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CORTIZONA  001  JEAN HOYOUX             PLANETES                        2LP     07.2018

(Note : remastered 2LP on cortizona. Original artwork with 8 inserts including new
        insert with new liner notes by John Olson and Edward Ka-Spel. Cut at Dubplates
        & Mastering)

1982, Belgium. Jean Hoyoux creates his album of ‘sound therapy’, e.g. a kosmische
odyssey scored for all sorts of synthesisers, delays and filters. Originally released
by Centre de Recherche et d’Etudes and somewhat rare since, this new reissue on new
label cortizona presents this idiosyncratic music on two LPs, along with liner notes
from Edward Ka-Spel and John Olson.
CORTIZONA  002  JEAN HOYOUX             HYMNE III                       LP      10.2018

        01.     Troisieme Hymne
        02.     Chronos
        03.     Méditation

Remastered from the original mastertapes. Originally released in 1985.

CORTIZONA  004  V / A                   NOISES                          LP      03.2019

        A1.     Eric Chale, Ilona Chale & Michel Moers : Passé Dedans
        A2.     Michel Moers            Musaque Etnik
        A3.     Daniel Plasschaert      Tue-Toi Dans Le Vent
        A4.     Michel Moers            Ma Mere Etait Propre
        A5.     Michel Moers            Il Est Huit Heures
        A6.     Ilona Chale             Rester Dans Le Silence
        A7.     Robert Altaber          Les 24 Heures Du Mans
        A8.     Robert Altaber          Rotative
        A9.     Robert Altaber          Trois Voyelles
        A10.    Robert Altaber          Romances Sans Paroles
        A11.    Marc Moulin             La Guerre
        B1.     Ariel Kalma             Aman
        B2.     Marc Moulin             Mes Chers Compatriotes

First time LP reissue on 180gr vinyl from this amazing Belgian compilation still
oscillating 40 years later into the pop waves. This edition contains two new postcards
as an insert, including liner notes by Michel Moers and the original lyrics of 'Aman'
and drawing by Ariel Kalma.

Previously unreleased live recordings of the Freddie Hubbard Quintet, recorded by
Belgian Radio and Television (BRT) on a cold night in the church of Our Lady Queen
in the small Heist-op-den-Berg hamlet of Zonderschot in 1973. The concert was organized
by Juul Anthonissen, the owner of Hnita-Jazz Club. Liner notes by Gilles Peterson and
Peter Anthonissen. Mastered by Gert Van Hoof; Cut by Dubplates & Mastering. 180 gram
vinyl; Includes insert and postcard; Edition of 500.
CORTIZONA  006  FREDERIK CROENE         CUL DE SAC                      LP      05.2019

        01.     Cul de Sac I
        02.     Cul de Sac II
        03.     Cul de Sac III
        04.     Cul de Sac IV
CORTIZONA  007  NASCA                   NASCA                           LP      06.2019

Most of the October nights in 1987 you could find Gerry Vergult (Aroma Di Amore,
Fred A., Adult Fantasies) and Gerrit Valckenaers (Adult Fantasies, The Colorist
Orchestra) in a desolated top studio in Ghent. At that time and place they sneakily
crafted and shaped this Nasca record while they were supposed to finish a new Fred A.
record. They created an abstract universe where minimal post-punk basslines blend
together with radio sounds in "Nothing Toulouse", tropical tribal vibes oscillates
between futuristic nostalgia and hunted dreams in "Ketama" and "Ritz", a sampled
heartbeat slowly mutates in mesmerizing midnight jazz and a drugged-out dub groove
of "Kamayacha" transforms into the inner city blues of "Josaphat". All tracks
composed, arranged, and performed by Gerry Vergult and Gerrit Valckenaers.

Personnel:   Gerrit Valckenaers - pn., sax., clarinet, synths, samples, electronics
            Gerry Vergult - guitar, bass, synths, samples, electronics.
            Produced by Koen Van Regenmortel.