DATA DISCS                              London
**********                              UK


Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/Bleep/Boomkat/
Style   : library / soundtracks /

DATA    1 C     [soundtrack] YUZO KOSHIRO : STREETS OF RAGE             LP      10.2015

        A1.     The Street of Rage
        A2.     Player Select
        A3.     Fighting in the Street
        A4.     Attack the Barbarian
        A5.     Dilapidated Town
        A6.     Moon Beach
        A7.     Keep the Groovin'
        A8.     Round Clear
        B1.     Beatnik on the Ship
        B2.     Stealthy Steps
        B3.     Violent Breathing
        B4.     The Last Soul
        B5.     You Became the Bad Guy!
        B6.     Big Boss
        B7.     My Little Baby B8. Game Over

(Note : limited 180g translucent red vinyl LP on Data Discs. Edition of 300 copies for
        the UK with traditional OBI strip, spot varnished cover and two lithographic
                KOSHIRP : SHENMUE

        A1.     Shenmue - Sedge Tree,
        A2.     Shenhua - Sedge Flower
        A3.     Encounter with Destiny,
        A4.     Christmas on Dobuita Street
        A5.     The Sadness I Carry on My Shoulders
        A6.     Cherry Blossom Wind Dance,
        A7.     Daily Agony
        B1.     Tears of Separation
        B2.     Dawn
        B3.     Snowy Scenery
        B4.     Separated from Yokosuka
        B5.     Departure for Hope
        B6.     The Place Where the Sun Sets (Version 2)
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on transl. blue vinyl)
                - RETURN OF THE NINJA MASTER

        A1.     Shinobi
        A2.     Storm Wind
        A3.     Japonesque
        A4.     Hassou!
        A5.     He Runs
        A6.     Mandara
        A7.     Idaten
        A8.     Ninja Soul
        A9.     Shadows
        A10.    Getufu
        A11.    Round Clear
        B1.     Inner Darkside
        B2.     Trap Boogie
        B3.     My Dear D
        B4.     Whirlwind
        B5.     Shinobi Walk
        B6.     Rush and Beat
        B7.     Izayoi
        B8.     Solitary
        B9.     Shadow Master
        B10.    Sakura
        B11.    Game Over

(Note : LP , 180gram oxblood coloured vinyl, 400gsm matt finish sleeve with traditional
        OBI strip, includes foldout poster featuring original the Japanese artwork)
                : SUPER HANG ON

        A1.     Opening
        A2.     Outride A Crisis
        A3.     Sprinter
        B1.     Winning Run
        B2.     Hard Road
        B3.     Goal
        B4.     Name Entry

(Note : LP , housed in a meticulously designed custom die-cut sleeve, on 400gsm matt
        finish cardstock, with 300gsm printed inner sleeve and a traditional OBI strip.
        180g vinyl cut at 45rpm for maximum driving power!)
DATA    5       [soundtrack] YUZO KOSHIRO : STREETS OF RAGE 2           2LP     05.2016

Side A          S.O.R Super Mix
                Player Select
                Go Straight
                In the Bar
                Never Return Alive
                Spin on the Bridge
Side B          Ready Funk
                Alien Power
                Under Logic
                Too Deep
                Slow Moon
                Round Clear

Side C          Wave 131
                Jungle Base
                Back to the Industry
                Max Man
                Revenge of Mr. X
                Good End
                Game Over
Side D          Go Straight (Original Version)
                Little Money Avenue (Unused Track)
                In the Bar (Alternate Version)
                Walking Bottom (Prototype Track)

*       Bleep UK Exclusive
*       180g transparent double vinyl press with black smoke effect
*       Obi strip
*       Gatefold sleeve
*       Includes four bonus tracks
DATA    6       V / A                   OUTRUN                          LP      07.2016

        A1      Hiroshi Kawaguchi       Magical Sound Shower
        A2      Hiroshi Kawaguchi       Passing Breeze
        A3      Hiroshi Kawaguchi       Splash Wave
        A4      Hiroshi Kawaguchi       Last Wave
        B1      Masayoshi Ishi          Step On Beat
        B2      Manabu Namiki           Cruising Line
        B3      Jane-Evelyn Nisperos    Camino A Mi Amor
                (Note : LP/180 g. , 425 g. sleeve)
                : GOLDEN AXE I & II

