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With over 20 years’ experience in music distribution, we know what it takes to deliver
your music to fans. Our dedicated account management means you’ll only ever deal with
one person, an expert in your market, and our ability to react to an ever changing
market and global distribution network, means that whatever your release needs, we’ll


We work with over 400 labels to distribute their music worldwide. Whatever your genre
or scale of release, our experience, international reach and adaptability means we’ll
deliver your music when and where it needs to be..


Depending on your needs, our Wholesale Services will provide a home for your inventory,
with sales and marketing expertise to deliver into UK retail channels (and EU and the
rest of the world through our network of partners), as well as digital sales globally.

Our Label Services will provide a dedicated account manager, who will co-ordinate the
scheduling and launch of your releases to maximise the sales potential of each release,
as well as provide an ongoing assessment of your label’s performance.