Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

DCR     082 1   SALVIA PALTH            MELANCHOLE                      LP      08.2018

Salvia Plath’s 2013 record Melanchole gets a vinyl pressing courtesy of Danger
Collective (Boys Age, Current Joys). While the musical landscape has changed
considerably in the intervening years many of the current crop of indie lo-fi-ers
/bedroom popsters owe a debt to Melanchole. Snail Mail, Waxahatchee and even Black
Metal era Dean Blunt could conceivably have cottoned on to Salvia Plath’s brand of
abstracted shoegaze.
DCR     099 VIN SURF CURSE              HEAVEN SURROUNDS YOU            LP      09.2019
                (Note : LP , green vinyl)
DCR     099 CD  SURF CURSE              HEAVEN SURROUNDS YOU            CD      09.2019

        1.      Maps to the Stars
        2.      Labyrinth
        3.      Disco
        4.      River's Edge
        5.      Midnight Cowboy
        6.      Hour of the Wolf
        7.      Dead Ringers
        8.      Safe
        9.      Memory
        10.     Opera
        11.     Trust
        12.     Jamie

Surf Curse is the indie rock recording project of Los Angeles based songwriters Nick
Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck.
DCR     100 LP  CURRENT JOYS            LIVE AT KILBY COURT             2LP     09.2020

Disc: 1 1.      The Breakfast Club (I'm Feeling Wild With You) (Live)
        2.      Intro (Live)
        3.      Neon Hell (Live)
        4.      Become The Warm Jets (Live)
        5.      Symphonia IX (Live)
        6.      Desire (Live)
        7.      The Unberable Lightness of Being (Live)
        8.      My Spotless Mind (Live)
        9.      Don't Hurt Anyone (Interlude)
        10.     Broken a String on That One (Interlude)
        11.     Blondie (Live)

Disc: 2 1.      New Flesh (Live)
        2.      A Different Age (Live)
        3.      One More Song (Interlude)
        4.      One Minute (Interlude)
        5.      Kids (Live)
        6.      Alterer States
        7.      My Legs (Interlude)
        8.      In a Year of 13 Moons
        9.      My Motorcycle (Live)
DCR     104 LP  P.H.F.                  NEW METAL                       LP      11.2020
DCR     104 CD  P.H.F.                  NEW METAL                       CD      11.2020

        01.     Everyone is Dying
        02.     Living is Easy
        03.     Imperial Butter
        04.     Corped
        05.     Do it Anyway
        06.     Eat Meat & Kill
        07.     I Want U 2
        08.     Cuticle
        09.     Sud
        10.     Marlboro Man
        11.     Comms
        12.     Simple Pleasures
        13.     Pretty
        14.     More/Marsh
        15.     New Metal
        16.     Graze
DCR     113 C1  RED RIBBON              PLANET X                        LP      06.2021
                (Note : LP , galaxy purple vinyl)
DCR     113 CD  RED RIBBON              PLANET X                        CD      06.2021

Seattle-based musician Emma Danner presents her second Red Ribbon album. Working with
doom metal producer Randall Dunn and a backing band including talents like Shahzad
Ismaily and Monika Khot, ‘Planet X’ is another sumptuous collection of beautifully
poised and perfectly executed dark-pop.
DCR     124 C2  SPIRIT WAS              HEAVEN'S JUST A CLOUD           LP      03.2022
                (Note : LP , coke bottle green vinyl)
DCR     124 CD  SPIRIT WAS              HEAVEN'S JUST A CLOUD           CD      03.2022
DCR     124 CS  SPIRIT WAS              HEAVEN'S JUST A CLOUD           CS      03.2022

        01.     I Saw the Wheel
        02.     Oblivion Banter
        03.     Stranger to the One
        04.     Proven Water Rites
        05.     Here Comes My Man
        06.     Olive Branch & Brown Dove
        07.     Heaven’s Just A Cloud
        08.     Golden Soul
        09.     Spirit Was
        10.     Come Back Up to the House
        11.     Caught in a Dream

Spirit Was is the project of former LVL UP member Nick Corbo. ‘Heaven’s Just
A Cloud’ is his debut LP. The music is warm, heavy, distorted and melodic.
Corbo plays all the instruments himself. The music is prone to moving from
melodic desert rock to full-on doom metal assault within the space of one song.