        1.      The Battle
        2.      Wilderness
        3.      Battlefield
        4.      Thief's Theme
        5.      Old Map
        6.      Turtle Village I
        7.      Fiend's Path
        8.      Turtle Village II
        9.      Death Adder
        10.     Showdown
        11.     Conclusion
        12.     Sutakora, Sassa!
        13.     Game Over
        14.     Chapter Select
        15.     Ravaged Village
        16.     Boss
        17.     Magician Stage
        18.     Crystal
        19.     Ancient Ruins
        20.     Enemy’s Headquarters
        21.     Dragon's Throat
        22.     Boss 2
        23.     The Castle Gate
        24.     Castle Of Dark Guld
        25.     Death Adder II
        26.     All Clear
        27.     Staff Roll
        28.     Result
        29.     Game Over 2

(Note : LP/180g translucent gold vinyl and two lithographic prints)
DATA    8       [soundtrack] YOSHITAKA AZUMA : PANZER DRAGOON           2x12"   12.2016

12"/1   A1      Main Title (Orchestra Version)
        A2      Opening Theme
        A3      Flight (Orchestra Version)
        B1      Sudden Turn
        B2      Worms
        B3      Confrontation
        B4      The Empire
        B5      Departed Souls
        B6      Reactivation

12"/2   C1      Assult
        C2      Flagship
        C3      The Imperial Capital Set Ablaze
        C4      Tower
        C5      Conclusion
        C6      Game Over
        C7      Parting
        C8      Staff Roll (Orchestra Version)
        D1      Main Title (Synthesizer Version)
        D2      Flight (Synthesizer Version)
        D3      Staff Roll (Synthesizer Version)
DATA    9       [soundtrack] YUZO KOSHIRO : THE REVENGE OF SHINOBI      LP      01.2017
DATA    9       [soundtrack] YUZO KOSHIRO : THE REVENGE OF SHINOBI      LP      04.2019

        A1.     Opening
        A2.     Long Distance
        A3.     The Shinobi
        A4.     Terrible Beat
        A5.     Sunrise Blvd.
        A6.     Make Me Dance
        A7.     Like a Wind
        A8.     Run or Die
        A9.     Round Clear
        B1.     Ninja Step
        B2.     The Dark City
        B3.     China Town
        B4.     Over the Bay
        B5.     Labyrinth
        B6.     The Ninja Master
        B7.     Silence Night
        B8.     My Lover
        B9.     Failure
        B10.    Game Over

2019    180g bone coloured LP, cut at 45rpm and packaged in a 425gsm outer sleeve,
        with heavyweight inner sleeve and double-sided lithographic print, featuring
        original artwork sourced from the SEGA archives in Japan. Includes exclusive
        liner notes.

        1.      Coin
        2.      Scene Select
        3.      Beyond the Galaxy
        4.      Defeat
        5.      Take Back
        6.      Stage Clear
        7.      Alone Fighter
        8.      TRY-Z
        9.      Name Entry
        10.     Beyond the Galaxy ([H.] Arrange Ver.)
        11.     Coin
        12.     Thunder Blade
        13.     Burning Point
        14.     Round Clear
        15.     Type II
        16.     Name Entry
        17.     Take Off (Unused)
        18.     Primary Attack (Unused)
        19.     In Conclusion (Unused)
DATA    11      NORIO "NON" HANZAWA     GUNSTAR HEROES                  2LP     07.2017

LP 1    A1.     Opening
        A2.     Story Demo (Intro)
        A3.     Options
        A4.     Stage Select
        A5.     Stage 1
        A6.     Stage 1 Middle Boss
        A7.     Stage 1 Boss
        A8.     Stage Clear
        B1.     Stage 2
        B2.     Stage 2 Boss
        B3.     Stage 3
        B4.     Stage 3 Boss
        B5.     Continue

LP 2    C1.     Stage 4
        C2.     Stage 4 Boss
        C3.     Stage 5
        C4.     Stage 5 Boss
        C5.     Stage 6
        C6.     Clear
        D1.     Stage 7 A
        D2.     Stage 7 B
        D3.     Stage 7 Boss
        D4.     Ending
        D5.     Staff Roll
        D6.     All Clear

