Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : stoner / hard rock / psychedelic /

CTR     1       NEON WORSHIP            NEON WORSHIP                    LP      01.2017

Dayton, Ohio's Neon Warship released its self-titled album digitally back in 2013. The
music reveals influences from metal forefathers such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath
and St. Vitus, and newer heavy rockers like Clutch, Orange Goblin or The Sword. One
may envision Neon Warship as "a luminous battle ship packed with metal infused stoner
rock, meaty hooks and surging waves of riffs floating above a dark, lashing sea of
heavy rhythms". Limited to 200 copies on yellow transparent vinyl.
CTR     2       DEVIL'S WITCHES         VELVET MAGIC                    LP      06.2017

The debut-album by Devil's Witches from Glasgow is a far-out celebration of late
'60s/early '70s worship, full of heavy psychedelia, fuzz, doom and a deep fascination
for the Vietnam War! This edition is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl.

CTR     4       MENTAL TREMORS          MENTAL TREMORS                  LP      10.2017

Limited to 200 copies on solid BLACK VINYL. Who needs a bass-player when you can have
bottom heavy fuzz so thick it carves through stone? Sometimes less is more and
especially in the case with hard hitting Australian duo Mental Tremors that on their
debut deliver deep grooves, fuzzy riffs for miles, sweet melodic licks and offer up
a batch of solid rock songs that will have you rolling for a long time.
CTR     5       EARTH WITCH             OUT OF THE SHALLOW              LP      11.2017

Gritty chased vocals, throbbing pulsating doom and righteous heavy blues... It is all
there on 'Out Of The Shallow' by the illustrious Illinois trio Earth Witch. The perfect
amalgam of something stoner, classic metal and every bit of heaviness they could get
their hands on. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.
CTRLP   6       SUMOKEM                 THE GUARDIAN OF YOSEMITE        2LP     01.2018

Debut double album by progressive doom/sludge four piece Sumokem from Little Rock,
U.S.A. Sumokem understand exactly what their fans want from a doom band and paint the
picture well.
CTRLP   7       WOLFTOOTH               WOLFTOOTH                       LP      08.2018

Hailing from the Midwest via Richmond, Indiana come the stoner metal riff worshippers
Wolftooth consisting of a pack of well seasoned musicians (all 20+ year metal scene
veterans) determined to raise the bar of the almighty riff. Wolftooth combines
influences from the '70s and early '80s NWOBHM with Bay Area thrash and doom laden
riffery. Meanwhile the vocals soar over blues drenched solos that add a stoner
sensibility to the Wolftooth sound. Black Wolf edition limited to 200 copies on black
180 gram vinyl housed in regular LP cover including double sided insert with artwork
and design by Okan Bülbül and Michael Andresakis.

CTRLP   9       HASTEROID               HASTEROID                       LP      06.2018

Debut album by Canadian stoner/space rockers Hashteroid. Limited to 400 copies on
180 gram yellow vinyl housed in heavy duty gatefold cover with artwork and design by
Adam Vick and Michael Andresakis. Includes band and label stickers.
CTRLP   10      TEMPELHEKS              MIDNIGHT MIRROR                 LP      08.2018

Absolutely ripping groovy occult retro doom from Norwegian band Tempelheks. Limited
to 400 copies on transparent clear 180 gram vinyl in regular sleeve with insert and
stickers. This is their third full-length album.
CTRLP   11      BLACK PRISM             BLACK PRISM                     LP      09.2018

A contemporary dark rock master piece, nothing short of brilliant. The Black Sabbath
influence is strong within this one, yet this LA band truly makes a point of its own
and in doing so creates a shiny black pearl that just needs a little waxing in order
to truly shine. An album to stand above most other recent hard rock releases.
CTRLP   12      KING CHIEFS             BLUE SONNET                     LP      10.2018

USA desert/fuzz rockers King Chiefs' sophomore album 'Blue Sonnet' on black vinyl,
limited to 200 copies.

