Distr.  : US - Very Distr.
Style   : hardcore /


CCALP   57      HATEFORCE               HATEFORCE                       LP      05.2019

        01.     INTRO
        02.     DEATH SENTENCE
        03.     STOLEN VALOR
        04.     BLEEDING TEARS
        05.     COWARD
        06.     WAR MACHINE
        07.     TRAITORS
        08.     INTO THE SEA
        09.     M.O.A.D.

The debut full length from Chicago based dystopian death metal group Hate Force.
Featuring members of Harm's Way, Like Rats and Weekend Nachos and recording with Andy
Nelson of Bricktop Studios.
CLCR    59      VEIN                    ERRORZONE                       LP      07.2018
CLCRCD  59      VEIN                    ERRORZONE                       CD      07.2018

        01.     VIRUS://VIBRANCE
        02.     OLD DATA IN A DEAD MACHINE
        03.     REBIRTH PROTOCOL
        05.     ANESTHESIA
        06.     DEMISE AUTOMATION
        07.     DOOMTECH
        08.     UNTITLED
        09.     END ETERNAL
        10.     ERRORZONE
        11.     QUITTING INFINITY

This is all that you were programmed to be afraid of. Boston, MA's own VEIN have made
their name since 2016 with constant touring and intense live shows. Errorzone is
produced and engineered by Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio (BODY COUNT, HARMS WAY,
KNOCKED LOOSE) and delivers 11 songs of dark, emotional & chaotic metallic hardcore.
CCA     61      KING NINE               DEATH RATTLE                    CD      11.2018

        01.     PARADISE
        02.     HAPPINESS IS...
        03.     TWISTED THOUGHTS
        04.     ART OF WAR
        05.     V.R.C.F
        06.     GIFT OF LIFE
        07.     DEATH RATTLE
        08.     BLUE LOTUS
        09.     COWARDS RUN PT II
        10.     SECOND NATURE
        11.     NO DREAMS
CLCRLP  62      JUDICIARY               SURFACE NOISE                   LP      02.2019
CLCRCD  62      JUDICIARY               SURFACE NOISE                   CD      02.2019

        1.      Social Crusade
        2.      Karma's Knife
        3.      Temple
        4.      Stronger Than Thou
        5.      Burden Of Truth
        6.      Pure Fury
        7.      7.65mm
        8.      Zero Hour
        9.      War (Time Is Nigh)

From the growing scene of hardcore thrash crossover, Texas's own Judiciary release
their debut full-length, "Surface Noise." Nine crushing tracks produced by Taylor
Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Xibalba) while being mixed and mastered by Arthur
Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, King Nine), and featuring guest appearances
from Brody King (God's Hate), Bryan Garris (Knocked Loose), and Jess Nyx (Mortality
Rate). This follow-up to the band's 2017 "The Axis Of Equality" EP and two years of
touring the US and Europe hits harder with a refined, metallic edge.
CCA     63      PETBRICK                PETBRICK                        12"     05.2019

        01.     CRACK BABY
        02.     BOG EGG
        03.     HEAVEN'S GATE
        04.     TRUCKER FUCKER

The debut 12"EP Noise release from London, UK's own PETBRICK. Created by Iggor
Cavalera (Mixhell, Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulwax) and Wayne Adams (Big Lad,
Death Pedals, Johnny Broke).