Distr.  : UK - /Piccadilly/Action/
Style   : indie /

CAROL   001 LP  SLOW CLUB               COMPLETE SURRENDER              LP      04.2014
CAROL   001 CD  SLOW CLUB               COMPLETE SURRENDER              LP+7"   04.2014
CAROL   001 T   SLOW CLUB               COMPLETE SURRENDER              CD      04.2014
CAROL   001 TX  SLOW CLUB               COMPLETE SURRENDER              CD+7"   04.2014
CAROL   001 X   SLOW CLUB               COMPLETE SURRENDER              CD      04.2014

LP.CD   1.      Tears Of Joy
        2.      Everything Is New
        3.      Suffering You, Suffering Me
        4.      Not Mine To Love
        5.      The Pieces
        6.      Number One
        7.      The Queenís Nose
        8.      Complete Surrender
        9.      Paraguay And Panama
        10.     Dependable People And Things That Iím Sure Of
        11.     Wanderer Wandering
7"      12.     Donít Call Me Kid
        13.     Not Mine To Love (acoustic)
        14.     Wanderer Wandering (acoustic)
CAROL   002 CDX THE MAGIC NUMBERS       ALIAS                           CD      08.2014

        1.      Wake Up
        2.      You K(no)w
        3.      Out On The Streets
        4.      Shot In The Dark
        5.      Roy Orbison
        6.      Thought I Wasnít Ready
        7.      E.N.D.
        8.      Accidental Song
        9.      Better Than Him
        10.     Enough
        11.     Black Rose
        12.     Out On The Streets (Acoustic Version)
        13.     Accidental Song (Alt Version)
        14.     Take A Chance / Enough (Alt Version)
        15.     Throwing My Heart Away (Piano Version)
CAROL   010 CD  MOTORS                  VIRGIN YEARS                    4CD     10.2015
CAROL   011 CD  PENETRATION             VIRGIN YEARS                    4CD     10.2015
CAROL   012 CD  RUTS                    VIRGIN YEARS                    3CD     10.2015
CAROL   013 CD  SKIDS                   VIRGIN YEARS                    6CD     10.2015

CD 1            Oh, The Divorces!
                Under The Ivy
                Small Town Girl
                Plain Sailing
                Hands Up To The Ceiling
                Follow Me Down
                Goodbye Joe
                Taxi Cab
                Sister Winter
                The Unbending Trees - Overture (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
                Kentish Town
                By Piccadilly Station I Sat Down And Wept
                The Style Council - The Paris Match (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
                Working Week - Venceremos (We Will Win) (7" Bossa Version)
                 (Ft. Robert Wyatt, Tracey Thorn And Claudia Figueroa)
                How Wild The Wind Blows
                Singles Bar
                The Book Of Love
                Late In The Afternoon

CD 2            Massive Attack - Protection (7") (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
                Massive Attack - Better Things (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
                Night Time
                Raise The Roof (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
                You Are A Lover (Clock Opera Remix)
                Itís All True (Escort Extended Remix)
                Grand Canyon (Ada Remix)
                Why Does The Wind? (Morgan Geist Remix)
                Damage (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
                Tiefschwarz Featuring Tracey Thorn
                Without Me (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
                Kingís Cross (Hot Chip Remix)
                Swimming (Visionquest Remix)
                Adam F - The Tree Knows Everything (Featuring Tracey Thorn)
WT      003     CHRISSIE HYNDE          STOCKHOLM                       CD      06.2014

        1       You Or No One
        2       Dark Sunglasses
        3       Life In The Movies
        4       Down The Wrong Way
        5       Youíre The One
        6       A Plan Too Far
        7       In A Miracle
        8       House Of Cards
        9       Tourniquet (Cynthia Anne)
        10      Sweet Nuthiní
        11      Adding The Blue