Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : prog-rave /

HENGE   02 LP   HENGE                   EXOKOSM                         LP      11.2020
HENGE   02 CD   HENGE                   EXOKOSM                         CD      11.2020

        1.      Goldilocks
        2.      Bionica
        3.      Get Outta Ma House
        4.      Nom's Theme
        5.      Your Future
        6.      Exo
        7.      New Planet

Manchester-based progressive rave outfit Henge won plaudits for their 2018 debut
album Attention Earth!, drawing on myriad well-established influences which
nevertheless hewed them into something revelatory. Their hotly anticipated follow-up,
titled ExoKosm, is now with us, and their escapist, extra-terrestrial sonic journeys
have never sounded so appealing!