Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : rock / pop / wave /

DR      7       PLASTIX                 KONSUMIER MICH                  7"        .2017
DR      7       PLASTIX                 KONSUMIER MICH                  7"      03.2019

 Female fronted DIY punk from Vienna formed in 1980 til 1981. Plastix was formed by
 guitarist Christian Gruber and drummer Stivie Vukics in 1980, both students at the
 music academy in Vienna. At the time, they invited singer Andrea Bartl to join, as
 well as bass player Baby Stoyka, who was later replaced by Paul Frey. Finally Martin
 Jakowitsch joined the band doing vocals and synthesizer. Andrea's eccentric outfits
 made from clear plastic and her squeaky voice soon made them popular in the Vienna
 punk/new wave scene. However in late '81, Martin, Stevie and Paul left to form
 Westblock, and this was the end of Plastix. Plastix released only 3 songs in 1981
 on "Die Tödliche Dosis" compilation. The record contains the 3 songs of this sought
 after compilation. Includes booklet with rare pictures, interview and liner notes.
DR      13      CHAOS                   WHITE PUNKS ON SLOPE            7"      01.2018

This interesting EP offers four archival, early punk recordings of a Parisian trio
that formed in 1977. Chaos was influenced by a.o. The Buzzcocks, The Adverts and 999.
Members would later resurface in bands s.a. C.O.M.A. and Charles De Goal.
DR      28      PAGANS                  SIX & CHANGE                    7"      06.2017

Second press! Official reissue of the first Pagans single. Originally released in
1977 on Neck. You ain't no punk, you punk! Don't sleep, 500 only!!
DR      30      GAUCHE                  GET AWAY WITH...GAUCHE!         LP      04.2017

Hot political feminist post-punk action from Washington DC with members of Priests,
Downtown Boys, Neonates, Coup Sauvage and The Snips.
DR      31      BORIS DZANEK            IN HIS OWN WORDS                LP      08.2017

After Dutch punk band Disorder split in 1981, guitarist Riks Ozinga and bass player
Marcel Knijff decided to continue as a duo. A simple Roland computer replaced the
drummer and a befriended poet came up with the name Boris Dzaneck, a fictional Eastern
European war hero who functioned as the main character in one of his poems. Originally
self-released in 1983 on a cassette, this post punk/cold wave album is now remastered
and available on vinyl for the first time. The release includes lyrics, rare pictures
and liner notes.
DR      32      LEATHER JACUZZI         THE WHOLE HOG                   LP      01.2018

Scuzz, snot-punk formed in Calgary, Canada with members of Gawker and x-synth punk
maniacs Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome.
DR      33      P.M.S.                  P.M.S.                          7"      01.2018

Formed in Paris at the end of 2014, with members of Mary Bell (no need for introd.)
and Outreau (the real French Oxblood), P.M.S has very quickly become an essential
band in the French hardcore punk scene. With an anger that recalls USHC (DC/Olympia,
Boston), P.M.S is disrupting a few more norms of our absurd society, rejecting any
forms of heteronomativity and misogyny.
DR      34      MARY BELL               HISTRION                        12"     10.2018
DR      35      OTO                     OTOLOGY 1982-1987               LP      01.2019

Oto was an electronic wave/pop duo from Nancy, France, active during the '80s.
This LP contains Oto's recordings from the period 1982-1987, revealing influences
from a.o. Kraftwerk, OMD and Devo.