      Egyptian Thing
        B1      Mongoiloid
        B2      Drag It Like A Snake
        B3      Dateless Night Trip
        B4      Ichibon #1
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on green vinyl , rest black)
DB      127     TOMY & THE COUGARS      AMBUSH                          LP        .2016

        A1      Ambush
        A2      It's Up To You
        A3      Sacred Pleasure
        A4      Enough
        A5      Bad Boy Bondage
        B1      Toomy
        B2      What About Me
        B3      Downtown
        B4      I Don't Wanne Be That Kid
        B5      The Real Things
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on white vinyl , rest black)
DB      128     JJ & THE REAL JERKS     BACK TO THE BOTTOM              LP        .2017

        A1      Out Of My Means
        A2      Downed Wires
        A3      Damaged Goods
        A4      Bottle And Can Retirement Plan
        A5      Tuned Out
        B1      Mr. Good Enough
        B2      Back In Business
        B3      Ice Queen
        B4      Back To The Bottom
                (Note : LP , black or blue vinyl)
DB      129     BATTERED SUITCASES      OBLIVION                        LP+DLc    .2017

        A1      Normal
        A2      Slippery
        A3      Ran It Through Me
        A4      I Don't Think
        B1      Oblivion
        B2      Say Uncle
        B3      Can You Help Me
        B4      I Am Nothing
                (Note : LP , black or red vinyl)
DB      130     HUMAN RACE              NEGATIVE                        LP      11.2017

        A1      Negative
        A2      Useless Future
        A3      I Don't Mind
        A4      Black Space
        A5      Back With The Boys
        B1      My Gang
        B2      Contradictions
        B3      We Don't Exist
        B4      Addicted To You
        B5      New World
                (Note : LP , black or white vinyl)
DB      131     JONESY                  JONESY                          LP        .2018

        A1      I Won't Call You Back
        A2      Down To Fuck
        A3      All Fucked Up
        A4      Alone (Listening To The Ramones)
        A5      Tit Fuck
        B1      Messin' Around
        B2      Hate Me
        B3      Hard On
        B4      Rock N' Roll Over Girls
        B5      I'm In Love With Joan Jett
DB      132     ARTHUR ALEXANDER        ONE BAR LEFT                    LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , ??? copies on black vinyl)
DB      132     ARTHUR ALEXANDER        ONE BAR LEFT                    LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on red vinyl)
DB      132     ARTHUR ALEXANDER        ONE BAR LEFT                    CD        .2018
                (Note : CD + 8 p. booklet)

LP      A1      One Bar Left
        A2      Psycho-Automatic
        A3      (She Got Me) Wang Dang Doodle
        A4      Bring It On Home To Me
        A5      Dead End Man
        A6      Money 'N Love
        B1      Shot In The Heart
        B2      Just A Little Longer
        B3      Mary Lou, Mary Lou
        B4      Can't Get You Out Of My Dream
        B5      Hard To Get
        B6      Till I Was On My Way

CD      1       One Bar Left
        2       Psycho-Automatic
        3       (She Got Me) Wang Dang Doodle
        4       Un Peu Plus Longtemps
        5       Bring It On Home To Me
        6       Mary Lou, Mary Lou
        7       It's You
        8       Hart To Get
        9       Shot In The Heart
        10      Can't Get You Out Of My Dream
        11      Dead End Man
        12      Hello Suzanne
        13      Ecstasy
        14      Money N' Love
        15      I'll Get Your Love Someday
        16      Just A Little Longer
        17      Till I Was On My Way
DB      133     THE UNRELEASABLES       SOLITARY CONFINEMENT            LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , ??? copies on black vinyl+lyric insert)
DB      133     THE UNRELEASABLES       SOLITARY CONFINEMENT            LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on blue vinyl+lyric insert)

        A1      Bad Breath Jerk
        A2      Denim Jacket Girl
        A3      Idiot Box
        A4      I Love My Record Collection More Than My Mum
        A5      Solitary Confinement
        A6      Looking After Number One
        B1      Phone In Sick For Work
        B2      Weirdo Club
        B3      I Wanna Drink
        B4      Unreleasables
        B5      She Wants To Kill All Men
        B6      V / H / S
DB      134     LOVESORES               GODS OF ANCIENT GREASE          LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , ??? copies on black vinyl+lyric insert)
DB      134     LOVESORES               GODS OF ANCIENT GREASE          LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , 50 copies on metal bronze die-cut+lyric
DB      134     LOVESORES               GODS OF ANCIENT GREASE          LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , 50 copies on metal pin-chrome die-cut+lyric
DB      134     LOVESORES               GODS OF ANCIENT GREASE          LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on opaque-blue vinyl+lyric insert)

        A1      Exquisite Kicks
        A2      Planet Nein
        A3      Thick And Violent
        A4      Wednesday's Monkeys
        B1      Blue Suede Collar
        B2      Gods Of Ancient Grease
        B3      Good Girls Don't Scream
        B4      Mission To Mars
DB      135     TRASH CULTURE           JUST A RIDE                     LP        .2019
                (Note : LP , black vinyl + lyric insert)
DB      135     TRASH CULTURE           JUST A RIDE                     LP        .2019
                (Note : LP , 100 copies on blood-red vinyl)

        A1      Can
        A2      Couldn't Care Less
        A3      Get Out
        A4      I Wanna Die
        B1      Me Myself Ad You
        B2      SOS
        B3      Shout
        B4      Just A Ride
DB      136     TITTY TWISTER           GIMMIE SOME NOISE               LP        .2018
                (Note : LP + insert lyrics sheet)
DB      136     TITTY TWISTER           GIMMIE SOME NOISE               LP        .2018
                (Note : LP , seafoam green vinyl + sticker)
DB      136     TITTY TWISTER           GIMMIE SOME NOISE               CD        .2018

LP      A1      Kimino Tokomade
        A2      Ame Ga Furumaeni
        A3      Hidamari
        A4      Long Time
        A5      Speed Ball Baby
        A6      Choushi Pazure Rock 'n Roll
        B1      Do You Like Rock 'n Roll?
        B2      Omoi
        B3      Be My Lover
        B4      Niji
        B5      Words
        B6      Gimmie Some Noise

CD      1       Kimino Tokomade
        2       Ame Ga Furumaeni
        3       Hidamari
        4       Long Time
        5       Speed Ball Baby
        6       Choushi Pazure Rock 'n Roll
        7       Do You Like Rock 'n Roll?
        8       Omoi
        9       Niji
        10      I Want You
        11      Words
        12      Gimmie Some Noise
DB      137     THE GALA                BAD NEWS                        LP+DLc    .2019
DB      137     THE GALA                BAD NEWS                        CD        .2019

LP      A1      Oh Abby
        A2      Nicotine
        A3      Blood Orange
        A4      Crybaby (Dream Of Me)
        A5      Fragile
        A6      Boy
        B1      Sorry
        B2      Long Way Home
        B3      XX
        B4      Guilty Pleas
        B5      Pity Party
        B6      The Spins
CD +    13      Come With Me