Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : rock / pop / wave /

DER     1       CORNERS                 THE FLOOR                       12"     02.2019

        1       At Your Door
        2       The Floor
        3       Damages
        4       48 Hours

* Album Art by Tim Presley
* Mastered by Dave Cooley
* Limited pressing of 500 (Never to be pressed again!)

Corners was an integral part of the Los Angeles music scene from 2011 to 2015, reveling
in a sense of nervy urgency that quickly set them apart from their peers. Combining
driving rhythms with stark guitar work and haunting synths, the foursome of Tracy
Bryant, Robert Cifuentes, Rick Mabery and Jeffertitti helped spawned the revival of
LA's now-thriving post-punk scene. After the release of their well-received 2014 LP
'Maxed Out On Distractions,' the band toured the United States and Europe extensively
before returning home to begin work on a follow-up album. However, the recording
sessions were ultimately cut short as members began to focus on their own solo
endeavors. 'The Floor,' a four-song 12-inch record, is the long-awaited result of
those final sessions. Recorded and produced in various locations around Los Angeles
by Cifuentes and Jeffertitti, this maxi EP showcases the band at the height of their
abilities, taking their late-'70s post-punk influences into introspective new
territory. Musically, the album combines the dark dancefloor sensibilities of Sad
Lovers & Giants with the post-apocalyptic pop of the Sound, while singer-guitarist
Tracy Bryant's lyrics delve into the pressures and temptations of a band on the brink
of change and the disconnect between passion and success. The first release from Day
End Records, the brainchild of Light In The Attic's Jack Sills, 'The Floor' was
mastered by Dave Cooley (Blood Orange, J Dilla, Animal Collective) and features
artwork by Tim Presley (White Fence, Drinks). This final document from one of LA's
most exciting bands in recent memory is limited to just 500 records, making it a must
have for fans and collectors.