Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
          NE - Shiny Beast/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : lo-fi / minimal synth / industrial / wave / electro / ambient /

CC      001     CAROLA BAER             THE STORY OF VALERY             LP      08.2018
CC      001     CAROLA BAER             THE STORY OF VALERY             LP      03.2022

        1.      Maker Of Me
        2.      Golden Boy
        3.      Save Me
        4.      We Already Feel
        5.      Springtime
        6.      Doors Talk
        7.      Solemn Cattle
        8.      Nothing Left To Say
        9.      See the Lights Again
        10.     Dreams
        11.     On Top of the Mountain

Fans of the more ethereal 80s 4AD releases, listen up-a cassette of home recordings
by Carola Baer was discovered in a US thrift store. The songs, which were recorded in
the ‘90s, are fragile with computerised beats that recall The Cocteau Twins and Dead
Can Dance. The lo-fi home recording process, minimal synth arrangements and Baer’s
towering voice only add to the overall effect of these recordings. There was only one
copy of this cassette, so if it had fallen into the wrong hands, these gems would have
been lost forever and that would have been a real shame.
CC      002     IXNA                    KNOTPOP                         LP      05.2019

        1       Fun Fun Fun
        2       Galileo
        3       Somebody Said
        4       Ridi Ridi
        5       Black Shirts
        6       Flashlight
        7       I Can't Remember
        8       In The City
        9       Ixna Portal Exo
        10      Mi Ne Parolas
CC      3       JOHN DI STEFANO         FOR THE MOMENT                  LP      07.2019

On vinyl, here's a collection of electronic/minimal wave recordings by the American
born, Japan-based composer John Di Stefano. Many of these tracks were culled from
his rare '80s casettes. Combining his knowledge of modular synthesis with a background
in percussion, Di Stefano's early releases showcased a uniquely human approach to
electroacoustic music, with flourishes of post punk in the mix.
CC      004     JACK BRIECE             HETEROPHONIOUS FOOL             LP      05.2020

        1.      Seventh Heaven                                  07:03
        2.      Arousing Wind and Thunder                       08:59
        3.      In Eight                                        04:14
        4.      Peace                                           03:03
        5.      Pushup Words and Food                           08:04

Edition of 250 copies, already sold out at source, first time on vinyl, includes liner
notes by Peter Garland, design by Juliana Bach.
CC      005     MOONLOVE                MAY NEVER HAPPEN                LP      12.2021

LP on Concentric Circles. Edition of 300 copies with 12-page booklet of photos
and reminiscences.
CNTRC   004 LP  TOBIAS                  HALL OV FAME                    LP      04.2022

        01.     Tobias. - Repetition
        02.     Tobias. - Silhouettes
        03.     Tobias. - Zenith
        04.     Tobias. - Abandoned
        05.     Tobias. - Reset Button
        06.     Tobias. - Grim
        07.     Tobias. - The Mirror Blind
        08.     Tobias. - Hinterland