Blue and red coloured vinyl 2LP on Data Discs - cut at 45rpm. Includes is a double
sided foldout poster, featuring the original cover art from both the Western and
Japanese versions of the game.
The complete soundtrack to Treasure’s acclaimed run-and-gun shooter, newly remastered
and available on vinyl for the very first time. Originally released in 1993 for the
SEGA Mega Drive, Gunstar Heroes remains a cult favourite for its fast-paced and
inventive play style, underpinned by an unforgettably frenetic, bass-heavy soundtrack
composed by Norio “NON” Hanzawa.
Gunstar Heroes is presented as a double LP, sourced from original hardware and cut
at 45RPM. The package comprises a heavy single-pocket sleeve and two printed inner
sleeves, showcasing an array of colourful illustrations and rare concept art drawn
from the archives in Japan. Also included is a double-sided foldout poster, feat.
the original cover art from both the Western and Japanese versions of the game.
DATA    12      TOHRU "MASTER" NAKABAYASHI : ALTERED BEAST              LP      09.2017
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)
DATA    12      TOHRU "MASTER" NAKABAYASHI : ALTERED BEAST              LP      09.2017
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)

        A1      Rise From Your Grave
        A2      Altered Beast
        A3      Gaum-Hermer
        B1      Crystal Theme
        B2      Closed In Upon Me
        B3      I'll Be Back
        B4      I'm Not Scared Of Wolves
        B5      Game Over

(Note : LP , housed in a 400g matt varnished sleeve with printed inner sleeve.
        Includes foldout poster of original painting used for game's box art)
DATA    13      TAKUSHI HIYAMUTA        METAL SLUG                      LP+DLc  02.2018

        A1      Intro (Title Screen)
        A2      The Military System (Operation Explanation / Ranking)
        A3      Main Theme from Metal Slug (Stage 1)
        A4      Inner Station (Stage 2)
        A5      Assault Theme (Stage 3)
        A6      Steel Beast 5Beats (Boss Stage)
        A7      Carry Out (Stage Clear)
        B1      Ridge 256 (Stage 4)
        B2      Gerhardt City (Stage 5)
        B3      Final Attack (Stage 6)
        B4      End Title (Final Performance 1P)
        B5      Hold You Still! (Final Performance 2P)
        B6      Gravestone (Game Over)

LP 1    A1      Beat Ambience
        A2      Spinning Machine
        A3      Fuze
        A4      Cycle I
        A5      KAMADECOCO
        A6      The Poets II
        B1      Dub Slash
        B2      Disco
        B3      Boss
        B4      Percussion
        B5      Bulldozer
        B6      Random Cross
        B7      Round Clear

LP 2    C1      Happy Paradise
        C2      Underground
        C3      Shinobi Reverse
        C4      Moon
        C5      Mr. X
        C6      ROBO X
        C7      Crazy Train
        D1      The Poets I
        D2      Bad Ending
        D3      Cycle II
        D4      Inga Rasen
        D5      Ending
        D6      BGM IV
        D7      Game Over

(Note : LP/180g opaque yellow vinyl LP on Data Discs. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve
        with accompanying double-sided lithographic insert, and a special translucent
        OBI strip with fluorescent Pantone print. Includes download code)

LP 1    A1.     Beat Ambience
        A2.     Spinning Machine
        A3.     Fuze
        A4.     Cycle I
        A5.     KAMADECOCO
        A6.     The Poets II
        B1.     Dub Slash
        B2.     Disco
        B3.     Boss
        B4.     Percussion
        B5.     Bulldozer
        B6.     Random Cross

LP 2    C1.     Happy Paradise
        C2.     Underground
        C3.     Shinobi Reverse
        C4.     Moon
        C5.     Mr. X
        C6.     ROBO X
        C7.     Crazy Train
        D1.     The Poets I
        D2.     Bad Ending
        D3.     Cycle II
        D4.     Inga Rasen
        D5.     Ending
        D6.     BGM IV
        D7.     Game Over
                (Note : double LP/180 g. , tranlucent-orange vinyl)
DATA    15      HIROSHI "HIRO" KAWAGUCHI : AFTER BURNER II              2LP     05.2018

