Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   :   electronics / techno / house /

DE      001     KIM BYOUNG DUK          EXPERIMENT NO.X                 LP      09.2017

        A1.     Shaman Tree
        A2.     Ride in Smoke
        A3.     Percussion Solo
        A4.     The Deep
        B1.     Experiment No.2
        B2.     Theme from Sir Herbie
        B3.     Land of the Morning Calm
        B4.     New Jazz Form

(Note : LP ,  remastered from original DAT tapes. Includes 4-page booklet with
        photographs and an interview from Kim's personal archives)
DE      002     DENNIS YOUMGE           QUEST                           LP      11.2018

        1.      Pathways
        2.      Mirage
        3.      Enchantment
        4.      Starlight, Starbright
        5.      China Passage
        6.      Voices (Within)
        7.      Ancient Vision
DE      003     PUREDIGITALSILENCE      CIRCUMFLUENCE                   2LP     02.2019

        1.      Oceanview
        2.      See You Through Your Eyes
        3.      Almost There
        4.      Seeweed
        5.      Image Eidétique (featuring Daytripper)
        6.      The Thaw
        7.      Death (Live at Ssamzie 2001.3.24)
                (Note : gatefold 2LP with insert & obi strip)

First vinyl issue of ‘Circumfluence’, a singular, epic suite of mulched shoegaze
and ambient experiments made by Korean duo Puredigitalsilence in 1998, and sounding
uncannily like Leyland Kirby jamming with Mark Hollis in a parallel universe...
DE      004     DENNIS YOUNG            SOJOURN/RELEASE                 LP      06.2019

        A1.     Creating Peace *
        A2.     Heartsong * 
        A3.     Fantasia 
        A4.     Magic Forest 
        A5.     Mt. Fuji 
        B1.     Ancient Past * 
        B2.     Journey to Ixltan 
        B3.     Trio 
        B4.     Road to Glory (Apollo Missions) 
        B5.     So Far…

        *       Previously Unreleased Tracks, also produced in 1989 while
                working on Sojourn.
DE      005     DENNIS YOUNG            VISIONS/RELEASE                 LP      06.2019

        A1.     Dreamland * 
        A2.     Shangri-La 
        A3.     Eastern Skies * 
        B1.     Volcano Cathedral 
        B2.     Indonesia Eyes 
        B3.     Lawrence of Arabia 
        B4.     Olympus Mons *

        *       Previously Unreleased Tracks, also produced in 1988 while
                working on Visions.
DE      006     SUNGGUN JANG            DISFIGURING ECHOS               LP      09.2019

        A1.     Figure 1 
        A2.     Figure 2 
        A3.     Figure 3
        B1.     Figure 4 
        B2.     Figure 5 
        B3.     Figure 6

South Korean musician Sunggun Jang presents his first studio album - incredibly,
15 years into his career. Using minimalist techniques to create six beautiful yet
faintly unsettling soundscapes - all untitled - Disfiguring Echos was recorded during
hostile winter nights at the musician’s home in Seoul.