BQP                                    ITALY

Distr.  : IT -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue

DBQP    009     DON CHERRY : Complete Communion: Live in Hilversum      LP      06.2019
                May 9th, 1966

This is the Don Cherry Quintet caught in action in Hilversum (Holland) in 1966 and
featuring the strong tenor sax voice of Gato Barbieri and the highly interactive
rhythm section of Karl Berger (vibes and piano), Bo Stief (bass), and Aldo Romano
(drums). A very distinctive line up which fits somewhere between two of the greatest
Cherry's studio sessions of the time, "Complete Communion" and "Togetherness".
A very energetic performance including a couple of Don Cherry original compositions
and some highly personal renditions of classics and standards such as Luiz Bonfa's
"Orfeo Negro", Mongo Santamaria's "Afro Blue", and Benny Golson's "I Remember
DBQP    014     THE VELVET UNDERGROUND : Live At End Of Cole Avenue In  LP      05.2019
                Dallas, Texas, 28th Of October 1969

Live At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, Texas, 28th Of October 1969 is a fascinating
snapshot of The Velvet Underground live in Dallas, Texas in 1969, the same year of
their classic 1969 Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed (1974). This was when the
New York-based band with Doug Yule, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, and Maureen Tucker
was at the top of their game with their primitive yet unprecedented form of
rock 'n' roll. This performance features a set list full of provocative hits such
as "I'm Waiting for my Man", "I'll Be Your Mirror", "Ocean" and "Heroin"; an
essential purchase for Velvet fans and completists.
DBQP    015     SOFT MACHINE : Live In London In The Early Sixties      LP      05.2019

Live In London In The Early Sixties features the early mythical Soft Machine in the
trio line-up of Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge, and Robert Wyatt, captured live in the
full swinging London atmosphere. These were the band's psychedelic days, when their
original magic potion was composed of unconventional songs and freaky organ, bass
and drums improvisations. The group was exploding throughout the London club scene,
delivering one of the most innovative and influential sounds of that musically and
culturally fertile era.
DBQP    018     JOY DIVISION : LIVE AT UNIVERSITY OF LONDON, 1980       LP      05.2019

        01.     DEAD SOULS
        02.     GLASS
        03.     A MEANS TO AN END
        04.     TWENTY FOUR HOURS
        05.     PASSOVER
        06.     INSIGHT
        07.     COLONY
        08.     THESE DAYS
        09.     LOVE WILL TEAR US APART
        10.     ISOLATION
        11.     THE ETERNAL
        12.     DIGITAL

The University of London Union show took place on February 8, 1980, just a few months
before Ian Curtis's death. The 12 song set list was mostly based on songs that would
end up on Closer (the band's second and final studio album) but also on classic singles
such as "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Digital". The band was in fine form with Curtis
leading the charge into their own gloomy, psychotic, atmospheres. A quintessential live
album and a real treat for any Joy Division fan.
DBQP    019     KRAFTWERK  LIVE IN GERMANY JUNE 25, 1971                2LP     05.2019

        02.     STRATOVARIUS
        03.     RUCKZUCK

        03.     INTERZONE

1975 was a turning point year for Kraftwerk and this live set from Koeln is a fine
document of the band's live shows of the period. The album opens with an epic sidelong
version of the previous year's big hit "Autobahn", their first lucky experiment with
highly repetitive electronic structure, they would become known for later, and it
also includes a fine rendition of "Ruckzuck", a classic tune from their 1970 first
album. This is highly futuristic German Musik of the Seventies at its best.
DBQP    020     MATCHING MOLE           LIVE AT THE BBC 1972            LP      05.2019

        02.     IMMEDIATE KITTEN

This 1972 BBC Live recording is the perfect proof of what a band like Matching Mole
could do in concert during their too short existence. The quartet playing was way more
free and adventurous than in studio and the tunes were often stretched out and built
to dense instrumental climaxes. Dave MacRae - electric piano, Phil Miller - guitar,
Bill MacCormick - bass, Robert Wyatt - drums, vocals. A great live session from a key
group in the Canterbury rock scene and an essential companion to the band's historical
studio albums.
DBQP    021     CAN : DOKO E. LIVE IN COLOGNE 1973                      LP      05.2019

        01.     DOKO E - PART ONE
        02.     DOKO E - PART TWO

Recorded in 1973 at Inner Space Studios during the "Future Days" sessions , this album
contains the full lenght performance of "Doko E" a track which appeared on the Lim.
Edition LP. But where the original release gave us only a two and a half minute
version, here you can get the whole 40 minutes. A solid and energetic session from
the Can classic line up featuring Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Irmin Schmidt, Jaki
Liebezeit and "Damo" Suzuki. Highly recommended for both Can completists and newcomers
DBQP    022     CARAVAN : IN THE LAND OF GREY AND PINK, LIVE 1971       LP      06.2019

        01.     IN THE LAND OF GREY AND PINK                    (3:45)
        02.     FEELIN', REELIN', SQUEALIN'                     (9:30)
        03.     LOVE SONG WITHOUT FLUTE                         (3:35)
        04.     NINE FEET UNDERGROUND                           (14:29)
        05.     LOVE TO LOVE YOU                                (3:13)