CTRLP   14      PSYCHLONA               MOJO RISING                     LP      11.2018

Debut album by kebab'n'roll desert rockers from Yorkshire. Fuzzy spiraling stoner
rock riffs with gravel growling vocals. Limited to 200 copies on purple vinyl.
CTRLP   15      ABSENT                  TOWARDS THE VOID                LP      01.2019

A brilliant blend of crushing doom, cosmic psychedelia, and ritual despair. Forty
minutes of ball-crushingly heavy, psychedelia-tinged doom metal from Brazil. Well
worth your time, particularly if you dig bands like The Flight of Sleipnir.
Limited to 300 copies.
CTRLP   16      TAIGA WOODS             TAIGA WOODS                     LP      02.2019

Vinyl version of debut album by Norwegian fuzz-rock-experts Taiga Woods. Taiga Woods
plays an eclectic genre of heavy incorporating stoner rock, prog, psych and '70s hard
rock, on top you've got those catchy vocal harmonies. For fans of Queens Of The Stone
Age, Spidergawd, Dozer, Truckfighters and Motorpsycho, it's fuzzy, it's psychedelic,
it's catchy, it's heavy yet super melodic - heck it's even poppy without losing
integrity. It's the perfect burst of energy you need on a grey autumn morning or
the right soundtrack for a pool party on a sunny summer day. Whatever the setting,
this album will ensure to keep your head bobbing along to the addictive groove and
infectious melodies! Limited to 300 copies.
CTRLP   17      THE HEAVY CROWN         REIGN ON                        LP      02.2019

The Heavy Crown's sophomore album 'Reign On' on limited to 500 copies black 180 gram
vinyl. This concept album tells a cosmic tale with "Lil' Bonham" acting as the main
protagonist, portraying a metaphorical astronaut trying to find a way to communicate
with his loved ones from outer space, which is resembled by afterlife and death.
Escapism and the power of imagination, loss and grief, being lost in space, wandering
the afterlife realms, renewal and hope, healing through love, acceptance of the
impermanent, these main themes drove the band to take a new creative path, adapting
a more progressive, psychedelic, spaced-out melancholic sound influenced by sci-fi
and analog synth culture. Although staying true to the roots of the catchiness in
songwriting and the vintage flavour the band was originated in, these new elements
almost seem synonymous with rebirth and revival.
CTRLP   18      CAPTAIN CARAVAN         SHUN THE SUN                    LP      03.2019

'Shun The Sun' emits a blinding slag of immense riffs, face-melting fuzz and
blistering vocal chops. It's as melodic as it is gritty and doom, which ranks
Captain Caravan as one of the premier Norwegian fuzz lords in the modern underground
CTR     19      RIVERS OF GORE          RIVERS OF GORE                  LP      04.2019

Rivers Of Gore are experimented veterans of the heavy underground music scene in
Mexico City. Samuel López, Daniel García and Rolando Valseca, after being part of
bands like Vinnum Sabbathi, Bloodwitch and Powertrip, respectively, now reunited
with the purpose of making noises to reveal the images of the dark violent world we
live in and "describing reality through fantasy and epic sounds".

At any given time, four intrepid psychonautical musicians are called and culled
together to channel the sonic power of the Palace, and only these four can truly
journey to the place known as Thunderland, and tell tales of what they have
simultaneously experienced in the Pure Lands beyond the realms of conceptualized
space and time... For fans of Mastodon, Pink Floyd and Baroness. Limited to 300 copies.
CTR     21      SOLAR HALOS             COILED LIGHT                    LP      05.2019

A trio from North Carolina featuring (ex-) members of Horseback, Curtains Of Night,
Caltrop and Fin Fang Foom. Sublime grooves of heavy haziness married to equally
sublime vocals. A stunning collection of songs that are truly worth their weight in
gold! Limited to 300 copies.
CSR     666     MEPHISTOFELES           (((I'M HEROIN)))                LP      08.2018
CTR     420     WIZZERD                 WIZZERD                         2LP     06.2019

Doom metal from the mountains of Montana! A high-octane, fuzz-fuelled, rompin'
stompin' monster! A brilliant follow-up to 2016's "Doomchild". Limited to 400 copies
on green and purple vinyl.