DANGERHOUSE RECORDS                     Los Angeles
*******************                     CA

Exist   : 12.1977-1980
Owner   : David Brown & Pat "Rand" Garrett
Distr.  : US -
Style   : new wave / punk / West Coast punk / garage / synth punk /

SFD     400     AVENGERS                WE ARE THE ONE                  7"        .1977

        A.      We Are The One
        B.      I Believe In Me / Car Crash
MO      721     BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD : TROUBLE AT THE CUP       7"        .1977

        A.      Trouble At The Cup
        B.      Loner With A Boner / Sperm Bank Baby
PT      1       RANDOMS : ABCD // Let's Get Rid Of New York             7"        .1977
SLA     268     THE DILLS               198 SECONDS OF THE DILS         7"      12.1977

        A.      Class War
        B.      Mr. Big
LOM     22      THE ALLEY CATS : Nothing Means Nothing Anymore          7"        .1978
                // Gimme A Little Pain
SP      1063    THE WEIRDOS : We Got The Neutron Bomb // Solitary       7"      03.1978
D       88      X : Adult Books // We're Desperate                      7"      04.1978
IDI     722     BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD : IDI AMIN EP              7"      04.1978

        A.      Idi Amin / I'm Black & Proud Pt.3
        B.      I'm Black & Proud Pt.14 / I Wanna Be A Nark
IQ      29      THE DEADBEATS           KILL THE HIPPIES EP             7"      07.1978

        A.      Kill The Hippies / Deadbeat
        B.      Brainless / Final Ride
DH      101     HOWARD WERTH            OBSOLETE                        7"        .1978

        A.      Obsolete
        B.      Mangoman
BAG     199     BAGS                    SURVIVE                         7"      12.1978

        A.      Survive
        B.      Babylonian Gorgon
RH      39      RHINO 39                XEROX EP                        7"        .1979

        A.      Xerox
        B.      No Compromise / Prolixin Stomp
IZE     45      EYES                    TAQN                            7"      02.1979

        A.      TAQN
        B.      Topological Lies
KY      724     BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD : I Slept In A Arcade      7"      07.1979
                // Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
                I'M BOWIE

I Slept In An Arcade / Marlon Brando / I Tell Lies Everyday / Down At The Laundrymat /
I Wanna Be A Narc / Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose / Idi AQmin //// Sperm Bank Baby /
Barefootin' On The Wicked Picket / San Francisco / Tellin' Lies / I'm Black And Proud
/ Shaft
EW      79      V / A                   YES L.A.                        12"     08.1979

        A.      BAGS                    We Don't Need The English
                EYES                    Disneyland
                THE ALLEY CATS          Too Much Junk
                X                       Los Angeles
                BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD : Down At The Laundrymat
                GERMS                   No God
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided)
Some recomended records :

Frontier Rec. 4629 1    V / A : DANGERHOUSE VOL.ONE                     LP.CD     .1991
Frontier Rec. 39039     V / A : DANGERHOUSE VOL.ONE                     LP.CD     .2006
Frontier Rec. 34640     V / A : DANGERHOUSE VOL.2                       CD.CS     .1992
Frontier Rec. 31050     V / A : DANGERHOUSE VOL.2                       LP        .2006
Munster Rec. MR 7249    V / A : DANGERHOUSE-COMPLETE SINGLES COLLECTED  14x7"   08.2013

Fourteen 7" singles, each in a reproduction of the original sleeves. Limited to a one
time pressing of 1,000 copies. Includes a full-color, 36-page booklet. The size is
approx. 19 x 19 x 6 inches. Dangerhouse was one of the first independent labels to
document  the  burgeoning  West Coast  punk rock  scene of  the late '70s.  Although 
short-lived, its work provided a vital outlet for the bands and other participants and
set a template for many to follow. This  collection compiles the 14 7"s released on
Dangerhouse between 1977 and 1979, including classic tracks by Weirdos, Avengers, Alley
Cats, X, Black Randy, Dils, Bags, Randoms, Howard Werth, The Deadbeats, Eyes, and Rhino
39. Includes an extensive 36 - page  booklet featuring an interview with  Dangerhouse
founder David Brown, many unseen photos of all the bands and memorabilia. "Dangerhouse,
created by the triumvirate of yours truly, Pat "Rand" Garrett, and Black Randy, was a
highly naive attempt to create a politically and artistically correct playground for
the unique, nihilistic talents of the LA punk scene. It was clear something needed to
be done.In the beginning there was a lot of musical talent that was going to unrecorded
waste. Whereas the English musicians had been set upon by some of the top producers in
the business, the very lack of commercialism implicit in L.A. punk seemed to drive away
potential resources. Those were culturally weird times, Saturday Night Fever and
burned-out  super  group  remnants  filled  the  airwaves. The  early groups (like the
Screamers, Germs, Weirdos, Black Randy) were very good at manipulating the local venue
owners and press, and were able to almost immediately fill clubs and halls with folks
who were just plain bored and curious. Suffice it to say that the scene had everything
: every  kind  of  self-abuse  imaginable,  negative  social  patterns,  infighting,
gender-fucking, etc. What needs to be talked about here are the musicians and other
creative forces at work behind the scenes on the Dangerhouse product. Starting out, the
studio was anywhere we could plug in; later, our home was the Kitchen Synch with the
extremely copasetic Mike Hamilton as engineer. Over the years, Mike patiently sat while
irate punks insulted his intelligence, and offered great 8 and 16-track advice to Pat
and me, refugees from a 4-track world. To Dangerhouse, and the fans, the sound quality
was paramount. The do-it-yourself aspect of the production and packaging spoke for
itself. We created ideas for affordable products which set the pace for imitators, like
the clear plastic-bag 45 sleeves (because traditional sleeves cost more than the
records to be pressed) and the multi-color silkscreened picture disc used for 'YES LA.'
Sad to say, the downturn of  the  record  business  in 1 979  due  to  the  so-distant
"oil embargo" hurt everyone in the record industry and made it too rough a row to hoe
for Dangerhouse. Tough titty. These recordings still sound as powerful and relevant as
the day they were cut. If you, Mr. or Ms. Consumer, care about creativity as opposed to
the number of units shipped, it was a victory. And if there was ever a label that
released cool shit, over which I'd rather have been A&R man/Prexy, it sure as hell
doesn't come to mind."

David Brown ; Forced Exposure, august 2013 review