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CCR     008 R   MORRICONE YOUTH         NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD        LP+DLc  03.2017

        1.      Driveway To The Cemetery (Main Title)
        2.      Barbra
        3.      Traumatized
        4.      At The Gravesite
        5.      Beat 'Em Or Burn 'Em
        6.      Another One For The Fire (End Title)

Limited 'Fire Orange' coloured vinyl, 6-track EP on Country Club Records. Edition of
500 copies.
Original live score composed (except where noted) and performed by MORRICONE YOUTH to
George A. Romero’s 1968 Zombie Classic.
CCR     009     MORRICONE YOUTH         MAD MAX                         LP      03.2017

        A1.     Halls of Justice (Main Title)
        A2.     Mad Goose
        A3.     Clunes Town
        A4.     Revenge of the MFP
        A5.     Jessie
        B6.     Nightrider
        B7.     Anarchie Road 3KM
        B8.     Johnny The Boy
        B9.     Toecutter
        B10.    Bad Max (End Credits)

Original live re-score composed and performed by MORRICONE YOUTH inspired by George
Miller's Classic 1979 Australian Dystopian Action Film.

Devon E. Levins - Guitars, Keyboards
John Castro - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Dan Kessler - Analog Synths and Keyboards
Brian Kantor- Drums

Fraser Campbell - Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards
Aaron Bahr - Trumpet
Karla Rose Moheno - Vocals
Scott Hollingsworth - Keyboards, Percussion

Notes: Brian Kantor also drums with Nina Persson of The Cardigans, Nathan Larson of
Shudder to Think, Higgins, Fruit Bats, Yellowbirds and Sam Cohen. The synths and
keyboards used were all analog, mostly owned by Joe McGinty (of Psychedelic
Furs/Loser's Lounge) and maintained in Carousel Vintage Recording Studio where we
tracked with engineer Steve Silverstein (regular TapeOp contributor and member of
Christmas Decorations).

The album was mixed by World Inferno Friendship Society founder/keyboardist Scott
Hollingsworth (who has also engineers and mixes for Sean Lennon, Ghost of the Saber
Tooth Tiger and Yuka Honda, amongst others).

- Available in "Transparent Gold Swirl" vinyl
- Limited to 500 copies
- Includes digital download card

        A1.     Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (Main Title)
        A2.     Barber Twist
        A3.     Drunk Pig
        A4.     Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (Samba)
        A5.     Gip Knurd
        A6.     Bye Bye (Chase)
        A7.     Trolley Song
        B1.     Bundles of Reeds
        B2.     Another Honeymoon
        B3.     Moonlight
        B4.     Peasant Dance
        B5.     Bye Bye (Take Five)
        B6.     Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (Bossa)
        B7.     Bye Bye (End Credits)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on orange vinyl)

Original live re-score composed and performed by MORRICONE YOUTH to F.W. Murnau's
1927 silent film "Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans".