Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   : electronic post punk /

CG      10      HELLO COSMOS            DREAM HARDER                    LP      12.2020

        1       Fuse
        2       Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
        3       Raise The Dawn
        4       Frequency Fields
        5       The Cosmic Trigger
        6       Step Out Of The Shadows
        7       Run For President
        8       Let Love Be The Island Upon Which We Stand
        9       Dream Harder
        10      Renegade Love

A fluid and funky compound of electronic post-punk and disco, ‘Dream Harder’ is the
debut studio album from Manchester-based outfit Hello Cosmos. Recalling the loose,
clattering noise of The Fall and LCD Soundsystem, the songs here are both dancefloor
and moshpit friendly. ‘Dream Harder’ features a fair few guest stars including Yard
Act’s James Smith and Galaxians’ Emma Banks.