Recorded Live at the BBC in spring 1971, the same year of "In the land of Grey and
Pink" release, This is the classic Caravan line up playing music from the same iconic
studio album, a true masterpiece in the 70's Rock history. A quintessential combination
between Richard Sinclair's beautiful and timeless melodies and David Sinclair's
fuzz-organ improvisations. A full immersion in deep Canterbury sound featuring, among
others, a 15 minutes epic version of "Nine Feet Underground".
 DBQP   023     KRAFTWERK               SPRING 1975                     LP      06.2019
        01.     KOMETENMELODIE                                  (10:22)
        02.     KLINGKLANG                                      (9:27)
        03.     TANZMUSIK                                       (4:57)
        04.     AUTOBAHN

The first side of this fine album features three tracks (Tanzmusik, Kometenmelodie,
Klingklang) from a live show in Denver (Colorado) during Kraftwerk's first tour of
America in spring 1975. The second side is occupied by a 26 minutes version of their
first robotic big hit "Autobahn", recorded in Koln in March of the same year. Another
great document from one the groundbreaking electronic music bands of all times.
DBQP    024     CAN                     MONSTER MOVIE                   LP      06.2019

        01.     FATHER CANNOT YELL
        02.     MARY, MARY SO CONTRARY
        03.     OUTSIDE MY DOOR
        04.     YOO DOO RIGHT

Recorded live in July 1969 during the same sessions that gave birth to their classic
debut album Monster Movie. The album contains rawer versions of classics tracks such
as "Yoo Doo Right" and "Outside My Door". Holger Czukay - bass, Jacki Liebezeit
- drums, Michael Karoli -guitar, Irmin Schmidt - organ and Malcolm Mooney vocals.
This was Can at the very beginning of their career, before they would become wide
ly known as one of the 70's Krautrock most iconic bands. A full catalogue of minimal
grooves and extended song forms that would influence generations to come.
DBQP    025     THE SOFT MACHINE : TOP GEAR LIVE IN LONDON 1967-1969    LP      06.2019

        01.     CLARENCE IN WONDERLAND                          (2:57)
        02.     WE KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN                           (3:11)
        03.     A CERTAIN KIND                                  (3:38)
        04.     HOPE FOR HAPPINESS                              (4:37)
        05.     STRANGEST SCENE                                 (4:57)
        06.     FACELIFT /MOUSETRAP/NOISETTE/BACKWARDS          (11:56)
        07.     MOON IN JUNE                                    (13:00)

These Soft Machine recordings for John Peel's Top Gear programme took place in Dec.
1967 and June 1969 when the band was at the peak of their psychedelic revolution and
during their first transition towards an unprecedented form of Psych Rock Jazz. These
historical sessions, including a great version of Wyatt's masterpiece "Moon in June",
show the great potential of the band's early line ups featuring Hugh Hopper - bass,
Kevin Ayers - vocals, guitar, bass, Robert Wyatt - vocals, drums and Mike Ratledge
- organ, electric piano, flute.
DBQP    026     JOY DIVISION : LIVE AT TOWN HALL, HIGH WYCOMBE 1980     LP      07.2019

        01.     SOUND OF MUSIC
        02.     A MEANS TO AN END
        03.     COLONY
        04.     24 HOURS
        05.     ISOLATION
        06.     LOVE WILL TEAR US APART
        07.     DISORDER

This record preserves a live Joy Division gig in High Wycombe from February 1980
(the mancunian band being supported by a slot of cult heroes like Killing Joke,
A Certain Ratio and Section 25). As Joy Division fans will be keenly aware, Ian
Curtis, and consequently the band, had only a few more months left at this point,
making this performance all the more powerful.
DBQP    027     CAN  LIVE IN HANNOVER, 11 APRIL 1976                    LP      07.2019

        01.     VITAMIN C                                       9:26
        02.     BEL AIR                                         10:37
        03.     ONE MORE NIGHT                                  7:28
        04.     DIZZY DIZZY                                     14:44

High quality live FM radio broadcast from Hannover on 11 April 1976, the four-piece
in brilliant shape surfin the cosmos.
DBQP    028     KRAFTWERK - LIVE AT TRIBAL GATHERING, LUTON 1997        LP      07.2019

        01.     NUMBERS                                         8:37
        02.     COMPUTERWORLD                                   6:33
        03.     RADIOACTIVITY                                   7:09
                 / THE ROBOTS                                   23:24

The machine lives. 1997 saw Kraftwerk playing live for the first time in four whole
years, and they chose Luton as their stomping ground. 'Live at Tribal Gathering' sees
the krautrock pioneers re-emerge from their robot lab, they even decided to give
their audience a shock and perform brand new material.
DBQP    029     THE SOFT MACHINE : LIVE AT ROYAL ALBERT HALL, 1970      LP      07.2019

        01.     OUT-BLOODY RAGEOUS                              (11:57)
        02.     FACELIFT                                        (11:22)
        03.     ESTHER'S NOSEJOB                                (15:39)

Classic Softs performing live at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, right after the
release of the milestone Third on CBS. Classic line up with Hugh Hopper (Bass), Mike
Ratledge (Keyboards), Robert Wyatt (voice/drums) and very special guest Elton Dean
on Alto Saxophone and Saxello. Canterbury goes to heaven!