Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : reissue / garage rock / beat / psychedelic / prog rock /

JECV    1601    ALQUIN                  SAILORS AND SINNERS             2LP     04.2016

        01.     The Mission
        02.     Minnie Minoux: In The Green Kalabas/Minnie
        03.     Lilie's Notebook
        04.     Not In A Million Years
        05.     Allyson
        06.     Money In The Bank
        07.     Kite Runner
        08.     Behind The Tree
        09.     Holland
        10.     Sailors And Sinners: Ships/Chet/Sin City/Dust/Home
        11.     Shineseethe

Dutch prog legends Alquin followed up their 2005 full-length 'Blue Planet' with
'Sailors And Sinners'. Originally released in 2009, on CD only, that album now sees
a fine double-vinyl edition.

Finally an LP collection by Kraaijveld, the band Arti and Frank Kraaijeveld founded
when they left The Bintangs in 1970. But when Arti also started the band Carlsberg
in 1972 his brother Frank (and Harry Schierbeek) returned to The Bintangs. This album
includes the singles 'Mona Lisa'/'Be Rolling', 'Mustang Driver'/'Take Me Down',
'Jambalaya'/'Lunatic' (all produced by Boudewijn de Groot in 1971), Chicky Jamboree'
/'Wilo Manger' (produced by Tony Vos in 1972), 'Do Dad'/'Sir Wilfer' (as Circus
Kraaijeveld, produced by Martin Duiser in 1972), 'Johnny Do It Faster'/'Fat Looking
Woman' (produced by Barry Zand Scholten in 1975), 'Yes Tonight Josephine'/'Screw
Drivin' Man' (produced by The Bintangs in 1975) and a never before released Kraaijeveld
version of 'You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover, produced by Boudewijn de
Groot in 1971. The singles 'Johnny Do It Faster' and 'Yes Tonight Josephine' were
actually The Bintangs under the name Kraaijeveld.
JECV    1801
JECV    1802    KRAAIJEVELD             AGNES GREY - THE LOST ALBUM     LP      11.2018

SIDE 1: 1.      Hound Is On The Run
        2.      Agnes Grey
        3.      Circles
        4.      Sir Wilfur (LP version)
SIDE 2: 1.      I Know You Can
        2.      Lunatic (LP version)
        3.      Son Of The Devil
        4.      Lillywhite Lilly
        5.      Chicky Jamboree (LP version)

This album was recorded 1973 by the second line-up of Kraaijeveld, a group with the
Kraaijeveld brothers, when they were no longer in the Bintangs. They recorded it on
a 4-track tape. Because they needed more tracks for all instruments and vocals, there
was a mix made on one track of bassguitar and drums. In a later stage this mix was
not useable, too much bass, too little drums, but no backup and no money left to do
it over again. The result was transfered to a 2-track tape and that was it. 2017
: this 2-track tape was rediscovered and digitally remastered and some of the excess
bass could be removed. So now for the first time ever this monumental album of guitar
frenzy and ballads is released. The bonus song is an edit of the single 'Chicky
Jamboree' with more fanfare.
JECV    1901    LONE                    10 SONGS                        LP      05.2019

Third album by ex-Alquin members Ferdinand Bakker and Michel van Dijk. Well produced
rock songs with a bluesy edge and a bit of a rough side. Ferdinand took care of the
music writing, producing, arranging, guitars and violin. Michel took care of the
lyrics and vocals.