LP 1            Arcade Versions
        A1      Maximum Power
        A2      Final Take Off
        A3      After Burner
        A4      City 202
        B1      Red Out
        B2      Super Stripe
        B3      After Burner (Melody Version)

LP 2            Arranged Versions
        C1      Final Take Off (S.S.T. Band, 1988)
        C2      After Burner (S.S.T. Band, 1988)
        D1      Maximum Power & Red Out (S.S.T. Band, 1988)
        D2      After Burner Medley (SEGA Sound Unit [H.], 2007)
                (Note : 2LP/180 g. , opaque-purple vinyl)
DATA    16      [soundtrack] HIROSHI "HIRO" KAWAGUCH : SPACE BARRIER    LP      06.2018

        A1      Main Theme                                      4:14
        A2      Squilla                                         1:21
        A3      Ida                                             1:23
        A4      Godarni                                         1:39
        A5      Wiwi Jumbo                                      1:22
        B1      Battlefield                                     1:21
        B2      Syura                                           1:16
        B3      Valda                                           1:00
        B4      Stanray                                         1:06
        B5      Lakeside Memory                                 1:04
        B6      White Summer                                    0:36
        B7      Main Theme (S.S.T. Band Arranged Version)       5:02
                (Note : LP , transl.-green vinyl)

The complete music from the 1985 arcade classic, newly remastered and released on vinyl
for the first time outside of Japan.
DATA    17      V / A                   POLICENAUTS                     2LP     03.2019

(Note : double LP. Pressed on white vinyl. Includes 12-page art booklet and
        lithographic print featuring original illustrations from the archives)

Data Discs drop the latest installment of their Konami Kuheika Club set. Konami’s
1994 title Policenauts never got a release outside of Japan, but despite this
(or perhaps because of it) the game has developed a cult following in the subsequent
years. Its reputation is due in no small part to its excellent soundtrack. This
collection finds the Konami Kuheika Club - Konami’s in-house sound team, if you
didn’t know - on top form. Across more than an hour of music they manage to bring
together their signature gamer style with the hard-boiled aesthetic of classic cop
show soundtracks. ‘80s power-pop, jazz fusion and lounge jazz all get a look in here
too. The packaging of this Policenauts set is as impressive as we have come to expect
from Data Discs.
DATA    18      (S) V / A : THUNDER FORCE IV                            3LP     06.2019


DATAS   0       [soundtrack] TEE LOPES : SONIC MANIA                    LP      09.2017

DATA    13      TEE LOPES               SONIC MANIA                     LP      11.2017

        A1.     Discovery (Title Screen Theme)
        A2.     Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Act 1)
        A3.     Wildstyle Pistolero (Mirage Saloon Act 1 K Mix)
        A4.     Tabloid Jargon (Press Garden Act 1)
        A5.     Danger on the Dance Floor (Mini Boss Theme)
        A6.     Built to Rule (Titanic Monarch Act 1)
        A7.     Dimension Heist (Special Stage) /
        A8.     Ruby Delusions (Eggman Boss Theme 1)
        B1.     Comfort Zone (Main Menu)
        B2.     Prime Time (Studiopolis Act 2)
        B3.     Blossom Haze (Press Garden Act 2)
        B4.     Rogues Gallery (Mirage Saloon Act 2)
        B5.     Hi-Spec Robo Go! (Hard Boiled Heavies Theme)
        B6.     Skyway Octane (Mirage Saloon Act 1 ST Mix)
        B7.     Steel Cortex (Titanic Monarch Act 2)
        B8.     Ruby Illusions (Final Boss Theme)

The 'Sonic Mania' LP features 16 tracks by composer Tee Lopes, as well as gatefold
art featuring Sonic, Tails and Knuckles exploring the lush vistas of 'Green Hill Zone
Act 2'. The vinyl album is a must-have for any fan or Sonic music aficionado, and
a gorgeous addition to any Sonic collection. Pressed on 180 gram translucent "Sonic
blue" vinyl and packaged in a heavyweight gatefold sleeve with UV spot varnish.
It also includes a download code of the album in both lossy and lossless formats.